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Chesapeake, VA

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On September 26, 2002, I purchased a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L from Greenbrier Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep of Chesapeake, Virginia. I traded in a car for the Jeep and they didn't give me much for it but at least it ran well. I brought the Jeep in the next day to get it looked at and they had it for the next two weeks off and on, but they had it most of the time. I got the vehicle back and it still had the same problems so I took it back again. They said it was fixed and I drove it and they were still there. They were getting angry and insulting all the while this was going on.

The last time I picked it up they said that they did all they could and that I would just have to deal with all the noise and they dismissed the other issues entirely except for checking the u-joint underneath. The vehicle was in and out of the prep department for almost the entire first 30 days of ownership. I still had the problems but they assured me there was nothing more they were going to do especially since by this time the original 30-day warranty was 1 day from expiring. I gave up. I knew it still had the problems but I couldn't force them to fix them. The vehicle continues to have all the problems listed below as I even outlined to their service advisors for it to be ignored and the list was just handed back.

The problems are outlined here: 1. Transmission fluid had been overfilled by a quart at least. 2. The belt squeaks and squeals all the time and it drives me crazy! 3. There is a constant and loud ticking from near the rocker cover near the front passenger side of the cabin. 4. There is a steady and loud hum that comes from the rear of the passenger side of the vehicle from under the vehicle. (I was told this was tire noise. In one area only? I asked. Dismissed again by the rep, Frank Patch) 5. The wipers blade at the area where the arm attaches to the vehicle itself makes a loud snapping noise. (Never fixed and told that they were). 6. A very loud hissing and rumbling sound came from the transfer case (told twice that they couldn't hear it until I told them I wanted to ride with a tech or the rep, Frank Patch. He went and then conceded on the second visit that there was a noise) 7. Skipping and vibration in the front brakes that I told them about and they ignored and said everything was and it is still doing it. I do not have ABS! 8. Rattling sound in front right engine area by the glove box 9. Vibration and on acceleration around 65mph and while standing on the brake at a stop. 10. Fluid leaking underneath from the inner wheel seal (ignored and told that all that build up of fluid came from removing the axle one time in one day for inspection. WRONG, I had another Jeep with the same problem and it was a $650.00 repair!) 11. Bogging occurs from 10-50mph like it is serious need of gas, fuel filter replacement or transmission work. Poor gas mileage, around 220 miles per tank. (told that all this is due to it being an automatic transmission and I told him that I didn't think so but they ignored all that too and 4 months later I had to replace the coil pack and spark plugs and a whole tune up because it quit running and not to mention while driving home at 3am, alone and I could have had a wreck with the complete loss of power at a fair speed!) I called the dealership and it took them three days to tell me whether they would cover or not and whether it was related to the original and current problems or not. They decided it was not and I owned the $300.00 bill. I asked the service writer why it needed a tune up and he said it did, not that it was recommended. Big difference. I was also told in my first conversation with Delano that if the vehicle was fixed there that the $79.00 diagnostic fee was included in the cost of the repair. I said great. I asked how much the towing was and he said free as long as I repaired the vehicle there. I called Delano back after calling another dealership and a parts shop to see if they were in line with there pricing and they were off by like $80.00. Delano then said that the diagnostic fee was added to the cost of the repair and he never said it was included. He lied and I am willing to take a lie detector test over it. I pointed out that was not what he said and he refuted what I was saying. He told me that I misunderstood him and that a lot of customers misunderstand. I told him I could get it fixed cheaper at another dealership and he said I would then owe them for the diagnostic fee of $80.00 and the towing fee of $75.00!! I was trapped and he knew it. I asked if the tune up was necessary and he said yes and I knew from Hall Jeep that it was not! I was astonished at the deceit and lack of integrity. I asked for a loaner and the Southern Hospitality is supposes to provide for my use on Monday to do my job and he said "no, only if it is here 24 hours" It was there 3 days!! If you look at the enclosed documents and review the Hospitality program outlined, which is, incidentally, the only information I ever got on it, and you will see that it says loaner cars for life! I was over a barrel all the way around! I have called the dealership on many occasions to ask where this benefits package is and I was told that it is taking them 60 days to get them out from date of purchase. I told Andrea, the hospitality coordinator in that department, that I still had not received my benefits info or card