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My wife brought in her X3 for its first service. She drives maybe 100 mi a week on a good week. Maintenance is included so you should be all set. We bought the X3 out of state so this is the first record BMW of Fairfax has of the vehicle. They did the oil and filter which was why we went in, but also charged us for 4 tires balance and rotate, 4 wheel alignment, safety inspection, and other such nonsense. That's an overcharge if ever I have seen on a vehicle with less than 6000 mi. I will never be back.

Satisfaction Rating

I have read some of the complains other BMW owners have. It is very sad that we have to go through this. We all dream to owner one these driving machine. Rich or poor we save our money and go for it. We buy that car we so love, for me it was two of them. I first had a 1998, 740il. This car had a mountain of problems. I spent 12k trying to keep my dream alive with the 740il. I got tired of fixing it. So, I decided to give BMW another try.

I Purchase 2008 x5, with 56k, another big mistake. This one been in the service bay 5 times in one year. They are fixing the same thing over and over again. Oil leaks, sensor, and all the other up sell of services we don't need. Am sitting here writing this and my x5 is taking a vacation at BMW of Fairfax. My driving machine is a broken machine. So Sad BMW! What happen to Quality Control BMW. If you cannot make good quality cars get out of the market. Or ask Ford and Toyota, how they do it. The guys in Congress should have a good talk with the guys at BMW. We should boycott the BMW brand till they take full responsibility of fixing and making Quality cars and other products. Well goodbye BMW. Toyota here I come again.

Satisfaction Rating

I would like to Thank Mr. ** - client advisor for helping me choosing the awesome BMW - my first BMW vehicle.... He is very professional, helpful, direct to the business and no argument. The car is awesome, very smooth, and I chose the full loaded 328i xDrive Sedan. So far no problem. I just need to get used to it. As new owner, lots of people including my family, friends and colleagues are very impressed about this vehicle because of the uniqueness and the awesome performance of the car.

Also, I would like to acknowledge Ms. ** - finance director... Very professional and she understand the business and very helpful to me... I was out of there less than 2 hours purchasing the car... This is the only location I ever been that I've done business in less than 2 hours and everyone is great. YOU guys ROCK! Thank You and more business to come. I will definitely recommend your customer service, quality of work, friendliness and good pricing.

Satisfaction Rating

Worst dealer I ever been to. I would have given a 0 star if it allowed me. The new car sales department is nice and lady in the front is friendly but it seems like the used car department had issues. Maybe, it was just one person who was the problem. Alex, who is the most stubborn and ignorant salesman I ever met, just blew off the day. Seems to be kind in the first place but you should not have pushed it. I can see Chris, whose name was mentioned in numerous reviews but never the name Alex. I was first scheduled to meet Chris but do not know why Alex was appointed. It would have been a different story if I had the conversation with Chris.

Alex, you should not have pushed it and should change your attitude when talking with a customer. Were you showing such behavior because you are aligned with the guideline and manual provided by BMW? You said it yourself, you are part of BMW, 1 billion car selling Fortune 500 company and if this the quality BMW provides, I am very disappointed. Good that my wife stopped me from buying the car from this dealer, for I was able to close a deal with BMW Alexandria, which provided a million times better service and experience than you did. Attention, if you are looking for used BMWs, go somewhere else. It is never worth the travel for they will give you excuses for trying to sell the car only by the price set by the system. If you cannot provide flexibility, at least provide some manners.

Satisfaction Rating

In July 2013, I got a used engine and BMW of Fairfax replaced it. Needless to say, it took them 3 months to do that. As soon as I picked up my vehicle, my steering wheel belt popped off less than 6 hours of me getting my car. Now 2 months later, a signal reading service engine light came on stating increased emissions as well as a signal stating my coolant is low. I also notice after all the repairs that I have a hole in a pump which is leaking coolant. BMW of Fairfax is about the money not about the safety of your car. I will be speaking to the GM as well as a lawyer. They have not made me feel safe after all the money I spent and putting my car in their care. Very disappointed in this ultimate driving machine experience.

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Satisfaction Rating

We bought a 2007 750Li used from a dealership further south. When the battery began to die, setting off the car alarm, we knew we had to find a local dealership to handle the problem. BMW of Fairfax is the closest dealership, so we took the car there (the car had no lights, so driving it further was unsafe). They found the problem, the driver's door was not closing properly and draining the battery. So we told them to fix it and the dealership we bought it from would pay for the repairs. Sounds great, however, we have owned the car 3 weeks and BMW of Fairfax had the car the majority of the time. More than 2 weeks to fix a door handle and replace the battery.

