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Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for both marine and industrial applications. We strive to give our customers the right product, with the right qualities.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Original review: Aug. 10, 2011

        Five months ago, we bought a 2007 Volvo VNL670 truck at Arrow Truck Tampa, FL (a Volvo authorized dealer). In less than thirteen weeks, we have had to replace the EGR valve six times. I contacted Volvo customer satisfaction department after the third replacement. Today, with three more replacements in between, and after an engineer from technical support called the dealer where the truck is now, the dealers are saying that probably the fault wasn't the EGR from the beginning. They are replacing the gaskets that also might affect the valve performance, to see if that is the problem. The dealer also said that almost all engines have problems with the EGR valves, or other parts involved in that process. So, what is Volvo waiting for? Volvo trucks in North America should do a recall on that engine; replace a system that they are aware is not working properly and that the truck owners in this country are paying the price and the consequences.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Original review: Aug. 9, 2011

        My volvo has continued to have unexplained problems and Volvo will not stand behind their product. Radio just died, they are asking for $1085 to fix it. Why would anyone want to buy a lemon of a car like this? They are saying I have not serviced my car at their dealerships which is untrue. One dealer accidentially took off my axels for a transmission problem and kept my car for three days to put the old ones back on.

        9 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Original review: Aug. 3, 2011

        I just bought a 3-year old Volvo V50 less than 2 months ago. Last week, it lost power to the point of almost breaking down. When I took it to be looked at, it turns out that the particle filter was in a terrible state. The shocking thing was this was bought from a Volvo dealer (Nurnberg) and they must have sold it knowing the particle filter was about to go (either that or they didn't bother checking it). We had paid much more than a private deal in order to feel reassured that it was thoroughly checked by the dealer. The particle filter was apparently not covered by the warranty. Who would have guess that Volvo are a bunch of cowboys? VERY unsatisfied customer. I will never buy another Volvo.

        7 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Original review: July 24, 2011

        I have been a loyal Volvo customer for the past nine years. My first Volvo was a S80 T6. Then, when it debuted in 2004, I upgraded to the new XC90 SUV. Some time later, I purchased the S60 R 2005 (VIN#..) which I still own. Once the new V8 XC90 was released, I parted with the 2004, and bought the 2007 XC90 V8 (VIN#..). Like the S60 R 2005, I still own it.

        Unfortunately, I've had many issues with my vehicles that make my relationship with Volvo one that is bitter-sweet. Still, I love them immensely despite the constant frustration they caused me but like any love that is abused, it can change and subsequently turned to anger and feelings of betrayal! All the aforementioned products have, in my opinion, not performed well!

        With the 2002 S80 T6: I had to replace the timing belt during the first year; it was fortunately covered under warranty!!!

        With the 2004 XC90 2004: the transmission was replaced, again during the first year and fortunately again, under warranty. They notified me at the time there was an issue with that model. Any company with due diligence knowing this should have announced a re-call to fix the issue at hand.

        Regarding the 2007 XC90 V8: In 2010, after just three years of ownership, the power steering pump started leaking in addition to the fuel pump needing to be replaced. Additionally, many interior trim components failed in the first and second year of ownership. Despite my belief that Volvo is a quality brand (hence the reason I still own them), my faith in, and loyalty to Volvo in general, is being tested and may be showing signs of faltering! I am sure you can understand this feeling, given the enormous amount of major/catastrophic issues I've experienced with my vehicles. The major issues alone, such as the power steering pump, leaking transmission, and failed timing belt (During the first year?) not to mention, the fuel pump in my opinion is ridiculous to the point of being absurd! I believe any reasonable consumer would at least begin to question the reliability and quality of any vehicle much less one that rests in the price range and purports the image of "High-End Quality" that Volvo, to this point enjoys! Unequivocally, none of the components highlighted in my opinion should have failed at their respective time periods and this is despite my meticulous maintenance and appropriate driving standard! People, I don't even take the XC90 off-road!

