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Purchased a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback. All upgraded! Sunroof has leaked since the first week. Brought the car back - they stated it was the sunroof drain ports need to be cleaned. They claimed they fixed it. I got the car back - sunroof still leaking. Brought it back to Town East Ford again, they stated again it's the drainage ports. This vehicle was not cheap by any means. We have to park the car a certain way when it rains or the entire passenger side is flooded. They refused to fix the problem yet we are still paying for a car that floods.

I drove it home on Friday Aug 12, 2016 and it was literally pouring in my car as I was driving. Radio started to sound like static, I turned it off. Worst experience ever with a new car purchase. Yes, we are still paying on it. I would drive a horse and buggy before I ever purchased anything from Town East Ford again. I called Dan the service manager - he had nothing to say. Then again he never did. Shady and crooked. Stay far away from them.

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Went in. Buy new car. Had $16,000 dollars cash for down on $30.450 dollar car. Managers changed advertised price 3 times and actually would bring in paperwork with the price change buried among the changes. Called me all but a liar. Finance manager said I could not qualify on the ford 1.9 rate which was a bold face lie. I was already pre approved at two other ford dealerships. This all occurred between 2pm and 5pm may 27,2016. Held up 3 hours with conning managers and outright would lie about what they said. Do not go to this dealership. No integrity in my opinion!!!

By the way I purchased an upscale of the same vehicle at 5 star ford with 1.9 interest rate with same down $16000. Yes I did qualify. Yes I got a better price. Yes I got leather, auto lift gate power seat yep and upgraded version and with no untruthful sales manager (4) to deal with. Did all this same day may 27, 2016 after driving over to an honest dealership with honest salesperson and I did not have unscrupulous finance management and supposed sales management changing numbers and being deceptive in my opinion. This is how I was treated and in my opinion based on I got a better equipped vehicle with exactly the same offer I made to Town East Ford on the same day and drove vehicle home the same day.

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Town East Ford refused my bank approval & won't reimburse me! After signing our contract on a brand new car and paying 750 cash of the 3000 down payment (they agreed I could pay-out until 6/7), they seized the vehicle from place of employment with NO WARNING! Refusing to reimburse me. They were offered the remainder of our down payment in CASH, but had to get the 'ok' from the owner and we had to "promise" we wouldn't bad mouth them & had to give them a good rating when they called us to survey our experience.

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My husband and I found out we're pregnant, so we decided to trade in his car for a truck he wanted. First, when we went into the dealership to negotiate the truck he liked, the salespeople got into a semi-angry discussion over who was going to take the sale - it was extremely unprofessional, not to mention uncomfortable. Second, when it came time to finalize the details, we were visited by one of the gentleman from the finance department. This was normal, I know. What wasn't normal is the way he went through each item of our credit one by one, making little comments such as, "Oh the banks don't like to see that," or whispering confidentially, "So, what happened here?" Like most people, we knew our credit wasn't great, but having someone sit down like you're a toddler and list every mistake you'd ever made was embarrassing and left us both agitated and ready to leave.

Third, we were upside down on our trade. We knew we would be, but it kept the payment out of our range and we didn't want to go higher. We decided it could wait. In order to save the sale, the "finance" guy decided we should KEEP the vehicle we had ($650/month) and simply buy the new one as an addition instead of a replacement - adding another $650 a month payment to our bills. So, I asked him how having a $1,300 a month vehicle bill would be better than going over our +/- $600 budget? He said that we wouldn't have the other payment if we sold the other car. “Exactly”, I said, “if. The only guarantee is that we will have two payments due next month, and every month until the other car sells - if it sells.”

Fourth, the finance guy said that the answer to our problems was to trade in BOTH of our vehicles and get two new vehicles! This is, without a doubt, the WORST advice I've ever gotten. I told him as much, and he asked me why. I said, “Because I'll have my car paid off in two years (which he knew) and you're telling me that because I'm ‘probably’ upside down in my car, that I should hide the negative equity in a new one that I'll be paying for four years after I would have paid mine off. And besides, I'll only be upside down if I actually sell it – when the actual sale is realized.” The guy just stared at me blankly.

