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I just to let you know what I've gone through and how disappointed I am in Toyota. My car burns oil but not enough for Toyota to fix it. I was told I need to replace the engine to stop the oil burning. Need to replace the engine, yet Toyota does not think it burns enough to replace it. I am shocked. The only way to fix it is to replace the engine. Is this correct? This should be a recall, not extended warranty. I bought a Toyota, not a Kia. I'm poor, I can't put a new engine in the car. And we all know it's going to get worse.

It started and my car only had 88,000 miles on it. I thought I got the deal of my life when I bought this car. Turns out, I got one big pain in the ** money sucking car. The car burns 3/4 of a qt every 1200 miles. Toyota says; "sorry won't fix it." Very sad they can get away with this. As a poor man, I cannot afford to fix it. (I sold what I had of value to buy it. Largest Willie Nelson song collection. Every song Willie released and a few he didn't.)

FWB Toyota dealer said I had 3 oil leaks that I needed to fix before they would do the test. ($1,415.00) No oil on the ground where I park but 3 oil leaks? I wanted to come up and look for myself and they said "Ok, but you may be here 3-5 hours. We have to fix other cars first." (I borrowed the money to fix the imaginary leaks. This will take me 15 plus months to pay back.) Steven ** the advisor said spending the $1400.00 would save me $6000.00.

My Firestone oil guy says no way I had oil leaks. Who do you believe? Toyota of FWB? Firestone? I trust the 70 year old guy that changes my oil and has for years. If I need something done on the car, he'll come get me. I talk to him in the parking lot after every visit. So, according to Toyota of FWB, my car had to spring 3 leaks within 3901 miles and 93 days after my last oil change. (Do you even believe that?) I've talked to other mechanics. ALL said no way.

Aug 3rd, 2016 - (My birthday) Toyota pissed me off by saying they did the oil test again (yesterday) and did not or lied about the oil consumption results. When I got the car back they said it only burnt 3/4 qt. Today I looked under the hood and saw the oil markings were still on my car. I could not pull the dip stick out. NO I'M NOT KIDDING. They had my car two hours and when I went to Steve ** to ask how much longer, he himself drove it out. Left it running in the parking lot. When I asked how much it burnt, he said 3/4 of a qt.

Back to the 3rd. I went back to Toyota and had them check the oil. They said they put a qt of oil in it and then checked the level. 1/2-3/4 of a qt low after Toyota guy checked it. Meaning, if Toyota did the test the day before as they said they did or my car would to have been over 1.5 qts low and they did not put the other half - 3/4 qt in to fill it up. Yet they would not approve it to get my car fix for free by Toyota or admit they did not do the test. Meaning they never looked at it and the oil was still low when they gave it back to me. So now I have to do it all over again and they really don't care about my inconvenience and stress of this car. I was very upset and made it known.

Steven ** the advisor said he would not give me the paperwork until I said PLEASE. Are you kidding me! They charged me for something I did not need. (Oil leaks and he wants me to be nice?) Did not do the second test and they do not care. Yet they want me to say please. My anxiety and blood pressure were sky high. PEOPLE NEED TO BE FIRED OVER THERE. STARTING WITH STEVEN ** (Advisor) AND (Vaughn **) for not having the guts, the balls to tell me the test was not done properly or for them lying about the oil consumption and not letting my car get fixed for free. He and two other employees would rather lie to me than fess up. What is wrong with these people?

I will die without a good working car. I bought a Toyota because of the reputation. Camry, best selling most reliavable car for years. (Till I buy one.) I guess this is God's way of saying he hates me a little more. I have many out of town doctor appointment through the year. I need a reliable car. I can't sell this car because I'm honest and will tell them it burns oil. I can't trade it in because my income will not support a loan.

Other issues: I'm on my 4th car battery. Car has 94,000 miles. No one can tell me why they don't last. Vaughn ** of Toyota says it's the heat. I almost laughed at him. I had other cars in Florida. Never had to buy a battery every 26 months. (On average.) Gas mileage went from 22.5/35 to 19/29 I'm assuming because of the oil issue. Tires wear out fast and I rotate and alignment every 5000 miles. Wiper motor went under warranty. Second set of front brakes/rotors - 93,000 (OK I guess). Second set rear brakes/rotors 63,000. Of the 4 cars I've owned this is the only car I had to put oil in. (In-between oil changes.) I told a girl that works at the dealership all of the above. She said; "Sometimes it happens. You get a bad car."

