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My sales person, Tina, finance manager Bill and sales manager, Jessie were all involved in helping find the right car and get the price I needed to make this purchase possible. They were professional, creative and patient with me. They were upbeat, funny and honest. Although I was at the dealership longer than I anticipated, the experience did not hurt and I have a great car in return. Thank you all for hanging in there with me! I will be sending 2 friends because of the service I received.

Satisfaction Rating

It's too bad I trusted these people. Three months later I get my car back after repairs. Simply put it was a mess of auto body work, paint and front end work. The vehicle was devalued by thousands after Quirk completed the repairs. Awful place. If anyone at Quirk cares to contact me you know where to find me. I bet you don't!

Satisfaction Rating

Went to Quirk to check out a vehicle I seen online. I had my guard up expecting a typical used car type of treatment. Luckily I went to the right place where I was treated great. They were attentive, kind and professional. My sales guy also had great humor which helped to take the nervousness out of buying a car. I felt like the managers that worked with me truly wanted to make sure I got a great experience. The finance manager that I signed my papers with was happy to answer all my questions. Overall my experience was top notch from beginning to end.

Satisfaction Rating

Very impressed with the staff at Quirk PreOwned. They had an e-celebrate selection of vehicles and a beautiful new building. They did not play any games. I got a new truck at a great price and it was fast and easy. I've bought many cars in my life and this was by far the best experience I've ever had.

Satisfaction Rating

Bought a FIAT 500 Pop from these dummies and could have bought a newer car for the price they sold me this matchbox for. I will never tell anybody to buy a car from this company. I got screwed so I hope nobody else does.

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Satisfaction Rating

They took my money and would not release my car. I think they tried to strong arm me into their financing and realized they did not have a good deal for themselves. They took a 6 thousand dollar deposit. And then told me that the previous approved bank check was not good enough for them to hand over the car? Tried to get me to write a personal check for the amount of the car to release it. If a bank check is not good, then why would they want a personal check? I have purchased 4 cars with the same bank and never had a problem. What type of scam are they pulling? DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a vehicle and was given a 72-month term finance. I was doing laundry and came home for 20 min to go back out and my car won't leave the parked position. I called Quirk and spoke with ** who told me to buy another car from them after they overcharged me more than the book value that's not including the finance and after I was sold a vehicle that should have been back to the manufacturer to be fixed for the 2006 Chrysler recalls which states "Recalls, safety ratings and warranties".

Satisfaction Rating

My separated husband traded our Endeavor in for a Ford Escape and I did not sign the release. The finance manager Derek said my name was not on the registration but I have a copy with both our names and my agency said that this is true. They traded in the car without my authorization. Taking them to court and complain to their main office. This Derek lied to me about the transaction. If a car is in both names, both have to sign.

Satisfaction Rating

If you can't say no to a salesman, beware! If you can't handle extreme sales pressure, beware! If you don't want to end up buying a car for more than its worth, beware! If you don't want to feel like you were dropped into a tank full of sharks, beware! In April of 2012, my sister was sold a 2010 Camaro under duress. She told them all she made was $332 a week and they bumped up her income until she was able to get credit for $37,000 at $556 a month. When she realized her blunder, she called back and spoke to Chris **. He said to come back when the title reaches the bank and he would get her into something more affordable around $200 per month. When she came back, he sold her a car for $26,895 - with finance charges, $29,396 - that's $399 per month. Again, she signed under duress because they said there wasn't anything cheaper. If she traded in the car now, she would get $18,000 and be in debt $11,000 without a car.

In May, the suggested retail price is $23,027; she paid $26,895. We tried speaking to Chris to make things right, but he refused. Also, efforts to speak with the owner were shot down. I wonder if Daniel J. Quick knows what's going on. Chris **, the manager who said everything goes through him, doesn't care if she can afford it. That's a good salesman, right? He lowered her payment $156 and now he can sleep at night. This is unbelievable. Not only the payments but because it's a new car, she pays higher excise and insurance. It's almost the failure to pay and repossess was part of the plan. So if you want to pay more than you should to a company that has no conscience, shop at Quirk PreOwned autos in Braintree. Ask for Chris and he will treat you real, real good!

