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Last updated: Oct. 23, 2017

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

The service had been done at one of their partner's location STS Tire (40 Ethel Road West Piscataway NJ 08854). I have been quoted for the $127/per unit and STS tire charged me the $146.99/per unit. My total became $890 instead $659. Of course, I have argued at 1st and refused to pay the differences, but I paid them anyway since it doesn't seem to be their fault on this issue.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

I visited STS in Shirley on Monday 3/13/17. The manager Mark is always very kind and always helpful. I am always pleased to visit this location for all mine and my family's vehicles. I recommend this location to everyone who needs honest and reliable work done.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

Recently I brought my vehicle for an annual inspection. I was informed that the vehicle pass the inspection. However it was brought to my attention that the passenger side drive axle needed to be replaced. A couple of days later I brought back the vehicle for the repairs. After the job was completed I notice that when the vehicle was in drive, it was making a vibration from the right front of the car. Where the job had been done. I returned the car the following day and after numerous hours I was informed that the motor mounts may be bad and to go and get a second opinion. My car now runs worst than when I initially took the car for the inspection.

Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

We were loyal STS Auto customers for years. I have 3 cars (now 4) and we did all of our servicing with STS from oil changes to new tires. When STS transitioned over to Mavis Tires approximately 1 year ago, everything went down hill... Well let me be more explicit... It literally fell off a cliff. It started with an oil change on my BMW 650i which wasn't cheap. When I pulled away from Mavis, my low oil indicator light went on which meant that they did fill the oil up after they changed it. I brought it back and they refilled it... Really not a big deal but still very sloppy and this never happened before across all of my cars over many years.

Here is the serious situation that could have cost my son's life. We rotated our tires a few months ago on our SUV... and assumed that all of the lug nuts would be fully tightened. Well fast forward a few months when my son was driving on a side street, he turned on a corner and the back wheel was literally falling off the car. Upset and crying, my son called me and I drove the couple of miles to meet him only to find out that all of the lug nuts were missing. That either means they only put a few on to begin with or all of them were loose enough to come off.

This could have been fatal had my son been on a major highway going 55 mph... Luckily he was going 10mph in a neighborhood. And btw, my son is 17 and has only been driving for 7 months... He was a real trooper throughout this whole ordeal. When I went back to the Mavis dealer, the manager apologized and offered 5 free oil changes. While the manager was nice, I am still blown away as to how this could happen when there are cameras and there should be checks/balances. Will never go back to Mavis again.

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

Last year my son was given his grandmother's 2002 barely driven Toyota Camry. The Car had 35,000 miles and had been well maintained. We took the car to STS for the regular oil change. We got a call from my son saying that the car would not start. We had it towed to STS for them to look at it. We were told that there was no oil in the car and that the engine was ruined. After some discussion STS took responsibility and made an offer. Here's the problem, they want to give us the lowest Kelley Blue Book Value for our car, they refuse to pay for a rental I had to pay for, they posted a hand-written sign on their door which read, "There will be a $25.00/day storage fee. (Further insult to injury.) In addition, there was an $85.00 tow fee.

This occurred in June. My husband and I have spoken to 3 or 4 different people. The local STS manager, a district mgr, 2 corporate customer service reps. One of which, when I called him again I was told that he no longer worked there, and the 2nd told us they do not give last names to customers. The local STS, (now Mavis) in Sicklerville N.J. This experience has been the worst! We will not take our cars there ever again! We have not been compensated and our car was ruined by their negligence. This experience has been very upsetting and I will continue to write complaints and do whatever it takes to be rightfully compensated for my loss.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

I took my Honda Odyssey 2014 EX to this Ethel Rd STS store for oil services a few times and once for tire nail fix. On 8/29/2016, I found the indicator of tire balance light up on the odometer panel and I took it to the store again. They told me that the rear tires were worn out but the front tires looked okay. I was shocked because I put only 27000 miles on it and that was only for casual driving. How could the tires of a new Honda Odyssey be worn out within less than 3 years with mileage of only 27000? I swear to God I never take it to anywhere else for service since I bought it. Now you guys should have known what they did to my new tires! You should be careful with STS guys! Never leave your vehicle in their hands! I immediately took my car to Costco for 4 new Michelin tires and I will never go to STS again!

