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I brought my 2003 Nissan Frontier in to have it serviced grease, oil, oil filter, etc. I also asked that my check engine light problem be addressed. The check engine light turned out to be related to my fuel system. My fuel system would not hold pressure. I was told that there was a leak in my fuel tank.

I gave my permission to have the fuel system repaired. This was on Tuesday, 8/2/11. I was told on Thursday, 8/4/11, in the late afternoon that my vehicle would be ready for pick-up on Friday, 8/6/11 at 12 noon by a service rep named Jim.

I rented a vehicle from Tuesday, 8/2/11 while my vehicle was being repaired. Having been told my vehicle could be picked up on Friday, 8/6/11, I turned in the rental vehicle and walked a half block to the dealer to retrieve my vehicle. I entered the dealership and was then told that my vehicle was not ready and that the part which was supposed to be ordered on 8/2/11 was not at the dealership. I was told the repairs now would not be complete until Monday, 8/8 or Tuesday, 8/9.

I was irate, needless to say, for I already spent $217.17 dollars for a vehicle rental and then being stranded because my vehicle was not repaired. I had to enter into another vehicle rental through 8/9/11.


The bottom line is that the car dealership refused to sell us a car because we would not purchase the extended warranty. We went to World Car Nissan and settled on a car with the salesman. We had an agreement on the terms, the price, and the monthly payment. We got our financing approved through a second-chance lender and had a $4,500 trade-in using the Cash for Clunkers program. His manager knew all the details of the deal and he approved it. They told us they had submitted the paperwork to the government for the clunker credit and we were locked in.

When we came in to sign the papers on 7-31-09, we sat down with the finance rep, a man named Richard **. When I looked at the contract, I realized he had added an extended warranty valued at $1,800 and gap insurance of $235. These extras added another $2000 or so to the price of the car. Our payments went from the agreed upon $220 to $275. The payments would be higher than I was comfortable with and it was much higher than what we had agreed upon. I told him I did not want the warranty or gap insurance. Richard ** then stated that the warranty was a requirement of the lender. I told him that no lender would make such a requirement. He became very angry and then told us that the clunkers credit was now subject to approval and that we would have to wait and see if it would get approved.

The underlying message seemed to be a subtle threat that we should take the warranty or else. I told him that I was still declining the warranty. Then Mr. ** responded by saying he was not going to do this deal under these terms. In other words, because we refused the pricey extended warranty, he would not be selling us a car. He handed us back the title to our old car and left. I went outside and asked the salesman what was going on and why the terms had been switched at the end. He didn't have an answer and then his manager came and became very hostile and belligerent toward us. We got into a heated exchange of words and we left with our old car.

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