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My experience at Teddy Nissan was the worst. The sales rep come on like they care about you and your family until you've signed on the dotted line. I was promised this and that in my warranty: 4 oil changes, multi-point inspections... the works. The first time I brought my car in after 3 months to the automotive services, they began telling me that my car needed this, my car needed that. Come to find out I had to replace my right and left control arms, my passenger side air filter. Now I hear a grinding sound when I brake or accelerate so I ask for a courtesy inspections. Now I need to change this and change that. Also another 1700 dollars.

Listen my advice to anyone if you want to deal with Nissan bring your own mechanic (someone you trust) or also bring a friend who has a degree in finances (high finances). Please if you are an honest person who just want a good deal on your car PLEASE DO NOT GO TO TEDDY (THE LIE-ABLE) DEALER. They sell LEMONS and don't want to give you a refund. They quote one price and then give you another. If nothing is wrong with your car they will find something to fix. TAKEN FOR A RIDE.

Great dealer. I buy Nissan versa 2010. Good deal. Juan ** – great salesman, help all time. Good experience. I recommend this company to all friend.

From the first day I purchased my 2011 Nissan Rogue, there was an engine light. I took back. They said it was a leak in the gas tank. They fixed it. On the way home, the light came back on. I called them. They said to bring it back. I wanted to return the Rogue, trade it in for a better one. They said they couldn't do it. I took it to other Nissan dealer to check it, still could not find what was wrong with it. In August 2015, 2 years later, the car just died on top of a hill and started going backwards. My daughter and I almost died. We should all put together and call Teddy to justice. Our lives are at risk.

They are the worst company ever!!! The customer service is very ghetto! And if you need to get anything from them they won't call you back to help... Bought a brand-new car from them and less than 18 days cut off twice.

Servicing department tried to tell me I needed a front timing cover that cost $2395 because the oil filter was put in incorrectly. They said it would not be covered under warranty because my last oil change wasn't done by them. They also said I needed front and rear pads and rotors which I never received a quote for. I took my car to another service center for 2nd opinion and oil change was $65 dollars and front brakes are fine. Rear brakes still has 3000 mile before pads need to be changed. Teddy Nissan is robbing people blind. They should be investigated for fraud and closed down.

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Worst service ever. The manager Michael is the biggest liar. I have replaced my tire sensors replaced by them. They did not replaced the one I specifically asked to replace. When I asked them why they did not replaced the sensors that I asked for, they lied and asked for more money to change for what I asked for. Second time I went to them to replace battery on my Nissan Titan and they said that alternator is bad and need to be replaced. They asked $800 to replace battery and alternator. I went to Auto Zone and replaced the battery for $100 and it is working just fine ever since. They need to be shut down. I don't know why Nissan is not taking care of these corrupt people. Any one decide to go there please read their Consumer Affairs reviews.

A couple of years ago, I had to bring my 2012 Nissan Altima to be serviced. After a couple of visits the engine block had to be replaced. Once the car was returned, I noticed I was missing my wheel lock key. I called Teddy Nissan for my wheel lock key and Teddy Nissan tried to sell me a new one. I told them, no, they took the key. It has to be replaced. When my husband went to get our wheel lock key, one of the service men had apologized and stated that stealing wheel lock keys had been an issue in the service department. I was shocked to think that the employees of the service department at Teddy Nissan were stealing wheel lock keys.

The next and current issue I am having is with my newly purchased 2015 Nissan Altima. Going to Teddy Nissan I had my doubts, but I received a letter about trading in my vehicle. When I showed up I told the dealer I wanted out of my lease agreement and did not want to owe anything. I wanted to purchase a new vehicle and the dealer agreed that this could be done with a 2015 Altima sticker value $26,500. I put $4,000 down and Nissan gave a $1,500 rebate with 0% APR. I go in the finance office, sign the paper work, and leave.

