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I was greeted fantastic, totally impressed with their new customer experience. Sales person walked through Toyota's new vision. Hassle free how they now put out the best price based on Kelly blue book. Great, I thought. This is a buyer's dream. Found a car on showroom floor. All the bells and whistles - leather seats heated, that navigation system, top of the line tv on the back of the seats. Asked sales person if the price included everything. She said "let me check." Took down vin number, came back and said "yes it does." I said "this is the car I want." Beautiful, no hassle. I am impressed. Ran the numbers for a lease, ran my report, came back with a monthly lease payment of 295. I was excited. I said "great we have a deal." No problem let's get started with paper work. I asked "you think I can drive one while paperwork is being drawn?" "Sure" I was told.

3 hours later she comes back to tell me we have a problem. The car price does not come with navigation system, heated seats or TVs. They were just there for display. I asked "what do you mean? I asked you if it included all those features. You went to your manager, he said yes." How do you put a 31000 sticker price net of 5000 discounts and no where did it say that time of features were not included. You sold me the car as is at a price of 295 per month and now it's no, you want to go back and redo the numbers.

Customer service relations guy came out and told me that he suggested the dealership add the features to the car on the floor to show customers all of the features but nowhere did it state this is just for display as I told him how unfair it was, what they did. He stated "we all make mistakes." Did not even attempt to rectify situation and walked away which I thought was totally unprofessional on his part.

We had a deal. I felt cheated, lied to and let on to believe one thing. Now I feel that all along this was the plan. Figure out if I qualified, promise me the world and once they had "oh we're sorry, we have to revisit our numbers." Straight out deception. I spend close to 4 hours there and lied to. They should have honored their deal because it was their own internal mistake. Why should the customer have to pay for their mistakes and lies?

I agreed to a deal for a new 2013 Corolla LE that was advertised on I was about to go to the dealership to sign and pay, when I was informed that the car was used (with 1200 miles) and damaged! I lost no money, but it was a total waste of time. Furthermore, the car in question is still being advertised falsely as new. I have informed management, but they have not corrected the website.

Route 22 Toyota sold me a car (Toyota Sienna 2008) that was previously a rental and they never informed. I had all kinds of problems with the car. I went back to the dealer and they said that it was not their concern anymore and basically ignored me.

I, Daykell ** and Yaima **, on October 9th, 2010, bought two vehicles: a Toyota Sienna 2008 and a Toyota Rav4 2007. After a few hours of having bought these two cars, we checked both of the contracts; we realized that we could not afford to pay for both of the vehicles. We decided to return the Toyota Sienna 2008.

On Monday of October 11th, 2010, we went back to the dealer where we had made the transaction. We talked to the seller, Mr. Jose **, who had helped us to buy the car. I explained to him that I needed to return the Toyota Sienna 2008. Mr. ** spoke to his manager, Mr. **, and to the person who gave me the contracts to sign. After talking about my situation, they explained to me that after having signed these contracts I could not return the vehicles. They also mentioned that on the same day one buys a vehicle, Toyota deposits the money into the dealer's account-- that this is a final transaction. We had gone to the dealer to make these changes on Sunday of October 10th, 2010, but the place was closed. We then came back the next day, October 11th, and from then on we kept on going back almost every day for the whole month to try to solve our problem, but they never accepted the vehicle back.

In addition, I had given them my old car as trade-in, and they never put this in the contract. I was made aware by my insurance company that the vehicle I had put in the contract for the Sienna as trade-in did not appear in the papers. I then went to the dealer to make this claim, and they gave me back my old vehicle. Another day I went to the dealer to leave the Sienna because I could not have both vehicles; they called a towing company for them to bring it to the police. They stated that I could not leave the vehicle; that Toyota would send me to court because I was abandoning the Sienna at the dealer, and that they were not responsible. I came back countless occasions to the dealer to return the Toyota Sienna; they said that they did not want the vehicle back, that I should wait a month for the financing of the car, and after I got the papers I should call them to have the car towed voluntarily.

Finally, Mr. Jose ** had offered me to have the carpets cleaned as well as a remote control to turn on the car from outside, but I never received either of these expected services/products. I have witnesses who can testify about this unnecessarily complicated process. These witnesses can say how many times I called Mr. **, and how much lying was involved on his and the company's part. I would call the dealer to try to speak to Mr. **, and I would be told that he was not there that day. I would go in person to the dealer and see Mr. ** with my own eyes.

