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While visiting the Strawberry Festival in Watsonville, CA, on the way home was struck with a serious need for a restroom. Stopped at a Valero station on Main St in Watsonville. I informed the attendants that it was an emergency and needed to use their restroom. They did not have a public restroom. They had a door with the handicap sign on it, must have had a toilet behind that door. The 2 women nearly tackled me to keep me out of that doorway. I'm a 74 year old woman about to explode, which is what happened. I work in a business without a public restroom, but I have NEVER denied a person the use of a toilet when a person is in apparent need. I have purchased my gas from our local Valero. I'll never use it again. My most fervent hope is that these women find themselves in the same position one day!

The station at 3487 Summer Ave in Memphis has not accepted the Valero card since it opened. How stupid is this. I will cancel this card.

I went to a Valero in San Bernardino off Del Rosa Ave. Swiped my card outside and said to go see cashier. I had $50 on my Paypal debt card and they told me there was no money in the account. I go online to find that they put a hold of $55 on the card. I go back and they tell that it does that sometimes and they will return the fund in 72 hrs. They know this and have done nothing with numerous complaint and angry customers. I am so pissed, I want to sue the ** out these **. I was on empty with no cash but the card. Barely made it home while stressing that I would not run out of gas. This company is the worst and conduct irrational business. I will never, even if they are last gas station earth, go there again.

I filled up my 1957 Thunderbird at Valero in Albuquerque, NM Saturday 8-29-15. It is sensitive to lower octane fuel so I always use the highest available. I filled up with their 91 octane. I noticed almost immediately that had lower power and was making the unmistakable sound of detonation due to low octane. I then added 2 16 oz. bottles of octane booster from the auto parts store. It still didn't help any. I had come there from Denver 3 days earlier with no problems. The loss of power, overheating and pinging were the worst I had experienced in over 3 years. I drove to Santa Fe and then added some Phillips 66 Premium 90 octane and within 3 blocks after leaving the station the problem was gone. Once burned Twice remembered. The Valero couldn't have even a poor grade of 85 octane. AVOID - RIP OFF.

I put about half a tank of gas in my 2011 Mustang GT (5.0 Coyote motor) and shortly after I left I started to notice the car have a performance decrease. I figured it was just me and didn't worry about it. Now, I am having issues starting my Mustang and it is not running as usual. I have not contacted the store about it since I have a strong feeling I am just going to get a runaround. If any damages occur I will sue. Forever I have had problems with Valero gas in all of our vehicles. I had a 2003 F150 that had to have the fuel delivery system re-done after a bad tank. I always put the higher quality fuel into the tank but Valero has always been bad gas. I wish I would have kept the receipt! It is on my debit card statement though... Corner Store, 1335 E League City Pkwy, League City, TX 77573.

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Valero gas station central ave. in fremont - I payed for my gas inside with Atm card. I started pumping my gas and the pumping felt light, so I pulled out the nozzle and the pump continues to run the money but no gas was coming out of the nozzle. Also every time I use valero, the pump stops pumping automatically after the last dollar is left to pump. What a ripoff. Every dollar of every person should stop the pump one dollar before the total amount payed! Spread the word!!!!!!

I pulled up to a Valero gas pump on my way to work to buy gas, turned the engine off, and the attendant rudely banged on the side of my van to pull up further. Although I felt that my gas tank was directly in front of the pump, I started the engine and he directed me to keep going, roughly two feet further forward. I realized at this point that I could not see the pump or how much gas I was buying from my driver's seat. He put gas in, told me it was $46, so I paid. I felt something was suspicious because after I paid he did not walk away and stood behind my vehicle so that I could not back up. I did not feel comfortable getting out of my vehicle being alone there with him, so I pretended I was pulling out onto the highway (I could see he then started to go back in the station) so then I turned completely around and drove around back up to the pump I just left to see that it said $45, not $46!

I honked the horn and he came walking quickly back with his money was already out because he knew exactly what he was trying to pull. He immediately hands me back my dollar exclaiming "NO, NO" when I asked him how many people he rips off every day - a dollar here, a dollar there! PATHETIC INDIVIDUAL! I am pretty disgusted with that gas station and it is my mission to make sure everyone I know and meet in the future knows my experience so they don't get ripped off by this genius.

I stopped to refuel my 2014 H-D Ultra Limited on Saturday, March 14, 2015. After fueling, my bike would not start. I ended up having to have it towed 33 miles just to get it back home. I siphoned the gas from the tank and it was a milky-white color... I saved all 4.5 gallons for evidence pending an ongoing investigation into the matter. I was not the only person affected by the gas at this station on this date. Another victim tried to retrieve his fuel receipt and the operator of the station was less than cooperative.