Today I was looking over what I owe on the NMAC website and it shows $28,100. Now to me that does not make sense with $4,000 down and a $1,500 rebate. I call NMAC and they told me to call the dealership. I call the dealership and spoke with the manager, Michael **. I called to ask Michael to explain to me what happened and why I owe $28,100. He started to go right into it, speaking very fast. I asked Michael to slow down and if we could go line by line with the value. While going line by line, Michael proceed to go faster. I asked him again to hold on while I did the math with him. He proceeded to get loud with me, which I find astonishing considering I am a customer.

Michael broke the math down like so: I purchased the car $26,500. I owe on the lease $17,717, which brings us to $44,217. Minus $12,000 which is the value of the leased car which brings it down to $32,217. Minus my $4,000 down payment and $1,500 rebate brings it to $26,717. Then with fees and taxes I am assuming brings it up to $28,100. I wondered how it was possible that I owe on my lease. It was my understanding that part of the deal was that I did not want to owe on my lease. Michael stated Nissan paid the $17,717, but I owe the difference between the $17,717 and the value of the vehicle at $12,000.

Michael stated not to make a big deal about it, because I still got a really good deal with 0% APR. I proceeded to tell Michael this was not explained to me at the time of signature. I did not realized that I had to pay this difference. He argued with me that it was explained to me. I asked him how would he know as he was not in the room. With this said I had to hang up because I don't deserve to be talked to that way or in that tone.

The person who took my info down before they fixed the recall was very professional and helpful, but the guys who actually fix the vehicles have horrible attitudes. They took 7 hours to fix a airbag inflator, destroyed my car seat cover and put scratches All over my rooftop and spoiler, because my car wasn't brand new it was treated like trash. Their used cars are EXTREMELY OVERPRICED (almost 20k for a 08 BMW)... WTF!!! To top it of they didn't even bother to call me when my vehicle was ready to be picked up. This place will NEVER receive a penny or recommendation from me or anybody I know.

I went in to order a 2015 Nissan Juke in January 2015. The sales rep said 2015 was not out yet. So I took the 2014. A month later I found out it was a lie, and it was because of what they had in stock. I then referred a customer to Teddy, & they refuse to pay me.

Purchased a 2013 Honda CRV from Teddy Nissan. Vehicle was defective with loud vibrating noise coming from left side when braking at 50 mph. Brought it back to Teddy Nissan Service on 7/14/15. Never heard from them till 7/17/15. Service rep stated there was a dispute and nothing wrong with car but he road tested car and heard the noise. I want to return this car for refund or exchange for another vehicle.

In April 2013 I purchased a 2008 Nissan Rogue through financing, from Teddy Nissan. The interest rate was 17.99%. After driving the vehicle for a week, a covering under the front end dislodged without incident. I had to take back the vehicle on several occasion before they could figure out that the wrong screws were being used to secure the cover in place. Within 6 months the brake started to feel as if it was going to break off every time I drove the vehicle. I took it to the service dept and they said that I needed a new axle.

Fast forward, they offered to take back that Rogue and put me in a new 2013 Rogue and then I would not have these problems. Now, I have this very high monthly payments because they combined both loans which I was not aware of at the time. When I asked why the high payment, I was told to pay it for a year and come back for refinancing. It is almost 2 years of paying for basically two cars and I only have one. I have tried refinancing through Teddy and on my own and I am not getting anywhere because the balance on the loan is too high. I was misled about the loan and refinancing after a year. I have tried to get help from Nissan, and have spoken to several people at Teddy who does not have any solution or answers to the problem they put me in.

I went to Teddy Nissan to see if I qualified for an exchange. The first day I was treated very well, had to return to the next day for the outcome of my application due to my credit score being so low. I was assisted by ** the Finance Director. Mr. ** did everything to help me. Although my score was 560, I left the dealership with a brand new 2015 Nissan Rogue with no down payment. All I needed was patience, since I spent three hours the first day and five hours the second day.

I had a bit of a good experience with Nissan and the sales man was pretty cool. However they sold me a Nissan altima 2014 with 13000 miles for 19,000 dollars. Comes to find out the book pricing for that car was 14-15 thousand. I guess my sales man wasn't so cool after all he basically made a 5000 dollar commission offer me but I don't blame him. I blame myself for not looking into it before I bought it. My advice to those people who felt they've got gotten! You can't walk in places like this and expect them to sympathize your expectations if they see you have lack of knowledge of course! They're gonna take advantage of you, they want their commission! But before you say yes, do your expectations and your research before you say yes because once you sign that form it's over. Another thing also stay away from finance directors cause they are not looking for the best interest rate for you. All they're looking for is a bank that says yes.

