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Sept 20, 2016 I went in to look at cars when they ran my credit. Kevin was the sales manager and OSCAR was the sales rep. After being there for hours and running my credit they told me they would call me because it was the weekend. Well that was an Saturday, so Wednesday came and no call. I called and they kept lying. Well Brandon told me to come up there and they never offer water. They had me sit for hours then I had to remind them I am there. This new sales man named Min sold me a 2016 basic Accord with 1000 miles.

I signed paperwork, traded my car in and no money down. They never gave me any copies of my paperwork. They said bank would mail everything. Well a whole week came and they called me saying come fill out new paperwork that they found me a bank. Went there and the bank was not going to finance what they wrote up so they asked me to give them 2500 and/or give car back. I gave it back. Told them why sell a car and then not have it legit? I gave it back and will not ever do business again. Horrible, horrible.

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Please be very cautious when doing business with this company. I currently have 2014 Accord purchased at this very location which wants you to utilize their service center for car servicing needs. Well let me just say they are very dishonest and will sabotage parts to ensure you purchase from them. They are suppose to perform a 14 point check at each service call to assure you car is performing its best and you have the opportunity to prevent any costly damages. I took car in for an oil change.

After waiting 2 hours the service consultant tells me "You need a new battery. We had to jump start your car to move it." I say to the gentleman "Excuse me... I drove that same car in here. You have moved it into the bay and now it won't start. It was something you did. Just jump my car and I'm out of here." He prints a paper and tells me it failed in January... (It being my battery.) I have no record of that. But he says he is sorry he couldn't see it failing any other time. Mind you the car was just there for a starter that had to be replaced in April, then two later I have to bring it back for an air filter and servicing where there was no report of a failed battery... Which he admitted. He says he will speak with his manager for training because there was no excuse for me just finding out the battery needs to be replaced had their procedures been followed each time my car was brought in.

I get my car and take it to have it checked out. Well wouldn't you know it. My battery had some sort of oil poured onto it. The technician at this location stated that was recently done. Had it been there for a long period of time the battery would have died long before bringing it into the service department. Well jokes on them, I received a new battery at no cost to me and they will be hearing from my attorney and they have lost a customer. Please be very careful when entrusting your car to these people.

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To all my desi community if you want to get humiliated please don't ever spend a penny at this dealer. It's worth spending more money somewhere else than at this dealer. I have recorded the odd deal I have faced at this dealer so pls contact me if you wish to watch the video.

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I am 77 yrs. of age and a widow. I purchased my 2015 Fit at vandergriff in Arlington, tx. on Oct.17, 2014. I did not understand about my warranty on it, so I purchased a MPA warranty. After talking about this with my children, I went back to Vandergriff in two days and canceled it and he gave me my copy of the cancellation paper. I thought they would cancel it, so after approx. 3 weeks I called the MPA and they had not received any cancellations papers, so I had to fax them mine. I called vandergriff and they claimed they had lost the papers, so because of the length of time that went by I had to pay more for cancellations. I don't think that I was treated fairly with this and the man that wrote up my sale at vandergriff talked to me in a very bad way. I will never do business with them again because of this!

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On April 19, 2014, I went into Vandergriff Honda to purchase a 2003 Nissan 350z they had in their inventory. The salesman and others said “You have nothing to worry about” with the purchase of the vehicle but we still requested and left the lot with a 6 month "Platinum" warranty. They did not give us a copy of any purchasing paperwork or contract because they told us it would be mailed to us, which it never was.

On 04/23/2014 (4 days later), we were told by the Finance Manager that he had "great news" and that our interest rate and monthly payment on the vehicle had gone down and that we would need to drive back to the dealership which is over 2 hours away to re-sign the contract. On 04/26/2014, when we had arrived at the dealership, we were taken into a room with the finance manager and he made sure to point out the new interest rate and monthly payment. He then left the room while we sign the contract. After closer inspection, we then noticed they had removed the warranty on the second contract. When he had returned, we asked him why the warranty was no longer on the contract and his response was "The bank denied you the warranty because your car has too many miles on it."

We then asked if there is any other available warranty for us to purchase, and we were told “No. There is no warranty you can purchase”. We then spoke with the used car sales manager about 2 minor problems the vehicle had which were the passenger window motor, and passenger power seat switch and we requested these items be fixed. He agreed and wrote out a repair order for us to take to the Nissan dealership in Killeen. Again after re-signing the contract we still never received any copies of purchase paperwork because “they will be mailed to you later.” Which they never were.