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

"It's a trust thing." Yeah, right! I just put one star because FB doesn't have ZERO or negative stars. This is the worst, worst, (and I really mean it!) the WORST place ever in the entire planet to fall with a car tire problem (and I can assume that they will apply the same dosage to any service they do there). While driving to a 3-day camp vacation on a nearby lake, the driver's rear tire got two studs broken (By vibration, I guess. They never came out with any logical/professional explanation).

You know how first impression are, and yes, I've got it totally: My Q: "Can you help me?" A: "No! I can not. Look for someone else." Nice. The shift manager (Ken) told me to wait to see the diagnostic on the tire's drum. It was simple. I need two bolts to be replaced on the drum and it will be $10 per bolt and labor included. We were looking for a bill (about) $114 or $117. Quite pricey for a bolt change and tire dismounting. Anyway, I was stranded in the place and I need it fast to keep on moving.

An hour and fraction later Ken comes to me saying that the bolts they requested were wrong(???) and that they doesn't fit on the drum. His suggestion: "Wait for tomorrow FIRST THING IN THE MORNING that we get the correct parts and we will call you and you will be out of here in no time." OK, have to swallow it and agree. Next day around noon time, they don't call. I called them and the answer: "No, it's not ready yet. Don't call us. We will call you." I felt like a bad actor aspirant in a audition call. An hour later I was taken by a friend to the place to see what's going on. A bunch of cars being elevated in the vertical tows and worked on and my car still sitting on the ground with nothing done. The holes were driven the night before, so they just to screw them and mount the tire and screw the nuts and done, but not, Ken told me to give him - again - an hour or hour and a half. Too much time to do a simple thing.

2:30pm I called them again. Ken's answer: "We will call you when it's done." What? Again? I asked him an specific time, I guess I had earn that right at this time, and the answer was the same: "I can not tell you" I said to him, "You've got to give a time. It's not possible that you run/manage this place and you don't know your own timings." He throw me: "OK, OK. It will be ready at 5:30pm." 3 HOURS MORE? What a nerve of guy! Who hired him?

First: They push back my order and take care of the other cars first. Second: A 15 min. labor make it an hour charge, extremely expensive labor. Third: They hold you even when they know you're in a transit situation. They don't give a damn about it. Four: You call and Ken gets idiotic giving stupid answers. Fifth: You get sooo overcharged. First he - Ken - said (labor included) it will be $117.00, when finally (at 3:45pm) it's done, he charged $20 for the bolts and $117.00 just for labor! Who fixed my car?? Kim Kardashian?

Sixth: $117 + $20 + Tax = (according to them) is $170.00! No tax disclosed on receipt. Seventh: Just one turn (One turn) on my car and the bolt caps fell off. Reason: They put wrong size nuts on the entire wheel, so the nut caps were loose. I have to drive back home and if I (God forbid) get a flat tire, my wrench tool will not work on the tire. Who hired these people??? Who is supervising them??? Why do they do this to his source of income??? How this business subsists with people like this???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

Each and every time we go to STS, it continues to feel more like a family. You get to know the techs by name and they know you. We will continue to use the Toms River location as our go to auto mechanic. Thanks!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2016

I have read some of the reviews and I am amazed by how truly ignorant people can be. Regarding the idiot claiming his engine blew up due to a "Bad oil change" from STS, you should jump off a cliff. If you were losing oil from the filter not being on properly you would have had problems much faster than weeks and would have noticed a puddle of oil everywhere you parked and the fact you kept driving while the car was knocking and had to have been smoking to the point the engine blew then who knows what other moronic things you may have done. There was no fault other than your own stupidity.

The woman who was complaining about her $800 bill. You had an oil change, inspection, 4 tires, balancing and mounting on all 4, alignment and road hazard coverage. That's not expensive at all. You paid about $50 to have 4 tires mounted and balanced. Once you purchase tires do you expect the labor putting them on to be free? Do you go to a restaurant and bitch because the bill reflected the cost of the food and labor put into serving it. The servers should work for free just to thank you for purchasing a meal I guess. As far as the alignment (on 4 tires you would be an idiot to not check the alignment) if STS didn't suggest it and your tires were uneven you would bitch. If you didn't get the road hazard and a nail breaks the sidewall and is unrepairable a few months into having new tires I guarantee you would expect STS to give you a new tire. It's unreal to read some of these comments.

