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Go anywhere else except the place Toyota of Richardson. You don't want to make deal with this people. You will be a big mistake. You don't have to go there. When you go there you will remember what have you done.

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Kind of same situation as James of Frisco, TX on April 14, 2016. I went in to buy a used vehicle. There was a young sales manager trying to be smart and first tried to sell me Nissan Altima. Then one of the sales rep showing me Toyota Prius looking nice car but we did not agreed with the price. I already gave him my price range but sales rep and this young sales manager keep playing games, not allow us to quit and keep reducing prices whenever we trying to get off.

This sales manager keep saying "if you buy then this sales rep will meet hat trick and will get bonus commission... blabla." When I did not agree with the price they both changed 360 degree from being extra ordinary nice to very abusive and insulting (this is the part I dont like) so we finally quit and get out from his office then there is another sales manager came outside and call us, stop us and apologize for the attitude and gave us little better deal but we already pissed off too much by these 2 guys so we refuse and return. All I would say be careful when you go Toyota of Richardson dealership for buying vehicle. I had bad experience with salesperson on same Toyota few years back as well. Service center is good, no complaint so far.

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Avoid this dealership if you're buying a used vehicle. There are plenty of other reputable Toyota dealers that aren't crooks like these guys. Not to mention manipulative! I went in to look at a used Prius with a pre-approval from my credit union. Test drove the car around the block and I was clear to the sales guy that I already had financing lined up and I wasn't interested in applying for credit. Sat down with the salesperson after the test drive and he hands me the deal sheet. On it I see the advertised price PLUS an additional $695 labeled "Toyota Loyalty Charge" which the salesperson goes on to tell me is required. What?? So, I ask him what all is included in this "Toyota Loyalty Charge" and he explains that it's what the dealership charges customers to get their cars into showroom ready condition. This particular Prius was missing the privacy shade and the 2nd key.

So, I'm thinking great, they got me to come in and then they're going to slip this loyalty charge to negate any offer that is lower than the advertised price. But why is this Prius missing the shade and 2nd key if I'm being charged $695? So we negotiate on a price that basically knocked off the "Toyota Loyalty Charge" plus a few hundred dollars. I wasn't too happy about the price but the Prius was great and the sales guy said he would pull a privacy shade from another Prius to give to me and that he would look into seeing about getting a 2nd key. But all the while the sales guy is moaning about how he's not making any money on this deal and that $50 was going to be his commission AND he's telling me he's trying to move fast because he's got to find his next sale due to his small commission from my deal.

At this point I'm a little irritated. I ask him to check on getting a second key and he basically tells me to go and buy one off eBay and bring it back to him cause he can program it for free because the 2nd key was going to come out of his commission and now he's losing money. I didn't like that answer. He finally gets up to ask his manager about making a 2nd key but as he's leaving he slides an application in front of me and asks me to fill it out. As I'm filling out the name, I realize it's a credit application.

Now I'm upset. I confront him about the credit app and he begins to explain that even though I may have a great rate with my credit union, I would be better off going with Toyota Financial. WTF. I told him I was very clear about having financing lined up and that I was not interested dinging my credit. How ** manipulative. I grabbed my license and insurance and told him this place is a joke and walked out. Toyota of Richardson is the reason why used car salespeople get a bad image.

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Stay away from these guys!!! Their service organization really sucks. Now I am also starting to question their honesty. I have been working with them for over 8 months on a warranty issue. They don't have the parts to fix Toyota's faulty designs. All I get is finger pointing between the dealership and Toyota. The service advisor, at times does not even bother to respond to my inquiries. I have purchased Toyotas since the late 70's. I am so frustrated now that this will be the last Toyota I ever own!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a used car from Toyota of Richardson deal no # ** on 01/03/14, cash price for car $22,988.00. Trade-in 2008 Dodge Avenger for $6,300.00. Signed a deal thinking that cost price for car + tax title - trade in value. What basically happened was they didn't ask me anything, and put the unwanted service and maintenance and again total cost of the car is again $23,610.38, which I realized after I got letter from Toyota Financial. I was doing a simple math cost of the car + tax title minus trade in value.

So I call Toyota of Richardson and meet the financial manager. I explained the situation. He told me we will call Toyota Financial to adjust the amount and he told me we'll refund the amount or apply toward principal. I made second month payment, still same. I again went to dealership. He told me, "I was busy, I forget it. I will take care of you. Don't worry about it."

It's been 3 months now, same old story and buying time, and I didn't trust that guy and called Toyota Financial and they explained that you have purchased warranty and maintenance and other services. I went to dealership and ask him to cancel all my gap and maintenance warranty. He offered me he can instead lower my interest rate but cannot cancel maintenance warranty.

I wanted to talk to other person. Here comes **, asst financial director. He took less than minute and gave me a written paper and ask to wait 3 months to cancel all the warranty. Basically he was easily buying more time. I went to his office again after few months. His attitude was rude and told me, "We cannot cancel and get out of my dealership and we have tons of lawyers in downtown. You purchased it; we cannot do anything. Go and get a lawyer."

Crook after crook, 6 months past, wasted 6k, not helped. Toyota of Richardson has a expert crooks in financial department where you can easily be cheated. Toyota of Richardson is not right place to get a new or used car. I have wasted my time, money and trust. I am helpless. I am paying my hard work for crooks. I feel bad my trade-in car was basically screwed by Toyota of Richardson. Basically if they wanted to help me, they could cancel the warranty service so I can save $6k. They intentionally did that to make commission. Be careful with guys specially Mr **, professional cheater.

