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Last updated: Aug. 19, 2016

78 Select Vehicle Marketing Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

For $525.00 Select Vehicle Marketing said they would advertise in Trade-A-Plane, Barnstormers, and several others publications that sell airplanes. I checked the main publications and my plane was NEVER advertised. Not ever!! I called SVM several times asking for a complete refund. I asked for SVM to show me where and when they advertised. They NEVER called me or did anything they promised!! And could not show me where they put ads in. Select Vehicle Marketing is a huge ripoff. Next BBB will learn of my experience...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2016

PLEASE EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION!!! I listed my 2014 Corvette on Craigslist and was soon contacted by Select Vehicle Marketing and they advised me they had interested parties wanting to buy my car and assured me it would be sold quickly. After reading reviews and not really believing them, like YOU hopefully will, he said he would run my car on a live auction alone with other places online to sell it and I could even monitor the auction and watch the car sell. I was also assured they would send me the links and locations of all the places online the car was listed. They also told me I would NEVER sell a car like this on Craigslist.

Well guess what, after many calls to them asking for the auction site and proof where they had listed my car to which they to this day have not sent one single location, I sold the car myself from the Craigslist less than 2 weeks after paying this most dishonest company $499. They will not answer my calls and have made up lies to the BBB in Nebraska where I have also asked for help in getting my money refunded. Pay close attention here, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR VEHICLE. You will have far better luck selling whatever it is on Craigslist, and it's free. Please believe me and save your money and a ton of frustration.

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Original review: June 30, 2016

I have used SVM twice, which is probably a mistake on my part. My first vehicle was a Nissan GTR that I tried to sell through them and was told that if I sold it on my own that I would get my money back. Well, a couple days later I sold my GTR through craigslist, that of which I proved that I did sell it and never saw a dollar returned to me after several calls and emails.

A couple years went by and I decided since I had a Shelby GT500 to sell that I would try again and see if maybe I can get a discount for selling it. After being talked into all the services they would list my car in I spent a little more and supposedly had my Shelby on a bunch more websites and an auction (that frankly I have never heard of). Over the course of 4 months I have gotten 0 hits off my vehicle (that is like brand new with nothing wrong with it) using SVM. I have called and emailed repeatedly and I would say 1 out of every 10 times I get a response that does nothing for me except try to sell me more. Needless to say this will be the last time I ever use them and still have my car that hasn't sold. I do get lots of hits on it, but all are off craigslist. Beware of SVM!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2016

I listed my 2014 Ram 2500 diesel on Craigslist and was soon after contacted by a Bob White from Select Vehicle Marketing. At first, I thought he wanted to purchase my truck but it turned out he just wanted to help me sell it. I wasn't interested at first but he kept calling me and I finally buckled and decided to give it a shot. At first, I was shocked by how expensive it was and almost backed out but decided that for the money, they must be really good.

After several weeks, nothing ever came of it and they finally sent me links to approve my listing. I'd thought they'd been pushing my truck for some time but they hadn't. Their VP of operations called me a couple of weeks later and told me that he could get my truck in front of some guys that had just missed out on a very similar truck but that it would cost me $500. He was very confident and so I did. Two weeks later, still nothing. I finally ended up selling my truck locally and I'm very frustrated that I spent $900 for absolutely no benefit. Their customer service representatives were very defensive and rude and would not refund my money either. I have nothing good to say about Select Vehicle Marketing.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: May 2, 2016

The CEO of Select Vehicle Marketing has contacted us. He apologized for the delay and is going to issue us a full refund of $580.00. The salesman that called me has been fired. This shows me that this company wants to do what is right for their customers.

Original review: April 25, 2016

I had a salesperson contact me from Select Vehicle Marketing December 2015. His name was Dave. He sounded like a sincere person. He told me how he would market my 2005 Volvo Wheel loader that I have for sale listing it on several sites including e-bay. He made it sound like he could sell my machine rather quickly. I explained to him that I would be interested in purchasing another smaller machine after I sell the one I have. He told me he had one available for sale and said he could get this so called machine for me at a very low price. The machine he told me about is the exact machine that I would want to purchase. I agreed, based on what he told me, to give SVM $540.00 to advertise my loader for sale. After I paid the fee, I didn't hear back from him. He wouldn't answer my phone calls, emails or texts.

