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3rd transmission in 5 years at $145,000. The 2nd transmission put in at $60,000. 2 years after, the car was bought. Car was bought new 5 years ago. Now I have to replace the transmission again. I have serviced the car regularly. The 2nd transmission was under warranty on 6/07 when replaced. It cost me $100 out of pocket. Now it's a 3rd transmission replacement less than 3 years later. It's costing me, maybe the transmission, and over 5 days of rental car expenses.


02/26/2010, we picked out a Pilot from the showroom but wanted it in 4WD. The showroom car did not have 4WD. The one we wanted was 2K more, this is what Jeff told us. They delivered one from the Hollywood area. Meanwhile, we signed the contract, when the car was delivered, it did not have the sticker on the side window. When we asked for it, we were told it was thrown away, but could get one like it copied from another. I wanted the one with our VIN number on it. So it was later produced from a trash can.

The MSRP price was lower on the window sticker than what we paid for. When I called about about it, I was told that, "You have a contract." We were also told that we got a good deal on it because it's a 4WD drive in CA and sometimes they are priced several thousand over the MSRP. We were not told of the extra cost because of Pilot scarcity in the area. They increased the cost of the vehicle without my knowledge and we never saw the sticker price. They baited us with one price and charged a higher price. Basically, we paid $4500 over invoice.

Just beware of Robertson Palmdale Honda. Just because they advertise helping the community, etc, etc, doesn't mean that they won't rip you off. Oh, by the way, I happen to mention to Greg, that does the contracts there, that I got "screwed on the deal" he said that he will help me if, but if I don't use that kind of language. That was the worst word I used. So be extra polite to them there while they work their dishonesty.

I recently purchased an '06 Honda Accord from Robertson Honda and the deal was great. I put $3000 down and a trade-in '01 Ford Taurus. After I now have been driving the car for 3 weeks the dealer wants to cancel contract based on they cannot find financing. I have done some research on my contract and the part of the contract labeled: Sellers Right to Cancel? clearly states in Section b.) Seller shall give you written notice (or in any other manner in which actual notice is given to you) within 10 days of the date this contract is signed if Seller elects to cancel?. The certified letter sent by their Finance Manager Kal Allas was dated 2-25-09 however the certified letter was not post dated by the Post Office until 2-26-09 which is clearly outside the allotted 10 days to notify me.

My wife actually signed and picked up their letter from the post office on 2-28-09. I was not called by anyone until February 28, 2009 at 2:22pm by Kal Allas, the Finance Manager. I believe that their Right to Cancel? has come and gone and that our Contract is Valid and Binding. I would like to keep my car and continue with our contract. I have not defaulted in any form and I have been threatened by Mr Kal Allas and a female, claiming to be the Manager, no name given, to be sued and that my car would be repossessed. I would like to resolve this and continue with the contract.


I brought my car to the Honda Care (Robertson) on 07/22/06. I brought it in mid afternoon and I NEVER even got a list or was given a detail explanation of what was done on my car. Im not even sure they rotated my car. But since it was late that Sat. I went home. Come Sunday morning, I along with my family on our way to Church, experienced loud rough noise coming from the engine. My husband checked my car when we got home & he looked and found that the cap for the Oil was missing.

Oil spilled everywhere on my engine and smoke was coming out. Not only were we having problems driving, the fact that it was extemely HOT that day, made it worse for what the oil did to my car. I wanted to bring it in for service but they were CLOSED. Fine, it was okay, but I was out a car for the rest of the day. not a problem, but I had to come in late for work the following day (Monday) just to bring it in for service which i DIDN'T have to. I was upset and requested to have my car thoroughly checked and fixed whatever was damaged.

I picked up my car after work on 7/24/06 and again was NOT given a checklist of what was done. They were already closed or near closing. The next day my car was sounding more horrible then it did, it worsen and it really feels like i'm driving a very old car w/many problems. Even my 1998 CR-V sounds better. I am at wits end w/all this problems and the stress that it has given me. I have had to leave/miss work many times & I have high blood pressure. Not a good thing when I drive I fear for my life everyday I drive this car along w/my son who is handicapped.

I shouldn't have to feel this way especially for fairly new car. I am now trying to seek help to see if i can have the take it back, or give me a new car. Or even the same type of car. I just don't want to keep this car anymore, because 1) it feels worse , 2) Great chance more problems will occur later and I don't want to be responsible for what error Honda Service Dept. caused me. Please help me!


I went to the dealership to purchase or buy a Honda Accord Hybrid. They kept asking me how much I can afford or how much I would like my payment to be. I was deceived to believe that my monthly payment is based on my credit score. The better the credit score, the lower the payment. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS GARBAGE! They ran my credit score and sure enough they came back with excellent record.

I signed the contract and received the first statement. I contacted the American Honda Finance Corporation to find out what my lease factor was (interest rate). To my surprise, the dealership used a lease factor of 6.15% which is much higher than the interest rate you'd pay to buy a used car! I contact the AHFC, the dealership, and American Honda. Neither one of them seemed to care or take responsibility. Each point finger to the other. I was finally given customer service department number where I filed a complaint against the dealership.