Now I have been calling and letting people know to get justice. I am seeking help from following: Chamber of Commerce, Department of Public Safety, Toyota head office, State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and dealer review websites. And wherever I can so other people on Richardson, Plano, Dallas and surrounding neighbor will not face same problem and bear a huge loss of $6000. They don't have any shame. I request Toyota of Richardson to build safe business place; don't rip off customers. I never realized your car price goes 6K high when you put $6k down. Total rip off. Thank you.

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My 2008 Prius just turned 10,000 miles and I took it in to your dealership for an oil change and tire rotation. I had a coupon from Toyota for this service at a price of $39.95. Their service advisor, Lee S. informed me that I could not use the coupon because I needed the 10,000 mile service at a cost of $69.95.

After returning home I checked with the scheduled maintenance book and it listed the same service as the $39.95 coupon at 10,000 miles. The invoice on the work they did not include any service that the $39.95 coupon would not have given me. Loss of $30. But being cheated is the big deal.

Satisfaction Rating

I recently bought a pre-owned vehicle from Toyota-of-Richardson in TX, and accepted 4/48000 executive pre-owned extended warranty. I was informed that this is a Premier coverage, with $0 deductible and covers all electronics items that are equipped by the manufacturer which includes RES/DVD system also.

A week later I found a better coverage elsewhere, and went to Toyota-of-Richardson dealership to cancel current Extended Warranty from MPP. There, Finance Manager asked me not to cancel, and after consulting with his boss, said they would match the offer. He took down notes, and told me that refunds for $840.00 would be made to my lienholder and coverage-upgrades faxed to MPP immediately. I came back happy and satisfied.

Later, when I called MPP to enquire about my coverage, I was shocked to learn that my coverage was actually far less than what was claimed by the Toyota-of-Richardson to have been offered to me. I called up Toyota-of-Richardson to inform them of this discrepancy, they said sorry?, and that this will be fixed. But nothing happened for a week, After calling dealership more than twenty times, Customer Care Manager said its due to the end of month, everybody is busy, and advised that it will be sorted out.

Still No Progress. I called almost everyday several times, sent so many emails, and also requested to settle this matter by Feb 25th, so I dont have to pay from my pocket. I was told not to worry about paying from my pocket. Finally, on Feb29th, 2008 I heard that they can upgrade my coverage to what they promised, but this would cost me the same amount that they initially charged, i.e., $2790. No, that is not what they agreed upon.

I asked to cancel this coverage. They said fine, but it would take 16 weeks to get my money, and I may be charged for I crossed those 30 days from date of purchase. I feel terribly mistreated now, and duped. Well, I have all records (phone calls, emails) to prove that I wanted to settle this within 30 days of purchase, and that how much of my valuable time has been wasted by the dealership, despite making them aware of the time limit, and the special-Warranty-package offer that I had in hand.

Then, about wheel-alignment. When I test-drove this vehicle, I felt a need of wheel-alignment and a relook at the brakes. So I requested to have these both things done before I take this vehicle home. I was told, it will be taken care. Later, while driving vehicle home, I figured out wheel-alignment was surely not done, I am not sure if brakes were checked. I told the dealer so, they said its done.

I called up again to tell them that it is not really done. No response, I called again and again, several times saying that it doesnt look like done?. They said ok, we will check our service-logs.

I did not get a call for several days. Finally, I called services, and learnt that wheel-alignment was never done, I forgot to ask about brakes. Customer-care manager said that I have to pay for wheel-alignment.

Later, I was told that this right-side-drift is built-in , done on purpose, just in case driver sleeps. Well, I am not sure what is correct, but there definitely was an attempt to hide service-disclosures on my car.

Now, this sounds more like my fault, I shouldve been awake at the time of signing bunch of papers. No matter what, there should be business in good faith. I first signed papers for this vehicle on January 26th, but had to redo paper-work on Jan 31st. Date should have been updated to Jan 31st instead of Jan 26th, but no, it was not. Why ?

Out of more than 40-plus phone calls and voice-messages to 5 different people, including one to the GM, only around four calls may have been returned. Out of so many emails sent to three different people at Toyota-of-Richardson dealership, just one email got a reply. Surprisingly, Toyota-of-Richardson staff provide their dysfunctional email addresses on their business cards.

Toyota has been my preferred car, and my family has been using couple of its models for a long time now. This incident hasnt yet changed my opinion about Toyota as such, but I am very disappointed the way my case has been handled by this dealership, stress added, and time marginalized.

Toyota of Richardson has done business in bad faith. They have told lies, and duped me by charging more for a cheaper Extended Warranty.


I was rear ended in August of 2000. I took my 1995 Toyota Camry XLE to Toyota of Richardson (TOR) to be repaired. The rental vehicle was supplied by Enterprise Rental and subsidized by State Farm Insurance as it was their client that rear ended me. State Farm indicated that the repairs should take about 2 weeks at the most. After 2 months with no car, myself and the State Farm representative wondered why it was taking so long.

They (TOR and State Farm) decided to split the rental fees. After recieving the car on the 1st of November 2000, I drove 10 miles down the road and the engine seized forcing me to push the car off the road in a rainstorm. After calling the dealership immediatly, I had my wife pick me up. The car stayed there for 7 days.

I inquired why it was taking so long and they finally gave me the number of the tow truck operator. He said he couldn't find the car (right off a major highway in the Dallas area, the car could be seen from the road)He finally picked up the vehicle and took it to TOR. They inspected it and said that no oil was getting to the crankcase due to lack of oil changes (I have receipts of most oil changes dating back to the purchase of the car)I removed the car from their care and started legal proceedings, a year later they provided discoveries stating that the car was hit by a trash truck while in their care and did more damage to the car than what it was brought in for, they just never called me or the insurance company. I was never reimbursed for the rental car fees that I had to pay for and I am still in legal proceedings. They are still holding a defensive posture with no regard for the damage they have caused myself or my family. I am now starting to call investigative reporters.

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