I live in California and found a car on the Internet that Land Rover Houston North (part of Sonic Automotive) had advertised for sale. It was a 2008 Land Rover Range Rover priced at $61,995. I negotiated a price of $58,441 on 6/21/2010 with Mr. Frank **, the sales manager of the dealership. He told me that he had authority to make the deal directly with me. I was told by Mr. ** that in addition to the $58,441, I would be charged a dealer service fee, a document fee, an inventory tax and since they were arranging financing, I had to pay California sales tax and registration. I agreed. Based on this deal, I sold my car and made arrangements to have it delivered on Saturday 6/26/2010.

Soon after, I made the deal with Mr. **, a salesperson contacted me by the name of Carson **. Mr. ** told me that in addition to the fees I agreed to, I was obligated to pay a Phantom Footprint fee of $295 and a special 2nd dealer service fee of $495 on top of the dealer service fee I agreed to. I asked what the fees were for and was told that the special service fee was charged by all Sonic Automotive dealerships and that the fee entitled me to a free loaner when I serviced my car and also a free wash. When I objected, Mr. ** told me that there was a Sonic Automotive dealership in San Francisco that I could use. The $295 Phantom Footprint fee was a theft deterrent service that protected the car for 5 years. I told Mr. ** that I did not want Phantom Footprints nor did I want to have the dealer services. I was told that they were non-negotiable. After hanging up the phone, I contacted Sonic Automotive. They said they heard nothing about a Sonic Automotive service fee and that the dealer close to San Francisco was no longer part of the Sonic Automotive. I called back Mr. ** and told him of my findings. He said he would look into the matter.

When the paperwork was Federal Expressed to me, the price was correct, the taxes were correct, the registration was correct, the dealer service fee was correct but they added Phantom Footprints $295 and a Special Service Fee of $495 as options and I had to agree to accept them. I refused and called the general manager, Jason **. and told this story. I told him, I told the sales people, I told Mr. ** and I told the finance manager to honor the original agreement and I did not want any options, otherwise, they could sell the car. This is wrong and probably a standard sales practice. I have never heard of being forced to buy options like a theft deterrent system or car washes. I have no transportation and now have to rent a car until I find another. It could take a while.