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I am interested looking Nissan. I think this is good whatever the place closed with my kids' school. I go offer there and they ask me check credit history and put down payment. Ok I do. Next day they say I can't approved and send me go financial people and financial people say bank approved and I must put down payment more so total down payment I put extra 1500 so total 2500 and after that they ask me looking insuranced car so I do and do everything. After that I must do waiting one week. After one week financial people tell me everything ok, bank approved and each month I must pay 390$ because my credit bad and fee bank 1250 add in my car because looking bank for approved my loan. I must pay 1250$ because my credit scored bad so I everything agree.

Everything sign paper, sign everything and financial people remind me bank will call my job and my cell so I must answer the question which the financial person already making the answer for me for me remind if the bank call so I agree. I sign and they give the car to me. Waiting one week, nobody bank call me and the two week him call me and tell me if I no pick up him phone or return him phone or come to the store him take back the car. How him tell me like that if the paper no finish why him let me take the car and sign paper everything and in back him say still no finish but usually the contract I’m already sign and money already give them and the store give me the car but right now they say still no finish with bank and they can take back the car.

The financial person push me with tell me if him call I must pick up or return him phone, I ready tell him I'm single mom with four kids and part-time job. I don't have time pick up phone or return back him phone. I'm really busy and my kids get asthma too. I'm in here alone nobody help me but financial person say him don't care because this my personal problem and him no get anything from sell car but him just help me for my benefit get the car. I tell him I no interesting or no benefit because I buy and pay the interest car too. What benefit I get I spent money but him all the time push me like that and him prepared anything about my stub or whatever him tell me what I must do.

Before I go home and tell him this the last one you call me and tell him I can bring pay stub to him but usually I no needed bring because I ready sign contract and put deposit and the car him let me take but right now him tell me needed pay stub or anything. I go home and send him pay stub but before go home him tell me (financial people) I tell you, you can liar with your boss because you liar you no pay tax because I tell him I working but boss pay me cash but I still pay tax because I do job at home, I deal with 1099. Him still me liar no pay tax. So my question this really financial person in Nissan bayside? You think this person really human or animal or just take my advantage to me?? And if good I send back the car and take the money? Or I going looking lawyer and sue this dealer and this person?? Thank you for the input. I needed as soon as possible.

Satisfaction Rating

Run run far far away - this dealership is beyond shady. Absolutely lies through their teeth, sold me a car that arrived with a huge hole in the front bumper, deep scratches all over the vehicle, needing $2,000 in service prior accident history, bald tires. When I contacted the manager ** he told me to get lost basically and that the car was sold "as is" and that he isn't willing to do anything for me. Total scumbags. Do not do business with Star Nissan - they will screw you over royally and have no shame in their business practices. Typical used car dealer. Stay away from Star Nissan!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I typically don't write reviews unless I am extremely upset with a company, but I am just so excited about the experience I had this week with the team over at Star Nissan that I felt it was the right thing to do to let people know. As a woman I typically hate getting a new car as salespeople are usually sleazy and I feel I am going to get taken advantage of and end up paying too much.

Well from the second I spoke to the girl ** over the phone until I drove the car home on Tuesday night I have been nothing short of amazed. ** explained the entire deal with me to the point where I didn't have to come in multiple times, which was huge relief since I have a 1-year-old to bring with. I came in Tuesday the sales guy went over all the features of the car, l sat down to sign the papers and that was really it.

I was out of there in an hour and a half and I'm still a bit in shock. I was there the entire time waiting for something to change and for them to tell me the car wasn't available or something, but it never happened. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe these guys just figured it out. Either way I'm a customer for life. Thanks ** and the entire team. I love my new Altima.

Satisfaction Rating

In my whole life I have never wrote a review, but this is worth a couple of lines. Came in to lease a THIRD car from this same dealership in 4 years- this one for my father. Walked into the dealership, chose a car in a matter of 30 min, made a deal and was done in under an hour-- salesperson's DREAM. Scheduled a delivery date 6 days later, only to be turned away on the actual date of delivery when I was a couple of blocks away- "oh we made a mistake, come back 6 days later, you will get a better deal." Well, it's 45 days later and needless to say I did not get a car from Star Nissan of Bayside. Tried to get my down payment back, was told to call and ask for different people and managers-- nothing. Came in person twice-- Nothing, always an excuse that "the person in charge" is not there. Finally, got in contact with the sales manager OSIRIS who laughed and said that no refund will be coming, he is keeping the money, and that I will have to "get it back in some other way." As appalling as this was, I tried calling back numerous times to contact upper management-- NOTHING was done.