After a week went by I contacted the company and explained what happened. He texted me the next day with a nasty reply because I called the company telling me to calm down. Time went by and nothing was happening. I couldn't find my ad anywhere on the internet as he promised me. When I asked about the loader he had available for me to buy, he just kept coming up with excuses trying to stall me. I then became concerned. I was wondering if there was ever a loader available to me. Again, he wouldn't return my calls or contact me. I called the company again and asked for a full refund. That made him contact me again. I asked for pictures of this machine he had available for me to buy but was putting me off all the time.

Then I received a call from the owner of SVM. He started telling me how he can sell my machine quicker if I would place it on e-bay. I told him that was suppose to be done with the money I already gave them. I said, "You're not about to ask me for more money, are you?" He wanted another $1,000 from me. I then told him how dissatisfied I already was with his company. I told him everything about the salesman that contacted me. He didn't like what he was hearing. I thought it was pretty bad of him to call me behind his own salesman's back. He told me he was going to fire the salesman. As far as I know, he did.

However, where does that leave me? His company used bait and switch tactics to obtain money from me. I asked for a full refund several times. Instead of him (the owner) taking care of this and making it right, he turned it over to one of his secretaries to handle it. I've been in business for over 35 years. If there is a problem with something, I make it right. I don't just ignore it. I'm still waiting for my full refund. The company promised to make it right and do all they can to make up for it, but hasn't done so to this date. BEWARE. I haven't heard from them for weeks and still haven't received my refund.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2016

I was contacted by Matt ** from SVM November 24th in regards to 2 vehicles I had listed on Craigslist. I was told they just sold one similar, they would market my cars on premium sites, my cars would be at the top spot on Google, both cars are desirable, we will get both sold and sold fast, it is one of the busiest days of the year for car sales, "we have someone interested in both cars already and that each car would have a 90-day money back guarantee". After submitting payment to SVM I was sent a link showing both of my cars listed at Two weeks passed and I was never able to find either car on any site besides the auction123 site. This is when I began emailing and calling Matt **. I left multiple messages and sent multiple emails.

I finally received a phone call 12/02/2015 to list the Mercedes on eBay. I was told the same set of lies. "One just sold just like yours. It's the busiest week in car sales. We need to hurry and get it listed." In desperation I agreed to have SVM run a 7-day eBay auction and paid another $650 on 12/09/2015. Once again weeks passed and my car was still not on eBay. I began calling and sending emails again.

After finally getting a hold of someone my Mercedes was listed on eBay the next day 12/22/2015. The 7-day auction ended and I was promptly called again by SVM asking for an additional $500 to run another eBay auction. I was told that we just missed it by a couple days and that he could see all the buyers whose money was in escrow for another Mercedes just like mine on eBay. We needed to hurry. I asked him if he had contacted any of the people who bid on my car and he said that I would need to list in again in order to do so. I told him at that time I would get back to him.

January 2nd I asked for my cars to be removed from their sites and wanted a return. I was emailed and offered additional services to remedy my complaint. I declined and disputed the charges on my American Express card. SVM sent AMEX supporting documents showing my cars listed on 4 sites on 12/22/2015, as well as the eBay auction and a Google search of my cars VIN numbers. AMEX made the decision that I needed to pay the charges.

The only sites my cars were ever listed on were,,, YouTube, and AutoTrader. My vehicles were never on top of the Google search, I was never asked to lower my listed prices and did not receive any interests on either vehicle. I have since spent multiple hours emailing and calling SVM in regards to receiving a refund. I was told I had a 90-day money back guarantee and months have gone by with nothing. I have exhausted all of my options.

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Feb. 13, 2016

Select vehicle marketing, has resolved my issues.

Original review: Feb. 8, 2016

Select Vehicle Marketing contacted me by phone from an ad I run on Craig's list for a semi truck. They offered to list my vehicle on eBay and handle the transaction. After 2 weeks of no action, I found that they hadn't listed it as promised. So I listed myself and sold the truck. Called customer service to cancel their services, which they hadn't performed. They refused to reimburse my credit card. Came up with false documents to prove they had provide services. These people are crooks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2016

Back on December 19 you had sent me a survey request associated with the above mentioned vehicle account and select vehicle marketing advertisement/placement efforts. I have been slow getting back to you due to the fact that I have been traveling internationally. I wanted to make sure that we clearly disclose what has occurred associated with the marketing of the vehicle. Upon execution of the arrangement with Select Vehicle Marketing, there are several factors taken into account and perceived obligations.

