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We recently purchased a used car for my wife. Drake the so called manager made promises when we bought and paid cash for this car that he would fix the problems that we found wrong with the car. Upon taking it back to the dealer the next day as promised they fixed a few of the problems. All the rest of the minor problems they refused to fix, stated that they already spent too much fixing what problems they found.

Only problem is they made the car worse. Don't trust the shady salesman here at Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, TX especially this manager Drake. They will make you promises, lie to you. I wish I had read reviews on this dealership before I went there for if I had I surely would not have gone. I didn't post on here a lot of things that were said between our transaction and promises made by this dealership due to the fact the language and thoughts are not very nice to post. To Drake, personally your dishonesty as a manager and car salesman will one day slap you in your lying face.

We bought a used car from this dealership influenced by all the lies that were told by the managers and sales representative. The car broke down the very first day after purchase as it was originally in a very bad condition. We spent over $1,500 trying to fix it but it still remains in the same condition. After knowing that the car is not in a running condition, we came over to the dealership to ask for help but unfortunately the manager was not ready to fix the car. I personally do not recommend ANYBODY to buy any used cars from Trophy Nissan.

I see I'm not the only person that was promised a spare key and NEVER got it. I even asked the service manager if they were in stock because I was constantly being told they were out of stock EVERYWHERE and no Nissan dealership had them. Lies Lies Lies. After 5 cars and several friends referred that actually purchased cars, I will never purchase another car from this dealership!

I will not go back to Trophy Nissan. While the car salesman was great, I got very aggravated with the guy that I closed with. First, he was very rude to the car salesman. When I agreed to ONLY get the GAP insurance, he signed me up for the Club Plus package. I see that I was charged for the entire package but I didn't receive any paperwork about what it included. However, he did say what it included but he was speaking so fast, that I can't remember it all. To get the package, and what I thought was the GAP insurance, he dropped the interest rate by one point. It started out at more than 5% and I have excellent credit. So when I got up to walk out, they lowered it. And then lo and behold, they dropped it even more to get me to buy extra. I was so disappointed because the salesman was so nice and I really do love my car but they lost my business.

We purchased a pre-owned Maxima and when asked if we wanted packages for services to be done there monthly we said no because we live 2 hours away. Yesterday a female from Trophy called asking if we wanted to bring the car in for detailing since we bought a package for monthly service. We specifically said no and I went back to look at our finance papers and it doesn't show any "extras" that we bought. So now I'm paying for a service I won't use and paying interest on it. I also find it ironic it took a year for them to call and see if we wanted to use the service they included in our bill when we said "NO thanks."

Our car came with one remote and when we asked about a second one the guy doing our finance said he would include one. So when we asked about it the next day because I had to take the car back for some agreed upon repairs, he conveniently didn't remember our agreement. We did have the option to purchase one for $350 though. I would NOT recommend purchasing from them and if you do, make sure the papers you leave with show a line item account of what you purchased.

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Salesman was informative in directing me on how to negotiate in financing involving GAP, Club Plus & Service Contract securing a lower interest rate. But increased the sticker price by $3888 and wiped out rebate $1500, $3350 down payment.

I received an offer from Capital One Finance to finance my car. When I went to Trophy Nissan with my letter, I spoke with the used car sales rep and presented all the information that Capital One required. Little did I know that Trophy Nissan was also submitting my credit report to additional finance companies. I am trying to understand why would you send information to additional finance companies when I am already approved through Capital One? I received letter from other credit companies stating that I was submitted to them and I am extremely upset because Trophy Nissan never told me that they were submitting my information to other finance companies. Now I have taking a hit on my credit from other finances companies as inquiries. I have worked real hard to reestablish my credit to take a hit like this. I did not authorize this.

My other complaint is that I have to purchase an additional remote, that was never explained to me. I purchased the car for 300.00. I have contacted Trophy Nissan via web to complain about the remote and was assured that a sales manager would contact me. That was over two weeks ago and still have not heard anything.