        One year ago (late 2009), the transmission in my 2007 XC90 malfunctioned and was again, fortunately, replaced under warranty. People are you with me? That is the second 1-year-old Volvo I've had to replace the transmission! Wait, it gets better! Exactly one year later, the now 1-year-old replacement transmission in a 2-year-old car began leaking from the transmission seals. I went to the Volvo agency here (of which there is a monopoly) and they stated that the agency was owned by another company when the transmission was replaced and the new ownership/management was not responsible for the replacement of the transmission. Note that they still have the same technicians and staff operating the dealership, only the ownership and company name was changed. They further stated that the new owners are not responsible for any of the parts replaced by the previous owners. I was under the obviously mistaken impression that an official Volvo Agency was responsible for all issues regarding Volvo! Am I or are they mistaken?

        12 people found this review helpful
        Original review: July 1, 2011

        Sick! This car has been in the shop so many times.

        It started with transmission at 86000 miles and then from there it went down hill. Dashboard lights turn off and on when they want to and so is SRS urgent light. Few nights ago, my headlights all went out. I was driving home with my fog lights on. Safety just went out of the window for me when you are driving without headlights! Volvo you suck and someone needs to do something about it!

        11 people found this review helpful
        Original review: May 26, 2011

        2000 S80 Volvo is falling apart and has had check engine, brake failure and other various lights on for the past 3 or 4 years. When it first occurred the car was brought to Karp Volvo in Rockville Center L.I , New York. I was told that my O2 sensors were bad and that it would be approx. 3000.00 to repair, and that they couldn't guarantee that would take care of the problem. I did not get the work done for a couple of reasons. First , because other mechanics said that at 25,000 miles the o2 sensors shouldn't have problems, and that other lights were lighting, indicated more of the likelihood of a module or relay problem.

        At 11 years old the car has 50,000 actual miles and everything from a deteriorating interior, pieces falling out of skylight onto my wife, The car thus far after all this time doesn't run poorly, it just is falling apart. Someone should make Volvo be accountable for what they are doing to people. It is criminal and shouldn't be allowed to sell this crap in the U.S. or anywhere. I spent the past hour reading the same basic complaints over and over again.

        12 people found this review helpful
        Original review: May 24, 2011

        This is about a 2007 S40 Volvo; the brakes failed when traveling on the interstate and caught on fire on 5/21/2011. Luckily everyone got out of car before firemen arrived to put out the fire. The car is a total loss. No one at Volvo have been helpful. I haven't seen a recall for this model. Has anyone else have this problem?

        4 people found this review helpful
        Original review: March 9, 2011

        I bought a used Volvo V70 2001 8 years ago. I have since serviced it regularly (40 times according to Carfax) at Volvo dealerships. The mileage is currently under 75k, and to make a long story short, the transmission died. I got no help from Volvo, although one dealer is willing to give consideration for leasing a new Volvo (2012 S 60). After reading these posts, I feel that I shouldn't take the bait.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Original review: March 4, 2011

        My 2004 XC90 Volvo has now been named "mykillervolvo". Four times it has basically stopped while I was driving. Two of these times I was on the Interstate driving at 75mph and the speed dropped to below 10mph in about 3 seconds. I could easily have been fatally injured either time. Last week when it happened I had semi trucks around me everywhere, except luckily, they were right behind me. We have paid thousands of dollars at this point and the dealer tries to make excuses. We have also had the problem so many people have had with mice entering this model easily, except mine were rats! They chewed holes in my leather and the stuffing from under a seat.

