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Toyota of McDonough

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Toyota's are all about reliability, efficiency and being fun to drive. At Toyota of McDonough, we love those three things as well as delivering exceptional and timely customer service, and great value. See you soon!

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Last updated: Jan. 15, 2018

41 Toyota of McDonough Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

Purchased my 2011 Lexus from here and it was great! Highly recommend this place if you are looking for a fast, smooth, and friendly car purchase! The staff here is knowledgeable and attentive! Very pleased!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

Okay first off they called me and said I Pre Approve for a car loan. Ok so I make appt. I go down to McDonough a place that's almost a hour away from my home and when I get there it’s empty and I see why but anyway so to make a long story short we do paperwork. So then I put down a deposit. At this point I know what car I'm trying to get which was a Sienta. Ok so then they said I'm Approve and that I need to put insurance on it which I did that but why I'm doing that I goes to a back office and sign all my paperwork so when I'm done they hand over me the keys ok so I leave. AFTER a week I've had the car they call and say that the bank can't contact my Job. Then they call back and say the bank said my Job said I doesn't work there so I say, "That's got to be a lie. I'm at work now." Then they ask me to have my manager to call. I did that. So my manager spoke with the bank so after 3 more days after.

So at this time it's Like a week and two days I've had the car. They then say "we need you to come down because the bank gave us the contract back because your manager didn't give enough information." So at this point I'm asking what other information the bank wants to know. Toyota say they don't know. They want me to come down at this point. I stated to them, "Look. I don't stay down the street. I have a job. I can't be taking these days off. Y'all supposed to had everything handle before I left RIGHT?" So I Make them wait. Between time someone hit me on my way to work. So I called my insurance and they pay for it to get fix. So at this point they acting like they about to report the car stolen and all I'm trying to do is get it fix before I give it back.

So after they call everybody talking **. I told them where the car was and they call my insurance talking about I told them to come get the car and the car wasn't getting fix. They tell a bunch of lies because y'all don't know who was fixing it. I had my personal person who I have fixing on my cars to fix it. My insurance told me it's my choice who I want to fix and that's what I did. Got who I wanted BUT DON’T PURCHASE FROM THIS CAR LOT. THEY FULL OF BS AND LIES.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

DECEPTIVE. DECEPTIVE. DECEPTIVE. These people will ruin your life if it means you driving off the lot with a car. Firstly, I am a first time car buyer, only shopping around, and this was the FIRST dealership I went to. (WRONG DECISION NUMBER 1). I went in there with a strong budget, not wanting a note over $400/month. However they told me it was only one car I could get there, a brand new 2018 Corolla in a bright red color that I never even picked out. Once they targeted this car they would stop at nothing to get me in that and only that. I wanted a used car, they said it was no way I could get any other car or color without my note going up. Mind you, the note was set to be $680 and there is no way I am paying that much for a car that I don't even like or want.

I talked to 4 different salesman explaining why I did not want the car and I was detained for 3 hours basically telling them it is no way I can get this car. I was told I would be worthless in GA without a car. They even waited until the last few No's to send out an ** to "relate" to me after talking to 4 other ** people and that was the worst thing they could have ever done. He made it seem like he was the head boss, which I easily confirmed he was not. Not only did this man not listen or care about anything I was saying, he told me I wasted all their time and that I basically need to pay the original salesman for his time. Now you will not guilt trip or make me feel like trash to get me into a car. I honestly only spent about 30-45 minutes of actual face to face conversation, all the other time was them going back and huddling up and thinking of the next scheme they are hitting me with.