I purchased (at least I thought) a vehicle and it was nice. I was happy and I even started personalizing the car by getting tinted windows and etc. 3 weeks later one of the LIE-nance (not finance) managers called me and told me to come back to the dealership to do more finance paperwork because the original financing did not go through. So I get there ready to sign the papers and they asked for the keys back so they could see the miles. I was like "ok no problem". So I hand them the keys.

A lady and a man comes back telling me I need $2000 (even after I gave my car as a trade-in ) in order to stay in that particular vehicle or I had to 'settle' for just 1 particular car or either I can take my old car back and we can cut our losses. I needed a new car so I just accepted the new deal because after dealing with the original financing company… I was just DONE… period.

I begged the 'lie'nance manager not to take my original car back but they didn't care and still wanted 2000 down, no exceptions. So as I stated I signed the paperwork and got the hell out of there. I cried for 4 days straight and couldn't even eat because of the entire ordeal. Now I'm just working on my credit and saving money up so that I don't ever have to deal with this crap anymore, and hopefully I can go to another reputable dealership to get the car that 'I' wanted originally. Bastards.

Please beware! I went to Trophy back in December 2014 to finally buy my new Altima. Everything went great with the sale and such until I got a notice on my credit that I had new hard inquiries on my credit. To my dismay there was a total of 9 on one and 7 on another. I had worked so hard to get my credit good to where I could purchase my car without needing a co-signer. But they destroyed my credit with all the inquiries. I went back in May 2015 to purchase another one and after expressing my concern about NOT doing credit reports like they did last time, here we went again. Overall my credit score dropped a total of 47 points from all of this.

On Friday March 27th I drove up to get an oil change, included in my maintenance package. Per the website, this is suppose to take no more than 30 minutes guaranteed. However, I was advised it would take 90 mins, never any less than 60. In addition to that I was instructed that I should have made an appointment (even though the website for Nissan specifically states: no appointment needed). I called to speak to a supervisor and a ** came to the phone. He was extremely rude, and honestly I'm not convinced the person on the phone wasn't impersonating the true **.

This angers me because I wasn't going to buy the oil change package because I hate going to the dealer for service because it takes too long. My finance manager used that information as a selling point, stressing the convenience of the "express" service. My 2011 Nissan Armada has a 700+ a month payment and I do not appreciate having to go somewhere else to get an oil change when I've prepaid for the service. As soon as possible, I will be trading this vehicle in and will NEVER purchase another Nissan or Infiniti product. Furthermore, I've shared this experience with anyone who will listen. Word of mouth is the best way to impact a business's success and I intend to use my position at the phone company to tell everyone to steer clear of Trophy Nissan. This bad experience was not my only bad experience at this dealer, it's just my last bad experience.

Do not go here. They will lie to you about fixing your car, tell you that Nissan is going to come out and look at it. 2 months later the GM told us to come get our car or he will have it towed to our house. Is it my fault your service department cannot figure out what is going on with the vehicle, isn't it their job to do that? The GM said he will sue us and hung up on my wife. Car sales scum bag.

They told me I was approved for a new car. I went there, filled out all the paper work, gave them 3,000.00 down and drove away. A week later they called me wanting the car back due to finance issues. I had to return the car, the embarrassment...

I went to Trophy Nissan looking to purchase a vehicle. I was there for a few hours and ended up not purchasing a vehicle but the customer service with my salesman Reiko was great. He took the time to see if there was anything he could do to assist me in the purchase. In the end I needed a co-signer and didn't have one. Reiko was very patient and explained everything throughout the whole process. I would recommend Trophy to all my friends and Reiko would be the salesman to talk to!!!

Did an internet search for a Versa Note, found two on the Trophy Nissan website that interested me. Printed off the web information and took it with me. The first car was listed for $13,577 and we did a test drive - the model and color matched the ad as did the odometer reading. The sales guy told me the price was $15,777. I showed him the web print out showing $13,577. He took the printout to see the sales manager. Came back saying we drove a different car and the one in the ad was sold. Showed me keys that had different stock numbers. Really? Same odometer, same color, same model. What are the odds? I believe it was bait and switch. However, I said, "what about the other car?"