Go to a local garage and try and run the ** on them. They will tell you to go ** yourself. Just because some of you are self-conscious about your severe lack of basic mechanical knowledge and obvious lack of common sense doesn't make it okay to attack people just doing their job. The complainers here are scum. You are weak people that use the fact a place is corporate to threaten good people's livelihood and feel empowered to feel better about your lack of common sense. I read one person's complaint that they got charged for labor on an oil change. What??? Should a place be expected to change your vehicles oil for free? Learn to do it yourself or shut up.

I have been to STS a dozen times. Nobody there has a dog in the fight, so to speak. What I mean by that is they have no reason to overcharge or do unnecessary work since most are hourly or hourly with small commissions that make most of the expensive jobs unappealing. It's obvious the complainers are clueless as to reality. Most garages charge a minimum of 2 hours labor at an average of $120 an hour. STS has no minimum and if labor was a half hour that's what they charge. I know for a fact they usually do more labor than they charge for. Some jobs only allot for an hour or so and if it goes longer STS eats it. STS is for convenience and to make unknowledgeable people that dont wanna get ripped off by regular garages comfortable. I think they are way underpriced for the market.

Next time your vehicle needs to be repaired go to a local garage or a Sears or Firestone and make the demands you dumb ** (male & female complainers) do to them. Good luck with same day service with local garages and with both have fun paying the obscene bill you will get. STS/MAVIS gives the service of a Sears Auto Center or Firestone with half the cost. I get tires and oil changes there as well as a few repairs in the past and am familiar with the industry. Anyone who complains about their prices or practice are bottom feeder miserably pricks that can never be satisfied. To the women who complain here all I gotta say is you're the reason the word ** was invented and to the men. I can guarantee you are guys that got smacked around most of your life and in STS you feel you have some empowerment due to corporate employees knowing they can be fired in a second.

I would live to see you cowards confront anyone on an even scale. Confront someone in the street the same way you complain to them at their work. You couldn't because you're weak and would get pimp slapped. These people have families and bills and you cowards and ** jeopardise their livelihood because you feel inadequate. Unreal. I do well for myself in life and am blessed. I try to pick people up as much as possible and can't understand why some of you feel being well off gives you the right to treat others like **. Especially at places of employment.

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Original review: July 27, 2016

On June 12, 2016, I brought my automobile, a 2014 Hyundai Sonata, in for a basic oil change at the 413 State Rt 23, Franklin, NJ location with mileage at 42,802 miles. I always had my car serviced at Franklin Sussex Hyundai, in Sussex, NJ. However, at this time, I decided to have it done locally at the STS Tire & Auto Center, in Franklin, NJ.

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 at approximately 9:00 PM, while driving, I heard a loud clunking, vibrating sound coming from my front motor area. We then pulled into the nearest gas station , where my husband lifted the hood and heard a loud tapping/knocking noise from the engine. He checked the oil and all seemed fine and headed home where the vehicle sat until I called the dealership.

Monday, July 18, 2016- I called the dealership, Franklin Sussex Hyundai where vehicle was purchased advising them there is something seriously wrong with my vehicle and didn’t feel comfortable driving my vehicle. They suggested calling roadside assistance to pick up the car. Prior to their arrival, my husband turned the vehicle around in driveway, so the tow truck could connect to the vehicle. Suddenly oil came pouring out from under the car. At that moment, we took photos (see attached) of the tremendous oil spillage on my driveway and then vehicle was towed to Franklin Sussex Hyundai.

Upon arrival at the dealership, I spoke with Bob **, the Service Manager at Sussex Hyundai, who advised the care was looked at and found that the oil filter was extremely loose with gasket not secured, which resulted in the oil spilling out. This was a result of the poor oil change performed at STS which has been determined to have damage to the engine. He suggested I then contact STS in Franklin as they are fully responsible for this damage. I then visited STS in Franklin, and spoke with **, Manager and explained my problem. He then called Bob **, Service Mgr at the dealership and agreed to take a look at the car the following day, Tuesday, July 19, 2016. He also assured me that STS would take responsibility if they found their workmanship or filter was faulty and have insurance for this sort of problem.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016- The Assistant Manager, **, visited dealership to evaluate and discuss the damages Bob **, the service manager. He then advised Bob, he would contact the Regional Manager of STS, **, to see what they need to do next under this circumstance. AT this time, I have no car for work therefore Bob ** at Franklin Sussex Hunyadi extended the courtesy of a rental car until Friday, July 22, 2016.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016- I call STS, spoke to **, Assistant Mgr, since ** is off for two days, to follow up regarding the discussion with his regional Mgr, **. He advised he had not spoken to him but would contact me once he heard back. Later towards the end of the day, he returned call to advise ** refused responsibility to cover this damage and STS would not be held liable for any damages. I asked to speak with **, the Regional Manager, however ** has informed me that he does not communicate with any customers nor is he allowed to provide his last name or contact information. It is obvious that he lacks manager skills and professionalism in avoiding the issue and most importantly, evading responsibility for the workmanship performed by STS.

