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I read many of the negative Triforce reviews and wanted to throw my two cents in the hat just for people to use when making their own decisions as to whether to do business with this dealership. I live in Maryland, approximately 2.5 hours away from the dealership. In 2012, I purchased a 2001 Mercedes ML350 with about 120k miles on it for $6000.00. It is now March 2014 and (on my honor) I haven't had a thing go wrong with this vehicle since I've bought it.

A few things I want to point out about Triforce: They are a high volume used car dealership that, as the owner Al explained to me, makes their profits by selling lots of vehicles each of which is only marked up a small amount above wholesale price. They don't go for the home-run sale by selling just a few cars marked up significantly at or above retail price. Each time I have been there (three times in all), the lot had a lot of people either browsing vehicles or in the small house/office signing sales contracts. It is a no frills dealership. The sales office doesn't look like much and the sales people on the lot may or may not give you the time you want/deserve. I take all this into account when considering that it is a used car lot after all.

That being said, the cars DO come with a 30 day warranty (one in which you pay for the repairs up front and the warranty company reimburses you afterwards. I read a negative post on here about the warranty company refusing to honor a repair on a car driven only 150 miles after it was purchased. I would sue the heck out of this company for such conduct. Keep in mind Al/Triforce have nothing to do with the car/warranty after you leave the dealership with your car. So it is literally buyer beware. I will close by saying that if you are careful, you CAN get a great deal at this dealership, as I and others have pointed out. Ask questions (to Al directly) about the car's history and show some patience with the staff. Some of the salesman look like 20-somethings in their first job.

I'm a real customer, not affiliated with Triforce! Triforce has mostly high mileage less expensive used cars. Anyone buying one that thinks they won't have some mechanical issues is not too well informed. I got an awesome deal on a 2005 Lincoln Aviator. I traveled from Colorado and drove it back there because it was so much better deal than I could get locally. I've had a few minor problems with it, but nothing that you wouldn't expect. I saved at least $3k-$4k over what I would have paid in CO. Car came with a 3-month 3k-mile warranty. The warranty isn't a scam. I was able to utilize it on a transmission issue. Triforce treated me with total honestly. Don't know what else to say!

I bought a 2000 Chevy Malibu for $2500 at this place. I wasn't expecting brand new or the best car ever bought used but I did want a car that I was able to drive from point A to point B in without issues. I guess the whole time the guy I worked with was the owner, Al. He said that he remembered me. He seemed to be a nice guy and didn't give me the feeling that he was trying to get me into a car that I didn't want. This is where I should've asked myself about his true values of his customers and his reputation/products. He took me to this truck and off break, I knew that the transmission was slipping when I test drove it. Al said that it was the engine light that caused the car to "drive" the way it did. I didn't even drive off the lot for the fear of getting into an accident.

So then we looked at some more cars and most of them had like 160,000 or more of mileages so I kept looking till this nice (or what looked nice) Chevy Malibu came and it only had 112,000 and in my price range. All I had was $2500 and I test drove the car and it rode nice. I told Al $2500 for everything and he said okay. So, I was there for about 2 hours more, paying for the car and I didn't have my license so I had my stepdad sign the paperwork (I paid for the car) and we were told once the title was in his name, then I would just have to transfer it to my name. It seemed easy seeing how I thought I paid for everything (taxes, tags, registration) for my car to go into my dad's name and this is what Al's receptionist told us.

So it seemed easy enough and about 2 weeks driving this car, it was about 60 degrees. My son said he was hot so I put on the AC and it seemed like it was starting to cool down. About 10 minutes later, I realized it was not getting cold like how a car was supposed to so I figured that it just needed some more antifreeze. I was driving to get some antifreeze and there was smoke coming out of my car (the front part). I pulled over to the 7-11 and tried to figure out if that's really the reason my car had this smoke (it wasn't in the red/ hot) and I couldn't see anything. So I let the car cool down. l checked the antifreeze levels and it was full. I said, "Great! I should've known just from the cars he had on the lot and the ones that I had test driven." I called Al about 2 week later because I still haven't gotten the title for the car and my temporary tags were due in like a week.

In this conversation with Al, I asked questions that seem to me general. I was stuck at the mall because my car was overheating once again. So like I said, I called Al, and I asked things like why the title was not in my dad's name, why I was not informed that they don't do emissions... general questions that were important to know because at this point I could not get my car registered without emissions and because it took damn near a month for the title. My tags are due at this point and now I'm driving around with dead tags; my car is overheating and I spent the last money I had from school that I can't even get to because my car will overheat when it's hot out. So, Al was telling me that my concerns were stupid, that I was dumb, there was nothing he could do about the car and he hung up on me.