Search for your own auto loan. Right now I have an APR of 20 percent which I have to pay back 40,000 in total but I'm not tripping because I'm planning to pay off this debt way before 72 months ago. Technically I'm paying a lot less than 40000.

Brake pad change for $129.00 per email from Teddy Nissan. Saturday, 1/24/15 went for appointment was informed by mechanic rotor needs to be changed fee of $850.00 but will do a favor for $700.00. This is ludicrous!!! These guys are hustling and taking advantage of unknowledgeable hard working customers! I left and Googled average price for this type of service and not to my surprise it's a fraction of this hyped up price.

Anthony ** was a great salesman. He sold me a Preowned Rogue which is really great for the roads in the winter time. I felt welcomed by everybody period and I'm glad that I was able to purchase my car here at this location. Thank you very much Teddy Nissan!

I went to Teddy Nissan in March 2014 and I was recommended by a friend to a specific sales person who was indeed a nice person but a person who was doing their job and cared more for their commission than the actual customer. I financed a vehicle from another Nissan dealer the year before which was a Sentra. The Sentra became too small for my family and my growing son. I wanted a bigger vehicle where we could be more comfortable so I was looking towards a SUV. I already had a rogue in mind, so that was my aim. I decided to trade-in my 2012 Sentra and put a down payment of $2000 for a lease rogue. The salesman told me my payment will be $400 monthly.

After speaking to the finance advisor he wanted another $4000 down so the payments will stay at $400 a month or it will increase to $530 a month. I told him no I couldn't afford that and how was it possible that it will it be so much? Keep in mind I gave them a car that was a year old and $2000 before speaking to the finance advisor. Supposedly it was because of negative equity from the old vehicle, in which the salesman told me they will take care of and not charge me. This entire process told nearly 6 hours to complete. Being a female and not knowing much about cars and deals, only heard all the good things about the car and leasing a vehicle, not doing my own research about this dealership and the fraud.

I was completely frustrated and just wanted to leave that I signed. I called back a few days later looking into the payments more, still realizing they don't add up especially for a damn rogue and no one can help me. They said I sign the lease and I'm stuck for next 3 years. I tried, literally every month to speak to the salesperson and he couldn't help me. I am still trying to figure out how it is possible the payments for this leased vehicle is so much? I also realized on the lease it doesn't say I gave a $2000 down payment on the car and I see they put the negative equity on there, that they promised to take care. Why would I agree to pay for two cars that I do not have in my possession? They took my money, my old car, and have me with ridiculous payments for a car that isn't worth it. DO NOT COME TO THIS DEALERSHIP!!!! THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING!!!!

Went to Teddy Nissan to purchase a car. I left the deposit of $3000. Told the salesman that I will pick up the car in two weeks into the fact that I was going to vacation cruise, so when I check the online listing to make sure the car was off its site, it was still online and had lowered the price to 1 thousand dollars less than what I paid. So I called my friend and ask him to go to the dealer and see if the car was still on sale and actually they wanted him to put a deposit because they said the car was getting fixed up but if he give a deposit, they will secure the car for him and would be able to pick up in 3 days, the same car that already had $3000 down. So I call next morning and try to talk to the salesman but he was not there. After 1 the salesman call and I explain and told him that U want the price adjusted and the listing taken off. That was the end of the nice salesman. He said that they take more than 1 deposit to make sure they don't loose the sale and that he would not adjust the price. I told Juan that I want to cancel if that is the case and Juan got loud and hang up the phone.

