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White Plains, NY

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White Plains Dodge has mysteriously gone out of business. In 2004, I bought a Dodge Durango 2004. I have the title and the contract reads that it is a purchase. I even contacter NYS Department of Motor Vehicle and according to their paperwork my vehicle is a purchase. However, DaimlerChrysler insist it is a lease and refuses to change their records. Accoring to DaimlerChrysler, I must go back to the dealer. They know that the dealer went out of business.

Adding insult to injury, White Plains Dodge tacked on a balloon payment due in 8/2008 after I signed the contract and picked it up the next day. DaimlerChrysler do not answer letters. When I call, they are all programmed to say the same thing Go back to the dealer. I have written New York State Banking, Westchester Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and New York State Department of Vehicle each agency is unable to help me. The word lease never came up when I went to buy the car. Help! I am going out of my mind with this mess.

I am paying for a car that I have purchased and DaimlerChrysler expects me to return it in eight months or make a balloon payment of $15,000.00. I gave Todd a deposit of $6,100.00, traded in my Ford Escape 2001, an supposedly received a $5,000.00 rebate yet everything came up to $50,000.00 on a 2004 Dodge Durango.


In August 2004, we went to White Plains Dodge to look at a larger SUV. We spoke with Todd Campanella, explained to him that we did a lot of weekend travelling to flea markets and antique shows. Several times we had to go back to pick up merchandise because our Ford Escape was too small. We paid down $6100.00 and traded the Ford Escape 2001. We left and returned to pick up the Dodge Durango 2004 and the contract/paperwork the next day. About a week later, we looked over the paperwork and couldn't see where we were credited for the deposit, trade, and $5000.00 manufacturer's rebate. We called Todd on several occassions. Suddenly he was always with a client and would call us back later. We went in about three times he was never there. Shortly after this, the dealership closed.

Recently, we called Chrysler Financial Services about a payment and found out that the car was leased according to their records. We did not lease the car. We travel too much for a lease. Also, we would not give away our Ford Escape and deposit for a lease. According to Chrysler, after making 47 payments of $657.44 we are required to make a balloon payment of $15,000.00 plus at the end of the agreement. My agreement does not say LEASE at the top of it. It states RETAIL INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT. We have the title to the vehicle and we are listed as the owner and Chrysler the lienholder. Chrysler refuses to change the contract. Their argument is that the dealer is an independent body. They have essentially said we are on our own - refinance in a year and pay the money.


My son went to this dealership in Feb 2005 looking to buy a vehicle with his wife. The 2 of them could not purchase a car at that time without the car payments being well over $800.00 per month. At that time I was informed if I was to put the car in my name then in 10 months the car could be put in my son's name. Well, the time came and went and that never happened.

My son tried several times, getting the car put into his name and it did not turn out to be that way. I myself could not afford to make $554 car payments with my income. The dealership took my son's and his wife's income and used my name to finance this car. My income at that time was like $1100 per month. I do not know how this dealership pulled it off to have a bank approve a loan for a car that was selling for $26,000 with a person that has an income of $1100 per month at about that time. At this time because my son was not able to keep up with the payments the van was repossessed.

I tried on many occassions to work with the bank and even explained to the representatives how it all come about that this sales person came to my home and I signed the documents and how he told me that in 10 months it would be in my son's name the loan. That time came and went and that never happened. We have tried contacting the dealership where the van was financed from and they are no longer in existence.


I purshase a vehicle from white plains dodge a year ago and ever since I got is been giving me trouble, I have every copy of recives proving it, the cars was finance with bank of america for $20000 wich I still own the bank. the problem white plains dodge keep taking for repairs wich never seen to be the correct repair because the car keep malfuntioning, I keep telling then that I didnt want that vehicle and that is was on my rights to trade it for a working vehicle which they responded by saying that it was not possible unles I trade it for a higher price vehicle, until they finally told to take it but to wait until they send a tow truck which they never did, a month past and I was tired of waiting for the tow truck and tired of calling without an answer, their phone seen to be out service, so I decide to take the vehicle to them my self and came to find out that the place was close because of bankrupt.


on 7-21-2004 i brought my truck in for a kluncking noise. i was takeing a road trip to fl with my son of 11.they told me nothing was wrong the truck was fine it was good to go to fl. i know my truck i was not sure about diagnos. we went to fl for two weeks. the drive was hell trucks noise got worse and drifted all over the road.

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On Feb.5, 2003 I Brought my 2000 Dodge Neon to White Plains Dodge service Dept. I submitted two separate complaints: 1.Heater system was not producing hot air,only warm air. 2. A/C system was not blowing cold air, only cool air.

In July 2003 The air conditional stop working. I took the car back to Dodge to get the air conditional repaired and was told that the warranty was expired on May 29th 2003 and Dodge was no longer responsible. I also complained about the noise in the tires,brakes,and the enigine. None of the above was ever repaired.


I purchased a 2001 dodge Caravan on March 23, 2001 and on July 9th 2001 the engine has blown. 31 days have past and their still telling me they are waiting on parts, I will maybe get my van back next week sometime. I don't want that van that they are putting together an engine, I want a new van or a refund. That van has about 5k miles on it and they openly admits that several parts in the engine blew because of manufactured defects.


I was charged about five thousand dollars more for my car than it was really worth. I also just recently found out that the cosigner of my car is not the cosigner but the sole owner of the car.The bank called me and threatened to take the car back from me.The bank told me to cal the dealership and speak to them. When I called I was cursed out and called a fool.


In July of 1999 I purchased a used 1996 Jeep. The car was sold without a spare tire. Three months later I had to replace the engine (at a different dealer) White Plains Dodge said it was my problem since that car was over the alotted warrenty milage). I maintained the car during that period even to the point where several weeks before the engine had to be replaced I brought the car to the dealer for service. Still no spare tire. I have spent in excess of an additional $10,000. on this Lemon since I purchased it. As of today I am without the car because the second engine that was provided by Chrysler (Whom I will also lodge a complaint against) was defective and must be replaced. For two weeks I have had to rent a car at my own expense: The dealer says Chrysler should pay for the rental. Chrysler says the dealer should - guess who's paying me.

I have missed a week of work as a result of the initial problem. I have spent an inordinant amount of time crying and becoming sick to my stomach over this continuing problem. I am not rich and at this point as a result of this problem I have used all my savings (I currently have about $14.00 in my account). What is truly galling is that no one seems to care. Chrysler has washed their hands of the entire situation. Luckly the dealer who did the repairs and is currently continuing with them appears to be reputable and accomodation. Because of recent credit problems I had little choice than to go to White Plains Dodge for the car. These continuing problems have made my financial situation (which was getting better - and which Don COlumbia at White Plains Dodge was aware of) worse than ever.

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