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My warranty was out by six months, and my power door on my 2000 Odyssey went out. We had taken it in during the warranty because it was not latching completely, but they said that it was a switch problem reset it and it was fine. Now 6 months later same problem, now it is a $150 latch with 3 hrs. worth of labor, GRAND TOTAL 450.00+. Car runs great, although the extra options SUCK.


I brought my 2002 Honda Civic Ex in for a simple service (Oil Change & Tire Rotation.) When I left the dealership I noticed a a dent and scratch on the left side of the hood. I brought my vehicle back in and spoke to Ed whom was the service advisor on this day regarding the damage. Ed stated they would send my car out to be repaired. My hood was damaged by one of their air hoses.

Well the repair shop that fixed my hood damaged my left fender but didn't say anything to me just like the dealer when I brought it in for service. They expected me to just take my car and go on my mary way. I noticed the damage when I was inspecting the repairs that were done on my hood. At this time I told Jim S. (Service Manager)and he said they would send it back to the same place where it was repaired prior to get repaired once again.....Now my fenfer needs to be repaired as well as my hood because the paint job was so bad. They also left splatter of paint the the right side of my car who knows what happened there.


Well on January 8th 2003 I called a Robertson Honda to ask about the new 2003 Accords and got transfered to a sales person by the name of( Tanny ) and I told him my finacial situation and was very upfront.I told him that it would be under my dads name and that owed more on my 98 Accord than what it's worth ,also that my dad is on disabilty and he gets a certain amount of money every month , and that we had been late on a couple of payments due to the accident and I wasn't able to give him a down payment he said not a problem. So, I go down there he tells me i have to give a down payment so i said fine, i gave him $2,000 down walk and the deal was made I left with my new car so i thought.

Well now on Feb 7th I get a call by the finance dept. (jason)telling me that I have to give back my car or I could give them another $4,000 and there would be some to finance me.


Service done on my car was replacing front brake pads including machining the rotors and also had oil change . I was on the 14 freeway headed to valley & I started hearing a loud clanking coming from left front tire kind of like my tire was going to fall off. Noise only happened when the road was bumby. I had to stay at a friends house and could not return home that night because I was afraid to drive my car back home.

I felt very upset because I know barely anything when it comes to cars and I felt like I had payed all that money for this to happen to me. I had no choice but to drive my car the few blocks to work with no other way I could get there on time. I then called the dealership and spoke to Allan who told me to bring my car to a dealership in my area and have them call him for an authorization to perform any necessary service to fix the problem. I had to leave work early causing me to lose more money and brought my car to Kolbe Honda at 7514 Reseda Blvd in Reseda 91335 for them to inspect the problem. They lifted my car and showed me what the reason for all the noise was.

I noticed it right away that a part was not put back on my car and the manager who's name is Randy told me that they did not put back the brake caliper bolt after they were done. He also noticed that the oil drain bolt washer did not look as if it was new and my paperwork stated that it had been replaced.


After a major car accident involving somewhat serious injury, and as I was healing enough to purchase a newer vehicle, I had heard a lot of good things about Hondas. I called a team leader named Dave who agreed to pick me up and drive me to his dealership. That was good. I explained to him that I didn't want to play salesman games and he seemed to understand. He introduced me to Dennis as my salesman. Dennis picked me up in a Honda CRV.

He seemed to have made up his mind that the one he was driving was the one I would buy. Soon after, I decided that I would purchase that vehicle. He started to play "let's fill in the first five lines and we'll see..." when Dave came back and said we weren't going to do that here. He said they were going to be straight up. He helped by watching over Dennis and things went well. Dennis said that by buying a "certified" car, I would have a better warranty. Seven years and 1000 miles, no deductible.

I asked him to find out what the difference in cost of a CD player (instead of a cassette) would be. He came out and said "Guess what! We can put in both a CD and cassette player!" (Notice there was no mention of cost.) When I got to the finance manager's office, I learned (on crutches, at 8:30pm - hurting and exhausted), that the "cd and cassette" was over $800. I also learned the "better warranty on a certified car" was another $1495. A kit that does a better "scotch guard" was $450.

While Dave the team leader for Dennis was within earshot, Dennis was sounding pretty good...except not disclosing that the "better warranty" was really an expensive service policy. I think Honda should be prohibited to encourage people to buy thinking of this great warranty. It should be disclosed up front. That was his major pitch. I felt embarrased, as knowledgeable as I am with snaky auto salesman, that I missed that. I went to a restaurant because I explained that I had not eaten since before noon, and had to have a waiter go out to my car and get my crutches because I couldn't walk one more step.

Meanwhile, the salesman boasted to his team leader that if I bought the CRV, he would take me to get some food into my stomach bailed. I feel manipulated with the "working loan" and feel this type of loan should be investigated. The economic consequences were about $1500 for the "better warranty than comes with a new car." I don't mind that too much as I would probably have bought it anyway, but his tactics were shameful.

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