I'm very disappointed with Toyota. My 2007 Camry (98,000 miles) burns A LOT of oil. I was notified the recall was covered under warranty. I took it to the dealer. They "tamper proof" the engine, sealing the dipstick, cap, and drain plug. This made me feel like they were afraid I was going to lie, cheat, steal, (and drain the oil). But, I understand they have to cover themselves here as it's a big recall, and expensive to repair. The car typically burns one quart of oil every two fill-ups, approx. 700-800 miles. I drove the car 1200 (as 1100-1300) was required. It had to be LOW... I asked if I could see the dipstick when they removed the glue they put on it to check it. They told me "No" customers are not permitted in the service area. Well "drive it out to the guest area..."

The whole process was secret. They said the car burned 3/4 qt. That's impossible as I add more every month. And even IF THIS WAS True... that would be close to a gallon of oil burned between a 5,000 miles oil change (gentle freeway driving). The engine only holds 5 quarts to start with. It would seize up! How can they possibly say this is OK, not a problem, does not need repair? Simply criminal. I too will pursue a class action suit. Shame on Toyota.

I am the original owner of a 2006 Solara that currently has about 56,000 miles. Last year, the check engine light started turning on, but it wasn't until this year that I found out the problem. My car is burning excessive oil, about 1.75 quarts every 1,200 miles (according to the dealership's oil consumption test). Toyota issued a Technical Service Bulletin in 2011 stating that it will only fix the 2007 and 2008 Solaras. Although my car is an '06, it has the exact same engine as the 2007 and 2008. I already called Toyota corporate twice and they refuse to pay for the repair, arguing that it is out of warranty. I am aware of that, but it is obviously a manufacturing problem.

My car is low on mileage, it's never been crashed, and I've done all the maintenance at the dealership in a timely manner since the day I bought it. I'm extremely upset at Toyota. I shouldn't have to pay about $3,000 to fix it, if the problem is not my fault. I'm also not going to sell it to someone without telling them about the problem, because that's wrong. So my only options are paying for the repair myself or selling it and taking a significant loss due to the problem. I'm going to continue with this dispute, but if they don't pay for the repair I will never buy a Toyota again and I will try to discourage everyone I know from buying a Toyota.

I received warranty extension on my Sienna for automatic door latch getting stuck. Called (Case # **) regarding service to fix this issue at the dealer Fred Anderson Toyota. I was told as the warranty expired 6 months ago on 11/11/2015. Toyota can't support the repairs. Toyota should have been flexible as the mileage on the van is only 78,000 miles even if the warranty expired 6 months ago. I did not receive the documents for this warranty information till late last year.

So, Toyota is sending warranty information after the expiration of extended warranty? Looks like a big scam. This gives me second thoughts on ever buying any more Toyota vehicles. I should look for other car manufacturers who have better customer service.

I own a 2007 Camry LE at 90,000. It started burning oil. My car was not due for an oil change but driving to work the oil light came on. Went back home only to find there was no oil in the car. I still own this car with 250,000 miles on it, received a letter from Toyota dealing with this problem under the warranty enhancement notification.

I have to say the letter is very vague on what they cover to resolve this problem, I am not a technical person. To make a long story short my bill ended up to be $2427.47. I did have extra work done due to the fact that the dealer said it was necessary. I have a Ze7 engine. From looking at the bill 4 things were covered under the warranty. Very shocking. I just would have kept on putting oil in the car. Numerous times the mileage was brought up, the warranty letter clearly states regardless of mileage. I have tried numerous times to contact Toyota Corp. I get the same answer every time, they are not technical and they go by the dealer inspecting the car. Just wanted to share very rude awakening, I do own 3 other Toyota cars. I will avoid a Toyota in the future. I do understand cars need work but I truly would have not taken my car in for the enhancement program.

