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I took my 2007 GMC Yukon to Reliable Chevrolet in Richardson because something internal was draining my battery and if I did not turn my vehicle on at least every 12 hours, my battery would go dead. After keeping my vehicle for a day and a half, I was informed that my battery had some corrosion and that I needed new battery cables. Total estimate was $815.00 with $300 for parts and $515 for labor. Since I had to jump my battery on 2-3 occasions, I knew the battery was not corroded. I opted not to have this work done. I took my Yukon to my regular mechanic who determined that the issue was with my alternator. The alternator was replaced and my issue has been resolved. I asked them about the cables and was informed that they were fine and did not need to be replaced. I think Reliable Chevrolet need to refund me my "analysis" charge of $100 because they obviously misdiagnosed my problem.

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In March 2015, I was back in for the 3rd visit with my 2014 Chevy Express Conversion Van trying to get the sofa bed lowering system repaired and door hinges replaced. Previous visits did not repair or had the wrong parts. I live 3 hours away from dealership and have to drive an additional hour past to a home for an extended stay when bringing it in. They said it was a 6 hour at least job and gave me a loaner. They asked for my driver's license and my insurance. They gave me a standard Missouri auto leasing contract and walked me around the vehicle I would be driving to document any damage before I left the lot.

Less than a minute away a rock hit the windshield. It made a little hole and I called them immediately. I left a message because there was no answer. I did not call my insurance company yet because I had this happen before and they send out an auto glass repair company and put liquid silicone I think into the crack and it disappears. There is no deductible and it is not charged as a claim on your insurance. I called the dealer again. Again there was no answer so I left a message. The next day having never heard from them, I received a call about my car being ready. I passed the info on to ** my service consultant who I will say is probably the most professional and courteous person I have ever worked with anywhere. He said they would deal with it when I brought the vehicle back.

I brought in the loaner and they were ready to just sign me out but I again mentioned the damage because I am an honest person. ** got the service supervisor **. He said in no uncertain terms that they would not be able to repair it even it is repairable because it will be sold as a "new car" and they are required by law not to sell a new car if it does not have perfect parts. They would have to replace the windshield and I would have to pay for it. I said "you mean, had I had an accident of greater damage that was repairable, you would have replaced it and I would have had to pay what my insurance would not cover plus my deductible?" Yes was the answer.

Nowhere on the standard Missouri form does it mention a "new car" policy. No one verbalized this to me in the time they took walking around the vehicle looking for damage. I was visibly upset and was taken into ** office to get myself together. He kindly said he would see what he could do to get me a discounted rate. Three weeks went by and I had not heard a thing about the windshield. I honestly thought they took care of it themselves and wasn't even thinking about it any longer. ** called to tell me the painted hinges were in and set up my appointment and told me the windshield with tax and whatever was $294 something. I told him I wanted to talk to ** about it because I don't think I owe it. He sent me to **’s voice mail. I never heard back. I called again and left ** another voicemail, I didn't hear back.

I went in for my appointment and had someone drive me so I wouldn't have to take a loaner again and this was going to be a two day job again. I looked in **’s office which is see-through and did not see him while I waited to be checked in. Again, ** was outstanding. I cannot say this enough. When I paid over the phone for a new tire, ** wanted to collect the now $394 for the windshield. I told him ** had not returned my calls and I was not satisfied that I needed to pay this.

I had consulted my attorney and my insurance company. The research and answers were… this "new car" policy is not a Chevy policy. It is not an Enterprise Leasing policy which I guess a lot of Chevy dealers use. It was a local dealership policy. I was told in many ways that should I decide to take them to court it would go in my favor, but who is ever going to sue over such a small amount of money, probably no one, so they get their money and they win.

Today I finally got a call from **. April 28, 2015. He was irritated in his first comments saying "I understand you told ** that you left me multiple messages and I never returned your calls." I said "no, I told him I called you a week ago Friday and again this past Monday and never heard back from you." He had his nose out of joint and attacked me, spoke over me and argued with me. He then said he would refer me to their legal counsel… ** I think.

So ** called. ** is not their legal counsel. He works in consumer satisfaction. He was cool and very cautious of saying anything. He did not ever admit that they had a new car policy. He would simply read the document back to me saying I agreed to pay for repairs and I replied, "yes that is what I wanted to do not replace the windshield." I went through the details with him not because he asked, he only wanted my attorney's name. I told him I was not as concerned about the money as I was that they are giving people loaners without disclosing this policy to them. Had I been told, I would have declined the new car. So he took it to the GM. I had asked to speak with the GM but was not allowed. I had asked for the number of the Chevy Zone Office and they declined that as well.

** called back within the hour. He had spoken with ** and the ** the GM and ** told them the window was replaced because of where the damage was and the potential of the crack spreading. I said, "I see, so now you all are backtracking and telling a totally different story." That was never the discussion. ** was there as a witness but I have no idea how closely he was paying attention. So I obviously made all of the New Car Replacement stuff up out of my head? The GM sided with the lying employee... They have no pictures of the damage by the way to prove their case. I asked when they replaced the windshield and they had replaced it April 23rd this week over a month after the rock hit. Anyone knows that a repair needs to be made immediately to stop cracking. I asked if they had continued to loan out the car. They said no, but I have no way of knowing if that is true.

I have a case number with Chevy. I plan to make the payment of now $321.64 and hope that Reliable Chevrolet loves the price they received for the loss of this customer and any others who will be influenced by my unfortunate experience with them.