When I test drove the first car (that I didn't get to pick out) this man had me walking in circles in the cold because he didn't know where it was at, and when we found the car next to the dumpster, he didn't even know how to back it out, I honestly had to look away because I was scared he would hit something. The last and biggest thing that killed me is that after all those hours of stagnancy, they wait until the last minute to all of a sudden find the perfect car, a souped up Camry, way better than the original car, in a better car, and in my price range. At that point it is an absolute no. They are so deceptive and you will not finesse me into getting into a contract with a team of liars, and I pray that none of you all will make that fatal decision ever. DON'T GO HERE. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. WATCH CAR DOGS ON NETFLIX. THEY USE EVERY TRICK FROM THE BOOK.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I took my 2015 Toyota RAV 4, which I purchased from Toyota of McDonough, in for a tire repair and was told the puncture was on the side and could not be repaired. They would sell me two tires and a front end alignment for close to $400.00 and could get the work done the following day. I said, "not so fast" as I needed to think about it since it was a very slow leak and we were leaving for an extended vacation. As I went to take the work receipt, the service person told me that he needed to hang onto it and wouldn't let me have it. Upon return from vacation, I took my car to a local garage to have nitrogen put in the tires. They recommended that their service staff look at it. As a result, they found the only puncture of the tire to be about 1/3rd of the distance in on the tread and said it was an easy fix. That was two weeks ago and the tire light has not come on. $27.00 or close to $400.00 -- which would you rather pay? We'll never go back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

Do not purchase a new car from Toyota of McDonough! A price was agreed on for the purchase of the car, monthly payments, and trade in amount on car I was trading in! Well come to find out they jacked the price of the car up with saying anything and extended the amount of time I would pay on the car so monthly payments would stay the same! 10 year extended warranty was added without my consent, charged me twice for the LoJack service, and wasn't given the full amount for my trade in, and added a $2,100 charge for the car being unique! When it was brought to their attention they wanted to throw it back at us like we agreed on all those things and we did not and that there was nothing they could do to change it back and get my monthly payments reduced by taking off all the extra they thought was okay to add!! They are liars and will screw you and not even blink an eye as they do it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

Let me tell you about the "Amazing" Multi-point inspection service at Toyota of McDonough. I've been there 2-3 times since it had my vehicle to get oil changes and their opinion on maintenance. This morning I had an appointment with NTB where they informed me there's something I may want to take a look at. My Lugnuts (which are hollow and you can see straight through to the threading) were only holding onto the studs by 1-2 threads EACH because the bolts were too short. To give you an example of what this means, hitting a curb, anything hitting the front wheels, ANYTHING could have snapped the entire wheel right off of the truck.

So Toyota, I don't know what your "multi-point inspection" entails, but IF your service manager ACTUALLY calls me back... I expect a VERY good reason on why your "qualified" technicians couldn't take the time to simply LOOK at what holds the wheels on for two seconds to tell me my entire family could die. Reminder: You don't have to do Anything to see this other than look. No unbolting, no taking the wheel off... Nothing. In fact, to check brake and tire on this form you pass right by this, and not 1... not 2... ALL 24 were like this.

So, in summary. Toyota of McDonough... NO. I don't care what you offer, I don't care what specials you're having. The answer is NO, and screw you. You obviously didn't care enough about me and my family to give me extremely important information I needed to keep my family safe. Good luck to you in the future and I hope bringing this into the light helps another family stay safe.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2017

I purchase a 2015 Kia Sorento on March 10, 2017, I just pull a Carfax report on July 27, 2017. Well to my dismayed this vehicle was rear ended on June 19, 2016. The dealership never showed me the Carfax. So I get the phone that day (July 27, 2017), ask to speak to the salesman, he wasn't in. Ask for a manager. He gets on the phone I explain the problem, he told me that he would call me back the next day (July 28) at 10:30am. Well he did not so I call again and receive the same answer will call back. I'm still waiting. This dealership is very deceptive. Will I shop for a car from place again no way!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

Salesperson Erin and I agreed on one price. Then behind my back increased that price and extended the length of the loan so that my monthly payment would be the same. Adding insult to injury, finance guy, Jeff, added a warranty to my contract to the tune of $2000.00, which I stated clearly more than once that I didn't want. When I realized what happened I complained to the business manager. Not only did I not get an apology, he actually defended these guys. Asking me if that was my signature, etc. This is my 4th car purchased from them. I expect that if we came to an agreement, that's what is in the contract. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

I would NOT recommend purchasing a vehicle from Toyota of McDonough. My sales rep Aaron made many promises to get the car sold to me but did not follow through on any of them. He had a sour attitude as did the rest of the staff and by the end of my experience, they made myself and my family very uncomfortable. They were rude, dishonest, and pushy.

