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Clarksville, TN

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So I went to Wyatt Johnson yesterday and I was offered a 2015 Dodge Dart for $13,000 markdown and after paperwork and fees and taxes it bumped it up to $15,000 and plus with interest it was 20,000 for the end result on a five-year lease. I was pretty much suckered into it and I told the car dealer that I would go home and think about it about five times then he writes out the paperwork just to see how much it cost and everything and puts me on the spot to buy by crossing a line out and saying sign here so I did.

Then going home I decided I made the worst decision of my life... so the next day I tried taking it back and they said that they don't have a return policy so they offered to let me look at another more affordable used car and in doing so they told me that they have hundreds of cars to choose from and whenever we asked about her options they said they look at their options, and they said they will look at what they have to offer on the screen that they would not let me look at.

So then I came back and offered me a car that just came in or 2003 blazer with 177,000 miles on it for $8000 so I had to agree to it just to get out of the big contract for $20,000. And I showed the people at the dealership that I found one exactly like it for $1500 on Craigslist and then I looked up the Kelley blue book value and it's only $3000 and I feel very violated and will not be shopping at this dealer anymore and I DO NOT recommend ANYBODY TO SHOP HERE!!! Now I'm 21 years old struggling to work at Walmart to pay for this car which is also my first one... feeling very disappointed right now.

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Worst dealer in Clarksville, TN. Will take advantage of anyone. Charged me for a warranty after telling me it was free. They put it under a different column so it looked like something else. Took advantage of me because I was a woman buying a car by myself. Awful company. Don't shop there. They will rip you off. Go to Jenkins and Wynne. They are a 100 times better.

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My wife ** told me that we were getting her a newer vehicle. I said ok. What else could I say, right. So we went looking at the car dealers and she found a truck she liked on the used vehicle lot at Wyatt-Johnson GMC here in Clarksville, Tennessee. They treated us very well and friendly. There have been some issues with the vehicle but they have always took great care of her when she took the truck in. Never had an issue with the warranty. Based on our experience I would recommend them.

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I bought a vehicle from them, which is a 2004 Mazda 6. It had all aftermarket parts on it. Basically, it was a stock car, that had aftermarket turbo on it. They showed me the car that must have been traded in. I asked if the car was inspected, since I'm pretty sure every vehicle a car dealer sells on the lot, has to get inspected. My salesperson told me it was inspected (when in all honesty it wasn't). I decided to go to finance, to talk to the guy about some number. He also offered me a warranty. Any normal person who know stuff about warranties, and how they work, knows that if a car gets modified with aftermarket parts, it basically will not be covered.

I read over the warranty, and see that, and I tell him that it says that the engine mods are not covered, so he told me he will find out, so he went to the back, and tells me it's covered and don't worry about it. I said okay, and bought the car plus warranty. The only reason I bought the car was because of the warranty. 2 days went by, and the check engine light comes on, and I brought it in. They have seen that the hose that was coming from the inter-cooler had a hole, so they patched that! They never did anything about it. To make the long story short, the car started smoking. I took it to the dealer, and they told me that the turbo is bad, and needs to get replaced, or i need to go from aftermarket, back to factory, and it would cost me more than $2,500.

I told them I have extended warranty on the car, and they basically told me it's not covered, and they are not fixing the car. So I left the dealer to get about 5 miles down the street, and my engine blows up on me. So I went back to the finance guy, and told him what's going on. He said he will find out what's going on with the service department, and get back with me. The next day, I went back, and he said "we should have never sold you a warranty", and that he cant do anything about it, except refund me money for the warranty, but they don't wanna take the car back, nor pay off the finance company, who financed me the vehicle, so it will get out of my name.

They lied to me about the warranty, and sold me a lemon that already had ** going on when i bought it. I spoke to a couple of people who sell cars, and they told me they should have never sold me the vehicle to begin with, with the aftermarket stuff, and that they scammed me. I towed the vehicle to the dealer, and gave the car back. I told them I will contact the finance company, and tell them what's going on. I also wrote a letter, and sent that in to the finance company, so my question is, is there a way for me to get out of the loan? What actions do I need to take?

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I purchased a Ford Ranger truck which ended up breaking down all the time. I spent a lot of money in repairs. I traded it in for a used Mazda 2010, and my parents were outraged on what I was charged for the car. My sales slip says $20,000, which is $5,000 overbooked value and not what I was told I was paying for the car. My parents said when I returned from the army to Massachusetts that they had taken advantage of me and that I overpaid, and I will not be able to afford the vehicle without a job or steady income. My salary was $20,000 in July 2011 at the time, and they had no business selling me a car I could not qualify for.

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The center caps of my wheels came off. When I went to the dealership, I spoke with Jamie. Jamie stated that it must have been a Wal-Mart theft type of thing where it would not fall under my warranty. My car was under recall for the gas pedal and floor mats. All they did with my floor mats was moved the to the back. When I asked about getting more floor mats, they stated that they didn't know what was going to be done at this time. The put an extension on my gas pedal and I requested my oil to be changed as well. I was charged for the oil change and wheel caps.

After I got home, I noticed that they didn't put a sticker on my windshield stating that they changed my oil. When I called back up there, I spoke with Jamie who refused to let me speak with anyone else. The tone in his voice made it clear that he was annoyed that I was calling and questioning the work provided. I let Jamie know that I did not appreciate his tone. Now did I feel comfortable not knowing for sure if my oil was changed or not? Jamie stated that they forgot to put a sticker on my windshield and said he could mail me one.

When I stated if they forgot something as simple as the sticker, how could I be certain that other stuff wasn't forgotten? This really annoyed Jamie and he stated that they would change my oil again. After the attitude I received from Jamie and the sloppy work of the staff, I'm not likely to use them again. At least with Wal-Mart, you are treated with a little respect.


I bought a new Mazda 2008 RX8 in August of 2008. After 17 months of owning the car and only 22,100 miles, I had to have it towed twice for flooding. Knowing initially that this had been a problem for RX8 rotary engines. I inquired about the problem before purchasing the car. Alex, the sales person, assured me the problem had been fixed in the '08 models. After calling the owner of the dealership, Mr. J., and telling him how unreliable the new car had been and the fact that his sales person had told me the '08s didn't have this problem.

I wanted to know what could be done to rectify the problem. He, Mr. J., asked me if I wanted to trade the car and I said yes. So, with that, Alex told me they could sell me a Mazda 3 that would be reliable. I told him I loved my RX8. I liked the way it drove and handled but wished it was dependable. During our conversation about resolving the problem, he (Alex) told me the '09 and '10 models had fixed the problem. So why didn't they offer me a '09/'10 if the problem had been fixed? Has the problem of flooding really been fixed? That's what "they" are telling consumers!

Yes, I did fall into their tangled web of deceit. I traded $30,000 fully loaded, new 18 inch tires, low mileage (22,0000) still under warranty car for a $20,0000 subcompact new car and had to pay money to boot! Yes, stupid on my part! After trying to get my RX8 back, they told me the registration was no longer in my name. Wrong, I found out it was still registered to me. So, why couldn't they just give me my old car back so I could trade it in on a Honda or another car of my choice? They replied they couldn't! So, don't make the same mistake I made. Check out the dealership. Find out how well they treat their customers and don't believe a word the sales person(s) say!

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