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I bought a new Toyota Camry to have a relatively problem free car... Boy was I wrong. I have had so many problem with this car it is laughable. From the headliner creaking, malfunctioned radio, malfunctioning vents, bad water pump, bad alignment, you name it, this piece of junk had it. This brings me to the oil consumption test. They said my car was burning way too much oil, but not quite enough to meet the threshold... What?? That's like saying my roof leaks, but not enough to fix it! I went for an oil change, and in less than 3 months, the engine oil light came on. I brought it to a mechanic, and he said the car was bone dry. TOYOTA KNOWS THEY HAVE A PROBLEM AND WON'T DO THE RIGHT THING. I have read a few posts, and I think a class action lawsuit is the way to go. The dealer I went to isn't bad (Elmhurst Illinois) but the Toyota policy is a joke.

I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS with 170,000 miles. It has been a great little car until the intake camshaft broke. After talking to several mechanics, who have never heard of this issue on these engines (2ZZ-GE), I decided to contact Toyota Corporate to see if they could help. Ha Ha Ha. They actually had the gall to call me to tell me, "So sorry, too bad, so sad." They made it clear that they won't help in any way. BUT, I should have it towed to a Toyota dealer and have it diagnosed, at my expense of course. A dealer might offer me a discount or something. Really? Why would they?

I know what is wrong, I already paid to have the car towed and diagnosed by my mechanic. What it needs is a new camshaft, at minimum (for over $1000) or an engine rebuild, at maximum (over $5000). This car has been well maintained and driven mostly as a commute vehicle. This should not have happened. Toyota also mentioned that I don't get my car serviced at a Toyota dealer. I guess that would have made all the difference.

Why, I don't know. I guess their dealership mechanics are just better than my mechanic. It is so frustrating. I get stuff breaks on cars and you have to deal with it, but sometimes unusual things happen that are clearly not normal. Of course Toyota can't take responsibility because if they fix my car, they'll have to fix someone else's car. They just sit back, make money off consumers and deny, deny, deny anything might be their fault. Really dislike Toyota. I have to rate my experience with Toyota for this review. I give them zero stars.

I have made the worst decision of my life buying a Toyota car. I never thought I would feel this helpless and neglected by buying a car from such well-known company. Even Walmart has a better service recovery than Toyota. So I bought my car in Feb. 2016. So it has hardly been 2 months and my car doesn't have much mileage on it either. I have safe driving history too. I decided to go on a long trip this weekend. I wanted to get my car checked to see if everything was ok before I drive for long hours. I was turned away saying that "Your car is new and nothing can happen to it. If there is any issues the warning lights will turn on." The advisor didn't even bother to see my car.

I left for the trip on weekend. It had been only 3 hours on the road and the tire pressure light comes on. I thought of pulling the car to the nearest gas station. But in just 5 mins. my car started making scraping noise. I got scared and nearly missed hitting a car on my side. Somehow I pulled my car on the side of the road and was shocked to see that right rear tire was completely shredded off the rim. I mean "this is a brand new car". I called the roadside assistance. They dispatch a guy. I gave my exact location to this guy still it took him three calls to find me (I have a feeling he did that on purpose).

He came and checked the tire and said I had been driving on the rim and he cannot change the tire as it was a liability. I didn't even understand what he was talking as he was very unclear and kept walking away. He said he can fix it for me and it will cost me $20. I said why do I have to pay for roadside assistance as I thought it was free. He started walking away and said "Ok you can wait for towing truck and it will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours". I paid him 20 bucks to replace the car tire and thought I will call and complain later asking about why I was being charged. He didn't mention that the right way was to go through the company procedure as they can take better care of it. He just took advantage of my situation.

When I call the Toyota customer service they tell me that the roadside assistance is a separate entity and they can't take any actions on this and I will have to call them to sought this issue. About tire replacement she just took a note of my problem and said that I should try to show it to nearest dealer possible. I was in the area where dealers were not open on Sunday. So I had to wait until I got back from the trip. Imagine you planned the whole trip counting hours and something like this happens and your whole weekend is ruined. I was so far away from home that I could do nothing about it.

I called the roadside assistance and explained the whole thing and the person blamed it on me saying that I shouldn't have given money to the guy. The person also said that the guy who replaced my tire said that I tipped him 20 bucks. He was lying. Then he said it was an arrangement done between me and him so I need to speak with him. So basically all they tried to do the whole time was blaming everything on me. Nothing was done about this. So if a roadside assistance guy comes and murders you then it is between him and you and company won't be liable for anything. Just imagine.

