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This past year I purchased my first new vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Camry. Throughout my entire shopping experience Toyota of Easley (Tim) was very helpful in making sure I was choosing the right vehicle for me. This year, I continued to get my vehicle serviced through Easley and I will continue to do so. Thank you for making my shopping and car experience so easy!

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His report is for the purpose of alerting anyone seeking employment with Toyota of Easley and what you can expect when you work there. On the surface, Toyota of Easley seems very professional, which was one of the main reasons that I enjoyed working there at first, yet what you will come to realize is that this is a "** rolls down hill" environment and one where the ownership only shows care for their employees in what their employees can do to profit them. The ownership has very little concern for the overall welfare of the people working for them.

The senior partner is an owner/operator, which means that he is involved in the sales department daily. This is a man in his late 60s - late 70s that might be described as "old school." What this means is that he will try to bully and brow beat you until he knows whether you have the fortitude to still kiss up to him. If you are not one to be easily pushed, then you will not easily be accepted by him. "Volatile" is a gentle word for him. In fact, the management counsels the employees to "just stay clear of him" and "if you see him coming, then head the other way." He calls himself a Christian, but I've witnessed him lie directly (eye to eye) to people he called friends.

One of the other major disappointing things here is the favoritism to certain employees. There are always "house deals," which are sales that come from friends of the owners or management. Each month, the owners give the majority of these deals to one person. That one person does very little work otherwise. If you don't mind kissing up, taking abuse or working hard while others reap more reward for less work, then this is the place for you. In the end, I was fired because they found out that I was looking for other work and they dredged up every negative from the 2 years that I worked there so that they wouldn't have to pay my unemployment. These are really NOT nice people.

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We bought our 2006 Rav4 from TOE about 2 years ago. When we bought the car it had a musty smell to it. Toyota said they would clean it up. They put an ozone generator in it like the ones hotels use to "rid" smells but really they just mask them till you are gone. I also had concerns of water damage to the vehicle to which they seemed completely surprised by until I showed them the surface rust on the seat frames. Then they basically came up with reasons why there was a clear 2" rust line all around that they said was from washing the car or something like that. They also agreed to do a full detail to the car. Their version of a full detail it turns out was a quick wash with a hose and some turtle wax car wash soap. All this to say, we bought the vehicle knowing this. The real problems started with the advertisement of the vehicle as Certified Pre-Owned.

Upon finalizing the paper work they said it was not certified pre owned, to which we argued that the car was advertised as such and they eventually agreed to sell it as a Certified pre owned. We were informed that we had a year 100,000 mile warranty, whichever came first. After a few months, we heard some strange noises so I took the car in for an inspection just before the warranty expired. I was told that they did a full 60 point inspection or something like that and everything was great! Then about 3 months later I took the car back because I received a Recall Notice in the mail for the rear suspension. While they did the recall work they claimed to find a SEVERELY LEAKING WATER PUMP.

I then explained that I work as an industrial mechanic and that I had a hard time believing that since this car has been driven very modestly by my wife and never had any incidents whatsoever that this problem just suddenly occurred but things do happen and I asked for the price of the repair and also the price of just the part as I could put it in myself. They gave me the price and even agreed that I could buy the part and that would save me some money.

What really gets me is that they claimed that the car had been inspected when they originally received it but when I asked for a copy of the report they claimed, one did not exist and blamed it on another dealership that they allegedly got it from. The moral of the story is this: I have checked for this SEVERE leak and have come up with no sign of said leak. I did not have the repair performed and I have also been driving the car for a year now since they looked at it and haven't added a single drop of coolant and haven't had any indications of overheating. So I guess the SEVERE LEAK MUST HAVE RESOLVED ITSELF or THEY WERE LYING. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!


I went in and purchased a Toyota highlander (gave full price) traded in 2008 loaded suburban and was given $13k less than payoff for it. I had called the bank where the suburban was financed to see if they would allow me to have an unsecured note of $7k (the other $6k was being added to the highlander). I left a personal check at the dealership after not having an immediate response from the bank and explained to the salesmen (he said he would hold the check for one week, so I would have time to get a decision from bank or make other arrangements if possible) this was on Monday eve Feb 8 2010- on Tue, Feb 9, I found out that the bank would not allow me to have the unsecured note and after discussing the details of the deal along with concerns of the recalls with my husband. I called the dealership and told them I was bringing the highlander back.

When I arrived at the dealership, I was met with rude salesmen that told me my suburban had already been sold to a wholesaler. Basically overnight! I asked how could they do this with no title (bank will not release) they didn't comment. I spoke with owner Tommy N. and he was even more rude and condescending than his sales associates. He told me, "That's not gonna happen" when I told him I simply wanted to get the suburban back since I couldn't come up with the $7k diff. He said my car was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it! I had left the highlander in their possession on Feb 9 and it is still there. I didn't want to take it since I couldn't keep it. Now, I am without a car! These folks just won't listen and I'm at a loss, literally! Please help!

I am now without a vehicle to drive and since my vehicle is my "living" real estate sales. I am having to ride and depend on my business partner. Currently, I suppose I am liable for 2 vehicles since the bank won't release the suburban and Toyota financing won't accept my request to terminate financing (this must come from dealership).


2007 Camry Cruise Control.

I ahve now found out that this is a known problem.

We have a 2007 Camry. When using the cruise control at, for example 65mpg

The RPM tacs at about 2,200

when a slight hill is encountered,

it drops one gear and tacs at +3000RPM

seconds later

it drops down another gear and tacs at

close to 5000+rpm

This happens any slight hill. It is very annoying, unsafe, and puts a lot of strain on the engine.

Each time the car STOMPS down 2 gearse it puts strain on the timing chain, the belt, and puts undo strain on the transmission.

If any potential buyer were to TEST the Camry on the interstate with the Cruise, they simply would not buy the car.

If Toyota had TOLD us, that THIS car was designed to do this, We woudl not

of bought this car.

I feel, as a novice, this is a design flaw, a serious flaw and the car needs

to be recalled.

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The 2001 Sienna I bought new had oil gelling problems at approx.75,000mi. The dealership preformed some sort of repair and said it was O.K. At Christmas the the vehicle started losing power and I turned the vehicle off and had it towed. The Sienna has 130,000 mi so I had it towed to a local mechanic who reported engine gelling and metal in the oil pan. I was informed that I needed to have the engine replaced to the tune of $5000.00.

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