I purchased a 2003 Toyota Avalon XL in 2004. The car was brand new with only 1,600 dealer miles. Ever since, I have had serious problems with the steering and braking. I constantly find myself gripping the steering wheel to avoid the car from swerving over into the other lane or going off the road. The car veers whichever way the pavement slants.

The brakes quickly lock over uneven terrain and dampness, even the slightest, and suddenly I am riding in a 4,000 lb. sleigh. This problem eventually caused an accident that I was involved in 2005. I would appreciate any legal help, as I have taken this car back to the dealer numerous times since 2004 and to no relief got these problems fixed.

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I saw special ads from Record newspaper (1/13/2010): 2010 Corolla LE. Buy for $14329. Includes $1000 college graduate and must be active student and $400 military. My wife is an active graduate student at Hunter College. So I figured that it would cost me $14729 plus tax and fee for a 2010 Corolla LE. I was ready to buy with cash/check yesterday. (I went there at 1:45 PM.) Alex went over to his manager and rejected me. They offered me for $15995. I showed them the special ad in the newspaper. They said it's for leasing. They kept modified everything.

I read the fine print, and it was clear that I was correct about the price. Also, before I went to dealership, Tina told me that I will get a car for less than $15000. I am very angry that they were playing a game with me and then rejected me for $14729. I wasted my day. But until I asked one lawyer, they told me that I need to contact Consumer Affairs or Group Watcher. Please let me know what's going on.

I had to take my vehicle back a second time for the same noise in the engine. The first time I was there, they claimed the noise was from the power steering pump so I had them replace that. When I picked it up the first time, I still heard the noise, but at a lower volume, I had the service guy and the mechanic come out to look at it and they said it was normal noise.

I waited for it to get louder and took it back in about a month later. Now they claim the noise was the idler pulley. I believe it was always that, they just didn't know and replaced my power steering pump. I don't see why I am liable for them replacing a part that was not necessary to be replaced in the first place. In other words, if I go back with the same noise, they will just keep replacing parts and make me pay for them until they figure it out.

I took my van to the service department at toyota on route 22 springfield nj because the check engein light came on. I had to leave my car there all day. when I picked my car up the advisor told me it was the catylic converter, I was covered under warranty. They ordered the part, and I brought my van back again all day so they can make the repair. When I came back to pick my van up The advisor told me the check engein light went off, and nothing was done. A few months later the light came back on and now the advisor is telling me that it will cost me 100 dollars for a diagnostic. I should still be covered because it is possible that it is the same problem, and if it is I should still be covered under warranty regardless of the miles because it should have been fixed the first time.

on 9/15/08 i went into rt 22 toyota and purchased a 2005 nissan xterra. i did not take possesion of the vehical on 9/15/08 i was told it needed to be cleaned as welll as checked for safety it was my unnderstanding this would take 1 day at the most i called mr ali 9/16 also 9/17 as per mr ali the car was still being cleaned on 9/18 i called an spoke with the general manager mr c as per mr c the title had not been transfered an he couldnt sale me a car he didnt actually have ownership of.

this confussed me because the deal was done 9/15/08 also on said date i added this car to my insurance policy.however mr conen assured me everthing would be taken care of and i could pick up the car the following day.on 9/19/08 i did take possesion of the car .i received a letter from mr c thanking me for my business also i received a call from mr rick in there finance department once again assuring me everthing had gone fine with the deal. on 10/10/08 i called mr ali requesting my plates for the car as my temp tag would expire on 10/14/08 mr ali responed by saying they were working on it and he would give me a call.

mr a never returned my call and the tag did expire i called mr ali again he instructed me to continue to drive the car alto the temp had expired he said per his sales manager i could only receive a ticket and they would take care ofit if this did happen i told mr a i was not comfortable with that this was not legal i asked him to give me another temp tag he told me this to was not legal at this point i enough i tol dmr ali i was gona return the car and get back my 500 deposit he said no let me talk to my manager an see what he could do by now the temp tag expired i left many messages for mr a also his sale smanager but no return call on 10/23/08 the car was towed for my parking lot at about 11;30pm i received a call from a very rude man saying he was from rt 22 toyota and he was taking the car and if i want things i could pick them up from the dealer again i called the dealership left messages and as of today 10/29/08 no one has made contact with me so i can get my personal belonging also my 500 deposit please advise