In general, the marketing to myself indicating the following: 1. That there were 27 different car search venues/apps that were utilized by Select Vehicle Marketing. 2. That Select Vehicle Marketing had a variety of special arrangements with the search engines such as Google to improve performance on placement of Select Vehicle Marketing ads over other entities. 3. That 3 auctions would be executed to generate more enthusiasm and special interests. 4. That there would be a professionally developed web page/document used for the options and other promotional efforts to list the car on websites on the internet. 5. That an immediate auction would be held in an effort to sell the car due to the fact that a recent SVM auction on a 55 Chevy Bel Air was executed and 3 buyers were not satisfied with an opportunity to buy the car.

After payment associated with the disclosed services, my experience included the following: The first day I was told not to communicate with the salesman anymore, that my communications should solely go through a service coordinator. Although I found this strange, since the salesman and I had a dozen conversations, I complied. Within the next few days, I emailed photographs, as well as information associated with the car so the professional web page/document could be constructed. After a few days had passed, I called SVM due to the necessity that the salesman had told me that it was imperative we get the car in an auction venue as quickly as possible, due to the fact that there were 3 other eager buyers looking for a similar car. My efforts helped and within a few more days it was indicated that the car would be on an auction.

I was sent a link to the auction, which did not work, but within another day or two, I was sent another link, which actually worked. Upon visiting the auction site, I found that there was only 1 photograph, no video, and some of the texts was inaccurate. After documenting the errors and forwarding it, I visited the auction site a second time and also found language on the site that indicated this auction is not accepting bids. I immediately emailed the contact about this language. The next day I was told that they were unsure why that language was there and they were working on it. I also indicated that photographs, the video and text errors were all obvious from the documents I had forwarded and that it needed to be cleaned up. Approximately 3 business days later, the auction site was apparently corrected and did appear to be functioning. However, zero bids were received and there was no records indicating to myself of any hits, other than mine.

On 3 occasions I tried to access the auction site without going directly to the auction site through inquiries in Google, Yahoo, and Safari. None of the search engines found the auction utilizing traditional search language, such as 55 Bel Air for sale, 55 Bel Air, Auction of 55 Bel Air, 55 Chevy for sale, 55 Chevy in Houston, 55 Chevy in Texas for sale, etc. During the auction and after the auction, I continued to do general internet searches for the car sales effort by Select Vehicle Marketing. Two of these documented efforts took more than 2 hours and no listing was found. Independent searches by other individuals also found no results.

The above is a brief description that summarizes the basic history of executing the agreement and getting to the first auction. It is apparent that SVM has neglected to perform the duties that had been described during the closing agreements. Please review and comment on the following: That time was of the essence and we needed to put a deal together quickly and get the 55 out for auction. Obviously, the site and auction was not put together quickly and time elapsed losing these potential buyers. Additionally, SVM indicated that they had 27 different sites that they worked with for marketing vehicles and they offer a great deal of time and effort, but it appears that none of the sites supported advertising and/or auctions for the ** 55 Bel Air.

We were told that a development group would build an auction platform and web page for the car, professionally, and this was very expensive because of the professionalism associated with the group. Today it is questionable if whether the auction site ever functioned properly and multiple drafts had to be executed to even get more than one picture or even the basic text correct associated with the vehicle. Subpar development even for high school. SVM represented that the overall effort would not be burdensome on myself, that presenting videos, photographs, and the text would be my only real duties and that they would handle and even screen all the calls. SVM is the second site I have placed the car on and the first site took approximately 30 minutes of my time to send them the data and proof their work. SVM has taken approximately 10 hours of my time, when added together, and I have no results or even a hit that could be identified.