I put $1000 down on the vehicle and instead of applying that $1000 towards the cost of the vehicle they added on gap insurance which I stated SEVERAL times that I DID NOT WANT OR NEED and used my down payment to pay for it instead of applying it to the cost of my vehicle. And they did not tell me this. They just did it without asking. I bought a brand new 2017 Toyota Corolla which didn't even have car mats in it when I drove it off the lot. Which are almost $200! When I called Aaron back to tell him this, he said he would call me back and never did. I will NEVER buy another vehicle from this dealership and anyone who chooses to visit this location, be prepared to pay very close attention to what they say to you and how they say it to make sure you're not being deceived. The customer service was the worst part of this experience. I would highly recommend that you go somewhere else to purchase your vehicle.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2017

Purchased a vehicle from them and they were deceitful from the start. Poor customer follow up and not knowledgeable about parts and services that they offer in order to make the sale. Will promise you anything to get you to purchase a vehicle. Get everything in writing because they will claim that is not what they told you. Do not trust anyone employed there. Unfortunately, I discovered after the sale. Definitely tarnished my opinion of Toyota.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2017

I have a blessing and nice experience with the salesman. He was very nice and care about our concern, he took all his time to offer us the best deal and his manager and work with us. He was very patient, kind and ready to serve us, very professional and open to answer all our questions concerning our concerns. Finally we went home happy and I will recommend this salesman to anybody who want to be happy and very satisfy. I will thank him again for his service, appreciation, kindness toward us. I will recommend a lot of nice people like him to work at Toyota South of McDonough. Thanks again Mr. Fazal ** for your service at Toyota south of Mcdonough and may God bless you.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2017

Saturday was a big day for me. I purchased a Rav4 and a Camry SE due to Chris being a wonderful and convincing salesman. I came to Toyota of McDonough to trade in one car that I had purchased from them in 2015. Most of all Catanya ** made my experience at Toyota of McDonough a very pleasant one. She is a great person with a pleasant personality and done everything to ease the stress of having a two year old, 5 year old and a 16 year old great-great niece and nephews with you while you are trying to purchase a car. She also had to make several trips to each car that I was trading in to get additional paperwork. After all that, Ms ** had to get my garage opener out of the car after the car was moved to the service area. She explained all the features on the Rav4 to my great niece that I purchased the car for and that isn't an easy task if you know my niece.

Today 4/23/2017, I returned to Toyota of McDonough to give them the additional spare key I had for one of the cars that I traded in and to get a CD that has sentimental value to me that I had left in the car. Ms ** had no problem retrieving the CD for me with that same wonderful smile she had on her face Saturday. She also took more time today with me to answer additional questions that I had about the Camry features on the car and went out of her way to explain to a Sirius XM salesperson about the concerns I had about two accounts I had already had with them. They were totally confusing me and trying to get me to purchase additional service that I knew I didn't need. Thanks Ms. ** and hopefully all the other customer service consultants are like you!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2017

My experience was wonderful. The salesman (Chris **) was very professional and helpful. He has a pleasant attitude. Although I was just browsing on that day and not really committed to buying something, he explained everything to me and allowed me the opportunity to ask questions. I really enjoyed doing business with him and looking forward to working with him when I am ready to make that commitment. Thank you Mr. **!!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 13, 2017

My experience at the McDonough Toyota dealership this past weekend was simply amazing! Chris ** is an amazing salesman and he made my experience wonderful. I asked for specifics in a new vehicle and he delivered! I love my 2017 Camry. It's my first new vehicle purchase in 10 years and I'm so thankful for a wonderful experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

I bought a new 2016 Camry from Rose **. She is the most knowledgeable car sales person I have known in my 50 plus years of buying cars. She knows the Toyota products and features through and through and made the process enjoyable. I will buy from her again. Service at McDonough Toyota is also excellent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2017

I wrote a review previously for my experience with buying a new car while we were at the dealership and things were going well. I went with my mother to buy a new Prius - her 5th Prius. I repeatedly asked if there was an option between highest priced Prius, $30,000 vehicle, and the lowest priced $22,000 vehicle and was told no. Come to find out by searching online that there is a mid-range $26,000 vehicle available. Should have googled it while I was there, my mistake.