Somehow I managed to finish my trip and first thing on Monday I took an appointment with my dealership to get my tire changed. I thought now my dealership will understand the problem and help me sort everything. I asked them to change the rim as I was scared that it must have been damaged. Also, it is a brand new car and I don't wanna drive around with a problematic rim. They insisted that the rim was ok and if I still need to change it I will have to pay.

At first they mentioned that I was covered and I will not have to pay anything but after changing the tire on the rim they charged me $300 bucks. When I questioned why was I being charged they said I wasn't covered under roadside hazard. They said that they were not able to determine if the tire was malfunctioned or not. So they blamed it on me that it must have been my fault that the tire was shredded. While buying this car I paid $2000 extra for the extended warranty and now I was shocked to see that even something like this is not covered.

The service agent said he will bring down the price to $150 and made me pay that amount. I went in the office and somehow found a way to speak to the finance manager and he said I should not be charged for this as I was covered. He assured me that he will take care of this and refund my money. Now all I do is keep calling my dealership everyday to see if they have refunded my money or not. It has been two days.

I mean now I am scared if anything happens to my car, I will be blamed for that if they are not able to find the core of the issue. This is ridiculous. I thought buying new car from Toyota will be a relief for years to come and everything will be taken care of if there are any issues. I am feeling cheated and helpless. As these people can do whatever they want. All I got from Toyota was rude answers and insults. Everyone just blamed it on me and raised their hands saying that they can do nothing about it. Maybe I was treated this way because I am unimportant person. A girl from who does not know much about buying cars can be cheated and she will not do anything about it. Good luck with buying your car with Toyota and pray God that nothing goes wrong or else you are in for a shock of your life.

I was informed by Toyota my 2007 Camry had a recall on the engine for burning too much oil and a recall on the engine's parts. Outside of the excess burning of oil, I didn't have any problems with my engine. I didn't want to honor the recall on my engine rebuilding when the dealership informed me of the recall, but I knew if I refused and something went wrong with my car they would not make the necessary repairs because I refused the recall. I let them take my engine apart for the recall. Big mistake! A few months later my engine locked up and stopped. I took it back to the dealership and they said it sound like an issue related to the recall, but they had to take my engine apart again to see. They gave me a loaner car. I didn't hear anything back, so I gave them a call. I was told they was still trying to figure it out but think it's a part of the recall.

A couple of days later I received a call saying they determined it was not related to all the engine work they did and will cost me $4,000 for a used part to fix or $7,000 for a new part to fix. What a ripoff for tearing up my engine! Corporate has been no help. Don't know what to do and have no car to drive to work. I been driving Toyotas since 1992 with no problems. After this experience and reading this site I will never buy this brand again! They truly are out to put all their repair issues on the customer. They told me I had a new engine after their recall repair, but now that my car has stopped they're saying it's due to a worn out part. Why would you build a new engine around a worn out part? Why didn't they tell me I had a part not covered by the recall that needed to be replaced before rebuilding my new engine around it. What a line of bull!

I bought new Corolla 1.6L model 2014 from Al Futtaim - Dubai UAE in May 2014. After 22 months AC stopped working so I went to technician. He advised that compressor has gone along with the condenser so both have to be changed. There was a shock for me as well when I came to know that original compressor fixed in car by Toyota was MADE IN CHINA. When I went to the showroom and asked them that I need compressor, the one they showed me it was MADE IN JAPAN. After confirming this I told them the story behind this. They simply had no answer. Conclusion: Are Toyota fixing China made parts in their cars or someone doing tricks in the showroom? Anyone has answer. What should I do!

My 2010 Toyota Prius is burning oil, 3/4 qt per 1,100 miles to be exact. Toyota, who created the specs for this engine, decided that this was normal. I have started a campaign to find out how many other owners are experiencing this issue. Please contact for more information. Class action lawsuit to follow.

Bought this Toyota used at 51,000 miles. Loved the car at first, then around 75,000 miles the front end started clunking, then at 82,000 it started burning oil on startup and acceleration. Never used the 4wd or taken off road, just around town driving, never long trips. I have had many cars with over 100,000 miles and never had these expensive problems. So what I thought was a fair deal for a great car turned out to be an expensive noisy smoky nightmare. Also the alternator died at 80,000 miles! What a nightmare to replace that one! You have to disassemble the front end to get at the bolts. Toyota your quality has so declined.