I call back, try to talk to a manager and the girl that picked up the phone was giving me the run around. After being on hold, got hang up. Call few times and why they hang up the phone number of times. Then I put my girlfriend to call and she was able to get thru to a manager. I then explained and Miguel 1st told me that if I cancel they would charge me for sending out the car to fix 'cause the bumper was damaged and fender and it was send to fix cause I ask for it. Wish you told him that is stupid 'cause the car was still for sale. So I hang up and call my credit card company and ask to stop the payment. After 2.5, after I was on my way out to my cruise, got a call to tell me that ok, that they would work with me and will give me 500 off but would not match the price online and I said ok, when I get back I go pick up.

When I got back from cruise, got a cab went to Teddy with all my bag. After got there 1 hour waiting, Miguel told me to get insured for car but told him I want to see the car 1st. Gave me hard time after car get there 1:30h. Later I see that bumper was not changed was only patched and fender never fixed. Asked the head of sale why was it not fixed, he looked at me and smiled and told me, "This is what it is, take or leave it," and walked away and I went after him and told him that I want my money and he said if I cancel, I lose my money and after fighting back and forward I said "You know what, I don't have a way back to New Jersey so I'm just going to take the car I'll just take my loss. So I am taking a car with fender and a bumper not properly fixed.

So next day in the morning, I called American Express. I told them to reverse the charge for they could get paid three days later. I get a call from the dealer telling me to take a certified check. I told him no and that I don't have 3000, this is why I paid with AX but I told him don't worry about it, the charges going back as charged because already have the car. So the salesman told me that no, that's not acceptable, that they're calling the cops and that I'm a piece of **. I really don't understand how a big company like this talk to people like this. The car was a gift for my daughter and I don't even know what this is going to end up like.

I bought a pathfinder 2013. I didn't receive a car manual at all... never heard of this before the car doesn't, come with manual. I have to call the main company to ask them to send it to me. Any way five months later, the starter push button got inside the dashboard, could not start the car at all. So I called a towing truck and tow it to the dealer and all the non sense. A week later, I got a ticket. The dealer gave me five month inspection sticker and this is my third car. The inspection is always valid for a year. Teddy Nissan gave it to me for 6 months only. Someone else said true words about these people. When they get you to buy a car that's it... you are a finished deal. They don't want to see you or help you in any way. All together it was a bad, bad experience. I will not recommend any one to buy from that dealer.

Bought a used Nissan Rogue 2009. I do not know about cars and thought the salesperson will take my needs into account and will advise me. Instead he took advantage of my lack of knowledge and overcharged me. I went back to the dealer to complain and there was nobody available to talk to me. It was most tedious experience, and to my surprise I was not the only person there complaining. I got a used car with one key, and dirty because they couldn't take it to the car wash. The ticket price was almost $19,000. I put $2k and trade in a car for $1500. To make the story short, I ended up with an auto loan of $24k for 73 months. Who can explain to me that that's a reasonable price for a base model with 8600 miles? If you do not know about cars, Please stay away from these people. They only care about their commissions. I spoke with managers and they were just concerned about me not posting bad reviews online. And gave me a $25 gift card for gas since I had to go there so often.

We were looking for a certified 2012 Nissan Altima for my god daughter. We called Teddy Nissan about a vehicle that they were advertising on their website and on Autotrader. On November 5, 2013, a salesman, Peter **, called me about a vehicle that they just received in inventory on a trade (VIN # **). A 2012 Nissan Altima with 10,400 miles. He then emailed me all the specifics and said that if I wanted the car, I would have to put down a deposit of $500. He will then call when the car is ready for me to pick up in a few days because it had to be detailed and certified. On the same day, November 5, 2013, he emailed me the price breakdown coming to a total of $14,378 ($12,000 Car/$599 Certification/$595 Prep Fee/$300 DMV/$809 Tax/$75 doc fee). He then charged $500 on my American Express Card and said "congratulations" the car was ours. Since then, for the following two weeks, he has sent me a dozen emails and text messages confirming the car is "almost ready" and just waiting for the title to come in so we can pick it up.