The car didn't come home with a Cargo cover, even though it was listed on the window sticker. When my mom called, the salesperson told her to go online and find one. They are not sold on, there some used/salvage on eBay. When she told him it was on the window sticker, he told her to take a picture. When she took a picture, he didn't believe her copy and said she had to take a picture of the whole legal-sized window sticker (like she was lying..?). She drove out to pick it up - they still argued with her. Then made her go out to the lot and find one to give to the Service Department. WTH? The whole "service after the sale" thing is non-existent. It's not a big deal that the cargo cover was missing. We could have easily made the 45 mile drive there to pick one up. It's how they acted and argued about it that was not cool.

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Original review: March 18, 2017

The salesman, Gerald **, was very helpful, very friendly and was able to offer several options for purchase. You are excited to drive the new car he helped us find and we will refer him to other people! Billy **, the sales manager, was also very helpful in finding me the best finance options.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2017

We worked with Gerald ** to find the perfect car today! He greeted us at the door and was really great at identifying what we were looking for. He showed what we were looking for in a few different options and then we narrowed it down. He helped with the discounts and finding the right payment plan. Great guy, very friendly and funny. Would definitely recommend again!

Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

I bought a 2015 Camry SE from Mr **. I was a first time buyer and never bought a car before. I told him what I liked and he listened. He took care of everything over the phone and all I had to do was come in sign and drive. He is great. I will tell everyone I know to go see him if they are looking to buy a vehicle.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

My husband was getting his car serviced at Toyota of McDonough. Allen **, in the parts department, was very helpful and knowledgeable. He decided to browse the sales floor and met Rose **, a sales professional, who showed him the new 2017 Toyota Corollas. He fell in love with the Metallic grey one as his older car was on its last legs. We discussed the purchase and decided to go back and talk to Rose. We called ahead and were told to come in about 3:00 pm on Saturday. We test drove the car and decided to purchase it. Rose worked with us and we left with a good deal and a beautiful car! Would recommend Allen ** in the Parts Department if you need to purchase parts, or Rose ** for great customer service when looking for a new car!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Purchase made November 2016. I purchased a 2017 Toyota Camry. It is January 23, 2017. I have been lied to since day one. I still have an expired tag on my vehicle. I have missed days from my job because they refused to respond to phone calls. I arrived December 27 to find my title and paperwork to get a tag had been sent to another person with the same name who did not have a vehicle with this dealership.

I was told numerous times I needed to obtain a signature from my father, the cosigner. Toyota physically sent someone to his home 4 hours away who only submitted the one copy of his documentation to the bank when the one copy could have been sent to both. My father is 75 and hesitant about giving this information. I was told if I wanted a tag and avoid my vehicle being repossessed I needed to go get this info AGAIN from my father. I took no action because those was the dealership's responsibility. They managed to convince him to provide this information once again. When I called to talk to the GM he never got on the phone but sent a message stating they didn't contact me about the status because my father should have informed me that he resent the information. He is an idiot.

I was promised I'd receive this via FedEx by December 8, 2016 by which time I had to get another temp tag. This is when I took a day off only to find it was sent to the wrong person. The dealership refused to process the tag for me stating it would take longer. Finally I received the information with a check, went to the tag office for the 3rd time, only to be told original signatures were required. I stood there 15 to 20 minutes going back and forth with the tag agent and the dealership that copies are acceptable. The dealership, Brittany, found every excuse in the book to make this my responsibility.

Two weeks ago I was contacted to get my father's address, he's a cosigner so all of his info should be on file. He is the same person they physically sent someone to obtain the info initially. Miraculously Brittany remembered she had power of attorney and could sign my father's name FOR HIM. To top everything off, I would have to come out of pocket to pay for the tag.

