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Beware of false commitments and pathetic service of Rudra Hyundai in Asansol.

I have bought a Verna Fluidic from Rudra Hyundai, Asansol on the 10th of August and the sales person, Roshan ** the biggest cheater in the showroom, makes the highest possible commitments and never keeps up to them. He looted my father telling him that I had asked for a teflon coat on the car for which he charged rs. 5400. To our surprise, we never asked to do so. One of our regular car mechanic said that the coat was not done at all. The remote for the music system was not given during the time of delivery which I noticed and received during the first service. They lack professionalism.

He promised to give floor mat, cushions, seat covers and a soft toy but when the payment was made and the car was delivered, he said that the accessories for Verna has not yet arrived and that he give it to me in the next ten days. It has been almost two months and nothing yet. I called him many times but now his attitude is like "get lost as I already sold the car."

Their sevice is pathetic. They did not even wash my car in the first free service. I have owned a Ford but never faced any issue related to service with them. My sincere request to all customers is that you stop buying cars from Rudra Hyundai. You can select to buy it from Dhanbad, where it will cost you around 40000 lesser or else from Durgapur, where service is better.

To Hyundai motors, do train your people professionally, just as you do in say Bangalore, and then perform regular audits. These small showrooms, with only numbers as target, have no focus at all on customer satisfaction.

I, Mukul **, have booked my Hyundai Verna Fluidic on the May 11, 2011 with a cheque as an advance of Rs 1,00,000 for the booking of the car, and was confirmed by Mr. Amit ** of Rudra Hyundai, Asansol on the last week of May on the 26th. The further balance amount of Rs 1,70,494 was paid on 28th May and also the bank loan amount was sanctioned as it was asked to me for the car being delivered to me on 31st of May. But I am not seeking any delivery options of the car yet. I have been wasting my time calling up to the Rudra Hyundai since past two days and I have been informed that it may be delayed till 20th of June.

Moreover, it has been noticed by me that customers booking the car after me are getting the delivery far before me. This hints me to some kind of fishy business of either of the company or of the dealer, being specific black marketing. I, being an old customer since the past 8 years, have a Santro Xing and also had a Accent Viva .

This is highly humiliating for us that Hyundai is doing such mistreatment to us. The act of yours has highly ** me off and I have been complaining to the company since past booking. I have been interacting with Mr. Amit ** of Rudra Hyundai from the beginning and then backed by Mr. Maheshwari **. So, I am very disappointed with this bad service of Rudra Hyundai, Asansol and I am looking forward to cancel my booking of Verna. Along with that, I will ask Mr. Sandeep ** and Abhishek **, they being my close relatives, to cancel their bookings, too, from Rudra Hyundai, Asansol for the same reason as stated above.

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