It has been determined by Sussex Hyundai that the engine needs to be replaced due to the poor workmanship of putting the oil filter on my car incorrectly with the gasket not fully fastened causing oil to leak out and cause extreme damage. I would like to know what recourse I have against this service station as they have not responded to my emailed letter dated 7/21/16.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Aug. 4, 2016

update: I received a call from the regional manager from Mavis ( Mavis recently bought out STS) he listened to my issue and did everything to fix it! He was so nice. He said Mavis is looking to keep/gain customers and just wanted to make things right.

Original review: July 20, 2016

I know this is a long review, but please read! Went to STS because I needed 4 four tires. The tires I wanted for $109.00 60,000 mile warranty - they didn't have. I chose the next step up in tire price with the same 60,000 mile warranty - they didn't have. They recommended Potenza tires (BS POT RE970 AS P/P BK 400AAA 205/55ZR16) $117.00 a tire. I said OK and they put them on. Besides the $468 for tires, tire balance for $60, replacement valves for $16, alignment for $80, they managed to SNEAK in an extended warranty for $76. My total bill was $809.99!!! (that includes an overpriced oil change, inspection and sticker) I was astonished and felt like I had been completely taken advantage of because I am a women. I have had nothing but issues with one of the tire, it is 'lumpy' and makes a lot of noise going down the road. I've had them rotated and re-balanced numerous times, but the tire is the issue.

I am now at 22k miles with these tires, the tread is wearing down WAY TOO FAST. I brought it back to STS, letting them know of the lumpy tire and the low tread. Well, come to find out, they sold me tires for back road race car driving that have no mile warranty!!! Remember me saying earlier that they added an extended warranty to my bill, how can I have an extended warranty on tires that don't even have a warranty in the first place!!? Like I said, they completely took advantage of me. So, now I have tires that I thought I was getting with a 60,000 mile warranty but actually have none and are useless. I asked them why they would sell me tires like this even though I expressed interest in two different tires with 60,000 miles warranty - they didn't have an answer.

So, not only did I spend $700 on tires that last for 22k miles and $76 for an extended warranty, STS wouldn't do anything to rectify the situation!!! I am so sad, disgusted and frustrated and worn out from this whole ordeal. Do not go here, they will rip you off and they don't even care. I will never go back here and have told everyone I know about my experience. Next call is to the BBB.

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Original review: May 20, 2016

Great service at the Byram, NJ STS. Manager Keir took a lot of time to explain the brake and alignment procedures. I wasn't thrilled with the $700 part that was installed, but I believe that Keir was honest and ethical about my Tahoe needing it. STS Byram has a new customer!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2016

I have used the Turnersville location of STS for front end work on numerous cars. They get the job done and are priced fairly. I would recommend this location to others needing these services.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 14, 2016

I will always go to STS for all of my automotive needs. The service is impeccable and I completely trust them with my car. My whole family goes to STS and trusts their expertise. Customer service is top notch. Steve and his staff in the Linden location are extraordinary. I will never take my car or my family's cars anywhere else.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2016

I had a great experience at STS with my new tire purchase. Lee & Bert were very courteous and knowledgeable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2016

I normally do not have my car repairs done at a franchise. I'm loyal to local businesses. I didn't think my brakes would last until I can see my mechanic. I chose STS because I had used them years ago and had no complaints. The manager and sales desk serviceman were extremely polite and told me what needed to be done and gave me an accurate cost of the repair. I didn't wait too long, which is perfect. I can go on with all the positive reports, I'm sure you can understand I'm overly impressed with the service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 14, 2016

Went to STS for because I thought I needed new brakes & oil change. Received a phone call informing me that my brakes were good & replacing them was not necessary. Saved me significant money. Will certainly return the next time I need service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 11, 2016