SVM specifically guaranteed that we would have better than average traffic hits because of special relationships they have with search engines such as Google. This premiere relationship feature would be very beneficial. Obviously, this feature was apparently not supported or executed by SVM. If you find any inaccuracies associated with the above information and history, please indicate so. In addition, I would hope that you would have a response in the next 7 days since this has drug out so long and has negatively impacted the window that we wanted to sell the car in. Thank you for your prompt attention and response.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

For a charge of $500 for the company's services (Select Vehicle Marketing), it is definitely not worth it. They sell the client high hopes of being able to sell your car in less than four weeks, talk about all the people they know and the websites they use, however, the reality is that they only advertise your vehicle in three auction sites and barely anyone views them. I reduced the price of my vehicle ($3000) under market price and the vehicle didn't even receive one bid! I advertised my own vehicle on eBay and in less than seven days I was able to sell it. I only spent $2.45 advertising my car through eBay. Please do not waste your money on Select Vehicle Marketing. Advertise your vehicle on your own or use another company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

Select Vehicle Marketing (henceforth known as SVM in the body of this communication) contacted me to use their service to sell my Porsche Boxster S. I am still not sure how they found me. I had used another site (whom I'm not going to name) where they may have obtained my contact info. At first I felt it was a scammer but after speaking with the same person over 2 weeks and checking with BBB I agreed to use their service.

SVM took the responsibility representing me and communicating with all parties who responded to the posting of selling my vehicle. The main posting site used is E-Bay' and a few other advertisements. SVM did an initial interview with me so many questions were able to be answered by SVM. Otherwise SVM forwards requests for more information to me by e-mail which I then answered as best I could. I feel this system works very well by reducing my time dealing with frivolous inquiries and having negotiations handled more professionally. One concern I did have is in the end, even though final decision was mine, it was suggested I accept a bid less than what I believed my item was worth. I guess I just got cold feet.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Oct. 8, 2015

Nicky with Select Vehicle Marketing contacted me on 09/24/15 after reading my review posted here. We had a lengthy phone call, during which she explained to me that she feels I was mislead in a lot of different ways during my first experience with their company, and they are trying to make changes based on what people are telling them.

Nicky offered to refund my entire fee from my first experience with them, and offered to market a vehicle for free for me in the future should I choose to use them. I have since been refunded my entire fee from last year, and they are currently marketing another car for me, which they are doing free of charge.

Though I'm still not sure how likely I am to recommend them to anyone else, I am impressed that Nicky took such big steps to make things right with me and stand behind their company.

Original review: Aug. 25, 2015

Got contacted by Select Vehicle Marketing, asking if I'd like help selling a car. I help friends buy and sell cars all the time with a high rate of success, but I was having a particularly difficult time selling this one as it is very rare and expensive. Went into their little office thing here in Omaha, NE, and got the whole speech about how they market cars across "a variety of premium websites" including AutoTrader, eBay, Hemmings, etc, all the celebrity cars they sell ("oh I sold Kobe Bryant's Lamborghini Aventador to so-and-so") and I got suckered in. It's several hundred dollars to list a car, but they insisted it was worth it, and most of their cars sell in 8 - 14 days, on average.

Typed up a whole ad for them, gave them my pics to use, and they listed the car on eBay. They didn't get a single offer within $10k of my asking price. And the "variety of premium websites" they use? No, a complete fabrication. They list the car on eBay, which you yourself can do for $40. No AutoTrader. No Hemmings. No CollectorCarTrader. No high-end car forums. Nothing. They have a room full of people sitting at computers with headsets on, calling on Craigslist ads all day, asking if they can "market" your car for you for $600, which means posting a $40 eBay ad with their banner on it.

Told them to stop listing my car, sold it on my own two months later for $2k under original asking price. They couldn't even get within $10k of asking price. Now, they call me every time I list a car on Craigslist. I have asked them many, many times to stop calling me, but they continue. Do not ever use this company. You might as well just take $400 - $600 and throw it out your window.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2015

I was initially excited to work with SVM, they solicited me and I am now regretting that decision. I paid the initial fee for the ads and eBay auctions to have the car not sell for anywhere near my reserve price. The bid that was the closest was around $36,000. After the second auction I was convinced by my salesperson (Nikki **) to give an additional $600 to re-post and update my ads, and led to believe that with these additional advertisements there was still a strong chance of it selling for more money. When that was said and done, we still had not sold the vehicle.