Satisfaction Rating

Car way overpriced and junk: I went to Quirk on 10-31-12 with my sister because I needed a car badly. I chose to go to Quirk Braintree because the ad said no money down needed and financing available even without perfect credit. The salesman showed me a car to test drive and I did. During the test drive, I kept saying "what is that noise?" The engine was very loud. Forrest told me, "That's what it should sound like; it's the engine - it's powerful." When we returned, he was very pushy. We went in and he wanted to run some numbers for me. My credit was not the best so I was a bit nervous. Forrest assured me the other man named Charlie would make it work. Charlie said he was working on getting me the best deal possible. Charlie ended up getting $4,000 cash from my sister towards the car. He said it would make the deal much easier and much better payments for me.

The finance % was almost 19%. They told me to make the first 3 payments and to come back and they would refinance me. I was told to sign this, that and this without realizing what was going on. Charlie and two other men, one being Forrest, the other one I don't know who he was, continued to distract me, flirt with my sister and before I knew it, I was an owner of a 2006 Ford Freestyle. I walked out of there with my head spinning, feeling happy and sick at the same time.

When I got home, I noticed there was no sticker on the car and I had paid them for one. I called them. They said, "Come up tomorrow and we will put it on." I drove 45 min. When I got there, they said they were very busy and were closing in 20 min. and to come back tomorrow. They were rude and they frightened me. I told them that I don't want this car and they said "Sorry, you own it; no returns." As I left, they all stood there laughing at me making me feel so bad. Three months later after making all payments, I called Charlie about the refinancing and he said, "What, we don't do that." I asked Charlie why I would make that up and my sister was a witness to it. Charlie told me I was crazy and hung up on me.

I continued to call them and they continued to hang up on me. Well now, I haven't had the car for a year and the transmission went. Cost to replace is $4,500. I bought a 2006 Ford Freestyle with 46,737.00 miles for $17,428. With finance charges, the total will cost me $26,368.96 for a car that I have had less than a year with no transmission and the value of the car in good condition is about $4,500. I was told by a mechanic who looked at the transmission that "they ripped me off in an epic way" and I should get a lawyer. Quirk will not help me at all and were not even nice to me. Shame on them. I am not done with them!

Satisfaction Rating

I turned 33 on April 7. I had an accident with my Honda that I had for 5 years. I called my insurance company and they told me how much it would be to fix it or to get another car. I decided to get another car that was safer for my two children. I'm on disability for a mental issue. I have PTSD. I was abused all my life in so many ways. I was at the point in my life that I needed to show my kids differently. I was out of my last abusive relationship for a year. My children were so happy that we were getting a new car, so was I. I went to Quirk Pre-Owned in Braintree. I took the bus there, got off, and walked into the lot. Some guy approached me so forcefully. I wanted to see if there was anyone I might have a connection with to trust. I didn't even get a chance.

To get to the point, I told him I was on SSI and I couldn't get a car that payments were over $200 to $220. He said that's fine. We looked at cars. Every car I liked, he said it was too expensive. I told him, "Thank you for all your help. I'm going to shop around. This was the first dealership I had gone to. I'm going to leave now." He was so aggressive. His body language made me uncomfortable. Also, I didn't want a car as well. Then, he showed me a Buick Lacross. I liked it, but I wasn't in love. He went on and on and told me everything about the car to convince me to like it. We went into the building. He took my ID, gave it back, and told me my payments would be $220-$230. I told him that's okay, but no higher. The whole time I was in there, I wanted someone to tell me to leave or if I had any family I would have called them. I felt trapped and scared. I signed the paperwork and talked to the finance lady in the phone. While talking to her, he wrote on a piece of paper telling me to say I work at a cleaning business. I went along with it. He went so far to change his answering machine on his cell phone. The finance manager at Quirk assured me that everything will be okay. "When people are on SSI, that's what we need to do to get you in the car. That's what you want, right?"

I received my first payment of $302 every month. I cried. There was no way I could afford to pay. I called Quirk and he told me it's okay and just pay it for six months and my payments would go down. I told him I don't have this kind of money. Basically, he didn't care. My car was repossessed. My children were crying as well as me when they came and took the car. I used the car for everything: my girls' sport and my school. I used the car for my girls and myself only. I don't have a car. I'm homeless. My apartment I was living in with my children was condemned. My whole life changed. My children are living with my godmother while I find a new place to live. My kids need me. When I lost my car, I lost everything. I was going to my doctor's and my children’s also, things I can't do because the dealership lied about my occupation and trapped me. I need something done about this. I have been mentally sick for a year now. I will go to the highest law to get what I deserve. Thank you for reading this.