The second car was listed for $12,277. He came back with a price of $13,885. What??! Oh, you have to pay for certification and some other stuff. I am not sure which pissed me off more - the bait and switch or them playing me for a fool. I have zero faith in this dealership and would definitely advise anyone to stay away. There are reputable car dealers out there, but, in my opinion, Trophy Nissan is not one of them.

I bought the newly redesigned Rouge and thought I was getting a great new car. However, I was terribly wrong. After long periods of driving the car, my driving leg began to hurt and the pain continued throughout the drive. I tried adjusting my seat but nothing seemed to help. And now every time I drive my NEW car I drive in pain and discomfort. I called Nissan customer service and they basically told me there was nothing they could do. The service manager told me to put a pillow in my seat (which is not legal). In my opinion, Nissan does not stand behind their product. They do not care once the car is sold. I encourage others who have problems to report these problems! Call the customer service line or write a letter to tell them about how disappointed you are in their cars!

Nissan North America
Customer Affairs
P3C P O Box 685003

Franklin, TN 37068

I bought a car at internet price. They did not want to honor it, but they agreed or so I thought. All of my paperwork showed the correct numbers. I would not agree to anything extra at all. They weren't really feeling it. I sign my papers and go home because it's dark and late. Guess what?? The finance manager changed the price of the vehicle (at the end behind my back) charging me for the newer one I declined for the cheaper identical car. My agreement papers are correct, but they got over on me. Even though we signed the others, they will try to say oh the contract is bond though. Please do not do business with them. I'm honest and a hard worker, and they screwed me. I will NOT recommend anyone to go here.

I bought a 2011 Nissan Altima from them and now they are calling nonstop to get me to trade it in even though I have told them several times to stop calling that I want to keep my car. I have told them to take me off their list to call and they still keep calling so I told them I wanted to talk to the owner or a manager and they gave me some guy named Marco. They even called me at work to get me to trade in my car. How the hell do they think I can pay for the car I have if they get me fired. I have now in the last 2 weeks told them to stop calling and today threatened them with my lawyer for harassment. I will never buy from them again!!!!!

The assistant manager is very rude to all of the customers; yells at them, walks away when customer is talking, won't help when there is a long line. Most of the techs were on their cell phones, drinking coffee or talking with the assistant manager about personal stuff. After I left, I googled Trophy Nissan and noticed loads of unhappy people with this company. Go to Courtesy Nissan where they want your business.

If I bought the Nissan pickup I was looking at, my salesman said he would send me a new hat on the GR1? Fast car. Instead I got a flimsy black recycled cotton cap with just white Nissan on the front. What a disappointment. They didn't live up to their promise after I paid top dollar for their pickup.

First there are about 15 to 20 salesmen going back and forward talking, giggling and on cell phones. Unorganized to the max, they take your money before they tell you there are a million and one thing they need to do like the inspection sticker which should be already done. Most places have waiting rooms instead, five seats by the entrance and having to move your feet every time someone walk by.

** idiots beware! Not only are their deceptive advertising practices just listed by FTC as so wrong... they are being audited by wage and hour for not paying their employees minimum wage. Well if you are looking for a reputable dealer you might want to think twice before heading there.

They advertise #1 dealer in the country. How can this be? Are people that gullible or just don't care that they are being ripped off? First look at their advertising... Deceptive $12999 Altima that you can't find anywhere on their website or their lot. They do not have an answer for why they say they have something that they don't. They run a $100 used car tent sale but the cars are the worst of the worst and then say they have a $750 dealer prep charge for them. If you decide to go in there, look at how many managers there are (not salespeople) making in excess of $60000 a year. Now tell me that they do not have a cushion as far as price. Dealt with some fat finance manager girl that was rude that turned me off to ever dealing with any dealership. Pay with cash from now on.