On the 9th around 6:30 7pm of August, my husband Jason, I and daughter went to Toyota to purchase a ScionXB. Mr. Milton C assisted us I doing so, we explained to him that we have a trade in; we wanted to trade in the car before it was at the miles allowed on the lease. Jason also informed Mr. C that it had a little damage to the car. Mr. Crooks assured us that this was not a problem. After the normal negotiating process we agreed upon putting $2500.00 towards down payment to keep the payment as close to the low to mid three hundreds as possible.

After that Mr. C handed the key back to my husband and explained that Toyota would pay off the car and that we just had to return it to them. My husband explained that he really didnt want the car and asked why Toyota didnt want it, Mr. C said because we dont want it, all you have to do is take it back to Volkswagen and turn it in to them. After jokingly going back and forth about them taking the car Mr. C left the desk.

When he returned he escorted me and my husband to the Finance Department. We sat down with Mr. Steven Sears, after a little casual talk as he cleared up some previous paper work we began to talk about payment, and programs, warranties and coverage. Jason decided he wanted gap insurance. Nothing out of the norm took place. We signed paper work myself as the Co-borrower and after we were escorted to the front to another employee that was to show us how thing work in the car. We told her it was late no need to go through it so everyone could go home.

She said to give her call on Monday because the hubcaps for the vehicle could be ordered. She was very thankful and so were we. She walked us out side with Mr. C told u that during the following day look over the car really good if we noticed any scratches or anything else just to give her voicemail a call because the next day was Sunday and they were closed.

On 8/12/08 my husband took the Volkswagen to the vw dealer to turn it in. When he got there he was told that they do not do it on site. You have to call Volkswagen credit and they give you a number for an inspector in the area. He said ok and brought the vehicle back home. The next day, 8/13/08, Jason received 3 phone calls one was from Mr. Steven S; this phone call was to request that Jason bring in proof of income and residence.

He explained to them that he is paid in a company check they just requested that he bring in something from his boss on a company letterhead, If he didnt they would not pay off the Volkswagen. A couple days after this we began to receive phone calls from Volkswagen saying that our payment was late.

Jason and I explained to them that we had traded the car in and that they should be receiving a pay off shortly we also had to set up inspection. The Volkswagen employee asked me when this was done with whom and said that no one ever called to get a pay off request for the vehicle. On Tuesday 8/19/08 my husband was called again by VW, they requested payment and again he explained the situation. This employee explained to him that because he was turning in the vehicle so early that they didnt have him in the system yet and spoke to him about turn in fees. The appointment had been made to have the car inspected this is when we found out that Volkswagen pro rates the mileage in which case we were at our mileage which meant that we it were 10,000 miles over. With this new information my husband called Mr. S on 8/20/08 informing him that he had received the information from his boss that he needed, would be dropping it off letter and also of conversation that had taken place with Volkswagen Credit.