On November 19, 2013, Peter called me again to tell me the "good news" that the car is ready and asked me when we would be able to come and pick it up. I explained to him that we would be driving 2 1/2 hours from Bucks County Pennsylvania so it will be tomorrow November 20th at noon. He confirmed that that would be perfect. We then purchased an insurance policy from Geico in order to drive the car home insured. On November 20, 2013, we then called again when we left our home at 9am to confirm that the car is ready. Again, he confirmed that the car was ready for pick up and he would be waiting for us. We arrived at the dealership at noon and waited for 30 minutes for help. Finally, Peter introduced himself and said that "someone had sold the car a couple of days back to a customer" and he was sooooo sorry. However, he personally spoke to the "owner" and he said that he will get us into an exact car with the same or lower miles for the same promised $14,378.

We waited for another 40 minutes for Peter to return. When he finally returned he said he didn't understand but "the manager said NO" and he's not sure what was going on. He said that if he was in our place, he would be extremely upset and we should speak to the manager directly. The manager came out with an annoyed look and asked us what the problem was. After explaining to him that Teddy Nissan has had my $500 for two weeks, sent me dozen emails/texts and the fact that I spoke to them last night and again this morning both times confirming the car was there only to find out it was sold??? He said that they decided to sell it at auction because it was more money (which is different than what the salesman, Peter told us). He said that he could not sell me another car for that price but would be able to sell me a similar car for only a couple of thousand more.

I further explained that I took off work today and drove 2 1/2 hours each way to pick up the car. He said, "So! ** happens", then he joked that I can "bill him" for missing work!

Normally, I am a very calm person but in this case, as anyone else would, I lost it and yelled at him and Peter and stormed out of there. When I couldn't find my car that was left with the Valet person, I asked where they parked it. The manager then said to me, "Find it yourself , **."

This manager does not belong working at a place that represents the Nissan name. And quite simply, this dealership has extremely unethical business practices and they will be reported both to the NY DMV and the Better Business Bureau. I am sure I am not the first person that they have done this to but I want to make sure I am the last person. I understand that mistakes sometimes happen. However, how this mistake was handled clearly shows me that it is a deeply rooted, systemic problem with this dealership and its management.

TEDDY NISSAN is the worst... They overcharge every one. They make you feel they care about you until you sign the sales contract but after that happens, there is a full amount of stories on any claim you made. The worst is Jonathan (loan officer) introduce you to a credit karma. They acknowledge submitting multiple inquiries for you to all lenders nationwide, what in my case was 18 inquiries in 2 days which ended damaging my credit score with an unfair "too many inquiries in the last 12 months".

Also the car I bought has a minor damage in the rear passenger side door (not reported) in their files, but the car was offered as certified vehicle with no structural damages in the Carfax. Windows rattle as crazy when vehicle is moving. Their maintenance manager said, "The window is not intended or designed to be partially lowered... It must be fully opened or fully closed"... Passenger airbag sensor goes on and off while a passenger is seated. I will suggest a deep investigation on this shady business. I hope their dealer license be removed for unfair practices and dishonest employees management.

Do not do any business with Teddy Volkswagen and Teddy Nissan. They will rob you of your money. Please do not go there. You do not have to go through what I am going through. How do they sell a brand new car (Teddy Nissan) without the floor mats, missing manual book and over price CAR. Gabriel ** makes you feel like you got a deal. In all reality they just robbed you. Now I am out of $6,500, THANKS TO TEDDY VOLKSWAGEN, LUCY **, ANTHONY ** and RON ** who sold me a 2011 HYUNDAI GENESIS under false intents about this car.

I drive the car from the Bronx (Teddy dealership) to my home in Brooklyn. About the time I got home a half tank of gas was gone. So I brought the car back the next day to Teddy Volkswagen and told them my concern that it's a gas guzzler car - gas inefficiency car. LUCY, and ANTHONY said, "What do you expect? It is a V-8 engine." But at the time I was inquiring about that car, Anthony and Ron said that was the best car out there. It's in the top of the lines car with BMW, MERCEDES BENZ and INFINITI, ACURA. Anthony then stated it well on gas, it's a fuel economy ca, 28 city, 38 highway with low-maintenance (Gas mileage was not on car stick in window).