        At this point, I have severe anxiety about driving the car because I am terrified a rat will run out and I would most certainly wreck and I have to always try to drive in the far right lane in case the engine cuts off again. This is crazy and Volvo has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I am planning to start a campaign that is anti-Volvo through as many means as I can think of! Putting signs on my car, making a YouTube video, Twitter, Facebook. It is hard to believe they can take such a serious problem so lightly. One of us owners will soon die from our car suddenly slowing suddenly in front of the wrong vehicle and well, I guess that family will be the new owners of Volvo. Anyway, I game on a class action law suit and would be happy to put everyone's info together or help in any way if others are willing to get going on it too! *****

        20 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Feb. 22, 2011

        I am in the U.S. military and currently living in Germany. I bought a used XC90 2004 model five months ago (US Specs). This is the worst car ever. I have already spent over $3000 dollars in repairs. All repairs are not from normal wear and tear. Ball joint ends, crank shaft, transmission, now there is water in my car underneath the seats shorting out the electrical parts all from faulty parts Volvo installed (not windows left open). I wonder how much of a safety issue for my family this is. This vehicle needs to be recalled much like I am seeing on various forums. I am looking to see if there are any class action lawsuits out there and how many other folks are having the same issues as I am. So far there are many many folks with the same issues.

        14 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Feb. 11, 2011

        Since 90,000 kms. and three maintenance calls to the Volvo dealerships, they finally repaired my noisy air conditioner. They have replaced the water pump and the interior ventilator motor. They renewed the fixing of the fly-wheel and finally what I said from the beginning, the compressor. The problem was solved, after costing a fortune and lots of time. Even the interior ventilator came loose. I had to miss the car another day to do the job over again. Volvo dealerships are just there to ** you as much as they can. That is so much incompetence. It can't be a coincidence. It's organized theft. Never again will I buy a Volvo.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Dec. 26, 2010

        I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 that I purchased new through the overseas delivery program. My family chose this car for it's supposed safety and reliability. Along with other problems that needed attention in the first 50,000 miles, my main issue has been the transmission(s) on this car. At approximately 52K miles, the XC90 1st generation transmission went bad and had to be replaced. Fortunately, the Carlsen Volvo (Palo Alto, CA) service rep agreed to cover the cost of the transmission replacement. I was very pleased with the service and went on my way. In early December 2010 at 107,000K miles, the transmission started to hesitate & function erratically while driving. The danger was frightening, e.g., when trying to accelerate onto a highway, it would not accelerate immediately, and caused a real danger to me and my children.

        Within a few days, the car was parked at my home, and was unable to engage in forward or reverse. I again called Carlsen Volvo,and talked to my service rep, who stated that I should bring the car in and have it officially diagnosed; she also stated that she would talk to the local factory rep regarding compensation. Apparently, the 2nd generation transmissions on the XC90 are also faulty, and have been replaced in at least 50% of the cars. My car was towed to the dealer and it was confirmed that the transmission had an internal problem and needed to be replaced. The dealer rep called Volvo N.A. rep, Wyatt, who offered to pay for the parts ($3,500) but I would have to pay for the labor($1,500). My husband countered that we would like the whole thing paid for since it was a well-known factory defect. When Wyatt heard of our counter offer, he not only denied this, but simply stated that the deal was off the table, period.

        The next day, I reconsidered and asked the service rep to call Wyatt again with our acceptance of the initial deal. Wyatt refused to put the deal back on the table and said we should pay for the repairs ourselves. I then called Volvo Customer Care who documented the complete story, contacted Wyatt via email to again present my case; however, Wyatt again refused. Apparently, because I have chosen in the past to have a personal mechanic service my car, change the oil and tires, etc., I am considered to be a "disloyal Volvo Customer" and this was a consideration in Wyatt's decision to pay for my transmission, even though it is a defective part.

        At this point, I had to have my car back, and told Carlsen to replace the transmission. Carlsen offered a 10% discount off the total price. A very kind gesture, however, I had to pay $4,600 out-of-pocket for another new transmission for this car. It is well documented that the 1st and 2nd generation transmissions for this model have been defective. It is unheard of that a car should have a failed transmission every 50,000 miles.

        8 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Dec. 9, 2010

        We bought a Volvo 2002 v70 base model in 2008 with 90,000 miles on it. After just one month, it stopped running and we paid to have it towed to fix a recalled part at the Volvo dealership in Greensboro NC.