Well, at this point, I will be getting a refund from my credit card company, as well as DMV will be contacted to inspect this place for illegal sales practices. And this is coming from a customer that came to get a THIRD car-- guess they don't need the business. STAY AWAY.

Satisfaction Rating

Place is a ** hole, more tarps than a dock. Service center has more leaks than a river, real ** hole. $112.00 a hour for this ** hole. They should move to the junkyard area. They fit.

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Satisfaction Rating

Purchased a '09 Infiniti G37x S from sales person Richard ** at Star Nissan on July 05th. At the time of purchase I still have two months left on a 11 Camry lease. Richard told me I can return the lease early to Star Nissan and I WILL NOT have to worry about the damage (dings and dents) on the Camry as well as the last two lease payments on it. It was very convenient for me the way this deal was set up so I was willing to pay for the convenience. I paid $24,780 for the G37x S with just under 25k miles on it. It's NOT cheap! Sure enough after I picked up the G37 and returned the Camry I was happy and everything with the new ride. Then Toyota Financial Service comes chasing me for the last two payments on the Camry which I have already returned! Then I called up Richard at Star Nissan and sure enough I was then told:

"The deal was to only cover the damages on the Camry and not the last two lease payments. You did not purchase a new car but only a used car so there's no way we will cover the remaining lease payment on the Camry. I apologize that this was not made clear to you and the misunderstanding." I don't need your apologies and it was not a misunderstanding. My lesson learned since it was not written on a piece of paper. Frankly it's not a huge amount of money we're talking about here but this lying game about "we will take care of it" then all of a sudden it's not part of the deal crap just pisses me off. On the day of purchase I went with a friend who used to be an auto sales person and happened to worked with a person who knows Richard and he still managed to pull this one off on us. A verbal agreement is still an agreement but they failed to honor this agreement and made it sound like it never happened. I'd give no star if that's allowed.

Satisfaction Rating

A few weeks ago, I took my car to Star Nissan because I saw a fluid leaking from my car; and I smelled a burning steam smell. I was told that the rear valve cover gasket was leaking, and I received an estimated for $773. On 3/15, I dropped my car to have the repair done; and my car has not been the same since. When I picked my car up, the very first time I drove and stopped, it was sputtering. I immediately turned around and took the car back.

One of the mechanics test drove my car and confirmed my complaint. I was advised to bring the car back, but I told them that I did not feel comfortable getting on the highway with my car in this condition. I left my car there and rented a car to get home (I have the receipt). After 2 days passed, I was told that 1 of the sensors had a hose loose. The hose was tightened and there was no more sputtering. When I picked the car up, one of the service advisors (Tina) said the car was still sputtering and referred me to her manager, Elliott ** who told me that my car affair as idling perfectly. He suggested I air the car out and have the engine cleaned.

I took the car home and then the car started cutting off on me. The "Service Engine Soon" light lit up. I called Nissan Consumer Affairs to file a complaint and was assigned a Consumer Affairs specialist who contacted Elliott and advised me to take the car back to Star Nissan to get a diagnosis. I took the car back to Star Nissan, who kept my car for 2 days again. I was then told that they did some repairs for me as a "courtesy" because I've had my car serviced there over 50 times. At this time, they told me that I need new engine mounts and a cooling fan and gave me a ball park estimate of $700-$900. I was also told that they test drove my car for over half an hour and that there was no sputtering or cutting off.

Every day after, my car cut off at least 2 times a day but for the most part would always start back up. On Monday, 04/01, while on my way to work, the car cut off on me at least 6 times and finally cut off and would not start. I had my car towed back to Star and as of right now, 04/03, I have not heard from them. Please help!