Today I received the document signed by Brittany for my father. This is the worst experience of my life with purchasing a vehicle. I would never recommend anyone go here do to the lies and shady practices. I'd like to to mention I requested my tag from the vehicle I traded be transferred but it is nowhere to be found. Thank goodness I will have $5 remaining AFTER paying for the tag which is mostly dealership late fees. Everyone I spoke with didn't care about the impact of taking time off from my job that I need to make the payments. Simply being honest and returning calls to the customers who provide them with jobs and doing things properly would have eliminated so much heartache and ill feelings. If I ever needed a vehicle, this would be the very last option behind getting a bicycle.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

Ahmad ** was an excellent salesperson. He was kind, patient, and very helpful. If I had any questions he always had an answer. He really took his time to make sure I was getting the customer service I deserved. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a car, new or used, to go to Toyota of McDonough.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

I was in the market to purchase a 2016 Toyota Prius. Toyota of Mcdonough responded to me with a quote for a 2016 Toyota Prius 3. They also confirmed to me in multiple emails that they would accept credit card for payment, and would hold the car for me if I gave them a deposit. Since the dealership was 65 miles away from my house, I wanted to clarify everything before I made the long drive. They never mentioned that the quoted price had an expiration date. After several email exchanges and phone conversations and confirmations of price and mode of payment, I went there. After I test drove the car and started discussing payment, I asked whether they would accept credit card payment.

One extremely rude manager - Joe, came by and said that they did not accept payments by credit cards. When I showed him the emails from his store confirming that they would, he refused to discuss them. He even said that they would doing us a favor by selling a car at the quoted price. So, we proceeded to walk out. When we were getting ready to leave, the salesman called Erin came by and started to offer that we could make a deposit today to hold the car, pay partly with credit and the rest with cash when we came back. So, we went back inside the shop. This time, again after a lot of back and forth among the sales rep and multiple managers, they told us that the quote was valid only if we were ready to make a purchase that very same day. That threw us off completely. We were not buying a pair of shoes, but a big ticket item and we were not ready that day to make the purchase.

They tried to sell us financing the car, in spite of us telling them that we would be paying in cash. Once they are accepting credit cards for payment, then they are not. Once we can pay a deposit to hold the car, and then we cannot. This kind of unreliable, unfair and deceptive selling tactics through false dissemination of information, and their rude attitude made us most uncomfortable and we left the store. The sales rep Erin gave us his card. We said that we were ready to buy the car the following weekend, but not that day. We spoke to the sales rep the following weekend, and the price of the car had gone up by $1,200+. If they had no intention of selling us the car, rather than jamming it down our throat, why did they advertise it in the first place? The business needs to engage in correct and truthful communication and advertising. They need to stop providing false and enticing quotes to lure customers into the store, and then not honor them.

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2016

We first visited Toyota on Dec 2nd and had all the price worked out. Since they did not have the color we were not willing to compromise. Later they kept emailing. When I called Judy she told me we now have another $1000 off from the manufacturer with 0% financing together with the $6000 off. The final numbers were $27000 even the manager asked me if I will walk away with it if it is $27000 on Dec 2nd 2016. Today when we returned the manager comes up with the worksheet which says $32,000. When I asked him for the previous copy he said, "I do not have." Since I am very aware of all their tricks I had taken pics of the price and gave him the exact time and date we were there and asked him to get a copy. He said that the system deletes everything...

What kind of dealership will have the software that does not save any quote and will delete everything in a car dealership when they kept harassing us by calling, texting and emailing about the last visit and purchase??? Everything gets deleted as soon as you ask for proof unbelievable. Since I am aware of the car dealership software and how it works. I also quoted the exact words we had during our conversation. He completely agreed and was aware of the statement about the price but today came up with another $5200 extra. Get ready. See it to believe. The price on their website says $31,196 inclusive of all fees. I have screenshot the webpage and wanted to post here so everyone can read and see it to believe it.