I called back and told him that I'm a single mom and I really don't have money for repairs, I'm in school and I'm starting a job so I don't have the money and I trusted him because he knew my situation when I was at his lot. I'm so pissed. I found out that my car shouldn't have passed safety inspection due to the seat belts and my car had been in a front-end wreck. It has had 4 owners and the car went through a paint job plus the engine light came on last week when trying to fix a broken hose (antifreeze was coming out). There are like 3 different codes reading on my engine and my car heating core is damaged and I'm sure that I'm going to find out more. So I took out a loan on my car thinking I can get it fixed with $500 and I'm being told that this can cost me thousands and I'm pregnant now and due in 3 months.

Here you have someone who is just trying to make it through life and get fully taken advantage of and an owner who gives ** about his customers, his reputation or his own business. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Al is the worst owner/ manager (whatever he wants to call himself) I have ever come across. He's very rude and disrespectful and he should be put out of business. Whatever you do, don't buy from here. Do your research before going here and if anyone says that they have/had a good car from here, they're lying!

I called this dealership about a car I saw advertised on their website (that had suspiciously low mileage for the asking price) to ask if they still had it. I was told that yes, they still have it. I called back to make sure it had been inspected since I read a lot of negative reviews about cars not being inspected. I was told yes, it was inspected... pause... "Let me double check. Oh, they must have sold that last night after I left." Yeah right!

Anyway, I asked about another car of the same model that they had for sale that had a little higher mileage but still looked nice. "Yes, we still have that one" was the response that I received. When I asked if it was inspected and ready to go (since I was driving 2 hours away, I wanted to do this in one trip) and she enthusiastically said, "Yes ma’am!" So I went on my way. When I got there, I was told that the car I called about was going in the shop to have a fuel pump installed and wasn't available. And to make matters worse, the 3rd car of the same model that they advertised was definitely "something I didn't want" according to the salesmen. What?

They never even showed me proof that any of these cars ever existed. So I’m forced to believe that they run a classic "bait and switch" type business here! And it may seem petty, but when I called for directions from another dealership (who also flat-out lied about their car, but that's another whole story), I was told hastily by the same lady that she didn't know the area; and she had never even heard of the dealership where I was coming from.

She then gave me some general directions which I followed, only to run 10 miles down I95 and then 10 miles back up I95 to end up less than 1/8 of a mile from where I started at the other dealership! OMG, how can you work literally 5 stores down on the same side of the road and not have any idea where it's at? Wow! Long story short: I would stay far, far, far, far away from TriForce Motors unless you like being lied to and having your time wasted!

Having recently moved from Seattle, Washington to Virginia, I was in need of a vehicle months ago. I had recently become employed so I had very little money saved to begin my search with. I was (am) looking for a 7-passenger vehicle that would fit my four family members and extra space for groceries and a one-legged grandma.

I called Triforce to inquire on this beautiful black/gray 2003 Mercury Mountaineer on January 14, 2013. I spoke with a salesperson who wasn't sure what vehicle I was talking about. Without placing me on hold, I heard him have a conversation with another male in the background asking if the Mountaineer was still available. There seemed to be a bit of confusion. Then after about two minutes, he told the salesperson that it was sold last week. I asked why it was still being advertised on the website if it was sold, and I was told that the sales office does not update the website as they should. "It sometimes takes two weeks for the website to reflect our current inventory." Hmm, okay.

This salesperson suggested that I come to view their inventory. I told him that I couldn't do that because I currently have no vehicle and the lot's Fredericksburg location was probably a good 60 mi. from my location. This salesperson (I won't say his name for he is just a salesperson and getting employed is almost as tough, if not tougher in keeping it) told me he commuted to work each day and knew my location well. He said he would be more than happy to pick me up at my home and escort me to Triforce Motors if I was sure to drive something away. I told him I only had $1,000 in my pocket since I wouldn't be getting anything back on my 2012 tax refund. He then suggested I wait until mid-April 2013, after tax season to get the better deal. Why? Because their inventory prices were about to raise a few hundred bucks to take advantage of those refunds people were getting soon - a very nice tip!

Since the salesperson I spoke to was so kind, I have periodically been viewing Triforce's website for certain models. Today, I googled Triforce to view their website, but I noticed customer reports beneath it. I clicked on it and read so many bad reviews so I wanted to thank all of the buyers for making us potential buyers aware - Thank you!

I recently met an elderly lady who once worked for the Pohanka dealership in Fredericksburg. She told me that a smart buyer will ask for the invoice and the Carfax. The invoice will show what the dealer paid for the vehicle and from that you can calculate what he profits from. Also, every dealership pays for a yearly subscription to Carfax, so there are no excuses why this cannot be given other than that the dealer doesn't want you to see it.

To the owner of Triforce Motors - you disgust me. You are preying on customers who are in a dire need of transportation knowing how much they can spend. You should value customers for it is us who can advertise your place of business being worthy or we can put you out of business just on our words alone. After reading all these poor reviews, I think I would rather take the $4,000 I have now saved and gamble it on a vehicle advertised on Craigslist or perhaps eBay, because they are likely to be more honest with me. I also wouldn't have to pay the processing fee, preparation fee, shipping, document fee, floor space fee, recovery fee or any other ** fee you dream up. While you are in the process of lining your own pockets, if you're not in business to give people reliable transportation without honest disclosure, then you have no business of owning a business, much less operating one. Shame on you!