Satisfaction Rating

I went to Star Nissan service center in Flushing to get my brakes and radio looked at. The radio had been giving me problems with on and off flickering so I asked them to take a look at it. Damion ** was the representative taking care of me. He told me the brakes were fine, a new radio had been ordered and they would be replacing it under warranty. They told me they would be calling me when the new radio arrived, which they did two weeks later. I got a call around 9:30 AM telling me that if I came right away, they can do it for me within an hour. When I went there, Damion told me to have a seat in the waiting area and that there would be a 30-minute to one-hour wait time. I was waiting for a little over an hour when Damion came and told me that the radio could not be replaced due to a scratch.

I didn't know what scratch he was talking about at the time and went on to ask him why it took them over an hour to tell me this. He could not give me an answer and told me to speak to the service manager if I had a problem. I then spoke to the manager Elliot ** who told me that I would not get reimbursed for the radio because there was a scratch on it and that could be the cause of the problem with the lights flickering. At that point, I asked to see the radio. He brought me to the work area and then showed me a radio that had a very obvious scratch going across the front. I told him that it was not my radio but he kept insisting it was and told me to check the serial numbers. I told him it may be my radio but that scratch was not there when I had originally arrived there. He accused me that I was the one who had scratched it.

I then asked him if that was the case, then why did they not tell me this the first time when I brought the car in two weeks ago to have it looked at. He said Damion had known about the scratch all along. Damion, of course, denied ever saying such a thing. I then asked why they took apart the radio attempting to fix it if there was no way they could have missed the scratch on it--and why it took so long to let me know. Elliot ** could not give me a straight answer for any of my questions. He continued to argue with me and accuse me of something I didn't do. When I refused to leave the place until they took care of the situation, he told me I would have to speak with Consumer Affairs which I did there. The guy on the phone told me that someone would be addressing the problem and would be contacting me by the end of the day. I left there and went to the Star Nissan showroom located on Northern Boulevard and Clearview Expressway to speak to Elliot **'s boss, John **.

I left a message and he never got back to me. I had to call a number of times until I finally got him on the phone. When I asked why he never returned my call, he said he didn't want to call me too late. It was only 6 PM. I had tried to reach him since 1:30 PM. He didn't really seem too concerned that I was upset and told me he would get back to me in trying to address the issue the next day. Elliot ** then called me the following day and told me he was going to wait until Nissan would give authorization to replace the radio and that it would take a few days. I told him I was not satisfied with that answer and if he really wanted to make the situation right, he would replace the radio right then and there since it was still at the shop at that point. He then said he would get back to me later, which he did, and told me he would be replacing the radio.

He wouldn't give me the option to have it done somewhere else. I said that I wanted it done right away and that I did not want to have to come in and wait. He agreed that was fine. I was willing to let the situation go at that point but he called me back 15 minutes later and told me he already sent back the radio. I would just have to wait for a new one to be ordered. I asked him how long it would take and he said probably Monday or Tuesday (today was Thursday). When I asked him if he can guarantee that it will be fixed by then, he said there were no guarantees. It had taken them two weeks to get my radio in the first time so I told him I was not satisfied because I felt they were giving me the runaround and would be notifying his boss, John **, again.

He then got nasty with me over the phone and I hung up. After a few phone calls trying to get John ** on the phone, he finally answered and told me to basically "take it or leave it." I clearly stated that I did not appreciate how they were treating me over at the service center and how could they claim customer service to be their number one product. He said I should be grateful Elliot was going out of his way to make some phone calls. I told him what about what I had to go through for no apparent reason, wasting a few hours of my time fighting for something that hadn't been my fault. I never heard one apology from anyone involved. I asked him if he was going to do anything about the situation and he said no.

