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Please be forewarned about purchasing a used vehicle that is not a BMW from this dealership. I purchased a 2010 Chevy Equinox in February of 2015. Today, May 27, 2015, my vehicle has been at a mechanic's in Cleveland, MS for 2 days because the transmission malfunctioned on a return trip from Texas to Memphis, TN. **, my salesperson, stated at the time of purchase that the vehicle only had normal wear and tear. Speaking to him after my repairs were needed, he informed me that BMW Roadshow only services BMWs. For used cars, it is only required to change the oil before placing the vehicle on the lot for sale. Even though I have only had my Chevy for 3 months, no help was offered. In his words, "That's just the chance we take when purchasing used cars."

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I purchased my very first BMW after 5 years of dying for my dream car. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a used 535i. I will admit, this is my first used car as I now fly 200+ days a year and didn't need a new one. Anyway, the web stated all of the options correctly and the sales rep stated that the floor mats were in the trunk (I should have check, they were not!). The only other thing missing was the MP3 iPhone cable and it was listed on the site option.

Keep in mind, they did a thorough inspection of the car while I was in financing. When I left for my hour long drive home, I noticed they had pulled up all of the sunshades up and I had missed that a warning light was on for my entire trip. When I arrived home, I lowered all of the shades but was unable to get the automatic rear one to go down. I also discovered the warning light and it was for the seat being out of calibration. I attempted to calibrate it for the next hour with no luck. Seeing as I was missing the cable and mats I chose to drive back the next day (2-10-2015). Upon arrival I checked in at the front desk where I was told my salesman for off for the day. She said I could call him on his cell, and I replied, "I'd rather not can I just talk to a manager?" She proceeded to tell me no, that I've have to call the salesman and she handed me his cell number.

Reluctantly I call and he asked me to check with service on the rear shade and I didn't bother him with the cable and mats, after all it was his day off. I proceeded to the service department and waited an hour or so, to discover the seat calibration was fixed by updating the software (should have been done in my opinion). I also learned that the shade was going to cost quite a bit as the motor needed to be replaced. Even after all of this, I was never allow to speak with a supervisor. It just sucks having dreamed of this day for so long, only to have a very bad taste in my mouth and wishing I could return the car. So here I sit several days later with no floor mats, no music, and broken rear window screen. Thanks Roadshow, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside. NOT!

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I too purchased tires from Roadshow BMW and paid $450 for each tire. The next day I caught a nail in the tire and the tire could not be fixed. It was then I was told that the tires did not carry a warranty. This week they called me several times to inform me that my car needed servicing. I arrived this morning under the assumption that the service would be covered by the 100,000 mile extended warranty I purchased, only to be told that the warranty was 100,000 miles or 3 years and the warranty expired on 9/4/13. It all seems very unethical to me and I refused to do any further business with them.

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I purchased two tires (that were not really needed) at the advisement of my service person at Roadshow BMW in Cordova. Two days later, I had to put air in one of the tires. Less than 2 weeks later after having to put air in the tire four or five times, I went back to Roadshow to have the tire checked. They found a nail in the tire and at that time, I was informed that there was no warranty on the tires that I purchased from them. They would not even repair the tire and wanted to charge me another $400 to replace the tire. I was told that that was the best that they could do.


I purchased a pre-owned 2004 Z4 from another dealer. I took it to Roadshow for an oil change and was offered a warranty that would cover my brakes. I took my z4 on 3/5/2010 well within my warranty agreement. But I was told the rotors that were causing the trouble were not covered by my warranty, because they were not BMW parts. I have never had my z4 serviced by anyone, not even an oil change, except Roadshow BMW. If the rotors were not BMW, I was not aware. The auto was pre-owned.

It is my contention that if the warranty would cover only BMW parts, the salesperson should have told me that initially before I purchased the warranty. I was told by the manager that that was physically impossible for the salesperson to tell everyone which parts were covered. It is my contention that all the salesperson would have to say is "All parts on your auto must be BMW parts before we cover them under this warranty.” Then, that will allow the consumer to have those parts covered by warranty checked before buying the plan.