At this point, I recontacted Nikki and requested she forward me the contact information for the original bidder at $36K. She stated that she would have to "get with the original salesperson I was dealing with and go back and find said information." That was the last personal contact that I had with her. I have attempted multiple emails, phone calls, voicemail, etc. with no return. It seems as though they are putting all their efforts into acquiring new sellers initially and then disappearing communication wise, after they have your money. Any further communication with solicitation for more money will be rudely interpreted and if they do not contact me with MY information for MY buyer, this will be considered fraud and withholding of information. Displeased to say the least.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2015

Was told they would aggressively market vehicle across multiple markets, publications & auctions. I never got the exact links to the sites & publications they used after I asked. I had to search them out on my own. In doing so, I found multiple errors in the description & details of my vehicle & it was being marketed as being in Nebraska, when in fact it was in Texas. I addressed this with them & I was told they could do nothing about the location. My vehicle is 100% electric & having it marketed in Nebraska was not doing any good when there are no supercharging stations for it in NEBRASKA! The description of the vehicle was incorrect, so when potential buyers did searches on various sites, the error in description would not place my vehicle in the result of their search.

Part of the marketing was to be on Auto Trader & as of my search on March 10 there was no Auto Trader ad. Even though our agreement was on March 4, I had to contact them to ask why the Auto Trader was not there. The Auto Trader ad did not appear until late on March 11. There was supposed to be a YouTube vid and we never found it. They also promised a network of other websites & after asking we were never give info on any of those. They said they would field all questions from buyers from any of these different places & they did not respond to them. My wife actually asked questions of them on Auto Trader and ebay and they never responded. Select Vehicle Marketing is running a scam.

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Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Oct. 6, 2015

SVM followed up with me and wanted my input as to why I was dissatisfied. SVM is making some changes to better handle their customers and their classified listings. Although my experience was sub par I truly believe this company does care about their customers and wants to make things right. They offer a valuable service and do show a genuine willingness to make sure their company is going in a positive direction. If I have another vehicle to sell I would probably be willing to give them another try.

Original review: April 9, 2015

I was excited to work with SVM after our second phone conversation a few weeks ago. I am now regretting that decision. I paid the initial $379 for the ads and eBay auction to have the car not sell, even though I was under the impression there was a strong chance of it selling. After the auction ** contacted me and said we should run a classified ad on eBay for another fee of $299.

She guaranteed me the car would sell based on being within $5000 of what I would take for the car. That eBay session ended in a buy it now from a deadbeat bidder that discontinued his email. I thought SVM would handle some of the contact for me etc. They didn't. They just forwarded me the bidder's info and said "here you go." That was when I discovered it was a fraudulent bidder. I then had to call and email several times to get the item relisted on eBay. It finally was but I lost nearly all communication with SVM after that!

It didn't seem to me they contacted any of the past bidders for second chances or anything. I did get one inquiry from eBay from a buyer in New Jersey. He was interested and wanted a shipping quote which I thought SVM would help with too based on prior conversations. I e-mailed ** for a quote and never heard back! The gentlemen called the next day for the quote and I didn't have one so he said he was going to buy a similar car locally.

I ended up re-posting the car to Craigslist and sold it myself for FREE!! I guess I am out $678 and learned a lesson on listing vehicles for sale with this company. It is a shame because what you advertise is valuable for persons like myself that don't want to handle everything involved with selling an auto. I was really hoping I could refer SVM to friends of mine that also have vehicles to sell but that will be tough for me to do now.

I do feel the sales rep., **, did good on his end but once it was out of his hands it all just fell apart! I was hoping since I am in Iowa and SVM is based in Omaha I could really trust anyone there. Was relying on good Midwestern values to keep me from getting taken advantage of. Guess I can't rely on that anymore either. In the end I guess I can say I have probably spent more and gotten less before. I will just chalk this experience up to one of those lessons learned, some have just cost me more than others!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 18, 2014

My experience with Select Vehicle Marketing has been terrible. I've not got one call. The car is not sold. It's been about a year and I'm not putting out anymore money. I put it up twice with two different operations, and that's enough. I'm not pleased. I don't think they've done enough to get somebody interested.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2014

Everything went great with Select Vehicle Marketing except for the fact that the vehicle didn't sell. I was led to believe that they have a very, very high rate of success. I listed the vehicle a few different times and have never had success in the last year. I wouldn't recommend it because of the cost and the lack of performance. I'm disappointed with the results.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2014

Around the first of November, David, (who saw my RV on RV Trader) contacted me with an offer to help me sell my RV on the eBay Auction. The original price was around $399 but if I paid another $75 for a total of $469, they would make sure it was put on the front page of the eBay RV Auction AND after it ran for the 21 days AND if it did not sell, we could lower the price as well as the reserve and rerun it on the Auction and keep running and dropping the price/reserve until it sold. Ashley is the one who set it up for me and ran it during the auction. David told me if it didn't sell we would drop the price and reserve and keep re-running it in the auction until it sold!!!