Unbelievable cheats. Please stay away. Do not be taken away by large discounts and later be deceived because they do not disclose all the consumer protection and rights clearly. I thank God that we were not tricked and we knew every detail very clearly. If anyone needs any info check on Facebook and other social media I will post the same information with all images.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

I purchased my tundra from McDonough Toyota. Their thieving acts showed up immediately. I purchased an eight cylinder, but they switched on me to a six cylinder. When I brought the truck back they tried to say it was an honest mistake and that the two trucks were sitting next to each other and they grabbed the wrong keys. (Yea right, I don't think so.) Then as time went on, I found there was a problem within the wearing of the tires having excessive wear on the outer edge. I had rotated the tires every five thousand miles as required. I had the wheel alignment serviced four times and the tires replaced at thirteen thousand miles. Now at forty seven thousand miles my Michelin tires are worn down on the outer edge. The dealership is telling me I need a new set of tires but never addresses the real issue towards the cause of the damage creator.

Furthermore I am constantly having to deal with the service manager Rod **. This man is an habitual liar and a total thief. When I brought my truck in for service I found my battery and stabilizer bar for the battery stolen and switched out by the service mechanic. My battery went from being new to having a totally corroded battery and totally rusted stabilizer bar instantly after the service. Yet the manager Rod ** totally denies the truth of what had happened. These guys are a criminal act!

Also Toyota Mcdonough doesn't honor their warranty. The extended sixty thousand mile warranty is the biggest joke. I was told it came with one free brake replacement. When I had them check the brakes, I was told the pads weren't worn enough for the warranty to kick in. Then six thousand miles later I wasn't seeing any fluid in the master cylinder; so I had it checked by an outside source only to be told that my pads were worn and needing replacement. So I brought my truck back to McDonough Toyota and Rod Stinking liar ** for involved again. This time he tells me that the warranty doesn't cover the brakes. Are you kidding me! The service department lies so much that they can't remember what they said the time before. Then Rod ** went into the computer to enter bogus information to cover his tracks.

Oh and don't let me forget about this man gauging the tires and writing down improper specs. I also witnessed him taking his thumb and changing the reading on the gauge so he can intentionally cause me to lose any warranty with Michelin as I had Michelin on the phone working with me to discount a new set of tires. I am totally aggravated dealing with the criminals at McDonough Toyota. I tried going to the main headquarters with my complaint, but was shunned off by them telling me that Toyota McDonough was a separate entity and there's nothing they can do. So who is responsible for Toyota's actions then? Do not buy anything from McDonough Toyota. The entire flock of thieves should be investigated and locked up behind the bars of the law. (Shame on you Toyota for allowing this dealership to exist. PURE GREED!)

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

First off let me start by saying if I didn't have to rank a star that I would not do so. I bought a used 2014 Toyota Camry about 5 months ago and I was about 3 car notes in, when I discovered a bubble in my paint so we called and asked to schedule a day to bring the car in since it was under warranty. Hah was that a joke? It took us over 3 weeks for them to be able to get us in and provide us with a rental while the car was being painted. Well we finally got it down there and picked up the rental. I say down there because we live 2 hours away from this location. We bought from this location because we knew people who worked there, that we trusted. Anyhow, so we were told that the paint guy is only in on Mon & Thurs. Okay so that's fine. We dropped it on a Sat and we knew it wouldn't be touch until Mon.

Well Monday came and we were told they had got busy, but it would be taken care of on Thurs only to find out that the paint guy didn't show for work on Thurs. So that meant my car would be down there another week and that it wouldn't be touched until the following Thurs due to that Mon being a Labor day. Oh but get this Enterprise had already booked out the rental they had put us in and wanted us to bring the car we were in and pick up another one. Mind you they hadn't taken care of my car yet but wanted me to do them a favor by driving 2 hours to change out rentals. Haha uhm no, not happening.

So Thursday comes I never hear anything about my car being done. No one called so my husband finally found out it had been done and could come pick it up so he went to go pick up the vehicle and did a walk around to make sure the job was completed. So he calls me to tell me the one panel that was bubbling had been done, but that the front of my car looked like they had taken white nail polish to my car. By this time I am mad as all get out. They told him if he wanted to bring the car back in 2 weeks we could, that the paint guy wouldn't be on site until then. WHAT?? 2 more weeks are you serious? They wouldn't even fill the car up for us for our trouble or inconvenience. Oh and they couldn't locate our keys for about 20 mins. WHY WEREN'T MY KEYS IN A SAFE PLACE?