I bought a Honda Civic. I left the state driving to California, and seven to ten days later, the tires in the rear were examined by the mechanic. They were 0-32 or completely bald on the inside. The tread is obviously a long-term safety problem of alignment costing two tires. I went to the Honda dealership, and they will not honor their warranty at all. They are dishonest, immoral and criminals. Avoid them at all cost!


I was pretty much held hostage by a group of men. Allen was the man I bought the car from and had the most dealings with him. However, I had dealings with a number of men, all pushing papers and telling me what to do. I was following their instructions as if I was a robot.

I would like to say that I am not usually that compliant or afraid to speak my mind. The only thing that I can explain this complete failure to defend myself was, age, medicine that I had just taken before I went into the place to shop for an automobile. My other defense is that these men were so void of morals, and ethics. They had no sense of decency. I told the first salesman Allen that I was capable of paying four or five thousand down payment. How much was I looking to pay monthly? I said two hundred or less I tried two other cars but they didn't seem at all reasonable for the price. The auto I purchased only had 16,000 miles on it.

Then we went inside and one of the men asked me for my credit card. I said, “What are you talking about, I don't have 5,000 dollars.” He said, “We will take what we can get.” I said, “No, you’re likely to make the account go negative, which is exactly what they did against my wishes.” I just watched this as the men continued to have me sign papers, continuing into my folly. Then I was told that I would be driving the car home that night. I said, “What, I don't want to do that,” but it fell on deaf ears. They were going to continue on their mission, take advantage of me. Reading this, it must seem incredibly impossible, but it happened to me and I would have bet my life that it couldn't happen to me.

So he says to me, “You’re all set.” I said, “What, come on outside,” and when I went outside. They had put my license plate on the black car they said I bought. Then he Allan started to throw the contents of my trunk into the back of his/my car. At this point, my car was gone and parked at the fence as far as one could go in the parking lot of their lot. At this point, they had the original car and its keys. I do not have a car to get home and terribly humiliated. So I opened the door to the SUV and they were a gouge taken out of the front driver’s side. This was accompanied by a small dent. I immediately pointed that out to Allan who made light of it.

I kept the new car because I had no transportation and the rain was horrific this whole week. I promised to fight this and demanded my car back and a total refund, but it was to no avail. They told me to read the back of one of their documents and it said that when they gave me the car, that it was considered a done deal, and any three day wait period was waived in this case. I went down there at one point to see Allan who is the most refined of the group. Someone came running out and stood at the door to block my passage out of the car. At this point, I drove home and cooled my heals for a day or more.

I have concluded that these men are ****. I would even say that I think that they would be capable and willing to harm me. I suggest they acted in a criminal manner but I have no witness but myself. However, I did read two complaints on the internet but I don't know how to get a hold of those two people.

I also, want to say the second time or the following day after purchasing this vehicle I went and found the floor in the front passenger side with two inches of water. The next day or the one following I had two inches in the front passenger and driver's side. Also, still today, the floor is very wet including the rear behind the passenger side. I showed this to Allan and he suggested having it looked at by the service department. Only the fellow said I would have to wait a couple of hours at least, before he can look at it. Since I have no other transportation, it was not agreed on by me. I am supposed to call him and make an appointment but presently I have no one to help me. Also, I have a healthy respect for the evil of these men and consider them criminals. I don't want to be around them without witnesses or a third party. In sixty-six years, I have never thought that people would do something like this and expect to get away with it.

How about helping me and they won't get away with this on any other fraudulent behavior in the future? I may have to rewrite this letter because this little block to write all I have to say about this doesn't work for me. I will continue to pursue this and will fill out a complaint with the district attorney's office this week. I want to expose these people. I believe this hurts everyone in the community. I believe that it is tantamount to a social problem and I believe when a social problem exist, do something intelligent and don't do it alone.

I don't know if there is a living Quirk down at these Quirk Auto Sales but I want him to know what is being done under the umbrella of his name.


It is a follow up to my complain on January 2010. On 3/19/10, I received check for $29 from Quirk Preowned.


