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Victorville, CA

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First I have purchased 2 cars in the past from Sunland Ford and I went there with my family yesterday 9/6/16. I dealt with a salesman named Jim ** who was very friendly and professional. The Sales manager name Raul was a different situation. He was lazy and unprofessional and it escalated that he was a racist. He even suggested that we walk outside. He sat on his chair for 2 hours and did nothing while my wife struggled with our 22 month old granddaughter. To him it must have been entertainment. Sunland Ford is a certified TruCar dealership and Raul refused to even come close to the fair price. He went so far as preparing bogus documents on the car.

Once I questioned him on this unethical behavior and suggested if race was a issue with him he blew up and became hostile. Being that I am 6'2 and 280 pounds his threats were taken as a immature stunt. Until this Irrational, unstable and unethical employee is dealt with I would advise everyone to stay clear of Sunland Ford.

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I turned my 2012 Ford Focus in for a couple of recall updates and repairs. I had an appt for 8 and turned my vehicle over to them at 7:55 on Monday. I didn't receive a call and I finally called at 4 pm and nothing was done. They asked for another day. Second day down and nothing!

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I bought my pre-owned Ford F150 from Sunland Ford in October 2014, it had less than 50,000 miles on it. In early February, after only an additional 8,000 miles, I noticed a knocking noise in the engine. I paid for an extended warranty when I purchased in October, so I made an appointment for February 9, 2015, for my truck to be looked at. I have consistently and continually called regarding the status of my vehicle. Two weeks after my appointment, and not able to get an answer about the problem with my truck, I called the warranty company, who said they had no knowledge that the truck was even at the shop. After explaining my frustration to the warranty company, I was informed there was nothing they could do until Sunland Ford contacted them. The lady I spoke with did however, give me a claim number to reference and she made notes pertaining to our conversation.

As of March 2, 2015, the exact cause of the engine problem has still not been diagnosed, according to the service technician **. He also said there were still two vehicles ahead of me. They believed that it might be the oil pump that has gone out, but further testing has to be done. Sunland Ford said I had a rental car under my warranty, which was available to use for 10 days. I did not pick up the rental car until 2/14/15, thinking in 10 days, my truck would be fixed. When the 10 days expired for the rental, and still my truck has not been worked on, I informed ** of Sunland Ford that I needed transportation and they needed to pay for and extend my rental since my truck had not been fixed to that date.

We agreed upon an extra 15 day extension, which he would get approved through his manager. On March 2, 2015, I was contacted by Hertz Rentals at the location which they sent me to, and was informed that the car was past due for being returned. I told the lady about the conversation I had with ** over at Sunland Ford regarding the 15 day extension, she said she would call him and confirm the extension approval.

On March 4, 2015, I called Sunland Ford to speak to the GM, (**), because I was informed by ** that the reason it's taking so long for them to look at my truck is because they're the only Ford dealership in the surrounding area and they are swamped with repairs. He also informed me that some vehicles have been there longer than mine. To me, this is not an excuse nor is it an acceptable reason for a customer to be made to wait almost one month for their car just to be diagnosed with the exact cause of the problem. On 3/4/15, I left a message for the GM (**), no reply. I again called the GM (**) on 3/6 and left a message. So far, no reply.

As of March 6, 2015, I had not heard anything so I called Hertz again. I spoke to the same young lady, named ** and she said she's been trying to call ** since Monday and has not been able to reach him. She will try again today. As of March 6, 2015, and after leaving a couple messages for the GM (**), I am still waiting for the extension of my car rental approval, the exact diagnostics of the engine problem and a return phone call from the GM (**). I will never, ever do business with Sunland Ford. I may never buy a Ford product again if this is the kind of service they provide to their customers. I would not recommend anyone to patronize Sunland Ford for purchase or service. Honesty and integrity is non-existent at this place of business.

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I have been going to this dealership with new cars since 2010. First I brought a Raptor in to them for some valve issues. They had my truck for 17 days before even looking at it. When they were finally done with it, they damaged my hood and had to have a repair done on a brand new specialty vehicle. When I picked it up I had noticed that they had taken it off road as the whole undercarriage was caked with mud and the interior was filthy. I also noticed an extra 100 miles on my odo. They never remedied the issues.