I was told that I was approved for a 2012 Malibu. I did all the paperwork... signed all the paperwork. When I got ready to add insurance, I noticed that I didn't have any documents but had a form about conditional delivery. When I called and spoke to Steve, he stated that I was approved and the car was mines and he would see what the form was. When I get to the car dealership HE SAYS I’M NOT APPROVED!!!! I HAD TO HAVE SOMEONE TAKE ME HOME B/C I WASN'T APPROVED. When I asked for my documents I signed I was told that they are kept for 3 years and I couldn't have them. I IGNORED THE PREVIOUS MESSAGES. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS DON'T DO IT!!! TRUST ME THEY ARE CROOKS.

I was sold a 2013 Altima with 16 miles on it. The salespeople told me I was approved for the car and even let me drive off the lot that night with it. I signed all the paperwork and had the car for one week until I got a call from **, the Sales Manager at Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, Texas asking that I get a co-signer on my vehicle or to return the car that day. I told him before I signed any paperwork I DID NOT have anyone to help me with the purchase of that vehicle. I also stressed to him I was a single mother and needed a reliable vehicle. He assured me everything was processed and let me take the car home.

This is NOT the way you conduct business. He later told me the bank did not approve me for that vehicle and I needed to return the car. After showing all my friends and family my new car, they want it back. It is embarrassing. I have never experienced such horrible service in my life and that is why I feel it it IMPERATIVE that the public knows how Trophy Nissan conducts business. If you want to get horrible service, lied to, get your hard-earned money taken from you, then I would definitely visit Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, Texas off 635 and Oats!

Prior to going to the dealership in Mesquite, TX, I spoke with a salesman and I told him exactly what I was looking for, how much money I had to put and specifically told him I did not want to waste my time or his by making trip after trip to the dealership and leaving tired and frustrated not to mention overwhelmed. I received a call by the sales guy telling me he had what I was looking for and how soon could I come in. I went in on a Wednesday spent four hours there and left disappointed. I Blue Booked the vehicle and called him back and informed him he was a bit way over the fair market value.

The next day on Thursday he called and said he and the finance department had crunched the numbers and they could get me into a brand new vehicle. I spent four hours again then finally was told they had worked it out and I could take my new car home. Hooray!!! Or so I thought. Today seven days later they call to inform I need to return the call because the bank could not finance the car for me. Really, if I had not wanted the car I had 72 hours to cancel the transaction but they can cancel the transaction almost seven days later!!!!! Really how absurd is that.

Financing should be handled during banking hours so that this so called mistake does not happen to others. They try to close the deals when the banks are closed so that later they can call back and ask for more money down if you want to keep the car. They pump up their sales numbers for new car sales then when they resell the car as pre-owned they pump up the sales record. Their customer service is lacking so much this type of behavior such be illegal. So if I had taken a trip to Eugene, Oregon and come back with over 6000 miles on the car would they still want it back to sell it to me as pre-owned that is crazy.

I am very unhappy with this particular dealership. This is the second time I have wasted time on their bait and switch tactics. Now they are also asking if they can get me into a different vehicle, seriously NO, NOT NO, BUT HECK NO!!!!! So now as unhappy as I am I am told, I have no recourse but to comply!!!! I have to return my car... so unhappy.

Inquiring about a 2012 Nissan Sentra with 9,000 miles on it, I arrived to find not only had the car been backed into something and pieces were missing from the interior, but the pictures online omitted shots of the vehicle from the rear to hide the damage. During price negotiations, the sales manager claimed they could not sell it any lower because the online price was a mistake and it would go up hundreds of dollars in the next few days. The sales person also would not disclose what items were repaired/replaced during the "reconditioning" for which they charged $1,300 for (car was nearly brand new).

I declined the deal for the car and the next day was called by the same sales person, Felix, whom I asked about the sales price not being changed online. Felix claimed he "heard the manager complaining about it not being changed just now" and about an hour after he called, the sales price online was lowered $400. I would never do business with this dealership and even if they offered me an amazing deal for the vehicle, I would decline. They have no integrity whatsoever.