The engine of my Toyota Venza goes off while the car is in motion. This started two months ago and it happens unexpectedly particularly when the car is in slow motion. I have taken the car to an automobile mechanics; they changed the air flow meter and cleaned AC valves but still the problem persists. Please I need your expert advice on the possible solution to the problem.

In June 2006 I bought a brand new Toyota Camry and started having trouble with oil disappearing out of my car since 2009. I had it looked at repeatedly to find out what was wrong.... replaced the oil sensors, head gasket etc. In June 2015 I had the oil consumption test done at McKinnon Toyota in Clanton, AL. I drove the 1100 miles they told me I needed to drive and took it back and of course no oil registered on the dipstick. My car uses 1 quart about every 100 miles. They told me the parts were on back order and they would call me when they were ready to replace the parts (piston and rings).

In August I called corporate office of Toyota and they gave me a loaner (that I can't have my pet in, can't smoke in and if anyone dings it or anything I have to cover the repair) that as of February 2016 I am still driving. My car is going to ruin as it sits for 8 months. I was just at the dealer and they said they can't even order the parts for the engine and that the dash is also on back order. I don't believe they are ever actually going to fix my car. I bought a Toyota because they had a good reputation. Now I can't even drive my car.

Rodents caused over $3,000 in damage by chewing on cables that are made from one or more of the following (peanut oil, rice husks, soy, straw, sugar, vanilla, and wood; google: rodent damage toyota). Toyota refuses to pay for the damage. My auto insurance said it might pay (still waiting to find out) for the damage, but there is a $501 deductible. Toyota appears to be the worst offender of making edible vehicles.

IF I had known of this serious issue in advance, I would have researched to find a vehicle that was not so tasty. My brother lives in the mountains in New Mexico where there are many varmints, and they never ate the wiring on his old Chevy Tahoe, but rodents have chewed on the wiring of my Toyota Tacoma, and my mother's Toyota 4-Runner, and an acquaintances NISSAN Murano. The proof of tasty cables attracting rodents appears to be overwhelming. My engine light came on, the engine was running rough and pinging when accelerating, and the TRAC OFF light appeared.

I took it to the Toyota dealership immediately (in Lewisville, TX) the next morning at 8:50am. Numerous cables were damaged and many parts had to be removed to repair the damage. The problem is, if they replace it with more tasty cables, the same thing will happen. The vehicle was stationary on the driveway by the garage. There is already a car in the garage and some tools, and my pick-up is too large for the garage. Also, I would now have to worry wherever I go that rodents will want to chew on cables and parts on my 2014 Toyota Tacoma. In the meantime, I heard that moth balls will help to deter the rodents.

My car was serviced at Toyota of North Charlotte. I was quickly served and informed about the Oil consumption recall situation. They explained everything to me, told me when to bring it back and how long it would take to do the rebuild of the engine. I was given a renter (2015). The next day they call me to get my car. I picked up my car and seems to have a tad bit more pep, saving gas and so far not using oil. I'm very pleased with Toyota taking this action.

My well maintained 2008 RAV4 has had numerous mechanical problems. Just a few to mention: steering column, water pump, muffler, brake booster, almost went off cliff! My transmission just went at 106,000 miles. My engine is burning oil and has since 90,000, all documented at Toyota dealership! Toyota's oil consumption test is for their benefit, my car was just under their mark at 1100 which my car has no oil left at 3,000. Why is Toyota getting away with this? I have missed more than a week's worth of work because I was broke down. I paid 18,000 for this piece of junk and Toyota is sitting pretty well with all their customers' hard-earned money. Someone please tell me what can we do? I'm really at my wit's end and don't want Toyota to get away with ripping people off, not to mention safety!

While my wife was driving our 2004 Rav4, a well-maintained, dealer-serviced car with 115,000 miles, the engine came close to overheating. She pulled over, stopped the car and we had it towed to our local Toyota dealer. He told us that it needed a new head gasket, but as he started performing the repair, he noticed that the threads from the block were coming out with the bolts. He then informed us that because of this, the engine was shot and he started looking for another engine for the car. The price? $4000.00.