I then said that I would have to make a complaint and take this to another level. He said that he wasn't worried because his ratings were high for customer satisfaction. That was the end of the conversation. I contacted the BBB and I am going to do everything it takes to get some justice for the mistreatment I received after being a loyal customer of Nissan. I will spread the word: "Do not buy a car from Star Nissan and do not deal with them for any issues." I'm even having trouble getting Consumer Affairs to call me back to discuss the case. Overall, I am not having a good experience with Nissan. This was the first car I have purchased and I will definitely not choose to buy another Nissan again.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 09 Nissan rogue in august 2009, I did the cash for clunkers and received $3500 for my old vehicle, the price of the Nissan rogue was 22000 plus taxes and fees, minus the 3500 received from the clunker, after everything the price came to 33000 and when I asked, they said it's the financing. Now that have been giving me the run around for almost 3 years and I do not know what to do. Please help.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a used Mazda MPV from them about two and a half months before. When I test drove, the engine was shaking. The engine light came on. I was told by the sales that the problem would be fixed. He told me that the regular maintenance would be done like oil change, filter, and engine flash. He said that new coolant would be added, and brake pads would be checked and changed if needed and so on. I bought the car. The engine was not shaking so I thought he did everything he promised. But within 4 days, the check engine light came back. I called Star. The manager Mr. Tony told me to bring it back to the service and they would be able to fix the problems. I took the car but they did not have the mechanism to check the Mazda as they have Nissan equipment.

Then, I was told by Mr. Tony to take it to a Mazda dealership and get a report of what happened. Once they knew from the report, Tony said that they would be able to fix the car. He told me that he would pay me the fee. I called him after the check out. He told me to bring the car to Star Nissan service center. I left the car to Mr. Elliot for 8 days. But they could not fix the car.

In fact, Mr. Elliot told me that he had no idea why the car was still sitting in Nissan Service center, because they simply cannot fix the car as they did not have the means to do it. So, I took the car back. Then, Mr. Elliot got the green signal to fix the car at Mazda and told me to go ahead and fix it and they would pay for it. I sent the invoices from Mazda for $1635 by fax. Mr. Elliot said that Tony said to him, "Do whatever is needed to finish the job." So, Mr. Elliot told me to fix it. I called Mr. Tony at least 5 times in between. He told me all the time to fix it and he would pay for the repair.

So, I fixed it in Mazda and paid $1635. But after much fighting and days later, he gave me a check of $603. When I asked for the money, he did a classic car dealership on me. He said, “I will pay you tomorrow.” Tomorrow never came. After that, I went to see him 4 times. Finally, I called and he shouted on me and told me to “shut up". I told him that I would sue him and complain to BBB. He said, "Go Ahead. I give a ** about those." I hung up on him. He does not deserve to be a manager who treats his customer so badly. I saw him shouting with a customer in the store when I was there countless number of times.


Star Nissan dealer has not repaired my car after many visits to have parts replaced. I had to go get my brakes replaced through an outside service because they could not fix the problem or replace the parts needed. After doing so, they are delaying my reimbursement of the amount I had paid out of my pocket. What the dealer is telling me is different from what the agent does regarding what is covered on the warranty. Everything feels very misleading and has been wasting my time on every visit because they have not serviced my car in any way. I think they are delaying the process and not paying me back and waiting for my warranty to expire.


I agreed with the salesperson, Fernando **, on the price of the car which I purchased. With the manager's approval, we settled on $24,500 plus taxes and a $1,000 rebate. The total summed up to $25,471.87. After signing the final contract I did not notice that they had made an additional charge of $2,556.45. As soon as I realized I went to the Star Nissan and spoke to the manager Gus **, who sent me to the financial manager, Thomas **. Mr. ** had, and still has, no logical explanation about these charges and refuses to give me my money back. I am making a formal complaint against them and will continue to do so until I receive my money back. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at the above address and number.

When I received my final statement of the balance, which is not what we settled on it caused my monthly payments to be noticeably higher. This is causing me a lot of stress and aggravation because no one has any answers, nor are they compiling to solve this problem.


I put my $1,000 deposit on a car that was guaranteed there the next day (Monday 8/31/09). I was told I would be provided the VIN that night. I called the next day and eventually that night, I was called back and was told the car does not exist, please pick another color. Despite several requests for my money, I was refused the refund of my deposit and was told to talk to "Gus" the manager to negotiate a deal on another vehicle. I refused and called the Better Business Bureau and American Express to report the fraud. I have not been further contacted by the dealership regarding my refund. I am short $1,000 that I can be using towards tuition, groceries, or even a car that actually exists.