I swear these people are no good, untrustworthy, inexperienced, unprofessional. I wish I had never dealt with this particular dealership. Not to mention that after we signed our paperwork when we first bought the car our salesman called us a few days later saying he got us a better interest rate and we could get cheaper payments. So we were excited about that, only to find out he had forged our names on to a new agreement and had other stuff added to our agreement that we didn't agree to and we would had never knew if we hadn't got a new copy and looked it over. Luckily we looked it over and found out what he had done and the he had forged my husband's name and my name to the agreement. When we reported this in person it was handled, but the employee is still working there. So that should tell you what kind of operation Toyota of McDonough is running & employing low down dirty scam artist.

I am very disappointed in this company and BBB should do their own investigation on these con artist.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2016

My 2006 Tacoma went to Toyota McDonough for a frame replacement. Everything worked well, including the air conditioning. After getting the truck back, the front end needed aligned again, I asked for a tire rotation and didn't get it, and my air conditioner doesn't work well. Mark ** sent me an estimate of about $1300.00 to FIX!!! Already spent over 800.00 for some needed repairs but can't see why I need to spend another 1300.00 to fix my truck that wasn't broke... I want the dealership to repair at their cost.

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Original review: May 17, 2016

After their service department ripped us off and cost us a lot of money they constantly sent us emails, postal mail and even had the nerve to call us on the phone to purchase another new vehicle from them. Sick and tired of seeing anything with "Toyota of McDonough" on it I finally sat down and wrote the general manager a letter and told him to stop it all. I also told him what I thought of his crooked incompetent dealership he was running. Even after this we received a few emails, postal mail and a couple of phone calls. Then it all stopped.

We went months and months receiving nothing thinking we would never have to hear from them again. Now they have started emails and postal mail again. They have a new general manager now and say they want our business back and to come in for a cup of coffee and a handshake. Are they for real. Do they think that will make costing us $2603 alright. How about restitution. That's what most criminals are required to do. This dealer has no ethics whatsoever. Anyone who would read their negative reviews, check their Better Business Bureau rating and complaints, which are not good at all and has a good clear head on their shoulders would never ever use this dealership.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2015

Spotted the truck online at cargurus.. So Before making an appointment, I spoke with a female (Heather) at **. 3 questions I asked of her. "How many owners, if any accident, and since the truck has 6" suspension lift, has the truck been mud bogging?" She reply "No accident, 2 owners, no mud bogging." So I drove 1.5 hrs. Tests drove the truck. It pulls hard right, mud in the engine bay; furthermore, checked the Carfax and found that all answers were untruthful except ownership. Waste of trip. IMAGINE THIS. If someone doesn't know anything about car, or what questions needed to be ask, what would happen? Hmmm... Do you think they would stop you from buying it? In the future, Toyota of McDonough, start being honest. Maybe then people would come back.

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2015

When I came to Toyota of McDonough it was a warm reception and everyone had a smile on their face. I brought my 2011 Tacoma in for service and did not have an appointment. Although they were busy they worked me in without any problems. To pass the wait time I wondered up to the showroom to check out some vehicles. I found several I liked. LOL. One of the salesman approached me and asked me if I would like to get a great deal on a new car. I let him know I was only in for service but would like to look around. He showed me the new Tacomas, and unfortunately, they didn't have very many on the lot so we had to look for vehicles at the other Toyota lots.

We found what I was looking for and the negotiating process was seamless. The salesperson explained that at Toyota of McDonough they give their best price upfront along with the financing options. I did go online and check their specials out to see before I came in for service just in case I found something I liked. I thought it was important to say that what I say online matched up to what the salesperson said and that made me feel good. Overall everyone at the dealership was very attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend Toyota of McDonough!

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Toyota of McDonough
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144 Hwy 81 W
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United States
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