I have complained to Toyota Customer Service on both coasts and they have told me that this problem with the engine block, which a fair percentage of these engines had, was subject to no recall and our warranty was up. They will not help us on this at all. I have a car with two years left to pay, $3400.00 dollars owed, and the engine, through no fault of ours (it is a factory flaw), is ruined, and I have no recourse. I will never, ever own a Toyota again, and was advised by an attorney to set up informational pickets at Toyota dealers around town, which I intend on doing, in the hopes of dissuading anyone from buying these cars.

At just over 100,000 miles the engine in my Prius almost blew because of excessive oil consumption. It DOES NOT LEAK oil. It burns oil due to poor quality factory rings. If you have the same problem do the following. Contact your Congressman, file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau, The Attorney General's office, NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and also tell your story here at ConsumerAffairs. Toyota is making owners pay for this problem and these engines should be recalled and repaired.

I parked my car in a parking lot and left it idling while I went inside apartment. When I came back to car, I opened driver's door, popped trunk, closed door and went to back of car. I left trunk lid open after moving articles around in trunk and I went back and opened driver's door to turn engine off and get keys. But... as I "began" to reach into car... it started moving backwards. And because the car was on a slight incline and the door was open, I could not get away from the vehicle before the door pushed me to the ground and the car ran me over before slamming into another parked car. After reading this, remember... the car was left idling and in "park" and for approx 15 minutes before it??? slipped out of gear. (Witnesses and police report.)

OK. I went through the 1000 mile "oil burn" test through the Toyota dealer in Salem, OR. I was told I burned 1.1 qts. oil in the test. So, I qualified for new pistons and rings and free 4-day use of a Tacoma truck - sorta fun. Patiently waiting to hit 1000 miles and see what the dipstick says. The problem is that as soon as they had my engine apart, I got the phone call that there was lots of oil that needed to be cleaned up and the stem seals replaced. They said this would gravitate into a blue smoke issue down the road and cost $2500 to fix. So what a bargain for me! Oh, the piston's not the right size so it tosses oil around, and to clean it up I get to pay $900. Gee what does $900 get you any more? Enough crying in my non-alcoholic beer.

What I really feel bad about is the single mom with three kids and owns a 2007 Camry, and her oil test comes out at ONE qt. on the test. Not One qt. - One ounce like me. She's got a funky oil burner that will be real hard to sell even if she has ridiculously low miles on it. One stinkin ounce! Where did Toyota get the mandate that burning a quart per 1000 miles for a 4 banger on an engine developed 40 years after we walked on the moon is logical? (date math probably off).

This stupidity goes along with floor mats that cause recalls, melting dashboards (at least not blamed on hair spray from the 80's causing global warming), ad nauseam (sic). Does every car made have massive recalls and "non-recalls" called "extended warranties but with a hitch?" End of rant. Subaru Outback looking pretty good for next ride.

I own a 2009 Toyota Camry. My Camry has been burning high levels of oil. I have all the documentation of my service records. I had a noise coming from my engine bay shortly after I got my oil changed at Sparks Toyota in Myrtle Beach, SC. I had to put 5 quarts of oil in the car. I researched the issue and found a document showing what needed to be done in order to resolve the issue. Sparks refused to perform the test for me so I went to Rick Hendricks in Charleston to have it done. I returned after 1,200 miles and they said I had passed the test.

Once again, I had to add 3 quarts of oil to the car and I have 2,879 miles before I need an oil change. There are many Toyota owners that are having this issue and it seems that Toyota won't take responsibility. I have spent money on oil and taken time off from work to in relation to this issue. I have a wife and two small children and this car doesn't fix the Toyota durability that I heard about when I decided to purchase a Toyota. This is our primary car that we use to travel for work and leisure. I would like to speak to Toyota to see if there is any other course of action to take in resolving this issue.

Has anyone know why any manufacture would put a plastic sleeve around the cylinders in the engine block? My daughter's car has 164,000 and has been well kept. She called recently to tell me that her car had overheated very rapidly (about 1 minute) and then the engine light came on and quit. When I got the home it had no compression in all cylinders. When I finally got the head off I found that #3 cylinder had a piece of broken off and there was a plastic liner around the cylinders in the water jacket that had melted most of it and was blocking the water jacket in several places. On cylinder 4 back of the water jacket was so melted that it had all collected in the jacket in back end. I do not think it happened in one minute. Does anyone know if this plastic is in all Toyota engines or did someone leave a manufacturing aid inside this engine. She had just paid off the car. It is going to cost me a another engine for her or scrap a $6,000 car.