Anthony said he really wanted that car for himself and wish he could buy it and if I don't get it he is going to see if he can purchase it, but the customer gets first choice. The car was a beauty, an eye catcher. Come to find out, it was a MADE BACK CAR GENESIS very expensive to maintain, GAS INEFFICIENCY. Teddy Volkswagen said they cannot give me my money back, $6, 500 THAT I PUT DOWN BUT they can put me in another car - Lucky he kept on apologizing for selling me the HYUNDAI GENESIS without having knowledge of that car and stated, "Let me see what I can do for you, but you cannot get your money back." I did not see anything that I liked at Teddy Volkswagen so we went across the street to Teddy Nissan.

At least I know Nissan are gas efficiency cars. Lucky then stated to me, "This is it. If you don't take this Nissan, there's nothing I could do for you and you will just be out of Luck. And I don't have all day helping you look for a car." I meet Gabriel **. The $6,500 I put down on the HYUNDAI GENESIS was gone. LUCY said, "You cannot get your money back. You lost that on the Genesis." I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought he was joking. Teddy Volkswagen and Teddy Nissan WILL NOT GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK NOT EVEN TOWARD THE NEW CAR I WAS FORCED TO BUY - How do you just lose $6,500?

Now I stuck with a 2013-Nissan Altima. Total payment for that car $32,920.00. Still do not have my floor mats. I went from owing $22,950.00 to $32,920.56. I was robbed for $6,500 of my money. Please support me in getting my money back. Please sign petition to have Teddy Volkswagen removed from our community and to Teddy Nissan to stop selling overpriced cars to the people in our community.

I purchased a car and came home to surprise my wife. She told me she was sick. That her results came in on Tuesday. She was waiting for the weekend. I immediately went back no more than 12 hours later and apologized. I asked them to take the car back. The paperwork wasn't even filed yet. Because the car was bought at 9 pm, I was there at 9 am crying. They had me waiting. They would not accept phone calls from Nissan Finance, THE BANK ITSELF telling them how to close out the contract. They even got on the phone with my crying wife and said they could take back the car but they won't. They had me waiting there crying while they were watching the movie Twilight. I took video of the disgrace and treatment.

I asked to speak to the sales manager and after 5 Hours of them giving me the runaround, they threatened to call the police on a crying man. After emailing Nissan Corporate, two months later and a ton of shady business, they took the car back. But I still had to pay them $2000 for what they constituted as negative equity. Not once did anyone care about my wife nor myself. Rather they asked me for her medical records. I am truly disgusted and out money because they chose to try and screw me when I did the right thing from day one. I pray no one in their family gets ill. Karma waits.

I went to buy a pre-owned Nissan Rogue which was listed on the website and after I went there, I met a wasted salesman called Jeff who took my license and deposit and asked me to wait. And after 2-3 hours of waiting time, I was so tired and frustrated because he didn't have any customers and was simply moving here and there. After I noticed him doing that, I approached him and asked him about my situation and he said that the car was sold out. At the same time, he was showing this car to other customers and trying to increase the value of it.

After sometime, he came and said that the price went up. He played a double game with both of us. The other customer eventually didn't take it after a test ride saying it was expensive and I was pissed off after 4 hours of long time and asked for my deposit and then came one more waste supervisor saying, "I have one more new car which I can get you if you can wait for a couple of hours," which is also a new story. In the end, what I suggest to you guys is that buying a car from these guys is risky. If you give some deposit, you will not get it back and next they will make you buy a car. The finance manager will say the same story to everybody; credit score is much less, the bank approved 5% or more.

The salesman always plays a double game here and the supervisors support them that they are right and the next thing is if you complain, the management doesn't show any interest towards the matter. I think a better way is to lodge a case in consumer affairs court. Finally, I suggest you all to beware of this fraud Teddy Nissan.

I was sent numerous emails without subscribing to news letters and/or promotions. I went in, waited for over 3 hours and was told numerous times that I would be walking out with a new car, the car I chose. I gave $250.00 for a deposit which I was told by several people I would get back in full if I did get approved or that I did not chose to sign into a contract along with all my personal and confidential information required to proceed with credit and finance steps.