Eventually the local law enforcement was called to the location. After contacting VCS (Valero Corner Store), I was informed that they sold this particular station to another owner back in February. Too much finger pointing too soon in the game. I am NOT impressed. Hopefully Valero will come through and reimburse me for the damages to my new bike (less than 3600 miles accumulated).

While on vacation in Florida in Aug. 2015, we stopped at a Valero station in Miami. My husband filled up the tank ($32) & I went in to use the ladies room. The black woman behind the bullet proof glass said - and I quote, "We don't have a ladies room. Well, we have one but I lost the key. But if you have $5 I can find the key." I replied, "In your dreams" and left. I immediately called the corporate office in San Antonio to report the issue. I was given a ticket # and told that all Valero stations are privately owned and the corporate office has no control over the individual stations.

I bought a pack Marlboro southern cut and a pack of Marlboro red short at 2404 Bay Area blvd, houston, tx 77058, a Valero gas station. I asked her to give me Marlboro light short where she gave me red short instead. I didn't check that when I was leaving. I came home, found that I've got the wrong one, went back to exchange it and she denied to do so. I did not even open the pack. I asked for manager and then she said she is the manager, where she is not and tried to call cops on me. She yelled at me to leave the gas station. She is a RACIST and she does things like this to every Indian student who comes in. We are international students and we are better educated and know all the rules better than she does. I am totally offended by the way she acted on me.

I worked for a company, and my job is almost 90 percent driving. I arrived at Valero gas station at Hwy 37 and Broadway in Vallejo, Calif. On or about 15minutes past midnight, I pulled up at this gas station for fuel. The ATM card reader on the gas pump will not accept my company card. So, I spoke to the store clerk through the bullet proof glass and gave her my card and request for $30.00 worth of gas. The store clerk went to the cash register to run a phony VOID cash receipt and told me that, the card was no good.

That was a company card, with my name and my employer name on it. So, I gave her $20 from my own money in order to get some gas for the company van. I thought that was the end of it, no it wasn't. The company CEO called me the same morning to tell me that, he got a call from American Express that I was trying to steal $30 gas from a gas station in Vallejo, Calif. I have confronted the owner of the Valero, and still, I cannot get an answer. The CEO for our company must be God sent, otherwise, I will have been fired.

My husband put diesel fuel in his truck from Valero gas station in Mart Texas around or about a month ago. Since then his truck has not been running. We have taken it to a mechanic and has spent several hundreds of dollars to replace numerous parts in the truck. Only to learn that this was all cause from water in the fuel. Not to mention to time lost from work and the time and fuel spent by myself to take him back and forth to work. This is totally outrageous that they are allowed to do this and that the customers have to suffer the aftermath. I have 4 kids and bills to pay. I can't afford to just throw my money away on fuel that is going to destroy my vehicle and cost me a lot of money to fix. I have receipts for all of it. Something needs to be done and I would like to know what I can do about this.

I have witness the blue eyed cashier shout "get the ** out", "hurry the ** up" to African American males who are paying customers on too many occasions in front of my 12yr old son. I let him know he was very disrespectful and that I will for now on take my business elsewhere.

I stopped in at the Valero on Linwood and W. Grand Blvd on 08/20/14 @ approx. 5:15pm to fuel my van. The price said cash $3.29, so I paid for $30.00 in fuel and as I was almost finished pumping my gas I noticed that the gas was pumping at $3.39 a gallon. So I spoke with the attendant and he went out and checked the pump and came back and called the owner and then he would not even speak with me. Instead he had the other attendant tell me that nothing was wrong with the pump and that they would give me $1.00 back for my inconvenience. I told him I wanted a receipt and he said he did not have one. I asked for the phone # and owner's name. He would not give it to me. I will never stop at this station again and I urge other customer not to purchase anything from this place.

Taking my grandson to school at 8:40 am on a Friday (2/21/2014), and he needed a bottle of water for his P.E. class so i stopped at the Valero Station at 5597 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento, the doors were locked and there was a hand written note on the door saying "back in 5 minutes" So along with everyone else trying to get in, I got in my car to leave and then here he comes, with a bag from McDonalds in his hand! Closed the doors to a 24 hour business during morning rush. Not cool.

Recently, we purchased fuel at Valero and our car started hesitating almost immediately. My wife was able to drive the car to the house but then the car would not start. I called the Nissan Dealer and and they sent a tow truck to take the car back to the dealer since it was still under warranty (2012 Nissan Versa). I was told by the dealer the reason why the car would not start was because we were sold bad fuel. I called Valero and they stated I needed to pay for the repairs and then to send them the receipts and they would investigate.