I purchased a 2007 Honda Odyssey on Sunday 1/03/10 from Quirk Preowned in Braintree, MA. I dealt with two salespeople, John O. and Bill J. During the purchase, I told them that I do not want their financing at 5.49%. I was very specific about it, I said I will get financing from Bank of America with a lower rate. They said I should sign their financing now to complete the sale and I would have two days to get financing from my bank. Then they said I could bring it in and swap the loans. So I did exactly what they told me to do. I signed the paper and left the dealer with my new car.

The next morning 1/04/10, I called my bank and was approved for the same amount and the same number of payments at 4.69%. This translates to $625.68 savings over 6 years of payments comparing to the loan from the dealer. The same morning, I received an approval letter from Bank of America via email and called Quirk that I am ready to bring the approval letter and make the new loan. However, they said to come on Thursday, 1/07/10. They said they could not see me on Monday, 1/04/10, or Tuesday, 1/04/10. When I came on Thursday 1/07/10, John O. told me that it is too late to swap the loans. They have already sent the papers to their bank, Bank North. He added that they mailed the loan on Monday evening, 1/04/10, the same day I told them that I am approved in my bank! He also said that my bank can give me a check and I can pay off the whole loan. I told him that I do not know if they can give me a check.

Of course, the next day, I found out that they will not give me a check. The Bank of America said that all I can do is to refinance it at a different rate, not as good as the original one I wanted. I would also have to pay fees of $199 for refinancing and $25 for transfer of the title. I gave John my approval letter from my bank, he said he will call them and call me back. He never called me back. On Friday, 1/08/10, I called the dealer to complain. I spoke to Dana L. He was very rude and he said that they cannot do anything about it. I called the whole week each day, multiple times to speak to the general manager Chris C. but they would never connect me with him. Each time I called, they told me that he was at a meeting or with a customer. I was told that he has no voice mail and that I should stop calling because there is nothing they can do for me.

My second complaint is the $29 refund for the inspection sticker. During the purchase of the vehicle, I was told that they would include the price of the inspection sticker in the purchase price of the vehicle because they can do the inspection once the vehicle is purchased but I would have to come back on different day during the week (it was Sunday when I was buying the vehicle). I said that I live in Salem, MA and it is too far for me to travel to their place and I would rather do it in Salem, MA. They said that they would refund me for it once I mail them copy of the receipt. That is what I did, I made the sticker in Salem, MA on Saturday 1/09/10 and mailed a copy of the receipt to the dealer on 1/11/10. I used the address that was on John O. business card.

On Friday 1/15/10, I received the letter I sent with a sticker "return to sender". I called the dealer on Saturday 1/16/10 and spoke to Dana L. He told me that the address was wrong, so I asked him what is told me that he would call me back. After about 10 minutes, I called him back again but still he had no idea what is the address of Quirk Preowned. He is one of the managers of the dealership and he does not know what is the address of this place! He never called me back. My daughter is the witness to the conversation in the dealership and I can furnish the Bank of America approval letter as well as the returned letter from the dealer.


I purchased a used 2002 Kia Sportage Sunday, 11/30/08, from a car dealer called Quirk Auto Dealership located in Braintree, Massachusetts. I test drove the car and asked if anything mechanically was wrong with the vehicle and both salesmen, Allen and Charlie, reassured me that the car was in mint condition and that the car was thoroughly inspected for all safety points and that I was getting a good car with very low mileage. I tried to back out of the deal when I didn't understand the different fees that they added into the contract after I signed one of the agreements but they explained to me that all dealerships have the same fees.

I purchased the car because it only had 38,000 something miles, it drove nice and quiet, it looked clean in and out. The body was in very good condition and the price was in my budget. The second day, I started the car up and noticed a strange faint smell of fumes coming from the front vents in the car. I had to roll down both front windows. The smell only lasted until about 2 or 3 minutes. It takes me 30 minutes to get to work and I have to take the highway to get to work but I didn't smell it again after rolling up the windows. I didn't smell the fumes again until I started the car to go home. I called the dealership the same day and asked for Allen, the salesman who sold me the car. I called the same day and they told me to drive the car back to them and their mechanic would take a look at it but that I should call to make an appointment first.