I was told to go ahead and sell my other car because it was a definite that I was approved and leaving with the car of my choice. After days of me calling and getting no call backs or answers, I finally went in and then I was told I was I not approved for any new car but I was however, approved for a much older Kia.

Before I left, I was told I would be getting my deposit back and that it would be processed that same day. I never received it. I called several people including Wess **, Ramon **, and Nick **. I left several messages with Manuela at the front desk as well as voicemails and never get any call back, email, fax or my deposit. Every time I spoke to someone, I was told they would take care of it but I never got my money back.

On 12/7/11, my parents and I went to Teddy Nissan 3660 Boston Road Bronx, NY 10469 with the intent to trade in my used car I had bought from them, which I find out later on was hit bad in an accident. My parents and I arrived at around 11:30 am, we start negotiating for a Nissan Maxima. It's about 2:30 PM, unfortunately the vehicle was to be retrieved from their warehouse. It was all the way in the back of the line we were told. Finally after two hours, the vehicle gets here. It's about 4:30 PM. I drive it, it goes well, it's comfortable. We go inside and were told that the finance director Erik ** will be doing the finance paperwork with us.

Another two hours later (6:30 PM), we are now frustrated but amazingly patient and the finance director calls us in. Now keeping in mind of the numbers we were told for the monthly payments as we enter the room Erik ** has given us about double the amount which I could not afford. It was said to be $595 perhaps less but went to $640 a month. It's an enormous amount especially in today's economy. I asked if it can be lowered? Mr. ** amount that was lowered was still not affordable. He gives us an example of the monthly payments in order to understand. He says, I have these Jamaican lady friends that live in Harlem and these Spanish Dominican lady friends that live in the Heights and the Bronx that do a lottery. About a group of them get together and put money together away and they put it all together and eventually each person that put money in will get the money." I asked him what does that have to do with the numbers at hand?" He is a very fast talker therefore if I did not understand English we would be taken for granted.

Mr. ** who is white must think that we minorities especially the Latinos that walk in there are all the same. He must have thought that we did not understand English or speak it too well. We were insulted, disrespected, with his racist remark. We took that in offense because we are Latin, Spanish, Hispanic which ever way you would like to identify our race but we are all not the same. The lottery is a big stereotype about us Latinos and not speaking for the rest of the minorities but I would not be surprised if they took that offensively.

My parents and I are hard working Americans! We punch in, we punch out, therefore we work very hard not for anyone to ridicule us and take us for granted. I was furious that a dealership so called huggable dealer would have someone like this individual working there. Erik **'s remarks is the reason why we walked out of there around 7:45 PM exhausted, frustrated, disappointed, and most important insulted. I will say Teddy Nissan tried to rectify our situation but could not. My family, my friends, and myself have an insulting image of Teddy Nissan The Huggable Dealer and will never do business or recommend this dealership to anyone.

I want to know nothing of this dealership and its staff. I am still receiving voice mails with offers for a vehicle. I will not return phone calls to Anthony **, who was the salesman assisting us. I will deal with the issue I have with the vehicle we were sold the first time we went to Teddy Nissan that they had no idea was in an accident and make the best of it. It's understood that Teddy Nissan tried to rectify our situation but we waited too long just to get vehicle over to the dealership to test drive it, the wait to see the finance director, and the finance directors condescending words towards us made our decision to leave and never come back.

I wanted to buy a vehicle. They informed me that they will give me a good price. They charged my card $3, 500.00 for a down payment as we have agreed.But after that, they told me that because of my credit score, my payments should be higher. I refused the offer, then they said I was going to get my money back in two days. I have not received anything yet until now and they are refusing to give me my money until I agree to their other terms because they said I wasted their time.

I went in to the dealership to lease a Nissan. I was told that the vehicle was still getting detailed, and that we should complete the lease agreement paperwork, so that when the car is ready, I can just leave. The paperwork I filled out detailed the car to have 11 miles on it and a black interior like I requested. After being in the dealership and being told to wait for 3 hours, when my paperwork was complete, I was finally taken to the vehicle. The vehicle did not have a black interior like I was told.