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I wish I had seen these comments prior to going there myself. We went to look at cars after looking online for an inexpensive car for our son that he could afford to pay for. The car we wanted to see was said to have transmission issues, so we looked at others. The first one we drove was "as is" and almost fell apart on the test drive. We were told to look at an Infiniti that, when looked at, had an obvious oil leak around the motor. We next drove a Chevy, which seemed pretty decent but needed an alignment. The final price was $1,993 (seems everything is marked up by $500, which they cut when you show interest). There was a $199 processing fee on top of that and we were told that they would waive that also. Checking out took a very long time, but we were told the computers were slow that day. We were told we would get our title in the mail in 7-10 business days, that they don't have the titles there because the bank holds them until the cars are sold.

Here's where it gets slick… When we got home, we realized that the $199 was not waived after all; they just lowered the price of the vehicle on the paperwork and then added the $199 back to make the final price $1,993 again. Next, the title had not come after 10 business days. We called 4 different times and were told: “We are mailing it today [that was Wednesday]”; “It's being mailed today [that was Friday].” We said we would pick it up (Saturday) (this is 21 days after we purchased the vehicle and we only have a 30-day temporary tag) and were told that the owner "Al" was not there and he has the title at home. They then stopped answering the phone for several hours, and on the last call we made, we told them to let Al know that we would be in the next day and he needs to have our title ready.

When we arrived the next day (Sunday), we had to wait about 30 minutes while all the staff ran about and could hear the receptionist tell people on the phone that Al was not there. She also told another customer that the titles aren't kept on the premises because it would be too dangerous to have the titles and keys in the same place. She was very rude to anyone that called. When Al finally gave us the title, I asked why he wouldn't send it after 15 business days and he just shrugged and said, "It just takes time." I also asked why we were charged the $199 after being told we wouldn't be and he said, "That’s how we do it for the DMV. They understand it."

When we went to the DMV, we were told it is the law that the company is supposed to keep the title at the business and release it to the customer when the vehicle is purchased. Interesting. We then took the car for the alignment and were told instantly that we needed four new tires. We were very taken aback by this as the inspection sticker was dated to expire in December 2013 and the car had only been driven less than 1,000 miles since the inspection. We went to a tire dealer for a second opinion and were told there was no way that those tires should have passed inspection, that they were very unsafe and needed to be replaced right away. So my question to Al is “Did you change out the tires after the inspection or was the inspection a fake?” Bottom line: Do not buy anything from this company. They do not care about the safety of their customers or the truth. Money is the bottom line at Triforce.

I purchased a 2000 Nissan Maxima there in August 2012. I was satisfied with the person who showed me the car, but the car had a problem with the front driver's window. The person in charge on that Sunday said that his brother or cousin owned the lot. I was given his business card and was told to contact him and return the car to have the window fixed. I waited a few days when I had time to drive the car there, but all I got was a lot of ** from Al.

I would not recommend anyone going to this dealership! Al is very unprofessional and sells junk cars. The first red flag was when I was waiting to be shown a vehicle on the lot, someone warned us not to buy a car from that place! The car they sold the individual broke down and had issues with the vehicle. We had so many issues with the car. Word of advice: ask for a Carfax report. Do not settle for anything on his lot! Demand to have an outside mechanic check the vehicle to make sure there are no issues before buying. Al requires that it has to be within 10 miles from the dealership. Remember, consumers have rights so please do research because dealers like Triforce motors are very shady and will prey on those who are unaware of these rights.

Even if the vehicle is $1,500, still ask for a report (anything falsely committed on the dealer's end will void a contract). His contracts state "as is" so he will use this against anyone who purchases a vehicle from him if anything goes wrong. The warranty that is offered on the vehicle does not cover anything, except transmission. Do not sign any contract until you fully understand it! I've heard everything from buyers not receiving the title to a purchased car to issues with the car. Do not let Al and his cunning sales tactic lure you into a contract with his crappy vehicles. Not saying all of them are, but most of them are!

My husband and I went to Triforce with every intention of leaving with a car for our teenager. We'd gone on the website and were impressed with the volume of cars and the prices. However, when we arrived, the cars we were most interested in were sold and the cars didn't look nearly as good in person. However, we chose two others to test drive, but after driving one car and being told not to turn it off because it may not restart, we made up our minds that we weren't comfortable in paying outright cash to them. Plus, the price well exceeded the clean cars under $5000 motto. So there was no need to stay. In retrospect, we should have left right after one mechanic said they were honest people trying to provide good cars and that if anything was wrong with the car, they would fix it up before we buy it. Really? If you have to fix it while I'm in the process of paying for it, I don't want it.