Because of the pro-rated miles my husband explained that he could not keep both cars it had to be one or the other, he wanted to turn the Scion in. Mr. S told him he could not do that the 72 hours rule doesnt exist in NJ, he had to keep the the car. Mr. Sears worked out some numbers on his computer; they discussed different ways to do things. Like if the care was appraised for $12,000 and the pay off was $18,000.00 then maybe if Jason gave him $1500.00 then the $500.00 left would maybe make it as a wash or the dealer eats the $500.00. So technically they wanted us to pay $4000.00 and they would add 4000.00 dollars to our loan. Mr. Sears said that the head guys where gone for the day. Mr. Sears said let me see what I can do. My husband think that he told him then or called him Thursday or Friday to make an appointment to bring me in and come back on Saturday.
On Saturday 8/23/08 my husband and I went in to speak to Mr. Sears. We sat down in his office and he begins to explain that Toyota banks would not pay off the car and the pro-rated miles. My husband explained to Mr. Sears that he could not take the car and prorated miles so we had to take the car back and send out the money ourselves. We both agreed that he really didnt do anything except give us our down payment and now we were stuck with two cars. When Mr. Sears came back in he said he had to sign more paper work. He said its paid off just park it, I said well maybe can park it in the yard the insurance is paid till March. Jason asked about the $2500.00 Mr. Sears said to call on Monday. After that we left again with both cars.
On Monday Jason called Mr. Sears to ask about the check. Mr. Sears told him that it would be ready by the end of the week he said ok. Tuesday my husband received a call from Mr. Sears asking us to come in again and for me to sign more paperwork for me to be the Borrower instead of the co-borrower. The next day my husband then called me and asked me to make time for us to go back in. At this point I became a little apprehensive as to why we had to keep going back, aggravated with this whole thing and began to think why they need me to be first. I called Mr. Sears asking him why I had to sign my name first, It was not my car, I was looking to get my own I didnt want to sign as first. He said that I had to sign first that the banks were not accepting Jason first because I had the higher credit score. I said no again. He said its going to be on your credit score anyway you are married and viewed as one, I said exactly so why do I need to be first. He said the registration, and plates would be in his name but the banks just need me to sign first. He said I understand that you want to get your own car but either they are going to give you the loan or not it has nothing to do with this. Mr. Sears said If you dont want to sign then dont I dont care if you sign of not?. After going back and forth and a conversation becoming very heated we both got off the phone.
On 8/26/08 I called Toyota Corporate I spoke to Jennifer who transferred me to Scion Corp. and I spoke to Sam. He said that I didnt have an account with them yet. I asked him if my husband was not accepted why should I have to sign. I explained the situation to him inquiring why I had to sign my name first he said I didnt have. I asked him under what circumstances did I have to sign first again it was none. He told me it would take 3 to 4 business days to before someone got in contact with me. He gave me a case number #200808261430. He also told me that I might want to call Toyota just to inform them and give them the case n umber. I called Mr. Sears to let him know and he got quite upset He told me that they are not accepting a claim that I could come get my money. That it was the banks requesting this, Toyota 22 doesnt care if we take it or not accept him first the higher credit has to come first. At this point I began to wonder why they where trying to get me to sign was it because my husband was not approved/ in Mr. Sears word accepted, then why did they cash our check, why did he make us sign another contract when we tried to give the car back why di the give us a hard time, why is it that when we went back the second time as a couple on the 23rd Mr. Sears did not change the dates on the contract leaving them to still say the 9th. I had a lot of red flags that went up after they asked me to sign my name and begin to surch for answers.
I called a number that Sam gave me on Friday and left a message with no return call. Jason received a call also during this time from a John or Paul at Route 22 Toyota telling him to come down and sign paperwork again he told them that his wife contacted Scion Corp. and that he was not doing anything until he heard from them. Jason was also spoken to Mr. Sears and he told him that he work very hard with the bank and he was now excepted/approved as the primary on the loan and that they no longer needed me to sign first. This was the 29th of August 20 days after they sold us the car.
On Tuesday 9/2/08 I received a phone call from the person that my case was turned over to she told me she was giving me a courtesy call because it was not her dealership. I thank her and called Scion Corp to tell them what happened with the case being sent to the wrong person. Sam was dealing with another costumer, I explained to her that my case had been turned over to the wrong dealership and that I need to speak to someone as soon as possible I could not wait another 3 to 4 business. She more than happy to help so she looked up the number for the right dealership and told me that the people I need to speak to where Nadia Shoeman and Howard Newman then attempted to get them on the phone for me. I guess they were unavailable and I was connected to Wallie the General Sales Manager. I explained the situation to Wally, and all my frustration with the situation. He said let him talk to Steve and he would try to give me a call back. I explained to him that unless it was the General Manager I was not interested in speaking to anyone else. He asked me to please give him a chance to try to help me. He said that he would give me a call in 15 minutes. A little over 15 minutes my husband called me and said that Steve Sears had called him asking him what was going , he told him that his wife had called corporate and that we were not signing anymore papers until we got some answers. Jason asked Mr. Sears about our check for the $2500.00, Mr. Sears said that they were holding because of everything that was going on with me calling corporate. My husband decided to call the General Manager Mr. Craig Collin he briefed him on the situation, Mr. Cohen said that he was not aware of the situation. Mr. Cohen asked him if he could come in to meet with him, Jason said 4:30pm was good and that was our time to meet.

