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Colma, CA

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It took the company 4 months to find a part for my 2004 Nissan Sentra. After you got the car back, the check engine light was on. I took it back again. Two weeks later, the light's on. Now the carburetor is out. Another $2900.

I drove to San Francisco from San Diego for Fleet Week to meet with my husband whose ship was pulling in for the weekend. While we were driving around, we noticed that the brakes were squeaking, and upon turning the wheel, there was a grinding noise and feeling up by the wheel in front.

We were worried, since I was going to have to drive my car back to San Diego. I drive a 2007 Kia Spectra, so we googled the nearest certified dealership and decided to have the car looked at. I told the service manger (Bernie, I believe his name was) about the noise, so he and my husband drove around in the parking lot. To our surprise, the noise was no longer there, nor was the grinding. Bernie told us that without hearing the noise, he would be unable to diagnose the problem. He suggested that there may have been dirt buildup under the front wheels, and that since it was raining it may have just washed it out and that the car should be okay.

I was still concerned about having to drive home, so we asked him if he would inspect the car fully. He asked if we had gotten the brakes checked prior, and I told him no, only routine oil changes. I stressed to him that I wanted him to look at the brakes in case there was any work that needed to be done, since we did not feel comfortable having me drive the car eight hours by myself if there was anything else wrong. They took our vehicle in and had a shuttle drop us off a nearby mall since it was raining. When we returned, the cashier gave us a receipt that indicated everything had been inspected and "A-okayed" by the service staff. We figured everything was okay, but were confused because we expected to pay the diagnostics fee, which apparently Bernie waived. So we drove back, I dropped my husband off at the ship and drove home.

About halfway to Los Angeles, where I was planning to stop, the front wheel started to make that grinding noise and feel again, so I drove some more. I called my father, who is an engineer and knows everything about cars, and told him what was happening. I told him I had taken the car to be inspected and serviced by a certified dealer, and that they said everything was fine. He told me that the car should not be making that noise, and that it sounded like there may be issues with my brakes. He told me to make it to LA and find another dealer.

Between traffic and driving carefully, I made it to the city at around 4 PM. I called another certified dealer in the area but they were closing soon, and suggested I take it to a body shop elsewhere. I took the car to a local Midas shop, and although they were about to close, the manager felt underneath the wheel and by the brakes, and told me that the rotor was grooved and bent, causing the noise and grinding. He also informed me that the brakes were extremely worn down and that it wouldn't be safe to drive back. I ended up staying in Los Angeles because I have family there, and took the car back up to Midas in the morning. They explained to me that the brakes did not meet standards, and so they replaced them and gave me the bad parts.

I called the Serramonte dealership to file a complaint, livid that they had let me drive off when my brakes and rotors were clearly shot. Today, a week later, I got a call back from the GM, Ben. He told me he wanted to get "my side of the story" and that he would investigate the matter. He asked me what they could do. I expressed to him that I was upset that I could have gotten into an accident, and that I ended up having to spend a lot of money to get the issues fixed. He said that I was being "extreme" and thinking of "extreme situations," and that nothing had happened to me on my drive home, and that now that the car was taken care of, there was not much he could do. I told him I had the reciepts and parts with me, and I'd be happy to fax them over so that they can see how bad they were. I told him that at the very least, he could reimburse me for the work I had to get done elsewhere, since I could have gotten hurt on my eight-hour drive back home. He said that the likelihood of them paying the repair was slim to none because shops like Midas try to "upsell" and that bad brakes and rotors do not lead to brake failure. Excuse me? Yes, they do.

I am so dissapointed. He told me to talk to my husband who is very upset, and call them back to let them know what they can do. What can they do? I had to get all this work done because someone at their dealership has no idea what they are doing, and wrongly told us that the vehicle was fine. I certainly cannot drive up to San Fransisco from San Diego again, but doesn't this sound odd? I filed a serious complaint over the phone and I get a call back a week later? I could have been seriously injured or injured someone else had my brakes failed. How is getting a call asking "what can we do?" over a week later going to remedy this occurence? I am appalled and disgusted at their lack of concern and their unwillingness to reimburse us or take some sort of action. We will definitely be talking to a lawyer.

I bought a 2007 Nissan Versa 3 years ago (from a different dealer). After 41,000 miles, I had a check engine light which after taking it to Nissan Serramonte, they told me I had to have the engine replaced. So they replaced the engine (after 41,000 miles!) and ever since I've gotten it back, more costly problems. I told them there was a rattling and brought it in for them to look at.

They told me it was a belt tensioner. I ordered the part and replaced it. My bill was $444, then they told me it's rattling again. But now it's the AC compressor for another $850. How can these people tear a part my car and replace the engine, to which now I'm having one problem after another? It seems pretty convenient for their business. Is there anything that can protect me? My car should not be having this many problems with only 45 thousand miles!

I brought a nissan maximum in Feb. 18-2006 from this dealership. I dont drive my car that much and has about 11,000 mile on it. 1 week ago, I notice that the radio was not working, so I called the dealership and told them. First the nobody was picking up then I called again and again finally someone picked up. I told him that my radio was not working. He asked for my name and said that he does not have anything in the system. I was upset because I am going there for past 5 years getting my cars serviced.