On 05/05/14, We took the vehicle to the Nissan service department to get the car repaired. After numerous phone calls to Vandergriff Honda to have the repair authorized, we were constantly ignored and were left waiting for the dealership to authorize the repair. The car sat at the Nissan Dealership for over a week and a half while waiting for Vandergriff Honda to authorize the repair. Vandergriff Honda finally authorized the repair payment and we were able to pick up the car over a very minor repair on 05/14/2014.

On 07/01/2014, We were driving on the freeway when the A/C began to blow hot air. Seconds later, we heard a lot of loud noises coming from the engine and before we had the chance to pull over, the entire vehicle locked up in the middle of the freeway, in a construction zone. We struggled to pull the car over on the shoulder. I checked the oil and the oil level was fine. The car's temperature gauge never went up and the battery had power. When I attempted to start the car, all we heard was a single thump. The vehicle was unable to even crank. We had the car towed to our house and called the dealership and spoke with the salesman about what happened but he very rudely responded with "Oh well, That's too bad. We tried to sell you a warranty but you denied it." And he hung up. We then had the car towed to a shop to get diagnosed. We were told that the engine threw a rod and the car needs a new engine after only owning it for less than 2 and a half months and before the second payment of the car was ever made.

We have tried everything to get this dealership to make it right. I spoke with the used car manager and told him the situation and told him how they tried to sneak the warranty off of the contract. He asked if the finance manager offered us to make payments on a warranty. When I told him what the finance manager told us, he said that he would make this right. We receive a call from him 3 days later and were told the only thing they can offer us is a discount on the repair from a Nissan Dealership.

I reiterated the fact that it was wrong of them to sell me a car with a bad engine and he agreed. He said he would get back to me with a solution. The only other solution he could come up with was to trade us into a more expensive car and give us trade in value on the vehicle we just purchased to attempt to rip us off again. This dealership knew what was wrong with the car and purposely lied to sneak the warranty off the 2nd contract. They sold me a car with a bad engine and are now refusing to take any responsibility for the car they sold me.

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I purchased a 1998 Honda Accord in 2000. It was 2 years old with approx 36,000 miles on it. The car was in good condition. After about 4 years of purchasing the car,I noticed that the paint ws starting to peel off the top and trunk of the car. It looks more like the clear coat. I have noticed that the paint on the sides are beginning to dull like it will start peeling soon.I have noticed the same problem on many Hondas ,Accords,civics and more.Some worse than others ,but nevertheless there is a very obvious defect in the paint on Hondas. I would like any info ,if any on complaints about the paint on Hondas.I take very good care of my car and I have already put well over 7000.00 in repairs in my car including the transmission and air conditiong being replaced.The paint peeling just took the cake.


I went to purchase a used truck, They had one that I could live with and would get the lob done for me. I went in, asked for a sales price (there was a price on the windshield or $18999) and the guy at the sales desk said they could let it go for $17400. I was ready to buy, The used car sales man ( oscar ) set me up to take it home for a few hours while they decided what they could give for my trade.

When I came back (2 hours later) it took 30 minutes for them to find any paper work on my deal. When the papers were presented to me they had the the $18999 price as the sales price....

I tried to get the sales man to rewrite the paper work, and he had his sales manager come over and try to convince me that $18999 was a great BUY. I said no thanks, Where were my keys for my personal car, I was leaving.
Then the papers were changed and brought back to me with $17999 as the sales price. Still, I was ready to leave....

They kept trying to get me to sign the papers with that price, I would not...

The only way I finally got my keys back was to lie and say I would come back in the morning and pick up the Truck. They of course call the next morning and wanted to know when I would be in, I told them when the guy that said I could buy the truck for $17400 was ready to write me a check for the difference in price I would come get the truck. They called later that day and told me that they would sell to me for the $17400 if I would take $1000 less for my trade!

No real damage occurred, just being lied to and thought of as a fool, really made me want everyone to know about it.


On Teusday, November 4th, 2003, I applied on line with a company by the name of Barnone for a car loan. Barnone, from what I understand, is simply a service that refers sales leads to car dealerships for people with imperfect credit looking to buy a new or used vehicle. That same night, I received a call from Mr. James Session with Vandergriff Honda. He asked me to call him back when I could drive to Arlington to visit their dealership and I told him that I would.

Arlington is about an hour and a half drive from where we live in McKinney, TX. Two days later, on November 6th, I received a message from a man by the name of Wally with Vandergriff Honda. I have a voice mail message that I saved from him in which he misrepresents himself by saying he's with Barnone. I later found out he was actually employed by Vandergriff Honda. He stated that he had good news for me and urged me to come to their dealership that same evening when me and my husband got off work.