Well, we ran it for the first 21 days and got a lot of looks, but only a couple of "watch!" I contacted Ashley and she told me that it was a one-time run on eBay, which is not what I was promised. I have tried to contact David 5 times by phone but I always get his answering machine. I have asked him each time for over a week and a half to get back to me so we can straighten this out... but he won't call me back. I've left IMs but still no response. The kicker is... I told him right off the bat that I was tired of getting screwed over by these ** who want my money but fail to produce. He assured me that this will not be like that. That they will work with me to get my RV sold. So... as a result, I'm getting screwed out of $469 by a bunch of crooks.

All I wanted was to get this straightened out so I can run it again on eBay auction like they promised. I will continue to put this review in until #1 I get it straightened out, or #2 file fraud charges against them and they will have to hire a lawyer to come to this jurisdiction and fight this in a small claims court. This will cost them more than the $469 I’m out. I can demand 3x's the $469 plus punitive damages. I am giving them 21 days to make this right or I’ll see them in court. I hope this review will get them to respond. If they do, I will do an updated review.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2014

I had listed a car with Select Vehicle Marketing one time but never did sell it through them. They weren’t successful in selling my car and I had to go elsewhere and do another method to sell.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Feb. 9, 2015

I would like to say how happy I was with Ms. Keri ** assistance with marketing my '64 Corvette for sale on various websites and (2) eBay auctions. She immediately answered all my questions and kept me informed by phone calls and emails. She also followed up with phone calls to make certain I was satisfied.

Original review: Dec. 14, 2014

Select Vehicle Marketing did two auctions for me that did not get anywhere and I spent $400 for that. I was put on a number of sites. I looked at those sites and in a lot of them, the information posted was wrong. The price was wrong, and it didn’t give me a very good feeling about this thing. About a month later, I get a call and they said, “Well, we could run this thing again for $200." I said, “No, I don’t have any more money to spend on this thing.” I ended up selling it on my own and I had better luck using Craigslist.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2014

Listing a vehicle with Select was fairly simple. Sent along my pictures and gave them a description, and that was it. The entire process did not take long at all. I've used them twice now.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2014

My experience with Select wasn't bad but I didn't get any interest by the money that I paid out basically. I ended up selling my motor home locally to somebody who saw it when they drove by. People from Select were very professional and quite responsive. I had no issues at all. I didn't get a whole lot of follow-up after I paid the fee. I may have gotten one or two emails but don't feel any negative thing had happened at all.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2014

I had my vehicle advertised somewhere else and it wasn’t selling so I thought I’d give Select Vehicle Marketing a try. I sent them pictures and descriptions and they put it up on their deal. Then they put it on eBay auction too. It was advertised within five days for a ten-day auction and then it took a week. They called every three or four days to give me updates. It sold and they made sure that the money got transferred.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2014

I tried to sell my car about eight months ago through Select Vehicle Marketing. The vehicle was reasonably priced and it would get me enough exposure. I don't remember much of the details but everything went fine. Nothing was time consuming and everything was productive. Everybody was nice. The experience was pleasurable but it didn't yield results.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2014

My experience with Select Vehicle Marketing started out really bad but it got straightened out and worked okay for me. I saw them on the internet and wanted to be able to get it out on the internet better. They did an email sale for me and I sold a couple of pieces off of it. The process was simple except that they wanted money upfront, which I was a little apprehensive about at first. I finally talked to the owner and things got worked out.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

I did the advertising of my vehicle on a local craigslist site and Select contacted me. They gave me $300 to list it with them and they would put it on an eBay auction site. They were pretty confident they could sell the car for what I was looking to get for it. So they tried, they listed it but it did not sell. I was probably $20,000 away from what I wanted to get as far as my highest offer. Their auction expired and it didn't sell.