On Wednesday when we showed up, after a little wait we were greeted by Arnold the Finance Director. He told us that the General Manager was busy with another costumer and asked him to help out till he was done. We sat in Arnolds office and he began to talk of the situation me and my husband let him talk about 30 before cutting in because we disagreed with what he was saying. Arnold was saying was the problem that we didnt know that it was a trade in and we said no, but what else would we think of it as we said we had a trade in? and Mr. C never corrected us on this. We realized that it was not what we expected when Mr. C gave us the keys back and said you can turn it in; we are going to pay it off. I explained to Arnold that the problem was the fact that my husband came in trying to return the car after finding out about the pro-rated miles.

In which case there was no deal and Mr. S never told us that he made us believe that we had no other options but to take the car and that as a consumer I felt like we were taken advantage of and Mr. Sears should have been upfront and honest about the deal not locking us into another one without us knowing our options. Back and forth we went talking in circles I began to get frustrated because Arnold was trying to make us feel as though we where stupid trying to talk circles around us. Meanwhile still no General Manager. He called in Mr. Crooks. We had no issues with Mr. C.

Arnold said that who was to know that Volkswagen was to pro-rate their miles no one knew and had Mr. Crooks new this there would have not have been a deal. I asked Arnold to hold on, then why was there a deal when we found out about the mileage and informed Mr. Sears about the over mileage he made us enter into another contract. I said so he know I said yes he knew and he start to scrabble his words I reminded him that he just stated that under the circumstances that we knew about the miles that there would have not been a deal and he then said maybe not. After 4 times of repeating the same thing his answer began to change. I said if the banks were not willing to pay the car off and the over mileage then there was no deal because we came in to do a trade. Mr. S didnt let us know about our right as consumers that we didnt have to take that car on 8/23/08.

On feb. 18, 2008 I bought a used car Mitusibhi Lancer 2005 with 34,400 miles.

The advertised price in their Web page was $8,895.00 but at the moment of the initial calculations the salesperson mark down a thousand dollars more ($9,995.00). Suddenly the salesperson and the people from the sales department started adding a lot of extras. At the end the cash price the set was $13,264.34 (that means $13,264.34 - $8,895 = $4,369.34) $4,369.34 more that the advertised price.

Then that company charged me $2,500 for warranty and $750 for GAP insurance and other extras, being the total of my debt $16,9927.34.

The credit will cost me an additional $3954.50 in bank interest.
I am sure is a very unfair price because I have to pay almost double the advertised price.

Something is wrong with this company, because they switched (double) the price and charges and 3 years old car to almost the price of a brand new car.

@urchased used Toyota 2006 Corolla. asking price 14120 agreed price 13500 yet contract shows car at 14120 hidden dealer prep 620 dollars never discussed. Next I was told GAP insurance was mandatory on all used cars.After finding out it was optional I asked dealership to remove from contract next day I was told too late by Ricardo Do Santos.Next I agree to leave 4000 dollar depopsit and finance balance at 14.9 percent 36 payments of 375 dollars a month. When contract is printed out they told me they could do better.

372 dollars a month for 60 payments at 17.4 percent. I sta(ed this is not what we agreed upon and had to renogiate and settle for 48 payments at 405 dollars per at a rate of 15.9 percent. Had my daughter not only loved the car but also needed it I surely would have walked.

Next dealership makes me sign a paper saying I have 7 days to get car inspected or they are not liable for any repairs unfortunately my 7 days expired because motor vehicles will not inspect a car without plates which my dealership is providing under the mandatory fees they charged me. I called to ask them to extent the 7 days since I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE DEALERSHIP TO PROVIDE THEM.

Again I am told motor vehicles delays are not their problem and now I will be responsible for any costs incured should car fail inspection. .aybe too late for me but hopefully they can be listed as a buyer beware so other toyota customers do not have to be robbed just to purchase a toyota.

I purchased a 1993 Lexus ES300 from the Route 22 Toyota dealership's wholesale lot. We were told that the cars are sold as is with no warranty, but we were asured that the car was in good condition. We purchased the car for $7,700 plus tax and fees. Then two days later the car overheated and broke down.

We took the car to a dealership and found out that the car hasn't been serviced since 1997 and the repairs amounted to roughly $6,000 DOLLARS!!!!! I understand that we bought the car as is, but there has to be some law that protects us from this disaster. The shock of such a blow has caused my family severe emotional damage because of the high cost and a sense of betrayal.

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