Terry Reid Kia

Cartersville, GA

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My 2008 KIA, which has less than 60,000 miles on it, just suddenly wouldn't start. It had never given me any problems, had never made any weird noises, nothing. I bought the car brand new and am the only owner and driver. Kia Roadside Assistance was wonderful sent someone to try to get my car going again and after deciding that it wasn't the battery or something I could simply fix, helped me get my car towed to the nearest Kia dealership, Terry Reid Kia.

My car has been at Terry Reid for almost two weeks and they have not called me a single time since my car was towed there. I have to call if I want any information whatsoever. They still have not been able to find out what is wrong with my car or tell me if it will be covered under my warranty. The only thing they have done to my car is take the heads off to see if they are warped, which they did exactly a week ago today and they still don't know if they are warped or not.

I called today and talked to Tiffany in the service area and she lied to me saying that they were getting my car ready when in fact they don't even know what is wrong with it or if the warranty is going to cover it. When I told her I was confused because they hadn't called and told me that they had figured out what was wrong with it and decided that it was covered under the warranty, she informed me that they had not. I asked her how they were "getting my car ready" if they didn't know what was wrong with it and she informed me that they weren't getting my car ready as she had initially stated. By the end of the phone conversation, Tiffany was being completely rude and basically hung up on me.

If you want to know that you car is in goods hands and that you can trust your dealership even after they already have your money, don't buy from Terry Reid Kia. They only care about new customers with fresh money to spend, not about their current customers who have already put in their money and rely on Terry Reid for service when something goes wrong.

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra with 31,000 miles. My air conditioner went out. It is still under warranty so I took it to Terry Reid Kia as it was the most convenient to me. It is 4 miles from where I work. They replaced the compressor (after waiting 2 days for the parts to be delivered) on June 17th, and I was on my way.

On Jun 25th, I loaned my son my car for an out-of-state trip. He called me after a few hours on the road to tell me my air conditioner had just gone out again. I called Terry Reid Kia. They agreed it was awful and told me to bring it back and they’d fix it again, or my son could take it to the dealer in the town he was visiting and they’d fix it. I made an appointment for him for first thing Monday morning. He took the car in Monday morning. They would be happy to fix it, but it would take 2 days to get the parts. He had to get home so he headed back with no air conditioner. He was 300 miles from home when the car just slowed to a stop and was dead. He had it towed to the local Kia dealership there and checked into a hotel.

Tuesday morning, that Kia (Wallace Imports in Bristol, TN) ran the diagnostics. The service manager told me if they could fix it, it would be late before it was done so he’d need another night at the hotel. Without transportation or knowing anyone in that city, he couldn’t walk the streets all day carrying his luggage, so we extended the hotel for that day, too. When my son walked over to see if there was any word yet, their initial response was, “I am so sorry.” We can’t believe what happened. The mechanic told him he’d never seen anything like it. It seems the new compressor was either faulty or had been improperly installed. Some sort of bearing or something fell out and it caused the compressor to crumble. That caused this to hit that and the belts were sucked into the engine causing engine damage. They would have to take the engine apart to see if it could be fixed.

There was no doubt that the damage was caused by the new compressor. It is either the part itself or how it was installed. It would take approximately a week to get fixed once they got the parts. I spoke to them today and they were hoping to get the parts today and will fax me a list of everything that has to be repaired tomorrow. Wallace Imports has been wonderful. They offered to drive my son to the airport, bus station, whatever he needed. I do want to point out that when I initially took my car to Terry Reid to get fixed the first time, I asked if they had a shuttle or something that could get me back to work, 4 miles away. They said no.

I called Terry Reid Kia. I was told that under the warranty, the car will be fixed. They will reimburse me for up to $100 for 3 days maximum. I called Kia Consumer Affairs after being assured by the dealership I purchased the vehicle from that they would certainly help me, that’s what they were there for and my situation was bad. Kia Corporate Consumer Affairs told me they reviewed my claim and it was denied as my situation wasn’t deserving of any other assistance.

I finally negotiated a rate with a rental car company for the drop charge that we could pay and he was able to get home. I asked for a courtesy car from Terry Reid to at least be able to get to and from work and to be able to drop the car at the dealership once I was able to pick mine up. Towing mine here to get fixed they assured me would just cost me way too much money. I then requested they just let me use a loaner until mine was ready and I’d find my own way back to get it. Please remember, this is not me saying it happened because of their part/work. They fully admit it was their fault. Terry Reid Kia told me they really wanted to help, but Kia Corporate is the one who decides and they said no.

