Lithia All American Chrysler Jeep

Midland, TX

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My father with Dementia and a wife in home hospice care took their vehicle to Lithia for maintenance. He was told maintenance would be too costly and that he should purchase another vehicle. He was offered $1700.00 trade in for a $4500.00 car that fortunately he did not trade in. Lithia approved him for a loan and sold him a car which he can not afford on $1100.00 a month Social Security and having to pay for a future funeral cost of over $5000.00. He was also talked into purchasing a maintenance contract which he can not afford. I believe that he was taken advantage of.


On June 7, 2010, I purchased a used 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. In the contract, I paid $312.00 more than the asking price, for the dealership to fix the tail light and a dent on the front finder. I scheduled an appointment for two days later to have the items fixed. After dropping the vehicle off, I received a call from the dealer, stating that they were not going to fix the tail light because it was not part of the contract. I told them it was, and I had it in my contract. After a lot of discussion, they finally agreed and stated that they would fix the light.

The day I went to pick up the vehicle, I was told that the speaker I asked them to fix, was not covered in the warranty and would not be fixed. I asked why did I pay for an extended warranty on a car with 4,300 miles, if it is not covered. I also told them, it should be covered in their 60 day 3,000 mile warranty or the original warranty that still had two months left. I was told I was wrong and they were sorry. After arriving at the dealership, I met with Mr. ** and it was decided that I was right and they fixed the speaker.

I then went to pick up the truck and looked at the finder and found that they had just taped around the finders damaged area and sprayed it with cheap paint. They did not fix the dent and the scratch was all the way to the metal and was still very much damaged. After talking to Mr. ** again, he said they would have to schedule another time for me to come in to have it fixed, that it was a misunderstanding that they probably did not intend to fix the finder, they were just going to touch it up. I told him that I paid more than the asking price, for the vehicle to have it fixed and it was signed on to have it fixed. He then said, that it was just a misunderstanding and that he was sorry but the manager was not here today and he would have to get with him on it. I told him that I expected to have the finder repaired, that it was in the contract and that I paid to have it fixed. He then said that he would have to do some research and get with me, when the manager returns. I told him I would hire lawyer if I needed to and I felt like this dealership is taking advantage of people. Mr. ** said that he was sure something would be done. Still waiting on his call.

After this, I feel like they are taking advantage of me, and If I did not speak up like most people, they would win. The is the last vehicle I will ever buy from this dealership. I have great credit and expect to be treated as a valued customer when it is in the contract and I look a man in the eye and shake his hand.


i was driving my car and the indicator light came on. and the car completely quit. i have had my car for a year it is a 2006 chrysler pacificia. they had me to bring the car in shortly after i brought it and the did the work that was needed which was the abs light coming on. something cocerning the the module. now i have a problem with what they call a TIPM module.which they say that the warrant will not cover. i think it is a lie.i am asking questions and they are giving me a run around. they are not honest at all.

i had my daughter in the car with me at the time it quit. my daughter is handicap she cannot walk nor talk, and it was hot i had a difficult time getting home. the problem is they do not really care they just want to get a car sold and i am disappointed at this time. i will get rid od the car soon and i will not purchase nothing again from them. the indicator light came on and stayed. all of a sudden i could smell something like it was burning. then all of a sudden the car completed stopped and it would not start. i raised the hood thinking that i could get a boost. but the motor was so hot and the battery until you could not touch it.

that is very dangerous. the car could of caught a fire. i call the tow people and the towed it in. the car still will not start. the call me and told me it was the TIPM module which they say is not covered. understand this was a rental car before i brought it from them. i am seeking answers which i cannot get from Lithia

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