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My wife and I came in to purchase a vehicle. We walked around the showroom, when she turns and comes to me with a distracted look on her face. She asked of us to leave. My wife looked like a ghost, come to realize, she knew the current finance guy. He lurks around bars, violent, with a criminal history. No chance was I letting my wife in that office or providing our personal information to him! We will take our business to Calabasas.

Several months ago, I purchased a CPO Porsche from Auto Gallery. Several items were missing from the vehicle. I brought this to the attention of my salesperson who responded in an email that he would see to it that the items would be replaced. Subsequently, all the missing items with the exception of missing wheel cap covers were replaced. My email inquiry to the general manager was met with the the response, " I'll reply when I return to the office." This never happened. So after 3 months waiting for the missing caps, I have come to the conclusion that the dealership is simply not going to fulfill what they had promised to do. I have never dealt with a firm so irresponsive and so impolite. I will never go back to this firm and caution prospective buyers to avoid this firm.

FRAUD WARNING - Auto Gallery Porsche Woodland Hills, CA!! Beware of dishonest, deceitful and fraudulent sales tactics at Auto Gallery Porsche in Woodland Hills, CA near Los Angeles. In May 2012, I purchased in cash a new 2011 vehicle with 137 miles which I was told by my salesman was delivered in October of 2011. I had a few problems with the vehicle but nothing that was not totally covered by warranty and quickly taken care of by Newport Beach Porsche and by Stevens Creek Porsche in San Jose - two honest and trustworthy dealers.

But it was not until I took the car to Stevens Creek Porsche to replace a faulty battery in April 2013, that I was told the car had been previously reported as sold in March 1st, 2011 and that the warranty had been decaying since that date. I also learned that car was originally delivered in JANUARY 2011, not October as Auto Gallery had said!!! This info was NOT on the sticker. Needless to say, I was angry and confused. Under the impression that I had been sold a used car under false pretenses, I started to research my cars history. I was not able to find any previous title for the car, but was told that the car had been reported as sold to Porsche North America by the dealer to inflate their monthly sales so that they could receive dealer subsidies and incentives.

This practice is not illegal but the dealer is required by law to disclose this fact to potential buyers. I called Auto Gallery to ask about this and the sales manager, Eric **, angrily told me that I had signed a disclosure statement and that it was the end of the conversation for them. I tried for several months to have them send me a copy of said disclosure statement, knowing for a fact that they never presented me with one, but my calls and emails went unanswered until I started calling the business office and the owner, Harrison Grey. Finally, I received a call from the sales manager Eric ** admitting there was no disclosure. There was no apology offered - not for the fraud they committed and not for lying to me about signing a disclosure statement. They just continued to avoid and stall me until I was forced to hire an attorney to pursue the matter.

Obviously, the warranty on such an expensive car has an enormous value. Had I known this fact, I would have offered much less for the car or not purchased the vehicle at all. In total, I had lost nearly a year and a half of my 4-year warranty! California vehicle code 11713 (O) considers this a misdemeanor fraud even though the amount of auto galleries theft was clearly in the thousands of dollars, which would have made it a felony in other cases. In speaking to many different attorneys about my case, I have learned that this is not something new from Auto Gallery!!!

What is also concerning is that Porsche requires its cars to be serviced once a year. By the time the service light came on in my car, it had already been 2 years since it had an oil change because Auto Gallery did not bother servicing it before selling me a car that was 1 year old. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is going to cost me almost $5,000 for an inferior extended warranty in addition to my loss for overpaying for my car. I also have no idea what kind of damage may have been done to the engine because the car had not been serviced for 2 1/2 years! Be aware of Auto Gallery.

My wife, son, and I went to this dealer after seeing a car online we were looking for. On a Friday, we drove from Huntley to Addison and we liked the car. We decided on a price and I told the sales guy (Sebastian) we would buy it. He had to wait until Monday to get financing approved. The salesman called on Monday and said the financing did not go through, so we told him we would get the money and we still wanted it. We got the money the next day and my wife call the salesman and setup an appointment on Friday to do the deal.

Today (Thursday), the salesman calls me and tells me they sold the car the previous day. I told the salesman "We had a deal!" and he said back to me "I know, but it was not my call, it was my boss who decided to sell the car anyway." That is just dishonest! We had agreed to buy the car, paid money to have the check overnight delivered to us and then they called (a day after they already sold the car) and told me they sold the car. When I talked with the owner he was rude and vulgar to me and said "this is the car business".