I spoke to the Kia working on it today and they hope it will be ready by end of next week. Currently, I am without a means of transportation and my car is 300 miles away. I live alone and my son drives his car for a living. Our hours are such that there is no way for him to get me to/from work in any reasonable manner. I am waiting for my car to be fixed so I can find some way to make a 600-mile trip in a day.

They are not legally required to give me any type of help. What about ethically? Wallace Imports Kia in Bristol went way above and beyond to try and help my son out in any way they could. Now, I am never going to be in Bristol, TN to buy a car or get work done again. I am not a potential customer. They were wonderful. But Terry Reid is where I live and work. I am their potential customer and this was their fault. What can I do?

I am day by day trying to arrange a way to/from work until I get my car back. I will have to take a day off work (unpaid) and rent a car (with a hefty one-way drop fee attached) and drive 300 miles to get to my car only to turn around and drive 300 miles back. I cannot afford to go up the night before and get a hotel and then return the next day and due to back problems will be in incredible pain for days after doing that drive. The inconvenience of this episode is incredible.

I leased a 2010 Kia soul on 07/18/09. Still to date athens-Clarke county tag agent has not received any registration or tag/title documents from dealer. Every week when I call Kia title clerk I get excuses about it being the fault of the grindstaff Kia of Johnson city in Tn 37601. I have been pulled over numerous times. But with my lease agreed going on 3 months old I am VERY SCARED they r going to take me to jail on suspection of auto theft. I am disabled and this whole progress has been extremly taxing on me. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I can not afford alawyer on my limited income & medical bills.

I bought my 01' Kia Optima in 2002. I was the second owner, it had 14,000 miles. The day i pulled out of the parking lot i had to take it back that night to get the windows fixed b/c it wouldnt roll up. Then at 40,000 miles my motor BLEW UP..yes it blew up & they supposedly rebuilt it. Little did i know they don't give rental cars, even for your motor blowing up. so i missed work for that. 2 weeks later i was back in the shop again b/c the car wouldn't go. It was stalling REAL BAD, as everyone else has stated, this makes the car very dangerous.

I can't tell you how many times i have pulled out & almost got slammed by another car b/c mine wants to putt everywhere when it does run. so after spending the whole day 8 hours at the shop with the mechanic that day, they still didn't know what was wrong. the next day they call & say its fixed. also keep in mind that everytime i've had to have anything fixed on my car, its never been covered under my 10,000/10 warranty, luckily i bought the ulimate extended warranty or i would have been paying for the majority of everything that has been done. it was in the shop twice in 1 week b/c of power steering, the windows have been fixed several times, i can't evern think if all the problems i've had there are so many. The current problem i'm having, (& yes, there is ALWAYS a problem) the 3rd cylinder isn't firing & coil pack is bad, so i've been told. go figure, more motor problems. so right now i'm literally putting around everywhere i go.

this car has been nothing but pure hell since i've had it. i despise this car & everything about kia. i'll never own another one & i would NEVER recommend anyone to buy a kia. To me they are the worse cars ever made. Im so far upside down in it b/c of negative equity i can't see the light to dig myself out. it's sad to know that the people who make & sale these cars don't even back up their own product, if they did i wouldnt be in the predicament im in right now.

I purchased a 2002 Kia Spectra and what a huge mistake. The car stays in the shop for repairs more than on the road. The trade in value is only 3500.00 for a car that is just 1 year old, no other dealer will take it, they say it is junk and they got that one right. Here is a list of problems:

air conditioner stopped working in the middle of the summer, headlights have blown 3 times, brakes are popping when i stop(2nd time), the seal around the door is off, my radio speakers quit one night, the next day they worked again, when I turn on the a/c it makes a grinding noise, the dealer says that is normal, smell something hot, that's normal too, the pass. seat has a metal bar about to pop through the fabric, if i hit a bump in the road the car goes everywhere it feels like I am riding in a wagon, i am sure that there are more problems, i need to look at the paperwork. I have talked to the dealer about trading it in and they keep giving me the run around, i have called numerous times, they say they will call back and never do, they don't even want the piece of junk back, i have talked to the finance company that i am paying monthly, they told me that i need to trade it in, but how????? it is a very unsafe car. I will never buy a kia again.

What a expensive lesson. I have to take it in tomorrow for repairs, I will be there all day, they must think I have nothing better to do.

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