I went to TriForce Motors today to look at a few SUVs I've seen on their website. I was sure they would have something I could drive off the lot today since I came all the way from Baltimore, MD. The cars are terrible! I test drove a Mountaineer. Everything was good. Then, I pulled back on the lot and the transmission was slipping. Next I started up an Expedition and the check engine light was on. I told the sales woman that was helping me and she said "Oh, that’s okay we can turn it off".

Lastly, I started up a Bravada and the engine seemed okay. I put the car in drive, everything was fine. Then I put it in reverse, and it hesitated. The transmission was slipping on that car too. Thank goodness there was a gentleman who was a mechanic also browsing the lot. I was able to pay him a couple dollars to take a look at other cars for me. He warned me not to get anything off the lot. I listened and went to a dealer down the road, Noor Motors, and I purchased an awesome van.

My boyfriend and I are in the process of getting a lawsuit started against Triforce. The night we drove the car home, the check engine light came on. He said the warranty covers it, but it doesn't. The repairs are well over $2,000, which is half of what we paid for the car. The owner Al has been ignoring our calls and refuses to help us. We have had this car for 3 weeks and it has been in the shop the entire time. We were told by the mechanic that Triforce erased the car's history and that is why the issues keep arising one after another. If anyone would like to join us in this lawsuit, please reply to this blog and we will get in contact if anyone is interested and serious. After reading all of these reviews, I see he has been doing this to people for years now and it is not right. We spent all of our savings in this car and still stuck with nothing.

When I first started reading these reviews on TriForce Motors, I was amazed at how the comments were spot on my frustrations and feeling. I purchased a vehicle from them on November 1, 2012 and by November 15, 2012, the engine now has to be replaced. I called about the warranty that was promised when I purchased the vehicle and like some responses I read, Al, the owner, picks up the phone from Ashley, the receptionist, and gets an attitude saying, "You bought the car as is, buddy. What do you expect for a $2000 car? Call ASC, the warranty provider."

I called ASC and apparently, TriForce did not send them the service agreement paperwork to process the claim. I called and spoke to Al, the owner, again and he gave me some lame excuse that the paperwork should have made it and he would fax it. I called ASC two days later and still, no face or service agreement. I called back and Al again got an attitude and said the fax could take 48-72 hours. I spoke to an ASC claim representative and was told if TriForce would do the service agreement online, they would have it in an hour. I called back and told Ashley what I was told and she asked me for their email and fax number. Are you not supposed to have that information if you are the one that sold me the warranty?

Here it is, six days into my vehicle being in the shop and I still do not have my service agreement finalized. This is the worst business I have ever dealt with. I wish I had read these comments prior to purchasing from a bunch of unethical, unprofessional, incompetent people. I have also contacted the BBB in response to their inability to hold true to their sales and warranties. Lesson learned for me and I hope this review helps someone else from purchasing from this company.

After months and months of looking for a car through newspapers, Craigslist and everywhere else, I decided to try the internet. It was costing me way too much money, paying people for gas to take me to view cars that ended up being clunkers. After another month of web surfing, I found Triforce Motors. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the website layout and knew this was the place for me because in big lettering, it clearly read three months/3,000 mile warranty. Right away, I told myself, "How can you go wrong?" especially since I'm disabled and very rarely leave the house. My friends and family had teased me saying, "You'll never hit 3,000 miles in three months." The cars on display were beautiful and all set in different price ranges so it was easy to find the car of interest, a '99 Taurus station wagon with fairly low miles for $1,999.

I had owned Ford's forever, and had previously owned a Taurus which had been a very good car. I called right away and spoke with Al who confirmed the car was on the lot. I explained my situation and told him I would find a ride and if the car was as good as it looks in the photo that I'd pay cash. I spoke to him later that evening to let him know I had arranged for a ride, and he confirmed again that the car was still there. I called the next morning to make sure it was there before leaving since I lived a good 60 plus miles from him. He confirmed again that the car was there. However, when I arrived, everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off, so the receptionist, Ashley, told me she would take me to the car. She took me to the back lot and pointed out a piece of junk Taurus, same color, but was not the car I saw on their site. She insisted that it was until I pointed out the fact the car she was showing me didn't have a sunroof.

Right away, she says, "One of the guys must have sold it before I got there because that was the only Taurus wagon they had." Then she offered to show me some more cars, and asked what price range I was in. I told her I could not spend more than $2,000. She showed me a couple cars that were just junk and one wouldn't even start. Finally, I mentioned I really needed a car and would go to another nearby dealer since we had passed a few on the way. Immediately, she pointed out a '94 Taurus GL as a new arrival. She said Al, the owner, wanted $2,500 for it, but she knew she could get him to drop it to $2,000 and told me the car only had 90,000 miles on it. We made jokes how an old lady must have been the previous owner to be that age with such low miles. I saw the car had a new muffler system and practically new tires. The headline inside was scratched up terribly as if a dog must have been locked inside for a long period of time, and the seats were stained.

