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Hillside, NJ

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A redeemable coupon worth $699 was accepted at the application for a car, by the car dealer at Route 22 Honda. The application for the loan to purchase the vehicle was rejected by Capital One bank because of errors made on the part of the car dealer. However, a second application was sent to another bank which approved the loan. When the process to complete the car sale was done, the coupon was not used. I have made complaints to the relevant department at this car dealership, but they denied my claim. I feel I have been robbed and should be given credit for that coupon.

On February 20, 2007, I purchased a 2007 Honda Civic from Route 22 Honda in Hillside, NJ. Starting June 25, 2010, I started to have trouble with the car; the car would not start. I phoned the Honda service department on North Broad Street in Hillside, NJ. They came, jumped the battery and drove the car to the shop. The car was serviced and I was informed that the problem was the battery. I have copies and receipts of all the times the car would not start and was towed to the service department. Also, you will find a copy of a receipt for a new battery I purchased. Each time that I went before purchasing a new battery, I was informed by a mechanic that a new battery had been installed.

I was also told that I could not leave my radio or air conditioner on because it was draining the battery. After each time the car was serviced, I asked if I would have to come back for the same problem. They assured me that they tested the battery and everything was fine. On January 19, 2011, I went to start my car and again, it would not start. I proceeded to the service department and spoke to the service manager, Paul **, and was told that if I leave the car sitting for a few days, it will drain the battery. I left and came home. My father called Honda Care Roadside Assistance to have the car picked up on January 20, 2011 at 10:30AM to take to the Honda service department.

The car had been in the shop for a few days and we received no phone call. My father assumed that they were trying to diagnose the problem. My father decided to go to the service department and was informed that the car was being taken apart by a technician. They diagnosed the car with parasitic draw. The technician put all of the necessary parts back in the car and we were told that we could pick up the car on January 28, 2011. They also told me that I needed to give them a one hundred dollar for the repairs being done on the car.

So my father explained that previously, we were told that we needed a new battery. We paid $81.96 for a new battery and the problem wasn't the battery. My father asked Jeff ** if he would discuss this matter with the manager and waive the one hundred dollars because of the purchase of a new battery that we did not need. So the manager said it was okay, that we do not have to pay the one hundred dollar deductible. On February 9, 2011, I was on my way to work and the car would not start. I have been using the car everyday prior to it not starting. After January 28, 2011, we thought that the problem would be resolved but it continues to happen. Bottom line, this car has been giving me problems since June 25, 2010. We have been to the service department six times and we will be having the car towed for the seventh time to the service department.

I purchase a 2009 Honda Odysey on or about September 12, 2009 from Rte 22 Honda. I was quoted a price of 34000.00 for the mini van which my wife and I agreed to. I gave a 5000.00 cash downpayment on the vehicle. I just received my first statement on my monthly amount along with the payout if I decided to payoff the loan. To my surprise,the payoff amount was listed as 39000.00.

I am a bit suspicious with what happened to my downpayment on the mini van. This is totally unacceptable. I have the receipt for the downpayment along with a quoted amount on the price of the minivan.Please look into this for me. I will be contacting the dealer to discuss this matter

I paid Route 22 Honda $500.00 for a deposit to get a new 2007 Honda Fit car. After paying this deposit and signing a contract I realized they were charging mr $499.00 for "Window Etching Security System", shown on the contract as an option. I called them and requested that option to be removed from my contract because I didn't want the window etching, but they said that this service wasn't an option so it couldn't be removed, therefore I had to pay for it. They then said they were going to refund me the $500.00 I gave them as a deposit, but so far I haven't received my money yet.

Accordingly, I am notified that I may have been a victim of odometer fraud. Documents gathered by the government indicate that I own or once owned the following vehicle: 1998 FORD, Vehicle Identification Number 1FAFP52U5WA116564.The records obtained by the government indicate that the aforementioned vehicle had at least 77692 miles on 12/28/1999.I have an document titled "Odometer Fraud - Civil Remedies for Victims.

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Most of my dealings with this dealer was with the sales manager since the sales person assigned to me did not know squat about the car I wanted to buy. My problems began from the that moment onwards. First of all, the sales manager pulled a perfect bait and switch on me when I was told that the van I wanted to purchase was not available even though he had told me the day earlier that it would be available. Instead I ended up purchasing a van that was fully loaded with leather and an entertainment center. The day I went to pick this van, Iwas told that when the van was being delivered, there was some dents caused to one of the doors or sides of the car and as such it was sent back to service for repairs and I would have to come back the following week.

The following week, when I went to pick up my van, I was told that another salesperson would help me with the van since all the paperwork was already done. This salesperson who was assigned to me would not give me the time of the day. Despite the fact I took off early from work, I still had wait for three hours with two little kids getting really impatient and restless. This salesperson told me very bluntly that he was doing me a favor. He was more concerned with the other customers than me (I guess, since he was not my salesperson, he had no stake in the commission).

Finally, when he came around to me, we found that the van had one of its tail lights broken and there was some scratches at the back of one side. We were then told that we should come back to pick up the van in a few days since the broken tail light had to be replaced and the scratch repaired.

When we returned back to the dealer the day we were told to pick up the van, we found that the van had no owners manual and the early warning system of Lojack was not installed. To add on o the all these problems, the head phones for the DVD player was also missing. When I complained, I was told to come back yet another day for the missing manual and the head phones. After throwing a tantrum, the sales person somehow managed to retrieve an extra pair of head phones from somewhere, but there was still no manual. As for the Lojack , I had no other choice but to wait for another week.

Since there was no manual, I had no idea what some of the knobs and controls were supposed to do in the dashboard. Therefore, I asked the salesperson to explain and show me how to operate the dashboard. What was the answer I got?? The salesperson had the audacity to tell me that his day was over. He had to go home and any way, he was not familiar with the car. The car that he sold to me. I take delivery of the car anyway and the day, I realized that the air vents at the back would not work no matter what I did to make it work. The brake light also started acting up. Everytime the brake peddle would be depressed, the brake light indicator in the dash board would light up.

My calls and pleas to the dealer was practically ignored. I have sworn that I will never step foot in this dealership again and I will never recommend anybody to this place. Not even my worst enemy.

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