After being at the dealership for so long and being extremely frustrated, I felt I was obligated to take the vehicle right away, because they forced me to sign all the paperwork. I drove about 5 miles towards my home when I realized that the vehicle did not have 11 miles on it like it was indicated. But it had over 150 miles.

The next day, I tried to call the dealership with my concerns, and the numbers advertised on its website, I shortly learned, were false numbers. In order to get in contact with the dealership, you must submit a quote request with your number and wait for them to call you. I informed them that the numbers on their website were false and didn't work. They told me they would look into it.

I told the sales manager that I need to be assured by a letter that says I was not responsible for the 150 miles on the car. He told me I would get a letter in writing shortly which states the information. Over a month has gone by, and I still haven't received any notice that I am not responsible for the additional mileage.

Recently, I received a notice from my car insurance company which stated that they never received a lease agreement and a window sticker that was supposed to be faxed to them by the dealer at the time the lease was signed. I was assured numerous times when I was leasing the vehicle to "not to worry, we will fax that information today."

The notice was received a month after I leased the vehicle which stated that they still haven't received the information, and that I had 10 days to comply. I called the dealership again. Again, the only way to get in contact with the dealer was to submit a fake quote request; otherwise, there is no way to get in contact with the dealership. I spoke to the sales rep who assisted me, Kenny **. He said that he usually has problems submitting the requested documents to my insurance company. When asked if he could fax the documentation, he stated, "We don't keep that information, because it causes clutter in the dealership, and you should fax it yourself."

On Sunday March 27, 2011 I had an appointment at Teddy Nissan located on 3660 Boston Rd Bronx, NY 10469 at 12pm to look at a 2011 Nissan Altima. I spoke with a sale representative name Vince. I was interested in a lease option for the Altima. He ran my credit and I was approved. Vince told me that I had to leave a deposit of $250.00 before we can go any further to ensure I was an interested buyer. I agreed to leave the deposit since this was not my first time purchasing a vehicle and at some places that is standard before running the credit. I asked Vince along with the manager, Joe, that if I decide not to purchase the vehicle, my money be refunded. They both said yes.

I gave the card and they swiped the card for the amount of $250. Then I was told that the finance department would be with me shortly to work out payment options. They asked who my insurance provider was and I gave them the information. While I waited in the waiting area for 2 hours, I received a phone call from my insurance company stating I received a phone call from Teddy Nissan and you purchased a vehicle. I told the insurance company no but I’m looking to lease a car but I didn’t make the purchase yet and didn’t know the monthly payments yet.

I also stated to them to not insure the vehicle as I didn’t even sign the contract yet. After receiving the phone call, I felt very uncomfortable with the way they operated at this establishment. I decided that I did not want to make any purchase from them being that they were trying to insure a car that I did not purchase yet and felt that they were very deceptive. I told them I wasn’t interested and I need a refund. The manger Joe stated we do not do refunds on the weekend. I said to him no problem I will call on Monday about my refund. I called Monday March 28, 2011 and spoke to Vince and he said he would process the refund for my deposit and return my call promptly.

On Wednesday March 30, 2011, I still did not receive a call from any employee of Teddy Nissan so I called them that day and spoke to Vince. When I asked Vince about my refund, he advised me that it was done and also asked for my card information-for the second time. On Wednesday April 6, 2011 I still did not receive my refund so I called Teddy Nissan and asked to speak to the manager Joe about my refund but he was not available. I asked the receptionist if there was another manger I can speak to and she transferred me to Gabriel. I spoke to Gabriel and told him I’ve been waiting for my refund for over a week and half and his reply was that they were too busy to stop and do a refund. I told Gabriel he was rude and I’m going to contact the Better Business Bureau and he said, “do what you have to” and hung up the phone.

I went to the Nissan dealership to purchase a car. I gave the rep a $800 deposit. The next day, I returned to tell them that I was not going to be able to purchase the car because of an emergency that happened. The sales person proceeded to call me a liar and that I had to wait 30 days for my refund. I spoke to a manager who told me I would get my money within a week. It has been over 4 weeks and I have not seen my money.

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