I could never make it there while their mechanic was there because it takes over an hour to get to Braintree, MA from Bourne after work and their mechanic left at 5:00 pm. I didn't get out of work until 4:00. I knew I wouldn't be able to take more time off work because I was in a car accident and used a lot of time off work to make appointments to find a car. I told Charlie I would leave the car at home and tried to get a ride to work until Friday or Saturday. I asked Charlie if they could loan and he told me to leave a message for Allen and he would get back to me. I never heard back from Allen or Charlie.

On Friday, 12/5/08, morning I started the car in the morning and didn't smell any fumes. After work, I got in my car started it up and I didn't smell any fumes until I got on to the Bourne Rotary at 4:45 pm. My cell phone rang, I answered the Bluetooth phone in my ear and it was my youngest daughter asking me where I was and what time I would be home. I told her I was sitting in traffic at the Bourne Rotary. After talking awhile with her, she said, "Your words are slurring. Are you tired?"

I remember telling her, "I smell gas from my car," and then I started choking. I remember putting the car in park and trying to get out the car, but I forgot I had locked the doors and you have to unlock the car by pulling up the locks. I panicked because I couldn't really grab hold of the locks. I remember putting the car in park and unlocking the car. I had trouble breathing from the smell of the fumes and I was coughing a lot. I finally got out the car and from what I can remember, a woman who later told me her name was Nicole ** came to my rescue. She was holding me. She said I fainted on the grass and she called an ambulance. She said she smelled gas from my car and she shut it off. When the officers arrived, they also smelled the gas odor that was coming from my car from where they were standing.

The police asked me a few questions about the car. I explained that I purchased the car on Sunday, 11/30/08, from Quirk Pre-Own Dealership in Braintree, MA. The police officer said they were going to have the car towed because it was unsafe to drive due to the smell of gas. The officer wrote down the number to the towing company and asked me to have the car inspected for gas fumes. The EMTs exiled me and escorted me to Tobey Hospital. I was examined by a doctor and a few had blood test taken. I was complaining of a headache and felt like I was dopey. The doctor gave me some oxygen and Tylenol and ran a CAT scan. I was diagnosed with exhaust exposure and headache and was instructed to take Tylenol as needed and to get my car inspected for gas leakage.

On Saturday, 12/6/08, I called the Quirk Auto dealership and left a message on Allen's voice mail. Allen is the sales person who sold me the car. I explained what had happened to me and the car the day before. He called back and said, "That was too bad what had happened to you but you should had driven it down to us as soon as you were having problems with the car."

After explaining my situation with not being able to take more time off work, I did ask if they could tow it but they said that would be my responsibility to bring the back to them. We pretty much went back and forth about whose responsibility it was for the towing. I explained to Allen that the police in Bourne, MA had the car towed due to the smell of gas and it wasn't safe to drive. I told him the car was towed to Portside Auto in Bourne. He told me to talk to his boss about the towing on Monday, 12/8/08.

I called Allen's boss, Charlie. I explained to him what had happened over the weekend with the car and he told me to "talk to the person who sold you the car." I told him, "I already spoke to Allen and he asked me to speak with you about whether or not you were to get the car." And he said, "well, where is it?" I told him and he told me to hold on. Charlie asked me to talk to their Auto Mechanic, Lee and explain everything to him. I spoke to Lee, who was very nice to talk with and explained everything to him and he asked me where the car was located. He said he would go and take a look at the car.

I asked when a good time to call him back was. Lee asked me to call back around 3:00 pm. I called Lee at 3:00 pm but he said he wasn't able to get the car because they were very busy today but that he would pick up the car tomorrow. I called Allen and explained to him that Lee wouldn't be able to pick up the car until tomorrow and if he would loan me a car to use so that I could get back and forth to work while they were repairing the car. Allen explained to me that he couldn't authorize it and that I would have to ask his boss, Charlie. He connected me to Charlie. I asked Charlie about loaning me a car and he said, "we have car rentals," and it wasn't going to be free, that I would have to pay for it. I told him, "I couldn't believe it," and he talked about how it was costing them money to go pick up the car and that they were not going to pay for my car rental. We ended the conversation and I rented a car from Enterprise Car rental.

To this day, I'm still paying the loan on this car that I don't have anymore because I returned the car to Quirk Pre-Own Dealers. They will not refund my money.