Overall, I felt it would be worth the imperfections I saw as long as the car itself was good. I took the car for a short test drive and it did seem a little bumpy, but I decided that even if I had to replace the shocks at some point, the car just might be worth it if the motor was sound. We went inside to get the paperwork at which point I asked for the 3rd time to see the Carfax which was illegible, and I made a joke asking them if they couldn't afford ink. She gave me another copy that wasn't much better but I could see enough to see it only had two previous owners. By then, Al was there and he and Ashley got into a disagreement regarding the office supplies, and Ashley made a comment that if he'd give her the money, she'd have ink. Finally, we all conversed about the car, and Al informed me that he was the original owner, and had bought it new, and that later he sold it to a friend of his who recently brought it back as a trade in. I told him I could not afford to buy a car with any issues as the money I had was money given to me after the death of my father, and that I'm disabled and live on a fixed income. I also explained any car I get had to be reliable mainly because of doctor’s appointments keeping up my health issues. He assured me the car was in mint condition, no problems, repeating he was the original owner, etc.

When Ashley handed me the sales papers/contract, I noticed she had included an ‘As Is’ paper. Right away, I questioned this and Al said it was standard, not to worry because the car has the warranty, and they just issue the "As Is" papers because it's just a standard procedure. Suddenly, the price changed from $2,000 to $2,200. When I asked about that, I was told the additional $200 was to pay for the warranty. After everything was said and done, I asked for the keys, and then learned the car had not been inspected but that one of the guys had taken it to be inspected. A few hours passed and I had a pleasant conversation with Al and with Ashley, and some of the other men working there. Eventually, I met and talked with a woman who was there with her daughter, and she expressed their disappointment in finding the car they wanted on the site, and found it was gone when they got there. Right away, red flags started waving, but I had already paid for the car so I just told myself at that point to be trusting that my car was all right. The guy finally returned with my car saying it failed inspection. More red flags waved and Al explained it away as failing due to water in the headlight and told the guy to fix it. I spent the entire day there from 10:30am until after 5:30pm.

On my way home, I noted a little stuttering in acceleration, but chalked it off as possibly being me and not used to driving the car. I brought it home, parked it, and didn't take it back out for several days, which at that point I noticed twice that the car seemed to jerk on acceleration when I came to stop lights. A few days later, I noticed the anti-lock brake light on and became concerned. I attempted to call, always getting "Al's not here", "Al's busy" or no answer at all. When I finally caught Al, as soon as I told him about the light being on, he said, "Don't worry about it,” stammered and said, "I'm on my way to a meeting, I'll call you back." He never called back. Since he said not to worry about the light, I took a trip some 60 miles from home to visit my brother. As soon as I got off that long stretch of highway without lights and hit the main highway with lights every two minutes, I soon went in to sheer panic. When I'd put on the gas to go, the motor just revved and then the car would lung forward, scaring the crap out of me and my son.

My day trip to my brothers ended up being the whole weekend because I was afraid to drive the car again. When I finally got the car home, I took it to a mechanic who explained to me that the transmission was shot due to lack of maintenance. (I guess when you own a car lot, you don't bother yourself with such things because you can pawn any issues that later occur on to the next guy.) Again, I was calling every day, a couple times a day getting the same ** runaround. More than a month had passed when I finally caught Al and told him I had serious issues with the car that he needed to make good on. Immediately, he went berserk over the phone, yelling that he wasn't paying for anything, said it was my problem now and said, "What do you expect for $2,000?" My response was that he make good. Out of curiosity, I went back to his website and saw it had been redone. However, I was shocked to see he was still advertising the car I initially went to purchase that Ashley said they sold. Not only that, but he had the car I bought listed as a new arrival. I've since contacted VA Dept. of Motor Vehicle Licensing who investigated him and found him in violation for falsely advertising vehicles he didn't have, which is known as the bait and switch scam and false advertising.

I also contacted Consumer Relations and the Better Business Bureau. While Consumer Relations is still in the process of trying to get him to make good, Al's response to BBB was that he had talked to me several times and that he had asked me several times to bring the car in and that I refused. What a frigging liar! My next step is filing a case through the civil courts, and hopefully the courts will make him fix my car due to the Lemon Law Act, which stipulates warranty or not any sold vehicle must be in running condition for at least the first 30 days after sale. Also, he has been advertising boldly that his cars come with a three month/3,000 mile warranty, which by the way the paperwork he gives you for this so-called warranty ends up being a limited coverage program that will only pay out a maximum amount of $500 total. Don't be fooled by the very few rave reviews on here. Personally, I'd bet the farm they were posted by friends of his, if not him. Oh and indeed, they are a very friendly bunch, but that's where and how you get sucked in.