I provided Valero all the information they requested and now they do not want to pay for the repairs ($650). The fuel was purchased in San Antonio, TX at the Valero between Culebra and Bandera on 5/16/2013. I would appreciate if anyone can provide any advice as far as to what I can do to make them pay for the repairs. Thank you.

They sell 4-month-old beer that tastes nasty. I went to try to show them and they said that they were going to call the police and they refused to exchange the beers so I left them on the counter so they can resell them.

6:20AM: My boyfriend and I went to Valero gas station 2600 N, Figueroa W Ave 26 Los Angeles, CA 90065 to scan our lottery ticket. The machine would be up in 10 minutes, so we purchased 4 more tickets since my boyfriend won $100.00 a few days earlier at that gas station. I also bought a can opener as we waited. Then the security guard, out of nowhere, said we can't hang out in the store. By this time, the machine was up and we were now scanning our tickets we just purchased. I said, "Since when? We're customers. Where is that sign?" Then he said that the truth of the matter is that we look suspicious - us in here and the 2 guys in the car that were having car problems with their hood up (who were already there when we came to the station).

Then he said, "Are those your friends?" We said, "No, we've just come back from recycling." He said, "I'm calling the cops" and walked outside. The cashier told us she put that in his head, then asked us again if those young men were our friends. Again, we said no and so we left. We didn't want her to feel uneasy, but we felt as if we were being stereotyped, discriminated and treated unfairly.

At around 6 to 7 pm on Sunday evening, July 15, I stopped at a Valero Gas Station in Collings Lakes, NJ on the Black Horse Pike and filled up my 2001 Lexus IS300 with premium gas. The next day, the engine light came on and it was running so bad it died. I took it to my service center and after 6 hours of trying to figure it out, they came upon the conclusion it was bad gas, pumped out the gas, cleaned the tank and fuel injectors. Now it runs like a champ, but I am out $1200 for plugs, wires, coils, labor. What are my rights? Thank you.

Valero gas station at Westbury, 106 Old Country Rd, denied the use of the bathroom for my children 5 years and 3 years old while I was there purchasing gas at $4 a gallon. Shame on Valero, greed, greed.

I went to get propane and after I paid, I noticed that the receipt did not show the gallons. So I did the math and they charged me .5 gallons more than what they put in the bottle. I went back in the store and when I told the cashier what he just did, he was kind of nervous. So he went back and checked. When he came back, he did not know what to say. So he gave me $1 back which still was not right. So my concern is that these people are probably doing this to other people because not many do the math right then. I hope that at least make this store out the amount of gallons on the receipt so people do not get overcharged. Thanks.

This company is so rude. I went in to get beef jerky and it was completely molded. I asked the manager to check. He was completely rude to me and I could barely understand him. I went into his store a lot and he always had one female doing all the work. When the snow was here, he had girls out at night, which I feel is dangerous; it’s not right shoveling when it’s below freezing. They always have conversations in front of the customers and there was a young female I watched getting treated very wrong there. Also, there’s a lady who always asked me to complain.

My Lexus stopped running after bad oily and watered down gas from Valero. Cost close to $1000.00 to clean out the tank, all injectors, etc. I know of another person with the same problem from the same station. I want reimbursement for the repairs.

On 12/27/11, I purchased an entire tank of regular gas at the Diamond Shamrock in Ferris, TX. I drove home. The next morning I couldn’t start the car. It was back firing and spitting. It just wouldn’t run. I took my 2008 Toyota Camry to Metroplex Toyota in Dallas. The mechanic wrote on the service ticket “bad gas."

I would like to warn the community regarding Diamond Shamrock (Valero) Gasoline. I filled my truck fuel up for $75.00 at the gas station at 601 W US Highway 50, 81008, and not even 24 hours later, my 2008 Silverado completely died and stopped running in the middle of the road!

I had to have my truck towed to Spradley and the dealership told me that the fuel I had just put in my truck was over 50% water. They even gave me a sample of the bad gasoline and said it caused my truck to stop running, because the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injection, and other parts were ruined from the water in the fuel. This cost me $566.00 out of my own pocket to replace the parts, because under warranty this is not covered due to the fuel I filled the truck with.

I contacted the company and made a complaint, it has been 5 and 1/2 weeks, and today I got a call back stating they are refusing to reimburse my money because they don't have other complaints that are like mine, even with the gasoline from the truck that you can obviously see the water to fuel ratio! This is aggravating and something needs to be done! The public needs to be warned.. Also it's impossible to speak to the President/CEO of Valero, Bill Kleese, because there is no contact information for him.