The consequences are we now have to start our hunt for a car again! And we are out $20 to overnight a check to our house. We had other choices that are now no longer available. The consequences were not severe, but that was a very rude way to do business or should I say not do business.

I am writing to you because I need help.

I am a disabled woman, who purchased a car from Auto Gallery.

I was assured by the dealer that all mechanical problems on the car would be fixed. I have discovered that not only did he lie; the car is dangerous, and not roadworthy.

The dealer has refused to rectify this. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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I previously commented about a dispute I was having with The Auto Gallery and Porsche. Since that time, the situation has been resolved to my satisfaction. I now realize that my dispute with the dealership and Porsche was the result of an unfortunate mutual misunderstanding and miscommunication.

About a year ago, a friend referred me to the Auto Gallery Porsche dealership in Woodland Hills, CA, to buy a new car. When I went there, they didn't have the car I wanted but said they could order one. While I waited for a new car to be delivered, they wanted me to lease another car from them, which they said they would buy back when a suitable new car came in. Since I had a car to drive, I told them I wasn't interested. After checking with the sales manager, the sales representative then said they could buy the leased car back at a set price that would cover all the lease payments since it would only be for three months.

My friend had recently done a similar buy-back type of deal with them so I trusted the dealership to keep their promise. Three months later, they refused to buy the leased vehicle back for the prearranged amount and have offered $30,000 less than the original promised amount. They have subsequently fired the sales representative I was dealing with, saying he wasn't authorized to make the deal. After hiring an attorney, I am approaching $100,000 in losses and expenses or more if the dealership won't buy the car back. On top of that is the year of mental stress and stress related health issues.

on 8/23/05 @ 8:00am I took my car in for scheduled maintenance (50,000mile maintenance)per contract. I had 49,865 miles on it. Maintenance includes everything but changin my tires. I have taken it for every scheduled maintenance and have not ever had a problem. I received a call about 4:00 that afternoon alerting me of a problem with an oil leak? I told them I have not had any loss of oil nor have I notice any leaks in my garage. they said it was a small leak but would have to keep the car overnight and pay for me to get a rental. No problem.

On the morning of 8/24/05 I was advised my car was ready for pick up. Chris did go over the everything that they did as far as the oil leak and standard procedures. He also mentioned to me that I understood my car was no longer covered under warranty after 50,000 miles I was all on my own and I would have to pay out of pocket for anything from this point on. Understood! It is 9/29/05 and am driving from Lancaster Ca back to Valencia (home)it is about a 40 minute drive. When all of a sudden I hear this annoying beep indicating "oil" I am on a 2 way highway with my fiance, and we immediately pull off to the side, and he turns the car off and looks under the hood around the car and we see no oil leaks no evidence of oil problem, and then he takes the cap off the oil and checks with the dip stick and finds there is plenty of oil??? He turns the ignition on and the car is rattling from the engine, no smoke no nothing! He says to turn it off, and tells me I have a serious problem! It sounds like I have no oil pressure, and didn't I just take the car in and they worked on an oil leak??? Yes, it was just a month ago.

I go into the glove box and pull out the service order and it reads: upon inspection - tech found that the camshafty tensionner seal are leaking, cause: found oil leaking, relace cam, adjust seal remove and install camshaft adjuster, 2 different gasket sets were installed, loosen and fasten lock carrier. Again this has only been about 34 days since they did this and now I sit here waiting to find out their findings and the cost I will have to pay out of pocket we are talking a lot of money. I had to pay $150.00 to have my car towed 20 miles, and had called The Auto Gallery to notify them of the problem, it just so happened it was Chris that answered the phone. He was in too much of a hurry to leave for the day and was not accomodating at all. He did not even try to comfort me for my inconvenience. He told me straight out "we are all busy with other customers and you need to have your car towed in so they can check it out! He did not want to handle my call at all, and I asked for John whom usually helps me out. He would not let me talk to John, I asked for the manager and he said the manager had already gone home for the day. It was 5:30pm??? They are open til 6:00pm. I found out the next day after speaking with John that I had roadside service through Audi? Which they are going to remiburse me my money for towing.

I informed John how outraged I was and I have notified Audi and was filing a complaint for I feel they did something wrong for it has been only 34 days? There was never any warning until that moment. I am still waiting to hear from them it is now 2:45pm Friday 9/30/05.I was told I would hear from them as to their findings. It really makes me wonder if this was an intent to be neglegent so that I would have to go back and pay... This needs to be investigated and I want to warn others of the wrong doing of this dealerships service dept.