I was driving my car with low oil which I didn't realize. So I was driving from Springfield to Boston and my car was making a chattering sound. So I was going to pull to my right in the highway but my car's engine popped and stopped running. It smelled like burnt oil. But then I checked the motor oil, it was empty. So I bought more motor oil and it all come out from the bottom of my car.

I bought my 2009 Toyota Corolla about a year and two months ago. It was 5 years old and had 22,000 miles on it when I bought it. I figured this car would last me forever because of Toyota's so-called "reliability". This car has been nothing but a joke. Eight months after I bought it, the check engine light came on. I took it to the dealer where I bought it from (Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake- never go there) and they told me it was just the spark plugs. So I went ahead and replaced all the spark plugs and about a week later, the check engine light came on again. I figured I would drive it a little longer to see if the light would go away on its own, and eventually it did.

My huge problem started a couple weeks ago. I was sitting at a red light when I noticed that the check engine light came on, but this time my car was shaking very badly at idle and the engine sounded terrible. I have since then taken it to four different mechanics. The first one told me that all four of my cylinders were performing at less than half of what they should be. Since my car actually wouldn't start after driving it home, I had it towed to the place where I bought it (Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake- again, NEVER GO THERE), and they said that they looked at it and it was bad gasoline. They told me to drive it 1000 miles and then see if that fixed the problem. I barely made it 25 miles and my check engine light began FLASHING.

At that point I had it towed to Toyota Dealer where they charged me $120 an hour to look at it ($240 total) and told me the head gasket was leaking and the cost of the repair will be $3,146. I had it towed again to another mechanic who verified that it was indeed the head gasket but will only charge me $2,400 to fix. I hate Toyota right now so much. My car is only SIX YEARS OLD with 37,000 miles on it. This was my first ever big purchase. I'm 21 years old and took out a 5-year loan because of RELIABILITY I figured the car would last me at least five years. It has only been a little over a year and now I have $11,000 left to pay for the loan plus the $2,400 cost of the repair.

I hope Toyota is proud. I only make $10.35 an hour and they screwed me financially. I swear I will never EVER buy Toyota again. As soon as my car is fixed I am trading it in and telling everyone about how awful my experience has been. If anyone wants to tell me how to get on board with a lawsuit then please contact me!

Excessive Oil Consumption 2007 Solara - Toyota knowingly manufactured a car in production that burned excessive oil. I am the victim of their faulty oil ring design along with thousands of other victims. My car uses over a quart of oil every 1000-1200 miles. Went to Westlake Toyota and they sealed the oil for the oil consumption test without and after 1300 miles said it only use 1/2 quart. Well, that equals 3 quarts of oil for an 8000 mile oil change (Synthetic). My engine will be toast if I let this happen. I will take the car in to a Toyota dealer (HA HA) and trade for a non-Toyota... will never buy another Toyota again. From their CEO's that lack ethical boundaries to the failed accelerators, this company has reach its peak and my next buy will be a Hyundai... SCREW YOU TOYOTA!!

I bought Camry 07 about 2 years ago. For few months it worked fine but saw that I was losing oil really fast. I went to mechanic and he told me that there is leakage and I will have to fix it and would cost me $1,000. I said OK and I spend $1000 to fix it. Problem kept going on, so went to dealership recently after finding out about excessive oil consumption complain letter from Toyota. They performed test and told me to come back after 1.2K miles. (They sealed off everything on engine side). I said OK. And about 600 miles after that, I started getting check oil light on. Since I couldn't put any oils, I went to dealership around 800 miles from test start just to find out that my car used more than 3 quart of oil in 800 miles. I told them to fix it and they started making excuses like Toyota hasn't come with fix for issue and if something happens to my car until issue is resolved, it would be my own fault and Toyota would be not liable...

Still waiting for fix (they give me $4,000 estimate to fix my car on my own). Absolutely, hate this. Do not like the customer service of Toyota that they are giving hard time to consumer for this. Even though they know about issue, they are not willing to fix it. And there are many more owner like me dealing with same thing... Hope they come with issue again but this left bad image of Toyota, I would not buy again nor I would let my family/friends buy it if they don't fix consumers' cars soon.