If the media gets this story out and maybe investigates it, people will be aware of what putting this gas into your tank can do, especially at $3.59 or per gallon!

The air condition went on our 1996 Lincoln Town car. We brought it in and got an estimate of about $1000.00 and an explanation which seemed reasonable on an old car. Halfway through, he said that he found other issues and that he had to drill a hole and run some wires through and put a toggle switch in the dash to turn on and off the compressor manually or take out the dash-board which would be expensive. I agreed and he did the job which ended up at $2226.00.

All the time, I sensed that there was something wrong but the air worked, just that the ugly switch had to be manually flip, but I figured it was hot and we had air. Well in the third week of February, we took a ride across to the west coast to see friends. On our way home, across Aligator Alley, the air went. When we got home we took it to another place to have it checked out because all along we suspected something was not kosher. It was there at Foreign & Corvette Repair that we found out what he had done at Margate Valero. We tried to talk to the man who would not listen and had no concern. He just said that it's not my problem and walked away with his hands in the air.

The consequences are quite large here. First of all, the price he charged for the repair. The parts he used were used and charged me for new and the way he rigged up the wire and put the switch in the dash, we were told could have caught the car on fire at any time. Also, the wire and hole in the dash did not even need to be done. He cut wires and taped them together again when they had clips; a part was even put in backwards.

Foreign & Corvette Repair are certified Lincoln mechanics and will stand by our claims of not only charging way too much for the repair but the fraud in not using new parts but charging for them and damaging the car in the process just to get the bill up. We are working class and old. The cost and stress that this have put us through are unconscionable! We feel they need to refund our money and be thankful we don't sue for the damage done to the car during the so-called repair.

I am a superintendent for a large construction company. Many times I will bring fuel and propane tanks home and fill them for work equipment. I was having an 8-gal propane tank filled at the Valero station near my home. While filling, the tank started spewing propane out of the relief valve at 5.3 gal; the attendant stopped the pump for a second at 5.4 gal, and then proceeded to turn it back on running the total up to 5.5 gal. I didn't have a big problem with this figuring maybe the cash register could only calculate in 1/2 gal increments.

When he totaled the sale he charged me for 6 gallons. I questioned him on this. His response was management directs them to round up to the nearest dollar at .5 and above. The fact that this guy pumped two tenths of a gallon of propane into the air to get me to 5.5 gallons, and then charged me for 6 gal, makes me mad. I will find somewhere else to do business from now on, and I'm going to ask how the formula for charges is figured before my next purchase. I believe this Valero station has bad management practices. In this instance, I was over charged by $2.10.

I paid 75 cents to use the air machine to put air in my tire. I noticed after I put money in that there was only one nozzle for water. I went inside and asked for a refund to go somewhere else and was told that the machine has nothing to do with the store and he was not responsible for the refund. The machine is connected to the power source of the building but he was very rude and asked, "Do you see Valero's name on the machine?" I told him it was on his property and he was again rude and not willing to even put a sign on the machine to say, it is out of order.

Informed him I would be back with a picket sign and he said he did not care, do what you want to do. When I returned an hour or so later, got his name and information to lodge a complaint with Valero, his response was, "What is Valero going to do?" I had to ride around another 4-5 miles in a car without air in the tire and he was not responsive or even willing to put an out of order sign on the machine.

I did return with a poster board and a hand made "Rip off here" sign and picketed in front of the store for about 30 minutes. He put an out of order sign on the machine when I got back and asked for his name. I picketed anyway, it was the principal.

When I got gas at this station, they charged me my fill up amount and then charged me $25.00. If you are paying by credit card, they put in two charges. The charge for the gas and then, seconds later, a charge for $25.00. You only get one receipt. By the time you find out, it is days later and they won't refund your money. They say it is a bank error. They do this for a couple of times a day and they are making money from a scam. I am a single mom working to make ends meet. I don't have the extra money to throw away. $25.00 can put food on the table for my children!

I gave Leo the wrong pump number so he immediately told me someone else pumped my gas and I was out $25.00. It was 6:00 am and no one else was at my island. He did not check the pump history. It seemed like he did not want to help or even check things out. I got manager Kathy’s phone number and she was totally in denial. Both seemed like they did not want to help and they were grumpy, not friendly and courteous. I mean how easy it is to check the pump history or even the security cameras. I got my gas finally but their lack of quality customer courtesy was extremely annoying. I have been in customer service my whole adult life and had many quality training experiences.

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