Buy one of those junk cars and call him to tell him and watch the demon rear its ugly head. Sweet little Al who will carry on lengthy conversations with you, right down to complaining about his hired help, will turn in to a raging bull. I wouldn't recommend getting a car from Triforce Motors even if they were giving them away. Thanks a lot, Al. So how does it feel to know you took advantage of an elderly, disabled woman and took every penny she had in this world and left her with no way to get around to get to the stores or doctors or to get her medicines? Do you sleep well at night? It's all good, Al, because no matter what happens in the here and now, you have someone higher up to answer to for the bad things you do.

On Sunday July 22, 2012, my boyfriend and I purchased a car from Triforce Motors. While we were looking at the car, we noticed the ABS light was on. We asked the salesman, John, about it, and he said not to worry about it. It just meant that the car was parked on rocks and the light would go off in a little bit. We took John for his word. We hit the alarm button on the car. It would not turn off, and John said it was because the battery was probably dead in the alarm key and to just get it changed. We took John at his word. We drove about 20 miles down the road, and stopped for dinner. When we came back out to the car, the car would not start. We tried jumping it, and it did not work. Then my boyfriend (having had a similar problem before) reached under the steering wheel and connected a few wires, shocking himself. The car started. However, the ABS light was still on.

When we bought the car, we asked John what it meant that the car is As Is, thinking that it did not come with a warranty. John said, "Oh, don't worry about that. Everything in the car is still covered under warranty, unless we disclose it to you now." Again, we took John at his word. After two days, the car was having problems starting up, and warning lights kept coming on. We took the car to a mechanic whom we've gone to with previous cars. He told us the ABS light means faulty brakes. After paying $79 to have them look at the car and the warranty, we found out that the cars brakes are shot, and if we do not get them fixed immediately, then we will be facing worse problems. The damage on the car at the moment is at least $2,100-$2,900. The mechanic also said after looking at the warranty that the only thing that is covered is the transmission, nothing else. He then gave us several phone numbers and told us to get a lawyer and sue Triforce Motors. He also said he would have no problem giving testimony to say that this car has been broken for quite a long time, and there is no way the dealership did not know about these problems. He also said that John flat out lied to us.

My boyfriend and I have spent six months saving to buy a car. In this economy, and the small salary we both make, saving up $2,500 is not easy. We just wasted it on this vehicle, and do you know what the owner of Triforce Motors said when we told him, "Well, you can't prove it." I urge anyone, and everyone not to buy a car from this very unethical dealership. The people, who work here, will seem very nice to your face, but they will lie to you. We were told only lies when we bought this car, and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Do not give your business to Triforce Motors, and please help all of us make them pay to all of those who have been deceived. Thank you.

I purchased a 2000 Alero from TriForce Motors on 6/4/2012. The A/C did not work. I have COPD and must have air-conditioning. The salesman ** promised that he would fix the A/C whatever it took. I have had the car back there on three occasions. The last time they said they put a new compressor on it. As usual, the freon leaked out in a week. The compressor that is on the car is not new. Now they say it was used and there is nothing more they can do. They won't even try to find the leak. They also lost the title and I was told they would send it to me "next day" over a week ago.

I have called repeatedly and been told it was sent. Today, more than a week later, they gave me a tracking number. It didn't work. Now they tell me that they haven't sent it out yet. The temporary tags expired on 7/4/2012 and I cannot even register the car or transfer tags without the title. They lied to me on several different occasions. I still have no title. I know I am screwed on the A/C because I took them at their word. The owner (Tony) gave me his word as well that they would fix the A/C. I will not get screwed on the title.

On April 2nd, I went to TriForce Motors in Thornburg, VA to buy a 2003 Toyota Camry Solara that I saw on I went there from New Jersey. Upon getting there by Amtrak, it took them 3 hours to pick me up at the train station. When I got there eventually, I paid $4,999 for the car and they told me they would take the car out for inspection. When they finally brought the car back, they told me the car was overheating. They changed the thermostat and they told me the car was good. I was trying to drive the car back to New Jersey. After only two miles, the car was overheating again. I called them and Al (the owner) sent a tow truck to bring back the car to their yard.

It was around 7:30 pm and I couldn't go home anymore. I had to sleep in a hotel at my own expense. In the morning, their mechanic told me the head gasket was not good and they had to fix it. He told me to go back to New Jersey. They would call me when they’ve fixed the car. They never called me. I kept calling them everyday and I couldn't speak with Al. Later, I got him on the phone and he told me the car has been fixed and he would tell his car carriers to bring the car to New Jersey. When they brought the car, they did not fix it. The head gasket problem was still there. Now, I have been calling them for over a month asking for the title for the car, but they never send the title to me. I will never recommend anyone, even my worst enemy, to buy a car at the dealership. All of them are fraudsters and scam artists. I would recommend that the place is closed down and the dealer license withdrawn from them.