        It stopped running again in traffic and we paid to have it towed in again two days later, which they admitted they only cleaned it and would replace it this time. At 100,000 miles, the transmission went out and the dealer did a computer download on it which fixed the problem for about two weeks. While on vacation, the transmission started jerking so violently that it blew the fuel line off the fuel filter and stalled in busy mid traffic. We got it to the side of the road, called a Volvo dealer and they said they were too busy to get to us before 5pm. A local mechanic came out and fixed it. When we got back, we put a new transmission in at $3300.

        Now at 120,000 the transmission is slipping again. Fuel pump was replaced, o2 sensors, thermostat and brake booster are bad. Every weekend, I work on it replacing something. Last weekend it was the brake pads and rotors. Yesterday I replaced the low beam light only to have it show bad again and not come on. It tarted showing good for about two days now, off again. This morning, it got up to anti-freeze leak under the car. We have had this car two years and have kept it maintained as we should. Now we have about $15,000 in a $7,000 vehicle.

        Maintaining it has done nothing for it but cost us money. We are broke and I afraid everyday of what will happen next. My hair is grey and my nerves are frayed. I want to get rid of it but have so much in it.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 30, 2010

        I owned a 2003 XC90 Volvo. The SRS light that came on the car has never been in an accident. A couple of months later, the instrument panel work intermediately. When I drive, the instrument panel goes out completely. The car drives feel but my speedometer, gas gauge etcetera stopped working. It comes and goes. I took it to replace the panel. It would cost $1200. It seems that there are a lot of XC90 owners going through similar situations based upon the internet searches on this topic.

        5 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 29, 2010

        I bought a new 2005 Volvo XC90 V8. It immediately had problems. It has windshield wiper linkage. Wipers would run even with the car off but the car wouldn't start. I had to disconnect the relay to get the car to start again. Problems with the fuel cap, check engine light comes on for no reason, entertainment system is temperamental, and the car loses power without warning. 6,000 miles out of warranty, the AC went out and cost $1500 to repair. The worst of all is that I'm on the 4th transmission on a car with only 60,000 miles on it. The radiator was also replaced at 40,000 miles.

        A car bought for its safety record is anything but safe. Three transmissions were under warranty and one only lasted 20,000 miles, so Volvo paid for that even though it was out of warranty at the time. Loss of use has been a major issue as the car had to be towed on two occasions and the nearest dealer is a 140-mile round trip. I've spent about $2000 for repairs in the 10,000 miles since the warranty expired, but it could have been far worse. I have not pursued the matter with Volvo. A new transmission would have been $6000.

        7 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 18, 2010

        Two and a half years ago, I purchased a certified pre-owned Volvo s40 with 15,000 miles on it. I have always wanted a Volvo and at the time, I was a single mom with two young daughters and Volvo is supposedly the safest car on the road. What a mistake.

        This vehicle has been in the shop too many times to count for things like the door mechanism being completely shot and the door not opening at all, the throttle in the air conditioning went, most recently it was to replace belts that were destroyed from leaking oil seals. Like many others here, I cannot get rid of this car because I will be terribly upside down. Now, I need a new battery to the tune of $155 after just shelling out another $400 two days ago for labor/parts not covered by warranty. My warranty is now up on this lemon so God be with me that it makes it a few more years.

        I will never ever purchase another Volvo. I can't even stand looking at this car anymore. I still owe several years on this car and cannot trade it in due to being completely upside down. I was literally laughed at and I have put out way more money in repairs than this car is worth.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 17, 2010

        I took my car in to Volvo of Charleston when it was still under warranty. It was making a really bad clucking noise. They keep telling me nothing was wrong. I took it to them seven time for the same problem. They could never find anything wrong with it. I took it to them for many different things never a problem. I have a friend who is a service tech at VIP in NH, he found a leak in my exhaust, when I took it back to Volvo they found nothing. Many different problems. It has been in the shop over 35 times in 3 years.

