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Common Ripoffs Buying or Leasing a Car or Truck

Here are some common rip-offs that you should watch out for. If any of them happened to you, let us know about right away. We may be able to help you.

Spot Delivery

You purchased a car, signed all of the financing documents and drove the car home. A few days later, the car dealer called you back and said the financing fell through. You have to either return the car or sign new financing papers that cost you more. This could be a violation of the consumer fraud statutes.

Financing Violations

A federal law called The Truth in Lending Act requires that the lender tell you all the costs involved with your loan. Let us analyze your financing papers to see if this law has been violated.


A federal law called the Consumer Leasing Act requires that the car dealer tell you all the charges involved with leasing an automobile. Let us analyze your lease papers to see if this law has been violated.

Wrecked and Rebuilt Vehicles

Sometimes dealerships sell cars that were previously wrecked without disclosing this to the consumer. This could violate laws concerning fraud.

Used Car Lemons

If you bought a used car with a warranty and the dealer either (1) wont fix it, or (2) cant fix it, you may be able to get money damages through a lawsuit.

Before You Buy

DO NOT SIGN OR ACCEPT DELIVERY OF A VEHICLE THAT NEEDS ANYTHING. YOU WILL NOT GET THE SERVICE YOU COULD IF YOU WITHHELD THE MONEY FROM THE DEALER. An undelivered car is an empty paycheck! No matter how badly you want the car, be patient, and check everything over before you officially take delivery.

Be Careful Buying Leased Cars

Automan, who runs an independent service center, says: Leased cars are always a nightmare, and I have yet to service one that was worth half of what the new owners paid. The original owners dont care they just know, hey I'll trade it in a few months, runs like a sick horse, not to worry, I am trading it in a few weeks.