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Service Adviser said clearly: (8/6/2016 at about 2:30 PM) "Rear brakes are metal to metal. Timing belt is overdue for replacement and the engine is living on borrowed time." Two issues: Went directly from dealership to Just Brakes 3021 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano. Requested rear brake job. Technician after removing drum reported brakes as good, no need to change at this time. I took several pictures of the current pads installed showing remaining material. Second issue: A 2007 Sienna does not use a timing belt it has a timing chain, no required change interval. I came to Toyota for the spare cable and housing recall, which I believe was completed. I can never again trust RECOMMENDED REPAIRS.

Satisfaction Rating

My car is about 2.5 years old, and I have been experiencing issues with it within a year of purchase. The check engine light came on many times for a evap malfunction. After bringing it in several times, the dealer cleared the code and said if the problem continues, then to come back. My service manager, Ken **, was very rude and arrogant when I told him the issue. I had other issues such as my driver seat rattling during highway speed, and squealing during u-turns. Ken simply was rude and blamed me for damaging the car. These problems were there since day one and none of the mechanics were able to decipher the issue. Ken was unwilling to decipher the issue and simply blamed me for the issue even though it existed since day 1. I will never go back to Toyota of Plano. I have had 5 Toyotas which were bought at other Toyotas and I will never come back to Toyota of Plano. Also it is impossible to get in contact with the manager Doug **.

Satisfaction Rating

This is to share the lack of professional and disrespected treatment that I got during my sales experience with Toyota of Plano. I don't know how I should start this. I have been a Toyota customer for the last two years and I visited multiple dealerships but I have never got such unprofessional and disrespectful treatment like the one I got at Toyota of Plano. Long story short, I would never buy a car from this Plano dealership in the future no matter what.

My Sales experience: I agreed with the sales guy on the pricing before I showed up in the dealership to finish the paperwork and walk out with the car but this is not what happened. What happened is one of your sales manager tried to raise the price of the car 500$ on me despite the fact I already agreed on the price previously. When I refused to pay any extra money above the price that I signed up for, he started acting rude and I can't believed things he said to me starting with "I am the in charge person in here nobody in this dealership going to sell you a car if I decide not to sell you". I replied to him gently "it's true, it's your car and it's your dealership and I don't have control over that but I got a better deal from other dealers which I am going to sign up for if you are not going to sell me the car with the price that I signed up for."

He made it worse when he accused me of lying in front of my wife and kids when he said "This is not true, you have never gotten a better deal before and you won't get any and if you are going to walk away and not signing up for the risen price that I am offering you then it won't be valid anymore." In other word, he was threaten me that he will raise the price. The man accused me of lying in front of my family. It was unbelievable. This is where I told him "Stop, we are over here" and I am not going to buy any car from somebody accused me of lying and that was totally inappropriate. I can't possibly believe that those guys treating their customers like that.

Anyway, the moment I walked out of the dealership, I visited Toyota of Lewisville where I got a better deal as well as a treatment with "respect" much better than the one I got from Plano dealership, and btw, I made my purchase from there on the same day. I would not recommend Plano dealership to anybody because of the horrible sales experience that I got and again I will make every single effort to share my experience to other people wherever possible.

Satisfaction Rating

On August 31, 2015 I took my Toyota 4Runner to Toyota of Plano for an oil change and recall of dashboard. On the same day my service advisor called to inform me that I needed to replace these 6 parts: Valve cover gasket is leaking - will replace the spark plugs. Power steering rack and pinion is leaking - have to do an alignment with the repair. Power steering fluid exchange. Rear brake pads and rotors resurfaced. Oil Pan. Trasmission fluid flush.

Surprisingly, one hour later the other service advisor who shares the same office space was informing the customer the same parts replacement. Apparently they are here to rip off people. The next day I picked up my vehicle. I had just pulled out of the parking lot when I noticed my windshield has a crack. I spoke with the service department manager who is truly does not know how to talk to the customer. He refused to replace my cracked windshield. Time to find a reputable, competent service department. Toyota of Plano must be closed down. On my previous visit I noticed my service light was still on after oil change. How does a vehicle leave a service department with the "Maintenance Required" light on and no one within the service department notice.

Satisfaction Rating

On or about July 27, 2015 I took my Toyota Tundra to Toyota of Plano for an oil change and recall of air bag. On the same day my service adviser called to inform me that I needed a drive belt and battery bracket, and that parts had to be ordered for the recall repair. I consented to the repairs. Just a couple of hours later my service adviser informed me my vehicle repairs and oil change were complete and the vehicle was "all ready" for pick up. Surprising since the parts had to be ordered.