        I moved up to NH and my warranty ran out, I took it in to the Volvo up here in Nashua they found that my Axel and ball barrings are bad and need to be fixed. They will not fix the problems unless I pay them a ton of money. This is the worst service I have ever had. I have all the paper work showing that I tried to get it fixed under warranty. I find it very convenient that they only found the problems after my warranty ran out. I have been trying to get a hold of a lawyer. I have read all the reports on here. I think maybe a class action lawsuit may be a good idea, for faulty service. You can contact me at ** if you want to join me.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 17, 2010

        My husband and I bought a Volvo xc90 (2004) SUV from a used car dealership recently. We needed more room in preparation for baby #2. This vehicle is a safety hazard! While driving at highway speeds for about thirty minutes or so, the electronic system fails. The speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, interior lights, stereo system, power windows/locks, and windshield wipers shut down completely.

        After a trip to the dealer, we were told that there was a glitch in the stereo system. We paid $300 in labor for them to advise us to replace the stereo system. After $1500 was spent to replace the stereo system, the car worked fine, for two days. The problems persist, and my husband and I have run out of money to fix the problem. After some research, I have discovered that replacing the central electronic module is supposed to resolve this issue. From what I have discovered, there are many other people suffering from the same issue. My car happens to have high mileage; however, the problem has happened to cars 2 months old. We bought this car specifically because Volvos are supposed to be one of the "safest vehicles on the road today". I am extremely disappointed in the lack of action taken to fix this problem!

        10 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Nov. 3, 2010

        I went home to Williamsport, PA for the weekend. My S80 Volvo started running roughly. I took it to my local service man, John ***, who was a certified Volvo technician, while previously employed at John Powell Volvo dealer in Williamsport, PA. We bought the S80 shortly before John Powell Volvo went out of business.

        The nearest Volvo dealer to my parents' home is now 42 miles away in Danville, PA. John ***'s business, Bass Pro Auto Service, is a mile away from my parents' home. John *** did the Volvo required computer test and verified by code that the electronic throttle mechanism, "ETM", to be faulty.

        In 2005, Volvo settled a class action settlement (Trew v. Volvo) by providing an extended warranty on ETMs for 10 years or 200,000 miles by providing a software upgrade and by agreeing to reimburse current owners of these vehicles for having had to pay for the repair or replacement of the ETMs. My S80 met all the criteria of the extended warranty.

        I submitted the proper paperwork but we were informed the claim was denied because the repair was not done by a true Volvo dealer. Nowhere on Volvo's information about the settlement does it say the repair must be done by a Volvo dealer. My father asked if Volvo could at least refund the amount for the part and not the labor. Again, we were denied. The total repair, parts and labor comes to $998.53.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Oct. 30, 2010

        I purchased a new 2005 Volvo S60. After 140,000 miles, the engine, turbo radiator and part of the transmission were no good. It also required an additional $3000 in work to get it running again.

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        Original review: Oct. 27, 2010

        My car is broken with a common angle gear problem with the transfer case I have seen hundreds of people with the same problem that costs thousands of dollars to fix. And I cannot afford it the car only has 44,000 miles on it and is in almost brand new condition I want Volvo to ay to fix it and make this right it should be a recall.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Oct. 26, 2010

        I took my 2002 Volvo into the service department at the Volvo dealership on Independence on 10-13-10. I explained the few items of concern for diagnostic testing:

        I chose to repair the coolant problem and the brake system upgrading; that was all I could afford, and it took most of my paycheck. I had waited until I could afford some type of repair and it seems I spent money on the wrong issues.

        The braking problem and revving problem did not go away. I then took the car back to the service department with the same complaints, only one week later (but had called the following Monday letting the tech know that I still had the same issues). During the second visit, I was told that the problems needed two entirely different repairs, totaling over $1,000. Had this been diagnosed correctly during the previous visit, I would have opted not to repair the coolant leak and the two newer issues that should have been found before, would have been a better choice on my budget. I am extremely upset that the Volvo dealership (the maker of this automobile), could not diagnose the problem correctly the first time.