I would buy cars from Triforce over and over again. I love the staff (Ashly, Rob, Al, etc.). I have bought four cars from them and from the minute I stepped on the lot, the experiences have all been wonderful. As a woman, it meant a lot to know which cars were "good" and which weren’t. They weren't out just to get my money. They were honest and disclosed problems that the cars I was interested in had. My last car had a minor issue, but Al, being the sweetheart that he is, offered to make it right! I couldn't have asked for more. I have found my dealership for life! Where else can you go to put a car on lay-away? I have recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so. I hope they stay in business perpetually so I can buy cars for my children. I'm sorry to hear some have had bad experiences. I'd say keep in mind the cars are auction cars and would be no different if you purchased from an auction. With Triforce, you get a few perks. Thank you, Al. You are truly a blessing!

I went to Triforce Motors after seeing their ads online, and I will always regret that I ever stepped my foot into that place. My mother and I bought two cars from Triforce and luckily, mine doesn't have any major issues but they lied about every single thing. My mother bought a Honda accord and after lying to us that there were no issues with the car, only for us to drive it home and bam, transmission issues. We called Triforce several times but to no avail because they either kept hanging up or switching off the phones. We finally decided to take the car back to them for a refund or at least an exchange, and Mr. Al Pacino-wannabe started to get smart with us. He was ranting over the whole place like a mad dog and refused to do anything concerning the issue.

The warranty, by the way, is totally useless, and I think both Triforce and the warranty company needs to be sued. We eventually called the police, and guess what? They did absolutely nothing about it. I have decided to call Virgina DMV, and know what's up with this guy. I live in MD and I know that the MVA would have shut this guy down a long time ago, but the VA police are complacent about this dealer and may even be in on it. Who knows? I do not trust the VA police. I may not get anything back from this scammer called Al but he will lose everything he has and cry just like the rest of us are crying. By the time, I am jazzing his ** up.

I didn't buy a car from here, thank goodness! I was looking at their 2003 BMW with only 61,000 miles online. I called about it, got approved for a loan and all I needed was the bill of sale and title faxed to my bank. I had to give them the fax number at least 4-5 times and still nothing. The only thing they faxed was the bill of sale. After today, Tuesday, the copy of the title still isn't faxed which they said they faxed last Saturday. I asked them and asked them to fax it day in a day out, but still no fax. I finally gave up and left them a snarky comment only to get a snarky comment back saying that "they wouldn't sell the car to me because my attitude was bad". All I wanted was for things to be faxed and that car would have been sold that day, customer and seller happy.

This dealership has horrible customer service, unorganized and obviously doesn't care about making a sale. I wasted all that time and lost a chance at another BMW with similar miles for a bit more because this dealership gave me hope that I might get the one that they had. Don't buy if you value your investment and time!

Negative Experience with TriForce Motors: In mid February, after returning from a long 10 and a half month deployment, me and 2 of my Navy buddies discovered this dealership online and decided it was worth checking out. First thing first, the website is not updated on a normal basis. They keep the nicest cars on the website to lure you in, and once at the lot none of the cars are available. After 2.5 hours of drive to get to this dealership, me and my buddies spent about 4-5 hours browsing the lot till we found what we thought was a for sure good buy. After test driving about 3 cars, he ended up purchasing a 1998 2-door Honda Accord. We already knew about the 3-month 3000-mile warranty, which also greatly contributed to us driving so far to check them out. But after talking to one of the salesmen, he informed us since we were military, we would receive a 6-month 6000-mile warranty. We were like, great!

Well, shortly after paying for this vehicle, we drove back to our home town, which was roughly about 150 miles away, and the car started to have problems. Turns out the transmission was bad. To make a long story short, the warranty company told us since the car was only driven 150 miles before it broke down, they would not cover any of the repairs. My friend ended up forking out another $3000 for transmission repairs. We are in the process of talking to our Navy legal department in hopes of a possible lawsuit against the warranty company for backing up a shady dealership who also informed us any issue with the car would be covered. This dealership would not sell as many cars as they do if they didn’t have this warranty tacked on. So be careful if visiting this lot. I highly recommend turning away. But if you don’t, make sure you have an experienced mechanic with you!

I was looking at this company's website. They had several Hondas, Toyotas and Mazdas around the 100,000 mile mark listed for around $4,500. I called prior to making the hour trip down to the dealership and they assured me they still had these vehicles in stock. After making the hour drive to the dealership, they had none of these vehicles in this price range with the 100,000 miles. They were either trying to push me into a $7,000 vehicle or a $4,500 vehicle with 225,000 miles on it. Totally false advertising. Most of the vehicles I looked at were beat up on the outside and not running properly. Please beware of this dealer.

On December 18, we purchased a car for my daughter with the following 2 assurances from Triforce motors: the warranty will cover anything wrong with the car and there's nothing wrong with the car. Less than a month later, a serious defect was found that had been existing (according the Dominion Chevrolet) for "quite a while" and had "not happened since we purchased the car". The problem clearly existed before the car was purchased.