At 7 AM on the 29th I picked up my vehicle. I had just pulled out of the parking lot when I noticed my service light was still on and my radio was not receiving. I reviewed my invoice and was shocked to find the oil had not been changed. How does a vehicle leave a service department with the "Maintenance Required" light on and no one within the service department notice?! The reason I was not getting reception on my radio - the antenna had been stolen! I quickly called my service adviser - No answer. I called the service department manager - No answer. As I sit here 6 hours later, I have yet to hear back from either individual. I have no idea if any work was actually performed on my vehicle, but I do know the work I requested was not done and my antenna was stolen. And I can't get a return call from anyone in the service department of Toyota of Plano. Time to find a reputable, competent service department. Toyota of Plano is neither.

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Satisfaction Rating

I bought a Toyota Camry 2014, traded with Toyota 4Runner. He wanted to give me $15,750.00 for Toyota 4Runner trade-in value. Mistakenly finance department put $15,500.00 and without checking, I signed it because I was in rush. Later on he completely deny whatever he said. So I just completed the deal as it is. If anybody lie during any transaction, I have firm belief that God will punish them either here or here-after. I would highly request to everyone, please check 10 times before you sign anything, specially if you go to Toyota of Plano. They are liar, deceive people and convince people by lying.

Satisfaction Rating

After taking car in for recall notice, Service advisor said I had oil leak he could fix. I knew it had a leak so I said sure. $ 600.00 later and having to return 3 times to get the oil leaked fixed that they suggested I should do... they fixed it. I had some interesting phone calls with the service advisor with him basically telling me it was fixed and it wasn't. The car is leaking oil again after 8 months and since the car repair is under warranty for 12 months I have to take it back. I will let you know how this is handled this time. I hope it won't take 3 more trips to fix the leak. The paperwork said they replaced the valve cover gaskets also the first time. The valve cover gaskets are leaking now. It's funny how Toyota tells me I need the leak fixed and then it takes 3 times with the service advisor arguing with me telling me it was fixed the first time. Then he tells me he has to figure out how to add the repair to some other car in the shop. Go figure.


I Purchased a car. A pre-owned Toyota Certified Prius. I tried to leave several times saying that I wanted to think about it and check other cars, but they blocked my path, verbally abused and insulted me, and they at first refused to allow me to get the used vehicle check out saying theyere was no need and they were tired of trying to defend there certification to mechanics who had a vested interest in finding problems. My sister (who I had on the phone, heard this exchange). I call this beat the **** out of the customer (for 2 hours, untill he is so exausted that he will do just about anything to get the hell out of the place. # After one day I brought it back saying it did not feel right (stability control), and the car did not seem to charge properly.

They Driector of Used Car Sales and one of the Repair Techs took it for a test drive. They said there is nothing wrong with the car, no need for repair, that I am just imagining something. The offerred to move me into another used car at 200+ a month more in car payments, and they would take away the $3500 trade in that I had given them. When I choked on the loss of the trade in, and the 1.0% increase in interest they would chage (going from 7.7% to 8.7 %, I gave up and said I would keep the Toyota Prius. They used care sales people thought this was very funny, and snickered as I left. Within 2 weeks later the car died. I purchased a 100,000 waranty on the car which included road side assistance. 3 car services later (and 4 hours) they could not find anyone who know mnre than how to fumble with the electronic system.

Eventually all Road side assistance said was to sleep in the car and call them in the morning to be toed in to Toyota. So by 10 am the next day I had the car toed in. Then Toyota refused to provide a rental car. Saying a battery issue (at this time they were unsure what the issue was) was not coverred (As it turns out it was a battery problem, and it was coverred under the first 36000 mile warranty). Before I left the used car department agreed to provide a rental car. A day later they said they had fixed the car, and I drove out to pick up the vehicle. I had the car for less than a week before I found a audible feedback when they car was being drive. A High / the Low Pitched sound wave that could break your ear drums. A day later ehy said they found that there was not problem and told me to come pick up the car. I reviewed the issue with the chief Mechanic who then heard the feedback issue and said he would go over it with his tech support.

Now less then two weeks ago the car died again, I had the tow truck driver (Toyota Road Side) assistance out again, this time the tech knew how to jump a prius, and we could not get the car to start (electric to gas), this time it was not the battery the electric seems all screwed up after the techs two weeks earlier said it was only a batter. This time the battery had a change but the car still would not start.

When I pointed out these problems to Toyota they said that is what the 100,000 mile waranty is for. anyways you signed a contract. like it or lump it (metaphorically). From there viewpoint they did there best, from mine they acted with mailice of forthougt and once you step in they will brow beat untill you are to exaused to do anything but sign. It was more like an interrogation than sales. Every day they make me fight, just to have a way to get to work. I thought with Toyota you could not loose. I was so wrong.