I feel Roadshow BMW displays a lack of ethics and completely unfair in my situation. Please help me anyway you can. Moreover, I was told the warranty covered everything, except front-end alignments, wheel balancing, and normal wear and tear like tires. I took my car in for a leak in my oil pan, thinking it would be covered by my warranty. But I found out that it was not, and I paid in excess of $800.00 to repair the oil pan. This kind of deception is devastating to me. If they do not repair my brakes, I will have an additional out of pocket expense of over $1000.00. I will have to pay whatever they charge me to get my car. I would like to know if one of your lawyers would help me to get my money refunded if they deem my complaint to be legitimate.

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Compared to other complaints, mine seems minor, very minor. But I learned a lesson about trust and a dealers intergrity before I got burned too much. As of yesterday, we owned a 2004 mini that had been a good car, we put about 43,000 miles on it. After an encounter with a gravel truck, we ended up with a crack in our windshield.

Since the mini dealer is about 45 minutes from our home, through Memphis traffic, I took it to a glass company about five minutes from my home, that we have had good service from in the past. We stayed while the windshield was replaced,talking with the man while the work was being done, inspected it afterwards, and followed their instructions to leave the tape on for about 3 days. Days later, when we did drive the car again, we turned off our street onto the main highway and the black clear plastic cover (strip) that runs alone the outside of the windshield, ripped off. We found the inner rubbery piece and most of the outside plastic piece on the road.

I called the BMW dealer and the parts guy said they do stock them, because they do sometimes fly off. With tax it would be about $62, so I drove through the Memphis traffic and bought it. When I took it to the glass company, they showed me how the new replacement strip was manufactured differently from the original that came on the car, and it was much better, sturdier and would secure to the windshield much better. Long story short (too late) when I called the parts guy back, he turned me over to the service department. Bryan informed me that probably the guy broke it when he took it off, our guys do the same thing because it's easy to break those. I told him we knew it was not broken by the glass company, because we were there, and had inspected it prior to leaving, and after we took off the tape.

He said to bring the car out there and he would look at it. Well again, I drove back out to the dealer, and was so insulted that it made me sell the car the very next day. He said it didn't matter that we saw the guy fix it and inspected it, it didn't matter that the manufacturer had improved the new replacement pieces, I didn't matter that only one cover blew off, it didn't matter that his own certified mechanics break them when they try to remove them when repairing a windshield, none of it mattered, because I had jeopardized the warranty by letting someone else replace the windshield. If they had broken it, they would replace it. So I asked him if it had not been in warranty, and I called and got a quote, would the quote include replacing both of the covers, assuming his certified mechanics would break them while removing them. No he did not answer.

So the lesson I learned was, I can not trust this dealer, and unfortunately he was the only Mini dealer in the city. I told him that it was not the money I paid for the cover, it was not that obviously the manufacturer had improved the replacement cover due to continued complaints about these covers blowing off, what mattered was that his attitude and insulting way of treating me over something so minor, told me I do not want to deal with him or his service department ever again. What was really so bad, was my husband had already talked to someone about trading this Mini in, on a convertible one.

So yesterday, I traded it in for a new Toyota, that we absolutely love. I'm thankful that I didn't have to deal with paying this company for some real work, but when a car manufacturer sees that something wasn't right on the cars they made, shouldn't the replacement parts be free, even if they don't announce the dreaded words 'RECALL'.


I have a 2005 Mini Cooper convertible. It was my dream car, but that dream has become a nightmare for me and my family. I have teenagers and I drive a lot. at 54,000 the car threw a rod and I had to replace the entire engine.

The dealership called it a known issue and said that it would not be covered and furthermore the new engine I purchased for $9,100 would not be covered for the known issue if it happened again. Since I had the new engine put in the Power Steering pump has gone out and the clutch is revving out of first gear.

Because of the cost of the vehicle, we can't afford to sell it and seem to be left sinking more and more money into the car as we go along and I have only had it for two years.

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