I explained to him that I'd already received a call from James Session, and I asked Wally if we'd ask for Mr. Session when we arrived, or for Wally. He said ask for Wally because he was the one who would be 'working our loan for us.' We drove out to Arlington, Texas and he stated to us that we were approved for a loan for a 2003 Jeep Liberty, and that one of the terms of the loan was that they would accept my 1999 Grand Prix as trade in, as is.

We went over the loan terms with the Assistant Sales Manager, Al Lewis, signed all the loan documents and were told we were approved for the loan with no problem. We gave them two checks as down payment: one for $800.00 and one for $200.00. The approval numbers they wrote on these checks are 72072 and 72085. They gave my husband the copies of the loan terms we signed, gave us the keys to the Jeep, and we left our Grand Prix there on the lot as trade in. We drove off with the Jeep.

A few days later, on November 10th, I received a voice mail from a Mr. Thomas Vias in Vandergriff's 'credit department'. When I called Mr. Vias (unsure if this is the correct spelling of his name) back, he asked me about two items on my credit report. He stated that he needed to know what the explanation was for these two items, and I gave him the explanations.

I asked him if there was a problem. He said no, he just needed to know what to tell the bank who was financing the Jeep. I said, Wait a minute, didn't you guys see my credit report before you said I was approved for the loan? You said the bank already approved me for this loan. Is there a problem? He said yes and that there would be no problems.

Then I received a call yesterday from Wally, the sales person. He said the loan terms had changed. He stated to me that I would have to come up with an additional thousand dollars down, and that the bank wouldn't accept my Grand Prix as trade in after all.

He suggested I either keep making payments on the Grand Prix or let it get repossessed by the bank, since I couldn't afford to make payments on both the Grand Prix and the new Jeep. He stated that with these new loan terms, I'd be better off because my payments would be lower than the original terms from the first agreement, and the loan term would be only five years instead of six. I have a voice mail message from Wally that I saved, saying to come down that night or the next night to 'finalize the loan'.

OK, so me and my husband drove to Arlington again last night, all set to finalize this other loan and sign the papers again as we'd done on Thursday, November 6th. We were running a little late because of the distance and the traffic, so right before we arrived at Vandergriff, all set to sign these new terms, I called Wally from my cell phone to make sure he was still there. He said yes, he was still there and asked where I was in relation to the location of the dealership. I told him I was right up the street, about a mile away. He asked if we were driving the Jeep. I said yes. He then stated to me that we weren't approved for the loan after all, that we'd have to leave the Jeep at the dealership and take our Grand Prix back.

Of course, we were extremely upset. How can they say the finance company or bank approved us just two hours before, and now that we were at the dealership with the Jeep again, tell us that we had to leave the Jeep there, that we weren't approved after all? Wally even showed my husband a some loan paperwork that said APPROVED on it. We drove this Jeep for almost a week. We'd just filled up this Jeep with a full tank of gas. We were told three different times that our loan was approved.

We were lied to from the minute we walked into this place. We drove this Jeep for almost a week, and even got insurance on it because we were told in no uncertain terms that it was ours and we were approved for the loan. There has to be something totally illegal about this. Wally finally admitted, after I kept asking him, that the reason why we had to return the Jeep is because the dealership was losing $1,800.00 in the deal. I asked him specifically why, and he wouldn't answer. If they didn't calculate everything correctly on the trade in, price of the vehicle, or loan terms correctly, this is not my problem. This would be their mistake and not mine. We signed a legal document saying we were approved for this loan.

We have suffered a great deal of embarrassment and emotional distress over this incident. We were told the Jeep was approved for us several times by this dealership, we signed paperwork for loan terms and was told we'd get a loan packet in the mail. We drove this vehicle for a week before being told we had to return it. We told all of our family and friends that we had this Jeep, and became quite attached to it. We were mis-led and lied to, and they did not honor the contract. Unfortunately we left our signed copy of the loan contract in the glove-box of the Jeep when we returned it. Please help!! Someone at work told me that the same thing happened to a friend of theirs (different dealership). Story goes, this person spoke with an attorney who told them that if the dealership took the vehicle back, then this person could sue the dealership for three times the amount of the value of the vehicle, plus emotional distress.


I was approved for a car and I was told to come and pick it up. When I arrived to the dealership to sign the paperwork and pick up the keys they did not have the car. No attempt was made to find another car like it.

The emotional damage and experience of dealing with this dealership was horrible. Stress from trying to get an answer. The economic hardship is that I am with out a car.

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