I bought a Nissan Quest 8-17-08. It started losing tire pressure in all 4 tires. I brought it to the service dept on 9-10-08 ( before my 60 days were up) the service dept said the tires were fine no problems detected. I had a flat tire last week. I brought the vehicle and flat tire to a different company. I asked to have all the tires and valve stems to be checked. This company confirmed my tires all need valve stem replacements at $85.00 a piece before labor.

I brought the report to Quirk Service & Quirk Preowned and we were told to take a hike. I have 2 calls into the owner Mr. Quirk and he has not called me back.


I called quirk, when I saw a ad on tv and in paper about used cars starting at $999.00. I spoke with Frank and said my teenage daughter was looking for a car and that it was her first car I wanted something reliable but used and that we didn't want spend over 5000.00. Frank said, they had over 600 cars and that they had plenty of 4 cylinder cars in that ball park. I then informed them that I work and if my daughter could come down look around to see if she seen anything, and if necessary I would co-sign. They said they would pick her up from the train station in quincy,ma. The following day I spoke with the financial guy who confirmed what Frank had said the previous day, that they had plenty of cars in that price range.

My daughter did go out there that day, and she was picked up from the train station. She then started calling me about 1 car they had, supposedly in her price range which was 7999.00 and it was a 2003, I had told them I didnt want and expensive card due to the fact she just started driving. They proceeded to call the insurance company, and told my daughter they would pay the down payment for insurance and add it into the car payment. When she explained this to me I immediately said NO!

They then would NOT bring her back to the train station, left her stranded knowing she had to be at work and pointed her to the bus stop. All because I would not go along with the deal they wanted to make. When she called me from the bus stop, I was livid, I then called Quirk and they said they were to busy to bring her back to the train station, I then learned they had four customers and at least 10 salesman standing around, and the four customers were couples so actually they had 2 customers.

I ask them if we would have purchased the car would they have driven her back to the train station, he then said of course, but we would have closed the deal and she could have driven herself home, I then replied no deal would have been complete without me first coming out and checking things out, he then replied he was under the assumption that my daughter could sign my name for me to complete the deal. Quirk pre-owned is a sham, they advertise all these pre-owned cars for 3500.00 and less and when you get there they have absolutely none.

My daughter was then late for work, and almost lost her job due to quirk. I then was was worried sick because I'm worrying about her, who is not from Massachusetts and had never been to Quincy, MA in her life. She was still on probation with her job because she recently started and that did not look good in her bosses eyes that she was late due to Quirk and she lost wages.

I needed a new car and saw commercials for Quirk on Tv who said they had used vehicles, so called Quirk and asked them if they had any 2000-2003 vechiles that I would be interested in. They said they did and I went there the next day to look, the second I got out of the car I was sweeped into the office by Alan, who seemed nice, told me he could help me into a good car for cheap. I ended up being pushed into a 2007 that I didnt like which was also WAY overpriced, which I found out when I got home and searched the car.

I called within 12 hours and asked if I could get out of my deal. Quirk refused, I called the bank I took the loan out with and canceled the loan, I canceled my check to Quirk, and did not put insurance on the car or anything and they still refused to cancel my deal. I went up there to talk with them about my options and the manager Chris Collins threated that if I didnt take the car in the next two days that they would reposses the vehicle and DESTROY my credit very nice right? They also said they were going to start charging me storage space. The people at Quirk are rude and ruthless, I would never do business with them again.


I had a hard time getting financing. After looking at several cars I found one I liked. Well they wanted to make sure they made a sale before I left that friday. They told me on friday I was all set. I called before I went to p/u the car on sat.I had to take public trans and it was going to take a while. When I got there they said the manager wouldn't let them finance everything. They kept asking if I could come up with a down payment or the sales tax. I told them no told them forget it I don't want the car.

They told me I owned the car I asked how could I own a car I couldn't get financing for. The following monday one of the salesman called me and said he had good news. He said he got the financing.The car was all set and ready for me to p/u. I told him he had no right to do that because I told him on sat I didn't want the car and he had no right to go forward and register that car after he told me I couldn't get financing. He threatened me if I did not p/u the car it would be put in front of my house with the keys in it. I had to p/u the car when I did the check engine light was on I know from previous cars that this could be a big or a little problem.