Worst, worst, worst: Sales guy literally tried to bait and switch me out of $800 without my consent. We agreed on a price for one of the warranties, and when he was making small talk and having me sign, he switched the documents and tried to get me to sign for something I did not agree to! - Downright fraudulent. Guy should be fired. Finance guy was so full of himself and cared more about letting us know how awesome his life was then actually making sure things were taken care of for an out of state registration. I was also lied to when I asked about an extended warranty, just so he could make a sell on the limited warranty. I was left out in the lobby for hours unattended after I agreed on a deal, probably because the salesman didn't think he was making enough profit on me, and deemed me unworthy of his time. If you're looking for the cheapest price, they might be the best choice. Otherwise, try somewhere else.

I went to Trophy Nissan because of the customer appreciation event. I got a "free" oil change. After they were done, I notice on the receipt that they were charging for the filter and the oil. Of course, being free I paid nothing. I open the hood, and I noticed that the filter was not changed. How do I know that? Well, I bought my car there, very expensive, and with a pretty bad customer service (I can tell now, after buying two more cars somewhere else). And after buying the car, I went religiously for every single service on my car. But at some point, I notice that they were not changing even the oil.

So I draw some line over the filter, included my signature with an indelible marker. After the service was done, I found that the filter was the same even though I was charged for it. The Cory ** was so rude, that I just threw the money and left. Since then, I just wonder how many people are charged for filters, oil, and services that they don’t really do? If you can, go somewhere else and make sure that they do what they are supposed to do (smell the oil, check the filter, etc.).

On the, I came across Trophy Nissan (Mesquite, TX) selling used 2013 Nissan Pathfinder platinum with approx 3000 miles. I sent a message via CG and made an offer. I got a reply 3 days later, a generic auto response saying that I can call dealership sales person named C. I did call ds and sales person whose name showed on the message but she was not available. I left her a message and never got a call back. I called two days later and got the female sales person named C. Right away, she offered me a totally different vehicle. When I asked her if she can look up her emails, she told me that her email does not work. Then I asked her to look it up in the system and see if she can find my message. She did. Her comment was that she never got the message. She said she will bring the offer to the attention of the manager. I never heard back from her.

A few days later, an automatically generated email came in from another female salesperson M asking how she can help me. So I repeated my offer and again never heard back. Then I called ds and got M who instead of trying to be helpful initiated an argument. Finally, she transferred me to the used car manager. He tried to downplay the argument and tried to find excuse for a poorly managed response. At the end of that, he said that my offer is too low so we parted. Three days later, I got another message from T. I answered him by making a higher offer than the one before. So after four phone calls he made to me in less than three hours, he went from "Yes I will send you email confirmation with vehicle details and acceptance of your offer," to "I don't do business via email. You have to come and we will sit down at the table and negotiate."

I made it 100% clear that I will make immediate deposit before even seeing the car and pay the balance once I come to pick up the car providing that he sends email with vehicle specific details, etc. He knew I am willing to come from LA to TX (6-hour drive) but still backed up from initial acceptance. I ended up having to hang up the phone to avoid further verbal conflict. I am glad I was able to read the reviews and not do business with this kind of sharks. Shame on them and moreover, shame on the owner of this establishment that allowed such poor conduct. We know well that fish always smells bad from the head! Recommendation: Steer away from Trophy Nissan Mesquite, Texas. There are many, many other ds that will work hard to earn your money before and after the sale.

It was the worst buying experience ever. Car salesman took over 6 hours to complete the deal which they later changed illegally. Also, salesman Mac was rude as hell. He yelled at me while I was looking at cars from across the lot. I left him inside the office to have time to look at cars without him interrupting my thoughts. I asked them to deliver the car. Once purchased, he said that they don't do that when another sales guy did say they delivered. Three weeks after my tags arrived in the dealership, they still haven't mailed them to me. Mac wanted to describe the features my car didn't have on the test drive rather than tell me about the car I did drive. I'm very disappointed, I'm not coming back ever. The salespeople call too much for no reason. Multiple people call you but don't know what is going on.

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