Finally my husband called them and let them know he was coming Monday night to get the car and suddenly, the part (that had to be sent from Germany) was found (miracle) and the car was to be ready to go Tuesday morning. Hubby got the car home and began to notice that the car is still not acting right. He took it back to the dealership after he got home from work. The manager, **, was rude and stated, "The technicians did not complete the work." All we want is our money back since they did nothing to resolve the problem other than to say we could bring the car back. My thought is if you had the car for over 2 weeks and could not fix the problem before we paid you, what will stop you from stalling and not fixing it again and charging us more money? I am hoping this will be handled and we can get the money back, but I will go to small claims if I have to.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a used BMW from BMW of Fairfax. The sticker said "As Is", however the salesman James ** told me that it was a very reliable car and that I shouldn't have many problems. He said that BMWs were very reliable cars. I have been stranded at least 3 times already, and I haven't even had the car for 9 months. James does know about the product and was very friendly, and even sent me a "thank you" card. When I called for my first problem, which was a "check engine light."

3 weeks after I purchased the car used, James tried to tell me that it was minor. No matter how minor he thought it was, I still did not expect that from a BMW that I purchased used or new after only 3 weeks from leaving the lot. Chip then re-set the "Check Engine" light after James informed him to do it. James told me that maybe I left the gas cap off or something, and "check engine" lights were minor. A week later the "Check Engine" light came on again and when I called James he then instructed me again to call Chip.

When I called Chip, Chip became very angry and agitated that I called. He then told me that he makes a lot of money and that his time was money. And that I needed to go to the service center with the vehicle. He did authorize the service center to fix the problem for free which was a thermostat in the engine. Since then, I have had a gasket leak, and the car has just stop on my way home once also. I did not expect that from a BMW. I am sorry to this day that I traded in my Mazda 5 which had 56,000 miles for a flashy BMW, which had 139,000 miles on it. BMWs are nice looking but very costly to maintain. I recommend to buy a Honda or American car instead. You won't regret it.


I took my BMW 97 318 IC for repair in Fairfax BMW VA Service Center. I paid $200.00 for the diagnostic and $2,000.00 for the repair. When they told me it's already fixed, I picked my car and it was worse. I don`t think the mechanic knows how to fix it. Now, they want me to pay another $2,000.00. This is a rip off and I am very upset. I have to look for help, this is not right. I told them that I am going to pick up my car as is. I paid more than $2,000.00, which is a lot of money for me, the worst thing is that they couldn't fix my car and they want me to pay another $2,000.00. The mechanic doesn't know what he's doing. Nobody expected this rip off from BMW, a big company. I feel very bad and depressed.


We took our 2003 BMW into BMW of Fairfax for a thermostat replacement. The passenger xenon headlight was on/off intermittently as well so we asked for them to fix this too. BMW of Fairfax fixed the thermostat which was still under warranty but then told us that the headlight malfunction was due to a bad connection and we would have to replace the headlamp assembly for about $1400. This sounded excessive to me, so I took the car home and found that the headlight igniter was the culprit after searching the web for the symptoms we were having (intermittent on/off).

I ordered a new OEM igniter (not from BMW of Fairfax) for $118 and fixed the problem myself. BMW of Fairfax was either extremely incompetent or trying to take advantage of the situation and run up the bill. Either way, I would NEVER go to this dealership for car repairs let alone to buy a car from them.


We have purchased this vehicle brand new in March of 2008.The car has 7,800 miles on it now.In 2008 we have had the problem with the 4x4 Malfunction.We have had the vehicle in the BWW of Fairfax Service Center 3 times in 2008.Each time they have ran the diagnostics with the BMW engineer.Many tests were done,parts and components were replaced as I am told.On Tuesday 04/21/09 I had to bring the car in again for the 4th time! The same problem appears again!

I truely believe that this vehicle is a defect lemon! As per the engineer and the service manager,Frankie Johnson,no one seems to be able to tell what exactly is the problem ! Today is Thursday and no one can tell me what is wrong, all they can say is they are working on and it will take longer than expected.

I am very frustrated with BWM! I've paid nearly $60,000.00 for this defected vehicle! It has caused me a lot inconnvienence! I hope BWM live to their name and reputation and have this problem resolve! I hope to hear back soon from someone! Thank you for your attention!