I immediately went back in and they said something to the effect oh we just put gas in it and it could be the gas cap. They must have only put $2 in because it was just about empty. I attempted to contact the co who did the financing and finally I talked with them and explained how this whole deal was done and asked if they really wanted to make an investment that I was going to fight them all the way. I explained to the finance people that this was making me very upset and sick and causing some health issues with me.

Apparently one of the finance persons at Quirk and someone at the finance co were long time good friends. I tried to incorporate the finance co to help me. After several days of the salesmen and finance people at Quick calling and calling (WATCH OUT THEY LIKE TO DOUBLE TEAM YOU)

I called an old high school friend, who is now an attorney. After telling him what happen he told me what he would do. Well I took a little of his advice and with some guts of my own--On sat am I returned the car without the license plates handed one of the salesman the keys told him his car was outside. At 8 am monday morning I was at the registry in Boston returning the plates and explained everyting to the department which handles the titles. Everything was taken care of before I left the registry.


I was pressured into buying a car six months ago. From day one the breaks were defective but Reggie Wakim said that is a the way Toyota brakes feel because he owns one.

Then six months later the car breaks down literally. 100+ miles from home. The fan broke and subsequentially the radiator too.

Quirk didn't care because it's out of warranty nor did they help me cancel warranty which incidentally doesn't cover rust. Quirk sold me a car with a rusted engine.

I called the dealership continually to seek resolve and they hang up on me. I have written them via email etc.

This lemon of a car that I bought will cost over 1000.00 in repairs while still paying a loan on this jelopy.

They will not supply me with nor reimburse me for car rentals or anything.

They have poor customer service and pretty much left me hanging. Do not deal with quirk!


My wife, Elizabeth, an I reached a good-faith agreement with Quirk Preowned to purchase two vehicles, on February 17, 2007. The purchase agreement was as follows:

2003 Grand Cherokee Jeep Laredo @ $18,000

2003 Chevy Malibu @ $10,000

The Quirk staff was to write a contract reflecting these prices. This did not happen. Instead, the sales prices in the written contract were switched and became the financed amounts. As a result, our down payments - $6000 cash for the Jeep; $6500 trade-in for the Malibu - were in essence, added to the purchase price of these vehicles became:
2003 Grand Cherokee Jeep Laredo @ $23,000

2003 Chevy Malibu @14,000

When we brought the discrepancy to Quirk's attention, they shifted into fast-talk mode. They were not interested in remedying the mistake, which lead us to believe that on Quirk's part, no mistake was made, but rather a purposeful intent to deceive us. What confirmed this belief is Quirk gave us a partial refund of $1,400, hence, acknowledging the overcharge.

Clearly, we never would have agreed to these prices if we weren't confused by the language in the contract: the book value of the Jeep is $14,000; the Malibu $9,000. When we say the language was confusing, we mean confusing to the average person. All we wanted was a fair deal, which we thought we had with the handshake agreement.

The prices were so exaggerated as compared to their book values that our credit union refused to finance the deal.

We feel cheated. Do we have any recource?


We purchased a VW Beetle on 9/17/06 and three days later the vehicle began overheating. We brought the car back to the dealership/service. That same day the car's overheating light came on again as well as the check engine light. I called the service department and told them. At that time they told me service was closed until Monday, and to drive the car gently for a few days until I could bring it back in. In the meantime we still had not received the registration and once we did (6 days later) the car failed inspection.

We had to tow the unsafe vehicle to the dealership and in the process had been asking for a return of our $1,000 deposit, which the dealership refused to do. We had documents of cost, safety, diagnostics as required by the Lemon Aid law, and the dealership still refused to refund our deposit. They have the car. We do not have the car. We want a refund.


I went to purchase pre-owned Nissan Pathfinder from Quirk Pre-Owned division. I test drived it and I liked it. So, at the beginning of the negotiating process, I asked to get me a blue book value. They added few additional options to bring the book value up which later I found out some of those expensive options were not in the Pathfinder. I trusted his blue book value information and used that to negotiate the price. I got zipped by atleast $2000.00 since I negotiated from blue book vaule price. He had no problem continued lying to it because at the end I asked for those papers, which he said he threw it out (TO destroy the evidence of outright lying).

My Strong suggestion is not to go to Quirk at all but if you do, do your homework first or walk away and do your home work and then go back. Those people are bunch of liers at this time and do not hesitate to zip you.

Consequences is that I paid atleast $2k more for the vehicle.