I purchased a new car on 1/5/08. When I picked up the car I only received one key, and wa told the other one had to be programmed. After waiting and much complaining, I finally received the 2nd key about three weeks after. Also, when I picked up the car they gave me a temporary registration and said I would receive the registration in a couple of weeks. They didn't tell me the temporary registration had an expiration date. I thought it was temporary until you received the regular registration.

I got a ticket since the temporary registration had expired. It was very upsetting. I called Star Nissan up and had to keep calling, since no one wanted to ge on the phone. Finally, they gave me another temporary sticker. After much aggrevation and calls I received the registration on April l5th, over three months after I purchased the car. I was told that they got this car from another dealer. However, I consider their selling practices unacceptable. I bought a new car which should have been a pleasnt experience, but all I had was aggrevation, because of the way it was handled. I feel I should be compensated for all I went through. I was sick from it. When you buy a new car it's because you have trouble with the old one and you don't expect to have all this aggrevation with a new one

i purchased a used 2001 nissan maxima from them on 5/3/08 drove the car a total of twice and as of todays date the car stall twice while i was driving and it stalled in the middle of an intersection with the drivers side exposed to oncoming traffic. i was told that they would pay for towing expenses which i had to pay for my self. they claim that the car was inspected and brakes were fixed before i left with it and the breaks still gave a problem and i dont think that the car was inspected properly.

as of now the car is back within there possesion and they are claiming to fix it. now i dont know if i will have to take the car and fix any issues that the warrenty doesnt cover and that isnt right they told me everything was fine on the car and there was no issues. this will cost me two days out of work with possible loss of pay and has cause my father to lose a half a days worth of pay. also causing me to miss my classes so i am miss work and school


I bought a 2007 Nissan Armada and I borought it to the service station at Star Nissan because of a noise that it was making. After they checked out the car they said that it was the rims and that they changed them. After about a week the car was making the same noise again so I brought it back to the service station and they looked at it again and they stated that it was the rims again.

They stated that they were waiting for Nissan (The Main Branch) to authorize the rim replacement. They also said that I would here from them within a week. I waited the week and called them and they said that they are still waiting for the work to be authorized. They told me to call them in another week if I don't here from them. I did call after another week and I received the same reply, To call in another week. Well it has been about 2 months and I still am getting the run around. I din't buy this car to have it making a noise as i am driving it. If there is a way you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You


On July 1 2007 I noticed a Nissan Sentra Red on sale at my mother and I arrived at Star Nissan in Bayside we didn't find the car that was advertised.However we did see a Nissan Sentra 1.8S Grey 2005 with 36K miles.Since it did not have a price written on the windshield I asked my salesman Asif how much it was. He quoted $9000.I quickly called my male friend to inspect the car.We made an offer for$8000 and$8500 which was rejected by the store manager Angelo.I told them I would come in the next day to leave a down payment.

On July 2nd a down payment of$2000 using my Visa card was left.They thought I would leave with the car that same day,but told them I first needed a carfax report-which I was given and needed the two front tires to be changed.The two front tires had no treading and were smooth.I knew the car would not pass inspection. I was reassured my another store manager Gus that he would get the new tires for me by the next day(the next day he said the car would pass as long as the metal didn't come out of the tire) On July 3rd,Asif brought me all the necessary papers to sign before leaving with MY NEW CAR.I signed the financing forms,the registration,the title that would be transferred to my name,the bill of sales that would also be faxed to my insurance,and more.

The two front tires had also been changed.At this point,I was waiting for the license plates to be screwed to my car. Gus, the manager, called Asif to the side. When Asif approached me and told me that I would not be able to take car home, I thought he was joking. Apparently it seems that another salesman didn't know the Sentra 1.8S Grey had been sold and was give an offer for $13,000.I approached Gus and he told me he could not approve the sale because he could get more for my car and I had to come back on Thursday to see Angelo the other manager that had approve that sale.I called the police and as they tried to mediate and failed, I was told this was a business matter.


