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A friend of mine and I were both victims as well as all of you. I heard from TXDots Investigator that there are 200 victims feeling the terrible effects of Classic KIAs shutting their door without notice. Do what we did, it could make a difference. Fill out this complaint form, and get it to Economic Crimes with Tarrant County DA located on the 9th floor of the Justice Center, 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, TX 76196. Be sure to include copies of cancelled checks and other important paperwork.

On 9/16/08 I purchase a Spectra 09 thinking it was a great buy. Same as the others who went to pick up their tags same story tags were not in. Salesman said somebody probably forgot to order them. So he issue a temporary tag and said to come back in 30 days. I called several times and got no answer. When I got to the dealership the parking lot was empty neatless to say the movers were there.

I explain to one of the movers the situation he said I was lucky it was just my tags. He said that he was going to be out of a job and was about to lose his house. He also said that that if he could find the people that would hurt them. I have talked to Kia Motors and same story that they are working on the issue and that it may take up till the end of December or it could take up as long as 6 months. Kia Motors or somebody is causing a lot inconvience and a lot of out of pocket money every month. So what do we do now?

As far as I'm concern Kia still owns my vehicle. I am paranol to even drive Kia's car that I could be stopped or involve in an accident. They could put my A... in jail. Oh yes not register through the state either. I don't want to have to keep making payments on the car. I want these people caught and pay for what they have done to all of us in the state of Texas and else where.

mentally and lots of inconvience. I want out of this contract.

Bought a car there 11-05-08, financed it. Went back to get my plates and they were gone. Did some research and found that they were a Buzz Post company and Ole Buzz wont do a thing. Just for the record Txdot sent me this in regards to my plates. There has been a recent rash of dealer bankruptcies that have caused quite a problem for customers of these dealers if the title transactions for their vehicles were not filed as required. In some cases the customer has proof of payment of all title/registration fees.

While we all are concerned about the situation these customers are placed in, our legal counsel has advised that these vehicles might be part of the bankruptcy proceeding and recommends that we wait for a release from the bankruptcy court before taking any action to transfer title of the vehicle to the customer. There is a possibility that the bankruptcy court could offer a general release for vehicles sold during a specific time by a specific dealer. The department will pass along any such general release upon our receipt of the information. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain a release from the bankruptcy court. Neither the department or the county can intervene in the bankruptcy proceeding on their behalf.

I spoke to my finance company and found they never received the title. I am not making a payment until I get my plates and see the title.

Bought A 2008 KIA Sorento from [them] on 10/06/2008 never recieved plates and registration. Found Out today from TX DOT they are hiding behind bankruptcy protection Filed today 11/19/2008 in Federal court. There is an investigator coming in from Austin On Monday He is trying to figure out what's going on because there is several hundred people in this boat.

My concern is my warranty. That is why I bought A Kia. Maybe Kia Motors of America should be investigated as well. They cannot operate this way. But at minimum the owners and management from Classic Kia Arlington TX should goto jail for fraud and TAX evasion they Should also have to reimburse us consumers for the trouble of going to the tax office monthly and paying $ 25.00 a month to keep our vehicles legal!

I still do not have my tags, the extended warranty people did not have my car on file, and Wachovia still does not have my title since 9/12/08. Went by Classic Kia, all the cars are gone and nobody was there. Contacted DMV they have been getting numerous calls and are researching the problem. Contacted Kia Motors and they basically said that they are individually owned. Looked online found out that there were many more people with the same problem. Also that it is dba Buzz Post and he is a nightmare, probably filing bankruptcy.

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Purchased New 2008 Kia 4/5/08 paid in full. Paper tags give expire on 4/28/08 on 4/24/08 after 30 minutes on phone numerous calls transfers etc. I demanded to speak to a real person in accounting that could help me. She said there was some delay in the dealer obtaining the manufacturer paperwork required for titling the vehicle. The car had been on the dealer's lot since 12/07!

She sent me a new paper tag (illegal?) tag stated purchase was on 4/24/08 and was good till 05/21/08 over the legal limit according to tx mv rules!) It is now 5/5/08 I have tried to contact them over and over with no results by phone and still no title, registration or tags yet! Now filing complaint with TXDOT registration section. Also when requested for copies of all paperwork I filled out I was only given copies of the sales agreement and the odometer statment nothing else!

I bought my brand new 07 Kia Spectra on Labor Day and the alignment was pulling to the left. I was told that it was ok, that the guy's back in the shop would fix it and that it was a result of a bumpy train ride to the dealership (by the sales person of course). No big deal they said. About 2 or three days later i brought the car in to the shop at the dealership so they could fix the alignment. I got there at 12:45 and did't leave until about 3 in the afternoon. I was told over and over that my car would be ready shortly. I was getting more and more upset because I was going to be late to a job interview and let them know that. The problem wasn't fixed.

Now, not only was the car pulling to the left, but the steering wheel was cocked slightly to the right. since I was in a hurry, I was told that I would recieve paperwork in the mail. I never got any. I brought it in for a second time on 9/22/07 and was there from 10:30am to 1:40pm, waiting for my car and, again, was told that it would be ready shortly when it was far from it. I was in the lobby and saw that the mechanic test drove my car around the garage twice (to my knowledge) than went back up on the lift. When the car was finally ready I was in the main building discussing my problem with the sales manager. He told me to go ahead and take the car and call him with my opinion about the job.

I drove it off and now the steering wheel was still slightly cocked to the right, when i straightened it out the car veered to the left, and the car also pulled to the right now. I brought it back 15 min later and the sales manager, Ernesto Rivas, drove the car and told me that it was supposed to pull to the right for sfety purposes I will later explain. It had never done that before.

The car went back up on the lift and it will be there until about noonish on mabey Tuesday as I was specifically told by Jim White, which brings me to his office where my situation was discussed. He never gave me straight answers on my situation or about what I could do about it, EXCEPT for the fact that I could trade it out for another car with mabey arond a 2 or 3000 dollar difference I would have to pay.

We discussed the Texas Lemon Law and he said it would be more trouble for me and basically told me that it wasn't worth it. He told me first that I shouldn't rush the work on my car when I have to be at work. The mechanics never once told me that they needed more time to fix my car. Than Jim told me that i couldn't even be approved for a rental car in 24 hours or untill they kept the car overnight. It was Sat. and the shop is closed on Sun. So it would be 2 or three days until I could even be approved! I am 17 years old, work 2 jobs ,AND a full time student. I don't have time for this!

When I did recieve paperwork, I found that the information on it was wrong. I will be glad to give more detail about my situation and would greatly appreciate for someone to contact me and finally put an end to my misery!

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