Fifth, when I (we) had enough, we asked for our keys back (to the trade). He kept asking us to put more and more down and wouldn't give us our keys. My husband was about to throttle him and I was ready to scream. The man was ridiculous. He absolutely destroyed any possibility of us ever buying a vehicle from there. I have a very hard time believing the positive comments I read on this site. They're so generic that it made me wonder if the dealership employees weren't adding them?


I purchased a used vehicle, a 2007 Ford Focus, from Town East Ford in Mesquite, Texas. The salesperson was Salvador. I signed a pre-agreement of $10,995.00 for the vehicle. I wanted to pay cash in full, but the sales "team" argued with me and supposedly gave me a better price for agreeing to finance instead. I finally agreed to finance (with simple interest) and paid $5,000 down with a cashier's check. The entire ordeal lasted seven hours.

The sales contract had confusing figures on it. I asked numerous questions to ascertain what the various charges were. The sales staff was very slow to answer my questions. This is why it took seven hours to buy a car. When I purchased the car, I was preparing to visit my father in Wichita Falls because his health was failing and he was under hospice care. My house was and still is under severe repair, and my schedule is extremely hectic. It was a confusing seven hours spent with sales staff, asking the same questions repeatedly to clarify the agreement and the financing.

After close scrutiny of the contract, I have found that I did not pay $10,995 for the car as "pre-agreed." Instead, it appears that I am being charged $12,193.00 for the car - a difference of $1,198. I have asked the sales staff to fax a copy of the pre-agreement and an itemization of all charges involved (tax, title, & license; warranty). As of July 29, 2009, they have not relinquished this information to me, either verbally or in print.

I also purchased a warranty for $2,000, but after signing the agreement, I stated that I no longer wish to keep this warranty and want to cancel it. The staff at Town East Ford informed me that I must wait four months before I can cancel the warranty and must pay for these four months. I have since read the fine print, and there is no statement or requirement for a minimum of four months for this warranty. Instead, it states that I can cancel the warranty at any time.

Town East Ford has misrepresented this contract. I wish to cancel the warranty of $2,000. I want a new contract that reflects the agreed-upon price of the car. I went to Town East Ford in good faith and expect fair treatment. The purchase date is July 17, 2009. The lienholder is Capital One Auto Finance, PO Box 255605, Sacramento, CA, 95865. The first payment is due on 8/31/09.

I wish to cancel the warranty of $2,000 immediately. I want a new contract that reflects the agreed-upon price of the car or a check for the difference of $1,198 plus any excess tax that was charged. This should leave the balance due on the car and the total amount financed at approximately $6,800.

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Ford should have a recall on the spark plug blow out that many consumers are being forced to cover. When speaking with Ford they are not even willing to cut the cost in half, etc. I am so glad that so many people are no longer buying Ford trucks they are a rip off and that is what I tell everyone.

I am a fireman and I work hard to support my family...$3500 out of my pocket is a lot of money.


I have had two plugs blow out one at 80,00 and the other at 120,000 on my 2002 f150harley davidson. I took the truck to ford and they offered to put a new motor in for $6,000 plus. They also said that they was aware of the promblem with the spark plugs ejecting. They said they would lower the cost on the engine $800.00.


I went to Town East Ford on Friday, July 20. I dealt with Alan. I explained to him I wanted and Expedition, $350 or under a month, no money down. We dealt for a while and I left for the financing end to be established. He called me three times while I was at another dealership so I left that dealership. At 4:30 in the afternoon, Alan called and explained to me that it was a done deal and that I could come pick out my Expedition.

When I arrived I learned they were trying to sell me a different vehicle. That wasn't what I had been told. On Saturday, I saw and ad in the paper for a 2001 Expedition for $20,885. When I called Alan he told me he had tried to call me back on Friday to tell me about it. He told me the paperwork would be finalized and he would call me back to come sign the forms. He called me back and his sales manager explained to me that they couldn't sell me that vehicle even though it was still available because of my credit.

I had been preapproved through Ford Motor Credit and the ad didn't state you couldn't buy it if your credit wasn't perfect. Unfortunately, they told me I couldn't buy it.

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