        Now, it seems I have spent my limited income correcting an issue that I could have put off while the real problems were undiagnosed. Now, I don't have the money to fix two real safety concerns. I am extremely disappointed in Volvo and the lack of what I would call quality service, as they misdiagnosed two issues that are important for the safety of my car. I chose to bring my car to a Volvo dealership so that something like this would not happen. I feel like I was scammed into spending more money than I needed to. I spent money on unnecessary repairs because the necessary repairs went undiagnosed, the first time I took the car to the dealership, specific to that make of car. I spent a whole paycheck to fix what was not the real issue.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Oct. 12, 2010

        I called about my wife's 2001 (lemon) Volvo XCV70 ten year/200,000 mile extended warranty on the throttle body to find out that a 10 year warranty for a 2001 year car is not good in the year 2011 because it is still 2010 and they will not help now!

        I was told the warranty ended just 19 days ago (9/22/10) and that I was not listed as the 2nd owner so I was not notified of any offer to replace the defective part. The same day I found a letter from Volvo that was dated 6/26/08 addressed to my wife about a fuel pump extended warranty also good for 10 years/150,000 miles. They had her in their system. They hid the fact that there is a problem! So now, I will mention the transmission along with the rack and pinnion steering that were both replaced at 80,000 miles. The car has 138,000 miles and I will never purchase another Volvo again.

        This was our 3rd wagon and now our last! Turner Volvo of Sacramento states the problem was not diagnosed by a certified dealer and for $125 they will tell us absolutely the problem but also states corporate will not pay for repair because the warranty ran out 19 days ago. They just don't other shops and my guy always does me right!

        I fear my wife will have a breakdown on the freeway that will cause an accident until I come up with a $1000 for the repair. I could never sell this car to anyone now. When I think of Volvo (no capital letter), it is no longer safety. It is ''POS."

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        Original review: Oct. 11, 2010

        I am active duty military stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. I purchased a used 2004 Volvo XC90 from another military family in 2009. With only 75,000 miles, it was recently diagnosed as having complete transmission failure, thus requiring a new transmission. For a quality vehicle of this type, one would think they could build a dependable transmission. I have contacted Volvo by email and letter with no response during the last four weeks. It’s very frustrating. I have a car I can't drive that will cost me €5,000 to repair. That is over half the value of the car.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Oct. 10, 2010

        I had a hydraulic pump fail because there were faulty o-rings installed at the factory. I went through three props before the defect was discovered. By then, the warranty was out on the boat and I was out thousands of dollars. Although the technician confirmed that it was indeed a manufacturer defect, Volvo Penta refused to offer "good will" on the repair and did not refund any of my repair costs.

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        Original review: Oct. 5, 2010

        On 5/08, I purchased Four Winns 180 with 25 hours on it at $16,500. I had difficulty starting in June. I called Four Winns and they told me to take it to Marine so I did. In July, I had to replace the water pump at $800. I thought Four Winns paid. In 8/09, we finally paid the $800, so I contacted Volvo Penta and they got immediately on the defense.

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        Original review: Oct. 3, 2010

        1991 Volvo is sitting in the driveway. It was turned off for 45 minutes to an hour and it burst into flames. Police reported seeing fire dripping out of the bottom of the car seconds before it was completely engulfed. Car is a total loss. I have pictures. Also, because it was parked in our driveway, our other two cars were damaged.

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        Original review: Sept. 5, 2010

        I purchased a 2005 Volvo XC90 in the winter of 2008. It had 10K miles on it and was in brand new, excellent condition. I can't even recall the amount of service issues it has had - dozens at this point, so I will recall the best of the best. The moral of the story is, this car is a lemon and I am completely screwed - upside down in a loan, driving a ticking time bomb with my infant daughter in the back seat.

        I owned the car all of one month when the engine started making a very loud, grinding noise. I drove it about five miles until I was near civilization and called for a tow. The dealer could not diagnose the problem and then replaced the whole engine. Volvo engines are never overhauled, so I knew this was the beginning of the end. In subsequent months, the car would be towed and/or driven in for service with the following issues: snapped tie rods, squeaky breaks and interior parts literally falling off the car (door speakers, trunk light, the plastic trim on the front seats etc).

