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Long Beach, CA

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My 2004 VW Beetle was overheating so I took my car to this dealer. They ran a diagnostic and said my car needed some hoses changed and flushed and a new temperature sensor. They did the work and it cost me $380.

I drove the car to work approximately 15 miles when the car suddenly died in the middle of the road. My original problem was that the car was overheating but does not shut down. And this time I was stuck in the middle of the road. Got the car towed to Timmons. They kept the car overnight and said it needed a new EPC that cost $480. I had no choice, they did the work and when I picked up the car and drove it home the next day, the check engine light was flashing and the car was doing a jerking movement as though it was going to shut off. I called dealer and told him my new problem. I spoke to Robert and he said it could be doing that for a number of reasons. I insisted that I didn't have these kinds of problems before they started working on the car. I asked to take the car in again and he said they would charge me $110 for a new diagnostic which seemed ridiculous to me since they had just worked on my car.

I took car in and they did a diagnostic. Robert said it needed a new catalytic converter which would run me $1000, but that it might not fix the problem. He said in order to get to the problem they needed to run a second diagnostic and that would cost me another $110. I was outraged. I felt bullied and helpless. I drove off crying, feeling taken advantage of. I didn't drive the car for two days for fear that it would shut down again. But I needed my car, it's my only transportation.

So, I finally drove car and after 10 miles, it overheated again. I was back to my original problem. I sat in the car crying and feeling helpless. I contacted Triple AAA and the rep was very nice and helpful. She looked up auto mechanics for me and we took my car to Westerk auto. I left my car in their parking lot because it was a Sunday afternoon and they were closed. The next day, they ran a diagnostic and they said my head gasket is blown and possibly the engine too. They quoted me $210 just for head gasket. I explained the situation to them about the dealer and they decided they did not want to work on my car. They suggested I take it back to Timmons, but Timmons is not a reputable auto place to me anymore and they treated me poorly. I called them to explain the situation to them. I spoke to Mike and he said they did everything they could already, he said I could take it back to them to take a look, but again I'd have to pay $110 plus my towing.

So my car is not fixed yet. And I am disputing the Timmons charges with my credit card company. I think Timmons should be held accountable for the lack of good service given to me. And I don't think I should have to pay them since they did not fix my car. They are the experts on Volkswagens so they should have found the source of the problem and rectified it by now. I paid them $880 for work and parts and my car is still out of service.


I had purchased my 2006 Passat on 01/11/2009. I was 18 at the time and had to go in myself to purchase this vehicle. The vehicle was being placed under my mother's name and the sales representative, Shelton, was kind enough to take the sales contract to my mother’s workplace so she can sign. No one ever showed me a car fax or gave me any history of the vehicle. I myself did not ask either because I knew nothing about cars. A year later, my car was stalling while I was on the freeway, which is very dangerous when there are vehicles running at 80 mph and my car struggling to hit 20 mph. I took it in and it was serviced. It was there for about a month and there was poor follow up. If it was not for me calling every single day to inquire on status of my vehicle, it would have been there longer. Every time I would call they would tell me they had to hook it up to computers from Germany and due to the holidays they were falling behind. I called the VW Corporate and they did nothing to assist me. All I was told was that my warranty did not cover any of the damages on my vehicle. I had to pay about $300 out of pocket, which is a large amount when you are a full-time student.

After a month, the vehicle was released to me and was told everything would be fine. In May, I had to take my vehicle in again to get it serviced because the engine light when on. It was fixed at another dealership because I refuse to have Timmons further assist me with my vehicle. There had been many times that I have to take this car to get service done and it’s costing me more than what I paid for. I was told there was a recall on my vehicle due to the ignition coils. My car at the moment locks the steering wheel and shuts down after I try to start it. I have called VW corporate and filed a complaint and they asked me to take my vehicle to get diagnosed before they can assist me. I am afraid that they will not assist me and I am financing a lemon. I do not know what kind of business Timmons has, but I feel that they sold me an unreliable vehicle. I am worried about my safety every time I turn my car on. Another thing I would like to point out is that the driver's side of the outside of the vehicle has dull paint and it seems as if it was involved in an accident. My steering wheel was also crooked when it was sold. I refuse to pay any more monies besides the diagnostics to get this vehicle fixed because I feel that Timmons and the sales representatives were not honest about the product they have sold. I have done my research on the steering wheel locking of my car and have found that there are many 2006 Passats that have the same issue. It has been confirmed a recall in Ireland, but not in the US as of yet. I demand full cost of repairs paid for!

I have lost time off work and school and have spent way too much money in vehicle repair costs, lots of stress and frustration.