They told me to come to the dealership. so next day, I had to go to Reno for a family function but thought to go to the dealership to get this fixed before I go to Reno with my family. So got there and one of the customer at the front desk was having same kind of issue about her car warranty. I am not sure. Just standing there and one of the people at the front desk. He is white and his name start with "N". He sits in the middle desk. He does not know how to talk that is the first thing. So I told him about my issue that my radio was not working. He went and checks my history and said that you have to pay 1800 for that because my car had no warranty. I asked him what was the warranty and he said 36,000 or 3 years. I understand the miles part but not the 3years. I told him that can he go and just check what is wrong because my car has only has 11,000 mile and the warranty about the 3years expired a week ago.

The person said "NO DOTHING CAN BE DONE" that really shocked me. He did not even say that if I should just get it checked. I dont know what kind of service is this. I always liked Nissan cars but from today. I am sure that my whole family or friends dont buy any Nissan cars period. If this was done at a Toyota dealer then I would have fixed it for me without any charge because they know it. But for NISSAN it is sure that the car will have problems after 3 years. I am not complaining but this is what I went though at a NISSAN dealership. very very upset. I called the manager but guess what the manager main line is forward to the service department. The sad part was when I called I was again connected to the same service person.

On 08/02/07 I went to Serramonte Nissan 650 Serramonte Blvd. Colma CA. 94014,ph. 650/994-1661 for a oil change service. I was on my way and the tire air presure light went on, so as soon as I got to the service shop I said to Jason to check the problem out. Later he called me and said that there is a nail in the tire and it will cost $36.00 to fix it and I said it was ok; I am going to the Lake Tahoe and I want to make shore the truck is safe. When I went to pick it up I noticed the light stills on and I went to talk to Jason about it.

Jason went to talked to the mechanic and he said that as soon I started driving it the light will go off. I drove the truck for more than 2 hour and the was on therefor I took it back to the shop and I talked to the mechanic and he said: " I will turn it off the light for you" ( that was a big another lie). After a few minutes he came back and told me "everything is OK and gave me the monitor results- the tires where about 39 psi in each if them. I said again that I was going to the mountains and I wanted to make shore that it is safe to drive the truck and he said " it is safe to drive".

I took off to Lake Tahoe and when I got there the light went back on and I didn't know what was really going on, so I went to the gas station and got some air in the tire and the light went off, therefor it was not a system malfunction like the machanic said, so I didn't use the truck for the rest of the vacation. When I was coming back from vacation the light went on again, so I air in it and got home safe. At the next day I took the truck to the local tire service and I talke to Bill owner of

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I purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima in July 2005, with 8 miles on it. I have been a loyal Nissan consumer for 20+ years, having owned a 1985 Nissan Sentra. I really loved my last car, and am very impressed with my Altima, with ONE exception. The trunk lid does not stay up. I have been hit in the head several times, and have resorted to keeping a curtain rod in my trunk to prop the lid up (when I load or unload the trunk). I have been to Serramonte Nissan several time and have been told it's a design flaw. This has been going on for over a year. In that year, I have filed a complaint with Nissan USA as well as the local dealership, but have gotten nowhere.

Car repaired at said Service Center on 6/12-6/13/2001. We received estimate of $450 plus tax for new starter as we were told it was a trigger wire that was yanked out of the starter and had a bad connection to the starter which made the starter go out. I approved the replace the starter and connect the wire on 6/12/01 at 12:25 p.m. My car should be ready at the end of the day .

At 4:00 p.m. I receive a call from the Service Center and they told me that they sold the last starter evidently and won't get another till the next morning. I was upset, but they assured me I'd get my car back by noon, Wednesday, 6/13. I call at 11:30 to see if my car's ready, but the advisors are in a meeting. Eventually at 2:30 a service advisor calls me to say my car is ready to pick up, and they found that teeth were missing on my flex plate, so they "filed" them (supposedly "doing me a favor") to make it better. I told him that he did not mention anything about "filing" my flex plate or notifying me about the flex plate until after my car was ready to be picked up. I never approved touching my flex plate or declining a replacement of a flex plate as erroniously mentioned on my invoice.

At 3:30 p.m. we pick up my car and the service advisor mentions again about the flex plate teeth filing and that we will hear a high pitch sound at the starting of the car. I tell him that there was never a bad sound at starting whatsoever. I pay my bill of $466.54 at the Cashier's window and find my car and start the engine only to hear a terrible grinding, metallic sound at starting. I could not believe my ears! I pull up into the garage area where the service advisor was sitting at the time. I tell him that this can't be my car as it sounds terrible! He says that he told me it needed a flex plate and that's how it sounds when you need a new flex plate! I cannot believe that they returned my car to me the way it was, only worsening any parts that I just replaced each and every time I start my car.

I tell him that I will again notify Nissan Consumer Affairs and he told me to have a nice day. On 6/14, we had another heated discussion in which I told him I never approved flex plate services and he replied that he was doing me a favor by filing them and not charging me for it! We are hopping mad. So far, he has offered to replace the starter again, but I am afraid the damage to the flywheel was incurred the first time they put in the new starter. In separate discussions, the wording went from "filing" the teeth of the flex wheel, to "cleaning", then to "rounding off". I got an opinion from another Nissan service department in my area and he told me "personally, I would never have touched the flex wheel".

I agreed, saying that if I needed a flex wheel prior to my bringing it in for repair, I would have surely heard the terrible grinding noise upon starting the engine. I hope you can help me. I have a few more details if necessary. Thank you so much for your time, and hope that my complaint can be considered and resolved in a satisfactory manner.

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