        Then 2010 rolls around and the real fun begins. I have a beautiful new baby girl at this point and I am running some errands in my seemingly perfect mom car. At 40 mph, I go to make a 90 degree left hand turn at a green light and low and behold my steering wheel is completely locked. I scream hysterically, seeing only a telephone pole in my path. I put all my strength into turning the wheel and manage to make it 45 degrees and into the parking lot of the restaurant I would have otherwise driven right into if the telephone pole didn't first break my momentum.

        I call for a tow and me and my one month old get picked up by friends. The power steering has failed but Volvo replaces all the hoses and the pump. One month later, I am driving home from work and low and behold, the power steering goes again. I call for a tow and wait like a fool on the side of the road for my ride. A hose has burst, but this time, they keep the car two weeks attempting to figure out why it keeps bursting. I get the car back but neither the service rep or myself is confident in the fix.

        One month later, my husband and I are driving in the middle of Rural Maine with our now four month old beautiful, baby girl. I am driving at a solid 55mph on a highway and I go to make a 45 degree turn, but the car keeps going straight. There is nothing but guard rail and a fifty foot drop that would have been the death of all three of us. I slam on the breaks, my husband grabs the wheel and we both manage to turn it enough to avoid the guard rail. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn't feel my hands. I was going into a full blown panic attack.

        We called for a tow again and off goes the car, again - leaving us this time 150 miles from home. That was yesterday and I slept all of two minutes last night. This car is literally driving me mad. I am anxious when I drive it and when I'm not driving it I get anxious when I even think about having to drive it.

        Granted, the dealer has "fixed" the problem every time. I think they are equally as puzzled as I am but powerless to do anything about it. The cost to Volvo has by far exceeded the initial purchase price of the vehicle and I still have two years on the extended warranty. It is a bad situation for everyone involved, but definitely the worst for me.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Original review: Aug. 27, 2010

        About a year and a half after we bought the vehicle (XC-90) in 2005, the vehicle began completely shutting off while being driven.

        This vehicle came with a 2-year warranty. While under warranty the dealership would not help us even though we had visited numerous times. They simply say they can't find anything wrong with the vehicle. The XC-90 will shut off while in the middle of traffic and I have had many near accidents because of this.

        I have had many near accidents in this vehicle and have many witnesses in the car with me to prove this vehicle has been dangerous almost since we bought it. As a student, it has been hard for me to both pay for school and pay for a new car as I am stuck with this XC-90. We tried to do an even exchange with the dealership for a safe car of the same model and year, but they will not help us. I fear for my life every time I have to use my car and must make necessary arrangements with friends to give me rides to avoid using this car.

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        Original review: Aug. 25, 2010

        When I leased my most recent Volvo, I was told that scheduled maintenance was included during the 3-year lease. That was a deciding factor, in as much as I was about to lease a BMW 5 series, and the free maintenance on the Volvo made the numbers work for my auto allowance. When I picked up my car after its 37,500 mile service, I was charged $330 because, I was told, that only the four services are free, and the one 5 weeks after I got the car counted as one of them.,quite deceptive, in my opinion. I wrote to Volvo "customer care" (which appears to be an oxymoron) and was blown off.

        We have owned only German and Swedish cars for the past 35 years, including 9 Volvos; we currently own 3: a V70XC, a C70 convertible, and a 2009 S80. They are all excellent cars. My observation and concern is that it seems clear that Volvo customer service, at the corporate level, is so demotivated by the company's acquisition by the Chinese automaker, Greeley Group, that they no longer value customer loyalty, or care to stand behind their vehicles as they have done so well for so long.

        Based on my recent experience with corporate customer service, I will no longer buy Volvos. I'm shifting to BMW and Mercedes, which remain solidly behind their products and still value brand loyalty. Caveat emptor!

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