They contacted me again a month later and said that they really feel confident they could sell the car. I gave them another chance at it for an additional $200 and it didn't sell again. I suppose they did everything they said they were gonna do, so nothing bad on that, but it just didn't sell. I still have the car today. The car was appraised for the cost to restore it. I spent inexpensively for the restoration. If somebody wanted the car, that's what the car is today and not wait a year when it's under restoration. I was basically getting just what I spent on restoring it.

Select was pretty quick about the process. Their customer service team was good. They were professional. Everything was good. I was probably more of a hold-up because of the confirmations of emails back and forth, to personally give them a credit card number. They authorized to move forward to the next step then I had to approve something online, which I didn't have time to do in a timely manner. It took a couple of days before I actually had time to actually look at the email they sent me, so that we're all on the same page and how the process works, which I agreed to. It could have went quicker, but it was on my end that it didn't. Select did a quality job. They're professional people to deal with. They did everything they said they were gonna do, it's just unfortunate the car didn't sell. It was just a good professional experience.

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Original review: Dec. 5, 2014

Select Vehicle Marketing has not yet helped in selling my vehicle. It just hasn't turned out for me. I don't think I've got enough recognition out of it.

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Resolution response: Dec. 4, 2014

Got an email, and talked to Jeff (owner) on the phone. He was nice and offered to make right. I take back what I said, the fact that the owner himself made an effort to reach out and resolve the issue shows that they actually do care about their customers! I will have them sell my boat, and I highly recommend them because it is rare to find a company who actually cares about customers! Thanks guys!

Original review: Dec. 4, 2014

I used these guys after talking with one of their marketing guys (spam call, should have just reported them right then and there). Definitely convincing, said they would sell my 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo within 2 weeks. I was in a rush to sell it and with very little time on my hands thought it would be worth having them take care of it, especially since they claimed such great turnaround times and boast such short averages. I am partly to blame for falling for their scam, but thankfully I paid through PayPal and they will come through. These people must just sit in front of the computer playing games all day because after waiting close to 6 weeks I posted an ad on Craigslist (keep in mind the car is a convertible and this is the middle of winter) and within 2 days I lined up a buyer.... Don't trust anything these people say, and as soon as you get a call from them just report them. Don't make the same mistake as me. They make themselves sound so good. Honestly find some homeless man, give him $20 and he'll sell your car MUCH faster.... not to mention he will actually sell it.

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Resolution response: April 17, 2015

The company placed my plane on eBay for auction. They updated the information on it, worked with me to encourage the visibility of the ad. They offered a second opportunity to put it back out for auction, which was complementary, they didn't have to do that. They were very accommodating.

Original review: Dec. 3, 2014

I'm selling a plane and it's been listed up there for about six months. Select Vehicle Marketing contacted me and I had them help me with the sale because of their cost. They didn't give me a valuation but they called, asked for some of the details and some pictures. On two other occasions, they called about listing the vehicle in an online auction. So far, it's all been pleasant. I have had one issue that they resolved for me at some point. Someone posted the vehicle as sold but it wasn't and they corrected that fairly quickly. There's a little bit of pressure to list the vehicle in an online auction because they charge extra for that but otherwise, the posting process is fairly straightforward.

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Resolution response: March 26, 2015

I was contacted to advertise my aircraft using Select Vehicle Marketing. The ads yielded no response. The information submitted was accurate and the price what was a certified appraisal price. I have been contacted by Select Vehicle to try to rectify the results and their solution is more than satisfactory. I believe they are a good company to deal with.

Original review: Dec. 1, 2014

I was called by Select Vehicle Marketing to advertise with them when I advertised my plane. The factor that led me to use a third party to assist in the sale of my vehicle was to get more exposure. It’s a rare airplane and the more exposure, the better. Select called and filled it all out and charged me a bunch of money. It did appear in various sites on the Internet. But my experience with them was not good. I’m not angry with them -- I’m just very disappointed.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2014

Select Vehicle Marketing seem to be very efficient. I first heard about them on the internet or the Vehicle Marketing organization. I decided to have them because they have events or marketing or car show. I paid money to the brokers and I just asked somebody to process the listing of my vehicle with Select. People from Select were all nice and interested in representing the car. I haven't heard from them recently but I understand it's wintertime and probably the sales are a little skimpy at this point. I've been working with them and it's just a matter of time before the vehicle would get sold.

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