In 2008, I spent over $5000+ having my BMW fixed for multiple problems outlined by the dealer. My auto insurance company helped some, but I paid most. This dealer ran up the bill, and did not fix one thing correctly. I went back for more work in March 2009 and I tried to get the new manager to fix old issues and take on new issues. He (Marsh), promised to fix everything right this time. Again, he charged me a ton of money, and the car was never fixed - all the same problems right out of the door. When confronted both times, they lie and state they don't know what happened. They are a fraudulent operation that takes money, charges high rates, and does not deliver. They are a very dishonest dealership.


Don't even think about dropping off your car at the Fairfax BMW body shop! You will thank me later. I had the worst experience with these chumps this past week. I dropped of my 328i for a quick lock repair on Monday. Here it is Friday, I still don't have my car back. The assistance manager Peter ** promised a return call but he never did. I had to call him numerous times to get status. I'm still waiting to get my car back...


~On December 9, 05, Salesman Charles places an order for pick up for BMW X-5 from Fairfax, VA to Orange, CA. Vehicle needed to be delivered prior or on Christmas Eve. We gave Charles a quote of $1095.00, open car carrier.

We had no open car carriers available to delivery prior to 12/24/05, coming out of the East coast. The only way we could make the delivery time requesting by the dealership was to enclose the vehicle for a higher cost. Charles agreed to the cost to enclose the vehicle for $1895.00.

We pick up the vehicle and delivered it on 12/24/05 as agreed. The dealership also committed payment prior to the delivery of the vehicle.

We fax over the invoice several times and no payment. Operations decided to delivery the vehicle knowing the dealership will pay us for the transportation.

On December 28, 2005, Charles the sale rep who is dealing with our company on the pick up and delivery of this vehicle said he never received an invoice. He also stated he never ordered an enclosed car carrier.

Our company took a loss of $873.00. The dealership verified the pick up was on an enclosed car carrier. The customer verified the delivery was an enclosed car carrier.

We want everyone who reads this to know how this dealership handles their business with us.


I bought a new 2005 BMW X3 at BMW of Fairfax. Basically, the salesman did not know his product and told be the car could do things it couldn't. Then, upon learning that, and in order to fix the issue, the dealership tried to send me to some second-rate audio chop shop that supposedly installs "high end" audio electronics. The audio shop said they could not do it, but only after tying up hours of my time. The error by the salesman could be forgiven, as I believe it was an honest mistake, but then management totally blew me off. Additionally, and most painfully, they gave me my "purchase detail" where they clean up your car for you. Well, there less than professional detail crew decided to buff my car without washing it first. So imagine an electric buffer on a dirty car. Yes, there were swirls all over the car, and to me, the paint was ruined.

There response- rebuff it. Of course the swirls were still there. Lastly, it takes 3 weeks to get a service appointment there. Just a thought- if you're that busy, maybe you could afford to hire more help? The bottom line- when you pay good money for a high end car, you should get comparable service. The most insulting installment of this was that once I hammered them on the JD Power survey, they called and whined asking why I did that because they lose money in bonuses when that happens.


On 16 April I purchased a 2005 545i and need to relate some thought to you.

When I walked in I was ready to buy and knew what I wanted; I explained to the sales manager (I believe it was John) where I came up with my numbers and the deal was sealed by his word without drama. I was pleased with the process and thank the manager I dealt with for not wasting my time.

However, that transaction is a one time deal (for this car) and of little relevance considering the issue I have.

That issue being the delivery (explaination of the features and walk through) was THE worst I have ever had in my life. I've had better walk throughs from the place that sold me a bicycle.

The salesman (and using that term is generous at best) didn't even know if the CD changer was in the slot or elsewhere; and then didn't even know how to play it.

At that point the salesman started talking about the CSI! I can assure you that if BMW calls me I will relate everything as it happened, bith the good and the bad.

I was so frustrated that I figured I could figure it out myself and HAD to leave before I lost control of my temper.

I am fanatical (see the records on the Audi I tradeded in) and hope that the delivery of this car is not a reflection of the service department.

In closing, I like the car very much and hope that my feedback may help you to avoid others having this problem.

Just need to make certain others know that after spending 64K on a BMW from BMW Of Fairfax one can expect no service from them. When I set up an appt with rthe sales manager to go over the features of the car; he never showed or called to explain why he failed to show. The worst car buying experience ever.

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