When the warranty would not cover the repair, we contacted Triforce to inform them and have them take care of it, since the purchase was still within the 90 warranty window. Triforce said, "Sorry, you're on your own. We will not fix it nor pay to have it fixed. You bought it ‘As-Is’." Numerous calls to Triforce went unreturned and when I finally did talk to someone, he insisted they would do nothing despite the fact that the paperwork clearly states that the defect should be "reasonably discoverable" by us at the time of purchase. There was no evidence of the problem to the laymen or in this case, even a skilled mechanic. Two Professional Services attempted to find the problem (Innsbrook Firestone which could not find the issue) and Dominion Chevrolet (which took a substantial amount of time to find the problem).

Bottom line is Triforce should be responsible for the repairs but continues to sell crap and stand behind a flimsy contract daring people to file suit against them.

My wife and I live in Keyser, WV. 300 and some miles away, we saw all the information on the Triforce Motors website and thought it would be a good trip to see their inventory.

When we got to the car lot, I was blown away by the sheer volume of the inventory. We were optimistic so we tried a few cars. The sales person, who was a slicked back Tony Montana wannabe, tried to fast pace us into cars but we took our time. He downplayed everything about rust and even told me not to test the suspension because the bump may fall off. We tried multiple cars. All 4 door vehicles, a white infinity, a black Cadillac a few Audis and a few others, none of the test drives lasted any more than 5-10 minutes or even left the parking lot. None of their inventory is VA inspected and would never pass. It’s probably against the law to falsify an inspection sticker so I may just find that out and contact VA police.

I did not buy from them, instead, bought a much nicer less dented and less rusty car 30 minutes from my hometown. I would not recommend Triforce Motors to anyone and feel they should be shut down especially the slicked back car salesperson that is only out to trick people. Don’t buy, be smart and stay informed. I’m not a dumb *** when it comes to scam artists.

I bought a 1995 Dodge Dakota from Triforce in Dec. 2011. It was supposed to be ready when I got there. When I got there, the inspection hadn't been done, the gas gauge was broken. I was there about 3 hours waiting for them to get things ready. The guy that did the paper work told me that everything was included in the purchase price, including tax, tags and title. I waited for the tags to arrive. Called DMV and they said they had no record of this vehicle. Called Triforce and they of course lied and said they didn't say that, and when I told the guy on the phone who the salesman was, he said he didn't know him and hung up.

The VA state inspection was fraudulent. I had to spend close to $800.00 to have it Maryland inspected. The engine was changed (not the original engine in the car). It's also not disclosed. They said they would help me out with the repairs, but that never happened. If you're even thinking about buying a car there, don't!

They committed fraud; they lied. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau. I will be contacting the VA State Department of Taxation (It seems like it is a cash business.), IRS, and anybody else I can think of.

On November 26th, me and a friend drove from Columbia, SC to check out a 1996 Honda Civic DX that had 138,000 and change on it. It was for sale for $2994. After driving for 6.5 hours, arrived at the lot to look at the car. The latch to open the hood did not work. The trunk would not close after being opened. The speed sensor did not work or the odometer. The driver's side window would not roll up or down properly. Air did not blow cold air. The salesman said that they could fix these problems, but the car was described online as ready to go. It was ready to go alright, to the salvage yard. If you see a car on this website and think the deal is too good to be true it is. Don't waste your time with this dealership.

Hi Al this is Josh. As I told you if the car turns out good and lasts more than 6 months, I will write a good review, well here's the 7th month and it's still ruining strong. As I told you these people that are writing bad things about you guys. They need to understand it is a used car and any thing could happen, there is no guarantee. Good luck! Sell more cars!

I found pictures of what seemed to be a really nice truck online. After I drove 350 miles for seven hours, I found this truck to be completely disappointing since the grill was broken, alignment was way off, wrong tires (not the one in the picture), and the salesman is incompetent. Many excuses were given for why several lights were lit on the dash (check engine, ABS, brakes). The salesman was argumentative and tried to start a fight with me. Needless to say, I left without buying the truck. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.

I purchased a 2003 Honda Accord EX, 2 door coupe. First off, the car came with one key, and the sunroof didn't work, neither does the door lock. I brought the car February 2011 and by March 7, 2011, I was paying over $2,000 for a new transmission.

I called Al, the owner's son and explained to him what the car was doing. I took it to Honda dealership where they told me it needed a new transmission, apparently, they put the " transmission stopped leaking" ** in it and that lasted long enough for them to sell it. I paid $6,000 cash for the car, didn't get my title until about 3 weeks later, and I had to drive over 50 miles to go back to get it. Don't buy any cars from these people, they are all out to get folks' hard-earned money, they don't care.

I drove 1 hour to buy a car for about $1500. I was wondering how they can sell cars so cheap. When I went in, I was surprised to see how many cars they had. I didn't expect a car with inspection and warranty for $1500. But they surprisingly do have pretty nice car in my price range. I have had it for 2 months. So far, there are no problems. I'm crossing my finger so it doesn't break down after the warranty expires. If you go talk, take your time and choose wisely.

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