STS continues to be an excellent auto service center. Technician, Tom, deserves special recognition for repairing our old cars, which he's done for years. He goes above and beyond in all that he does, and is very much appreciated by me and my family. He is a true asset to your organization! STS has excellent technicians as well as supervisors.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2016

I have purchased tires in the past for my car. The STS Store in Oakland has been great to deal with, on time and responsible. Yesterday, I dealt mainly with Jeffrey at the service desk. He was great and went above and beyond delivering great customer service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2016

STS Brodheadsville has earned my trust through their integrity and customer-focused mindset. I took my car to many other garages before I found them, and no one else has been so easy to work with; they're friendly, and they actually care! They offer fast service and excellent prices, and they go the extra mile to make sure my car is in great shape.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2016

My experience at STS tire was great, customer service at desk was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the entire process. My vehicle was serviced in a timely manner.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

I have been coming to STS for over 30 years. I have recommended family and friends and have always thought the service to be great. I have had a good relationship with the STS manager and assistant manager. Was worried that the merger would change the company. Luckily, Steve is still here and so far, I feel that his new team will continue to be customer friendly and live up to the former standards.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

My family and I have been having our cars and trucks serviced at STS in Chester for a decade. The people there are honest, fair and are available to help us whenever we need them. They take very good care of our vehicles and give us peace of mind. We are quite fortunate to have Mike and his employees in our community.

Original review: Jan. 13, 2016

I took my son's car in for a tire since he compromised the side wall and it needed to be replaced. I get this call from the shop a few hours later telling me the back brakes were "metal on metal" and they needed to be replaced. Found this odd since I had a buddy who's a mechanic do a lot of work on the car when we bought it 6 months prior, including inspecting the brakes and rotors and he said the rear brakes appear to be fairly new. So, I told STS to hold off on doing the brakes. I took the car home and had my nephew replace the back brakes. He shows me the old pads that were in fact new, with a lot of life left.

So I take the old brake pads back to the shop and question the manager who begins to stutter and squirm because he got caught. He said he never looked at the car and took the word of the idiot working on the car. I questioned him on the incentive angle and he said they don't get paid by the job which obviously is a bunch of crap. After I was done with this guy, he gives me this "one free oil change" card. Sure, I'm an fool. Let me take it back to them. NOT! DON'T GO TO STS...

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

I came in on very short notice and my needed work was done so quickly I almost did not have a chance to sit down. This is NORMAL for me at STS (I've been using STS for more than 20 years and my experiences are always excellent and prompt).

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

STS in Gloucester Township. Customer service is very professionally spot on. They are very trustworthy with all their products and service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2015

Brought my 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 because there was play in the steering and a pull to the left. They got back to me with $1400+ worth of experimental parts changing because they said it was hard to pinpoint which part was causing the play. Told them to fly a kite, I won't pay for some idiot parts changer to replace the entire steering system until he gets it right. I brought it to a small shop who replaced the track bar and sway link for $150 tax total. Not only was the problem solved but I saved $1250!! How does a big chain like STS get away with blatant theft? CAUTION!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2015

I had made an appointment to have an oil change and have a loud noise from my car checked out. John was fantastic at keeping me up to date with the progress of my car. At one point I also spoke with Jason and he was wonderful too. I could tell the communication between them was great because they both knew exactly what was going on with my car and when I had questions, I didn't have to get put on hold so one could talk to the other. My car ended up having a lot more issues than I had expected and they didn't try to sell me on anything extra, just what was really needed. That is something I truly value and appreciate especially since there are some places that don't back down when you tell them no. They knew I had a budget and kept that in mind and gave me honest opinions. This was my first time using STS and I would use them again and highly recommend them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

I've been going to STS in Califon for years and I've always had fantastic service. Mike and his team are always going above and beyond to help out and get the job done quickly and at a great price. I recommend them to anyone and I drive past many other tire shops to get to STS in Califon!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

My usual place for car things has just been too busy the last week and a half to do my snow tires. I am an old person, and it gives me peace of mind to have the snow tires in place in case of an emergency. A friend recommended STS. How nice it was to get it done so quickly on a Sunday. Mostly, I appreciated the very polite and kind gentlemen who took care of the paperwork. Most people are too rushed and impatient to be polite these days. Thank you for the fine service.

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