I have been going through about a quart of oil every 1000 miles. I've inquired about this problem since the car had 60 or 70000 miles adding oil before the oil light even comes on. Thank god I get my oil change every 3000 miles. I wasn't even aware of this problem until I started to research another problem with my vehicle. I've been having a problem with 3 lights coming on. VSC ENGINE, 4 wheel drive. First I was told that the gas cap was put on too tight. Several times after that we would just retighten the cap. The lights would go on. Now that isn't even working. I have had the charcoal filter didn't work. Now it happened again, now it's the charcoal canister. Oh no! 850.00 just for the part.

09 Toyota Camry 68k miles. At oil changes about 2-3 quarts were missing… Finally, Toyota put out a warranty extension for the faulty engine. Went in to do the initial test in March 2014 was told to come back after 1100-1300 miles. Went to Miami for spring break, came back, took it to Toyota. They said that my engine doesn't qualify for replacement because I burned .2 quarts which Toyota says is normal... But to get rid of the problem, I can buy a 2015 with the new designed engine… Really?

My engine should not be burning even that amount of oil... So basically, I left with tough luck. Watch your oil, and get rid of the car. Oh, not to mention, he gave me a list of what I need, water pump drains EXCESSIVELY he says (yet my temp gauge stays steady), fuel injectors, throttle body and a few other things. I'm so upset. I believed in Toyota. This is my 2nd Toyota... Then the dealer goes on to tell me that their Chevy store next door is even worse on recalls... WHO ASKED HIM ABOUT CHEVY??

He steady was trying to make convo about a new car when I'm pissed off ready to cry about the Camry. I’m going home with that the clock is ticking on the engine... So I asked, what happens when it starts consuming more and more oil over time, will Toyota retest? He said, “NO,” as the engine gets more miles ITS A DIFFERENT CAR… Urgh, I was ready to scream, guess I need to get a new emblem instead of Toyota. I should stick GARBAGE on the rear. I was proud of my Toyota Camry thinking I made an investment that would last me a long time with minimal issues…. Now this. Come on, Toyota. Stop cutting corner. Would putting thicker oil in help this engine situation. I hate to be worried about this for the rest of the time I have this car. My goal when buying to car was to pass it to my son in 2 years at age 16 and get myself something brand new.

I was pulling into my garage with my foot on the brake and was almost ready to stop when my 2013 Toyota Camry suddenly accelerated on its own. I immediately pushed harder on the brake pedal as my car surged forward. I started pumping and slamming down on the brake pedal as my Camry slammed into some shelves at the back of my garage. Needless to say I was stunned!!! My car was still accelerating when it hit the back of the garage and the fact that I was breaking made no difference. Talk about a helpless feeling.. I couldn't believe what had just happened. The car engine was still revving when I got it out drive and into neutral/park. The engine then slowed down and I backed it up and got out to see my front grill was smashed as were the shelves in the back of my garage. I've been parking in my garage for 20 years and suddenly disaster.

The trouble was only starting and my local Toyota dealership put me off and told me to contact corporate Toyota. When I told the service manager that I had just been in for my 20,000 check up and they had done some factory recall to fix an engine lag problem and since then my highway mileage was down 12-13 mpg and I thought they must have done something wrong to the car's computer. He told me everyone gets worse mileage in the winter......and that I needed to call corporate. The fact that the weather was warmer and it only lost mpg after the software "fix" was blown off. Multiple calls to corporate, two case numbers and endless stalling, my car is still sitting in my driveway. I don't trust it to drive as it is and I am still waiting for the engineer to come do the computer engine diagnosis.

I am very upset that I have been misled and put off by Toyota. You would think that after all their past troubles with unintended acceleration and their guilty verdict and 1.2 billion dollar fine that this problem would be handled differently... I had been a satisfied Toyota customer until Feb 26, 2015 when this occurred. A Toyota Sienna is parked in my garage and I previously had owned a Toyota Celica but I don't know if I will ever own another Toyota. My Camry is still under full warranty and I had purchased another 3 additional year warranty....what a joke!!! Everything was fine and dandy till their software update/"fix" and now it is nothing but grief!!

Corporate Toyota was in the full stall/ BS mode and it has now been over one month and they still haven't done the computer analysis. I thought the local dealer was doing that when I took the car into them after the accident but they only did the simple system check and of course everything was fine.