I have no vehicle to get to or from work reliably. I have a Toyota Lemon that I will have to pay for over the next seven years that will not run for more that two weeks without breaking down. I can't get to customers, or to work reliably which means my job (at over 80,000) per year is at risk. I have lost hours in the mornings oover the bast 3-4 weeks dealing with Toyota of Plano. I will have to take the bus to work, and since I work the late night shift -- I will have to more often than not sleep at the office because there are no busses running that late at night.


Although I am in Houston, I was dealing today with Toyota of Plano, TX because they have the car/color/features, etc. we've been shopping for. The price quoted below was the best we found online and thus we contacted the sales rep this morning to let him know we were ready to buy this vehicle. I also gave a credit card number to hold the car until we could finalize the paperwork and take delivery. At this time Toyota is offering the choice of either a $2500 rebate or zero percent financing. So, during the telephone conversation with the sales rep, Tim O'Grady, I told him that we prefer using the zero percent financing option.

About an hour after the phone conversation with him, Tim O'Grady called me back and "after talking to his manager", Mike Kell, they say the price quoted (see Tim's email below) pertains to AFTER the rebate but since I want the zero percent financing offer and there is no rebate, the price of the car is now $40,474 ($2500 more than the firm quote below)!!! Unbelievable!

It seems to me that this is a violation of Deceptive Trade Practices, plain and simple. I left a voice mail for the General Manager and also sent him a copy of the sales' rep's email which promised a "No hassle, no haggle" price but haven't heard a peep back. Take a look at the salesman's email that makes no mention whatsoever about an after rebate amount.


i bought a used car from toyota of plano, it is toyota corolla, on 1st day i found the noise come out from interier part and i call to used car sales department. they said call to new car department for service. i visited to used car department regarding my complain. they said go to new car depatment, i went to new car department. i keep my car 3 hours and said we dont know from where noise is coming,

after 2 week my window glass come out. i call to used car department they said go to new car department. i went new car department. they keep my car whole day and at evening they said i have to paid $250 for fixing a glass, i have platinum warrany, now i am tyred from this people. everytime they back and forth from here to there and every time wants money. i dont know what to do


i Bought a toyota corola used car from toyota of plano and it was certified toyota car and i bought a platinum warranty by extra pay of $1595 but from very first day the noise come out from interier part within 5 days i went to dealership and complain again it they said do not come here go to new car department they will handle it when i went over there they took 3 hours but halpeless to solve it and said go to used car department i am going here and there but no solution at all


I bought 2002 Sienna XLE from Toyota of Irving, TX on 11/16/2001. After few months we had issues with PSNGR Side PWR Door. Took it to service dept. They reset it and worked fine. This happened couple of more times. Until 2003. Then When I took van to Toyota of Plano on 8/25/2003 with still under warranty (17,569 mileage). They REPAIRED it with TSB B0028-01 Re-Initialize system. Invoice # 124281

Again, it started giving us problems in 2004 and 2005 so we took it back to Toyota of Irving and of course the service dept said its out of warranty now (39,232 miles) So after escalating to svc mgr and then to GM, they fixed on 3/12/05 invoice # TOC315023.

Worked for few months again and it started giving us problems again so we took it back to Toyota of Plano on 10 April 2007. They gave us estimate of $2,100 and mentioned NEEDS POWER DOOR MOTOR AND ECU.

We didnt use the van for a week and battery died. After giving the jump, the van started and power door started working again. Took it back to Toyota of Plano today June 11 2007 to see if they can look into this issue so we can get this fixed as we had the pwr door issue from very first yr.

Talked to Service Manager David Kennedy and he said he can not help me as its out of warranty. When I talked to Tayme Roloff, Customer Relations Manager at Toyota of Plano she told me that she can not override it what already service mgr had told me. BTW, the battery was under warranty as I had replaced in August of 2006 which service dept didnt even bother to offer to check. I was frustrated about this situation as I spent $35K plus all this time to fix the door which has given me issues from very first yr. I told Toyota of Plano that I will never buy car from the dealer. Perhaps I was loud and they asked me to leave the office. Officer Blackburn from Plano Police Department was also witness this as well.

$2,100 is cost to repair the motor and Ecu


Toyota of Plano is located in Plano Texas. My wife and I feel that they engaged in unfair tactics when we were dealing for a Toyota Sequoia. They mis-represented many items to us including the price and delivery date and applied an extreme amount of pressure while we were discussing the purchase opportunity. After leaving a $1,000 deposit, they refused to refund it to us even though these cars are selling as soon as they hit the showroom floor.

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