Next I have taken a 2011 mustang in and out of the shop for various reasons since 2011. Every time I take it in, it leaves with new issues or just not fixed at all. I have caught them saying they have done maintenance that has never been done. This includes them "changing" a cabin air filter that I checked when I got home to discover they never did. They have locked my keys in the vehicle to waste a day of work and when they attempted to unlock the door, they tear my window molding.

They have caused damage to the way my $2k 1 off carbon fiber hood closes because they do not know how to operate hood pins. I have also had them lose clips and just toss anything it it's place. I had a maintenance package which it would be seen every 5k miles. They were supposed to rotate tires and inspect. I bought brand new tires which were never inspected or rotated and as such, a bad alignment wore them down in 4 months. Within that time frame it had been at Ford 3 times. All of which the tires were "inspected". They refused to take blame for their reckless endangerment of myself and others who drove around me.

This last issue involved taking a Mustang in for a small clunk in the rear end during the acceleration. They had the vehicle for 10 days and then I demanded it back since it was sitting. I then took it back during a cruise which I would be gone for 5 days. They don't start working on it until 3 days into the cruise and then when I get back, find out they were not covering the part because the cars gear ratio was coded incorrectly. They will rip you off every chance they get. Beware.

Consumer Increased Rating!

Was allowed to trade in vehicle and was given a great deal on a new vehicle. Thanks to the Business Manager, General Manager and Salesman (Cal).

Robert of Victorville, CA on

Original Review

I have written two previous reviews on this car dealership (Sunland Ford). I purchased two new vehicles from this dealership and the sales department is great, however every experience with their service has been the worst experience I have ever had. The below experience is the latest experience with their service department that I gave another chance after being promised a better experience by their management.

After my last reviews I was contacted by the Business Manager. Although she seemed genuine and wanted to fix the issues, the issues have proven to still exist. After my last review I gave the service department another chance to fix a transmission recall issue. An issue I brought to their attention within the first week of owning the vehicle. So truth be told this is their second opportunity to fix the car after giving the vehicle back the first time and just calling it "quirky".

This time I had to make an appointment over 6 weeks out for my transmission to be looked at. My appointment was yesterday early morning and when I dropped off the car I was told that they will take a look at it and call us. Worse case we would have to wait until the next day for parts. After waiting a day and a half I decided to call and check on my car, the service operator explained that our car wasn't even entered into the system and asked for the service writer’s name, she then puts me through to the service writer.

The Service Manager answers the phone and starts to explain the real process of the issues of the transmission recall. The simplicity of the reprogramming or a simple transmission repair that I was given by the initial Service Writer is explained to be a much more involved process (dropping transmission repair or replace, but in hopes of a reprogramming). Although I dropped off my car a day and a half ago my car has not been touched because of the amount of transmission recalls brought in for the same reason.

My question was why I waited for 6 weeks for an appointment for my car to sit and wait, with no answer. I asked what I am supposed to do about a vehicle and he stated that they give a 24 hour car rental. I asked if he had an idea when I was going to get my vehicle back, he said that there were still 3 vehicles ahead of mine, so with some luck maybe they will get to it some time today or maybe tomorrow. However he could not give me an answer on when I may have my car back, because he didn't know what they will find when they look at the transmission. But 24 hour car rental is all they will offer to being without my car, but will call when they fix it.

I asked to speak with the Business Manager from my previous Yelp reviews and he transferred me to the receptionist. I was sent to the Business Manager’s voice mail and I left a detailed message as to what I was experiencing along with my phone number and am awaiting to see if I receive a return call. After dealing with this transmission issue from the first day we purchased this vehicle to date I am ready to give the car back. If I receive the vehicle back with the same issue I will invoke the CA Lemon Law and have the dealership purchase the vehicle back and spend my money at a different dealership, despite the excellent experiences I had with their sales department in the past.

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My 2008 Ford truck that’s still under warranty failed. It started missing very badly. I took the vehicle to Sunland Ford to have it repaired. I was told the cylinders and rocker arms were broken. This was repaired on September 9, 2009. Then again, on June 27, 2010, the vehicle failed again and I was told the exact same parts had broken. Sunland Ford told me that they contacted a Ford representative who inspected the vehicle and advised Sunland Ford that the vehicle was no longer under warranty because of lack of maintenance even though I have proof of all maintenance records (including regular oil changes). Sunland Ford never provided proof of their alleged response from Ford manufacturer. The vehicle was not repaired as I was told the repairs were no longer under warranty nor will Sunland ford or the Ford manufacturer accept responsibility for the repairs to my vehicle.