and that was almost 5 months ago. She blew it off and like I hadn't said a word and said that they would get it to me as soon as they could. What a joke!!!! Rip off, rude, they do not care, PERIOD!!!!!! Further, at the time of signing for the vehicle, they have a protection plan you can purchase and it is around $600.00 for all of it. I wanted it but then worked the numbers on the deal a little more and they came down a bit but they told me I would have to forfeit the protection package. I said fine but could we make sure that the previous owner didn't already protect the Jeep because if it wasn't then I might pay for it anyway. The sales rep checked it out with me right there and looked me right in the face and said it was already done to this vehicle and then proceeded to get me some extra compounds and chemicals that you are supposed to purchase and have applied by the service dept and told me to just take them. I was stunned that he failed to see his own deceit right on the spot! They were going to sell me something that they had recode of already being done there by the original owner at that dealership! LIARS!!!!! CROOKS!!!! 12. Loud clanking and popping sound every time I start to move forward in the vehicle and in reverse from a stopped/parked position under the console area underside of the vehicle. This started in December and gets worse everyday. I just know that this vehicle is going to fall apart and probably kill me and my son in the process. It almost has already! 13. There is a loud creak and snapping sound in the dashboard area every time I put it in drive and take off. Getting worse.(They ignored that as well) 14. The yoke had a problem as well but with all the lying and all the deceit I have no idea if it was fixed or not or if anything they said they did they actually did do. I have no faith in this dealership and everything is bogus and they treated me like a bimbo that had not clue. I have owned and operated three other Cherokees and one was the same year. No problems except that the two that match this one: the leak in the wheel seal and the transfer case and by the way they were fixed and I never heard another noise. NEVER! What can I say? Some of the same problems from the original owner STILL exist and a ton more as outlined above! And more to come like a total fuel/injection system flush for a mere $150.00 and recommended to be done soon before it destroys something else, Delano said to me on 02/03/2002. This is the same man that when asked why a tune up needed to be done and he said that it was part of the repair and not an option, only to find out from another dealership it is an option. I asked him, since I knew this but didn't tell him I knew this, If the 30000 mile tune up had been performed and he said no and since they didn't have any way of knowing the history of the Jeep prior to my ownership they had to assume it had not been done. THAT was B.S. since I have a report that he furnished and even proudly told me that all the Jeep's maintenance and repairs had been done by them, including the 30000-mile tune up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT a liar!!!!!! He hung himself and didn't even realize it because they lie all the time. I am not a liar, however and would do anything to prove that not only is this Jeep a lemon, but that the dealership should not be in business because of its horrible lack of integrity, blatantly deceitful practices, violation of my rights under warranty and respect for the truth and for the female customer!!!!!!!! Please help me. I cannot afford this anymore. I want only to be rid of this vehicle and the entire amount of my loan. I traded in a good car for a very expensive and problem vehicle and have been harassed and humiliated in every way every step of the way as well as lied to and cheated! I could not equate the headache and stress and fatigue over this grueling situation. All I want is the loan paid in full and nothing more. I am terrified to drive this piece of junk and I cannot afford any more repairs and there are many to come as promised already by the dealership and my personal mechanic. I am a single mom who struggles for every dollar everyday with an absent father that doesn't help. I cannot handle this anymore. I am at wits end. I fear to drive it, especially on the highway because it runs and sounds like it is going to fall apart and already has done it. It is unsafe and unfit to drive and the resale is a joke with all these problems. I cannot even trade out of it. I have to disclose the problems to a potential buyer because I am honest and I wouldn't wish this vehicle on the financial nightmare that came with it on my worst enemy, especially for safety reasons!!! I pray to merciful God above that you can help get out of this horror and as soon as possible. Please advise. as quickly as possible. All the records they gave me are enclosed. If they are missing, I didn't get them. This vehicle had a 30-day warranty on it bumper to bumper and it was a certified vehicle as well if I can remember correctly and that it has it qualified for the garbage Hospitality program. That is what I was told anyway but I still have yet to receive my paperwork and membership card. amazing! Thank you in advance for your time. I know this is lengthy but I wanted to be sure all the details were here the first time. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Respectfully, Celena L. Stocker 1832 Colonial Arms Circle 4B Virginia Beach, VA 23454 757. 287.1310

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