On Dec. 26, 2009, I noticed the "check engine" light was on in my 2001 Beetle. I bought my Beetle in early 2003 and I am the 2nd owner. I bought my car from Autoland located in Financial Partners Credit Union, my bank. So when I saw the light, I went to a place that does oil changes for my car and they did a diagnosis and said the problem was with my catalytic converter, to go to the dealership that worked on my car. Timmons did all of my maintenance since I purchased my car in 2003. I called Timmons and made an appointment for Monday, December 28. When the service department did their own diagnosis, they confirmed the catalytic converter had to be replaced. The quote given me was over $1,300.

I didn't have that much money in savings. I'm in my 60's, self-supporting and didn't know what to do. At that time, I told Shawn (the person in service helping me) that I was going to call my office to see if there was anybody who could help me because Shawn told me I wasn't safe to drive my car and that there was a possibility of an engine fire if I drove the car from Long Beach back to Costa Mesa where I now live. The general manager at my office told me of a mechanic who does work for our church that could do the work and to have my car towed to the city of Orange where the mechanic lives. I called State Farm (my insurance company) to ask what to do to get my car towed. I was told I would have to pay cash, get the receipt and send it to them for reimbursement. I said I had only $20 with me and no credit card because I changed purses.

My boss arranged with his AAA insurance to have my car picked up and towed. I sat at Timmons from 9AM until 5:30PM. During the day, I phoned the mechanic near my home (changes my oil) and asked him if he could help me. He asked me the mileage I had on my Beetle, it was 71,000, and I purchased my car used in spring 2003. That mechanic told me that the law said if my car had under 80,000 miles and my car was a 2001 Beetle and if my car was under 8 years old, the converter should be replaced at no charge. 2001-2009 was eight years. In two days, it would be New Years Day 2010. Then my car would be 9 years old. I immediately told the service guy at Timmons and he said that law didn't cover me because I was a second owner of my car and the original owner bought it before 2001, on October 27, 2000. My car still should be covered under that law because it is a 2001 Beetle, under 80,000!


I purchased a used, certified car and a warranty. I took my car in to a diffferent dealership to check the brakes and they found that the brake pads were after-market and had damaged the rotors in my car. Also, the threading in the brakes are completely damaged. It is a safety problem which the company does not want to properly fix.


I bought a brand new 1999 Volkswagen Jetta from Timmons Volkswagen on April 17, 1999. The day after I purchased the car I was asked to come back in to the dealership to sign new paperwork because they had given me the wrong car. The VIN numbers on the car did not match the paper work.

Three days after I bought the car I had to bring it in to the service department because the airbag light came on and stayed lit. The problem was diagnosed as a loose spiral spring connection, repaired and the car was returned to me in the evening of April 20th. The very next day, April 21st, the airbag light was back on, I had to take the car back in to the dealer, this time the problem was diagnosed as a defective spring, repairs were done and the car was again returned to me. Seven days later an April 29th the airbag light came on again, so I took the car back in to the dealership, this time they replaced the left airbag unit, the spiral spring, the control unit, and the wiring harness. My car was promised to me by 5pm the same day, the 29th, I did not get my car back untill May 13th, only after I made several calls to the dealer and was repeatedly told it would be ready on many different dates.

On September 1st, my sunroof shade became jammed and the inside brackets on the sunroof dislodged, also the climate control knob would not turn to defrost, so I could not use my defroster. They said that the problem with the defroster was a bent cable binding. Both problems were resolved on September 2nd. On April 7, 2000, the center console latch stopped working, and my drivers side power window began working intermittently. It would not open at times. I also began to notice a yellow "goo" dripping from my doors on both sides of the car. I was told that the "goo" is normal. I've never had anything drip out of my doors on any other car. I took my car into McKenna VW this time, because I no longer trusted Timmons. The console was repaired, but they said there was no problem with the window. The window still does not open all of the time.

On April 20th I again brought my car to McKenna VW to have a recalled part repaired. They replaced the Pillar Trims. After this was completed they did not replace the panel between the doors properly, they are now seperating from the ceiling of the car, the cloth interior is hanging down also. My sunroof is also now staying open when it is in the closed position on the control knob. The sunroof also rises slighty on its own while I am driving. I think my car has electrical problems now. I am taking the car in tomorrow 9/9/00 at 8am. This car constantly has something wrong with it. The first few weeks that I owned the car it was at the dealership 90% of the time. I have only had the car for 1 year and 5 months.

This just seems like an awful lot of problems for a brand new car to have in that short of a time. My warranty will be up in April 2001, I'm really afraid of all of the repair bills that I'm going to end up with as this car continues to fall apart. I regret buying the car. Is there anything I can do. I feel that I was sold a defective product. That car is truly a "lemon"!!!

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