Please note that this vehicle is my business vehicle and provides for my family and is my sole means of income to support my family. I am a small business owner and the vehicle being down is a financial hardship on my business as well as my family. This vehicle has been down since June 27, 2010 for the exact same repairs as September 9, 2009. I have lost business income and continue to lose business income to date. I have calculated approximately $4,400, but I continue to have business loss. I have supporting documentation upon request. I pray that you will evaluate this claim and assist in any way possible to get my vehicle repaired and back on the road to financial recovery. Thank you!


Our 1995 Ford Escape Hybrid was experiencing some puzzling issues with an engine emergency light and we took it in to Sunland Ford's service department. They did a non-hybrid diagnostic, which of course was not conclusive. This was admitted by the non-hybrid trained service representative. The suggestion was that we try replacing the water pump in the gasoline engine (it also has an electric motor that has a fuel pump as well) at a cost in excess of $700.00 with no guarantee. We asked Mr. ** to go to Ford and get a consult on the Hybrid and perhaps call in an expert. He insisted that this was unnecessary and refused. In the meantime, the engine shut off in traffic with two young children inside and I had to seek medical attention for injuries related to helping my children to safety.

The consequences to me were the delay of finding and repairing what eventually was a part and reset of the electric motor, which was affected by contacting Ford Motor Corp. who found a hybrid expert an hour from our home. Mr. **’s insistence upon replacing the water pump which is in perfect order would have made the system fail in addition to costing us over $700.00, not returning it, and fixing item after item to get money from us without fixing the problem since they wouldn't consult a hybrid expert. If we had not contacted Ford corporate with our complaint, Mr. ** would have potentially cost us thousands with no resolution. As it is, others in the same position were and, perhaps, are still being victimized by his dangerous and ignorant business practices.


ignition key stuck.Jeff said that he has been getting alot of proublems with the focus ignition,if thats the case should'nt that be a recall item it is a severe expence for one on a fixed income such as myself.


We recently leased a 2001 F150 truck, we had a 2000 Expedition as a trade in. The following day I tried to "unwind" the deal and get my Expedition back, they said it was a done deal. I wrote a letter, called on the phone and spoke with Ken Chambers, the GM. He said Bart Wade would call back with some figures. They were willing to work with us, but wanted several thousand dollars to give back my Expedition. I have been told that this is against the law and that some things in our contract are not correct. I am unhappy with the truck we now have, and I would like to return it. What can I do.


In February 1999, I had problems with my Ford Windstar, I took it to several shops, and after spending approximately 3000 on repairs and rental, Goodyear told me I needed to take the vehicle to Ford. I had the vehicle towed to Sunland Ford and was told the head gasket was the problem. I asked if they had a recall on the vehilce and they said yes. I was told that in order for them to replace the head gasket, that I would need to pay an additional $1800 for the processor/computer and the injectors.

I called Ford after I got the car back and asked if they could help in assistance with getting back the $1800 as I did not think I should have to pay that money as the motor was on recall. Ford asked me who paid for the motor, I said Sunland Ford, the lady at their consumer affairs office said the warranty was over at 60000 and that I was lucky that Sunland paid for the repair. There was no further conversation after that. The motor in my windstar went out at 77000 miles. After ford put the new motor in, I had to replace the transmission within one month. I went back to ford and complained that the transmission was not malfunctioning prior to the new motor, but they refused to even listen or offer me compensation. Since the transmission, I have had several mechanical problems with this van.

I just got the vehilce out of the shop on Saturday, 6/10/00 for a gasoline regulator problem. When I put the vehicle in the shop on 6/7/00, they did not tell me the shop did not have a technician onboard that could determine the problem. It sat in their shop for several days and I had to rent a vehicle on my own account. Ford refused to pay for the rental. This vehicle has been one of the worst I've own since I have been purchasing vehicles. Ford has no mercy. Help.

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