I purchased a 2007 Toyota 4Runner from Vandergriff Toyota in Arlington a few months ago (January). The sole purpose of buying another 4Runner was, because I owned a 200 4Runner for many years and had no problems with it. It was a wonderful car.

Unfortunately, that is not true with my 2007 purchase. The vehicle had it's first problem when I was driving home from the dealership. The tire pressure light came on. Since I live approximately one hour from the Arlington dealership, I asked if I could take it to be serviced at the Toyota Plano location, which is 5 minutes from my house. I took it there and they couldn't find anything wrong with the tires but replaced a valve regardless. The light was off for a couple of months but recently came back on.

There is also an issue with the brakes - they make a puffing noise when I'm driving forward; and they make a clicking noise when I'm in reverse. The back drivers' side window is not moving up/down smoothly, and the sunglass holder does not always close correctly.

I was pursuaded into purchasing what is called a MPP warrantly at Vandergriff. However, when I called today to schedule service with Toyota of Plano, I was informed (for the first time) that there is a $100 deductible if I take the vehicle to a service center other than Vandergriff! So, now I'm obligated to taking my low-performing 2007 4Runner an hour away to be serviced when a dealership is within minutes of my home.

Needless to say, this is very frustrating. I plan on communicating my experiences with Vandergriff to everyone I know and to anyone who will listen.