I went in to look at new car.. picked out maxima--asked if we could get 2.9% financing and what our monthly payment would be--- next thing i know they ask for 500.00 deposit-i figured it was a good faith thing...we were very uncomforable w/this but figure we should trust him(mr camara) becouse this his job ...all this took place on thurs june 14 2007...since my husband was very uncomfortable w/ all this he(mr camara) kept say ing over and over again that if for any resone we are not happy we can have our $ back...this is standed proceedure.. friday we had no call so we called @3:00 to find was mr camara day off and the finacial manager had no idea @ our paper monday morning i go into talk to mr camara and the manager...tell them i am very unhappy w/ the way they treated me and i feel very uncomforitble and want to take my buissness elwere please let me sign the papper to creadit my creadit card the 500.00 Then they say i cant have my 500.00 backbecouse i sing some can they do this ? i feel they took toatle advantage of me and munipulated me compleatly. how can i resolve this?


Company defaulted on contract in case of "bait and switch". On 2/25/07 I left a $500 deposit and signed a contract to purchase a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was told that I needed to pick up the vehicle ASAP. I was given the VIN number and added the vehicle to my insurance. I made an appointment to come back the next day (2/26) to pay remainder of down payment, finalize financing and pick up vehicle.

When I called to inform them that I was on the way and make sure that the vehicle was ready to be picked up, I was told that they made a mistake and the vehicle had been sold two days prior. I was told I would need to come in anyway to get my refund. When I arrived at the dealership, I asked to see proof that the vehicle was sold before I signed my contract. They were unwilling to produce an invoice. They showed me a handwritten list of sold vehicles with my vehicle listed on the top, but the dates of sale for the other vehicles on the list were much earlier. They did not produce any proof that they had sold the vehicle. They then showed me several other vehicles that were not in as good condition, and had more mileage for significantly more money. They said they could not give me a comparable vehicle for the price on my contract.

I feel that the entire transaction was a fraud, aimed at getting me to purchase a more expensive vehicle. Please be advised that I have a copy of the contract I signed available for your review, if needed. Please feel free to contact me if any further information is needed.


I went looking for a car, The sales rep. (camara) was helping me . I picked out a car and told camara that i would like to finance the car. put down $10,000. But i will only go through with the deal if my monthly payment is between 300-400 dollars for 60 months. He said no problem. I told him ok i am still shopping and will come back. He insisted that i put $1,000 down and said if i changed my mind i will get a refund.

I made the deposit and went to see the finace guy ( through star nissan)who said that it's impossible for my payments to be below $400. I was willing to work with them for another year, but the payment for still very high, then i found out from the sales rep. that the car on the contarct is not the car i am getting, because he made a mistake and that car has 4000 miles on it. I was buying a brand new car. The manager and sales rep were very rude, had me sitting there for an hour and came back to me and said that they can not give me a refund. I was very disappointed with the service.

The sales rep said that he never promised us anything about the financing part of the car. Right now i am very upset and the way the sales rep handle the situation and would never go there again. i will but the same car but from another dealership.

Please help me get my money back.

I trade-in a nissan truck(pathfinder),I got $15,000.00 for the trade-in.I purchase a '05'Quest for $24,000.00 which leaves me with $9,000.00 balance.
This $9,000.00 is further reduce with a $2,000.00 rebate,with the total $7,000.00 plus taxes,licence fee,state inspection,my deposit of $500.00,leaves

a grand total of $7,461.00.Now the amount I am financing is $7,461.00.

The finance manager offer me a better rate if I purchase extended warranty,so he sold me the warranty,(the highest package they have),then my new final price baloon to $10,494.39, an addition of $3,033.39. I didn't get no warranty infomation handbook at the time of purchase, when enquire I was told I'll get it in the mail. After three weeks I didn't get it I call the dealer about the warranty infomation they told me the warranty company is going to mail me the warranty package,it wasn't after three and a half months before I got the package.Now I got the package I can't find the purchase contract for the Quest,(because I was doing repairs on the house things were move around)In reading my warranty package it shows me my warranty $730.00,my contract papers didn't show what I paid for the warranty, that space on the form was fill in with (N/A) and the rest of the form was all filled out even showing the deductable of $50.00 for each per occurrence,per assembly.

So I think I was cheated by this dealer, when I went back to the dealer everyone there is giving me the run around with my situation so I am seeking your advice or help to know what's my recurse or what action I can take in this situation

PS. I purchase the vehicle in April 05'.

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