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My Chevy Cobalt was recalled in March of 2014, for ignition recall so I took it to a repair shop here in town, Reliable Chevrolet in Albuquerque NM. My car was there for a month when I received a call from the service manager saying to pickup my car cause they needed their vehicle that they loan me till repairs were done, So next day I went and picked my car up, so I stopped at a nearby store and my ignition would not turn off, same problems I was having before the recall. So I went back to the Reliable and spoke to the service manager and he told me to leave the car and he would check it out, he loan me another car. Next day he called me and said to pick up my vehicle and the cause of my ignition not turning had to do with the shifter control. I said to him well you say you put a new ignition switch and now the shifter isn't working, I wasn't having the problem with the shifter until I left it there that night. They opened the shifter and found the problem and it would cost me 250 dollars. I said to him I will not pay to fix it, you fix it, you opened the shifter to see what the problem was and that is what you found, he said the shifter doesn't work because of the ignition switch.

I said well there is the problem, by fixing the ignition switch so they say, now the shifter isn't working, so I went along and took my car.This was in April 2014, all was working fine till June 11 2014. I was going to an appt when I tried to shut the car down, the ignition was stuck once again, so I couldn't go to my appt cuz I would have to leave car running, so I went home and was to late to call Reliable so my car stayed started till next morning till I got hold of Reliable and spoke to another worker and I told him my situation and said for me to call a tow truck and he gave me the number. Before hanging up I mentioned to him will I have to pay for the towing, he said no we will cause it's a recall issue, that he was looking thru my paper work. Ok so I called the tow and they picked it up.

A few days later I finally got hold of the manager there and said well what is going on with my car, it's been there for 2days and no word. He said your problem is that shifter I mentioned when you took the car from here, and btw the tow truck you are responsible we are not going to pay for it. I said 1 of your workers told me I wasn't responsible but he turned it around and said his worked did not say they would pay, so we hung up and nothing got resolved. So next day I called corporate and I was told someone would call me within 24 or 48 hrs, well this went beyond the 48 hrs and finally I called them back 4 days later and they asked me all that was going on. When I told the other 2 other people what was going on, so here I go again telling them what went on. I said why haven't I received a call like I was told, she said the 1 that spoke to you didn't call you back and she wasn't sure why, well no she didn't call me to see what was going on with my car, so finally someone called me from corporate and said they were not responsible for the tow cause the shifter wasn't part of the recall and again I said cause of the ignition it messed up the shifter, still said they were not responsible and I had to pay the towing also.

So I called Reliable to see how much the towing is so I can pickup my car cause I didn't have it for 9 days. He told me would be $225 I said why so much. Well we did a diagnostic to figure out the problem, umm I never gave permission to diagnose the car. 8 days ago he said was same problem back in April so then why do I have to pay that also, when you already knew what the problem was. He gave me the run around. I gave up and I haven't picked up my car, it's too much money for me and I'm in a fixed income, so I need to see if I can get some help of how to resolve this problem.


I bought a new 2010 Camaro from dealer. Camaro had tinted windows. I was pulled over by highway patrol for tinted windows, illegal tint on windows. Highway patrol told us that dealer sold us an illegal car. I contacted dealer and GM. Dealer agreed to remove tint and pay ticket but would not re-tint windows within legal specs. Dealer told us that we did not pay for tinting. Nowhere in contract or negotiations did they notify us that tint was not part of the deal or illegal.


I bought Pontiac (2005) G6I on the first week of November with an extended warranty, and Reliable Chevrolet of Richardson, Tx refused to admit that they sold me a lemon.

The 6-disc CD changer didn't work upon buying it. I was told it would be fixed or replaced. It was replaced with a 1-disc CD player. Then the Catalyic Convertor went out. Now the key pad does not work. The key that I have to start the car does not fit the door nor trunk. Therefore, I can't lock the doors. The driver's side window is getting stuck, and the power steering is hard to turn at times in a 2005 vehicle.

I will never ever purchase another Pontiac! I will be sure to spread the word and show the vehicle to anyone who is considering. This has been a total nightmare!

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I bought a 1997 Pontiac Booneville SE from these people on March 31, 2009. It was an "as is" purchase with a 500-mile or 30-day warranty with it. I drove it to my brothers in Rogers, Arkansas from Springfield, Missouri and back, which was a total of 220 miles. I noticed on the trip there were several things wrong with the car. Check engine lights were on and check gauges lights were on, so I took it back on day 5 after purchase to complain.

They said there was nothing they could do for me and that it was an "as is" purchase. I told them "Yes, but you said if any problems occurred during the 500-mile or 30-day warranty period, you would fix it." So the guy who sold me the car got in it, drove it down to the service department, turned it around, and drove it right back to where I was standing, waiting, and watching. Then, he informed me they said nothing was wrong. No one even looked at it. So I left very upset.

The next couple of days, I had several friends tell me they could smell gas. I have multiple sclerosis and cannot taste or smell, so I never noticed the smell. So I took it to my mechanic, and sure enough, the gas tank had a crack in it. All of the fuel hoses that go to the tank were rotten, and the fuel-sending unit was shot. So, I shelled out $700.00 to have it repaired on July 3, 2009, as the time element was out now.

Now 28 days later, the gas smell was back again. So I looked under and could see the gas coming out of the tank and hitting the pavement. Now, I have to take it back to my mechanic to see if it can be repaired or not. The parts to repair it, to begin with, are under warranty for 3 years; but I will have to pay labor again.

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