My son will be graduating from college in May. I sent him into Quirk to find a car which I was going to buy for him. Not one salesman would give him a price on any car. I found this very hard to believe so I called the dealership and was told that this is their policy.Why shouldthey wastetheir timeif you can not afford it? The gentleman on the phone was extremely rude and demeaning. I explained that I was intending to pay cash for the car and was told he did not care. They will not give a price of a car. That I should shop somewhere else. My question do the owners of these dealerships know how their salesman treat their customers?


My husband and I went to Quirk after we saw there ad for Jeeps for 9000.00 or less. We went there and Jack told us the best truck was the Blazer and just wanted us too look at it, we took it for a drive but I still wanted to look at the Jeeps, he told us the Blazer was the best deal for the money, he even went so far as to calling his wife and had her tell us how much she loved her blazer ( if she really even had one} So much to our hesitance we agreed, come to find out a 2000 Blazer with over 50,000 miles cost us over 18,000.00!! Which we were supposed to get all the warranties.

We went to get our sticker and it was rejected! After that the brakes went, then the starter, and now it is sitting in our driveway totally dead we think it is the battery and we have not even had the truck for a year yet!! I have called them and they say all the problems are maintenance and is not covered!! After we also spent an extra 1440.00 for extra warranties, they have not paid for any of the problems. I will never go there again and will warn anyone never to buy a car or truck there, they can not be trusted.

We had to spend more than we planned fixing the truck and take time from work to get it fixed.


I Bought a 1999 Mercury Cougar from them and they sold me a maintenance agreement for 960.00 after telling me that the money was going to be applied to my auto insurance there was no mention of a maintenance agreement at the time. They also told me that I could receive a rental car if I had any problems with my car, I've had to take the car back three times for a knock in the engine and once for the brakes.

When I asked about the rental car they told me I couldn't have it because I was only 18. They also verbally told me that they had to co-sign my loan for me to get the car but when I look at the loan papers there is no co-signor on there. Also, on the maintenance agreement they had me sign it, but they didn't even though there is a spot for them to sign it. The ad I saw that made me go there said I had no payments till August.

I got a bill in the mail dated June 9 stating that I was supposed to have made a payment on May 28. When I asked that dealer about it he said I should have read the Fine Print. The dealership has been very rude and threatening to me everytime I have a problem or question.

I only make approx 200.00 a week and was planning on saving up for my payments. Now there telling me I have to come up with 362.00 for one payment now and another in a week.


my stepdaughter tried to purchase a used car and was told she needed a cosigner. she called me at work and I agreed to cosign for her. The car salesman Jim Donnelly came to my place of employment for me to sign papers and told me she should have no problem getting her loan. I asked him for copies of everything I had just signed and he said as soon as the loan went through, he would give my daughter copies for each of us.

Well, she got the loan and was able to leave that day with the vehicle, but in her excitement forgot to get the paperwork. We have yet to see a copy of anything we have signed. I just found out today 10/1/02, that the loan is im my name only and the 18,000.00 vehicle is a 26,000.00 vehicle. I have called many times and have not received calls back. My daughter has gone to the dealership to request the papers and was given a pamphlet on waranties in general and a hand written bill of sale (just hand written on the spot)This company has totally taken advantage of a young girl ,first time buyer.

I honestly don't understand how the loan got approved in my name only because I do not make enough money to even pay the outrageous monthly payments with my own car payments and various credit cards that I owe on.Anything that you could help us with will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much!


my husband and i purchased a 2001 dodge ram 1500 pick up truck with roughly 19,00 miles from quirk preowned the salesman stephen quirk told us the truck still carrried the 3year 36,00 mile factory bumper to bumper warranty . It turns out that because this vehicle was originally from canada no factory warranty exists per chrysler this is what is considered a gray market vehicle transmission problems appeared and out a good faith effort chrysler authorized repairs .

We still should be entitled to an 8 year 80,000 mile warranty for emmission components, but whose to say chrysler won't renig on their good faith warranty. Quirk claimed no knowledge of this gray market stuff.

We were misled as to what we were paying for and did notreceive a low mileage truck with factory warranty as the salesman told us. we have since read numberous articles about the gray market and no longer want the vehicle.


I was in need of a new car. At an early Sunday morning breakfast, I noticed an advertisement for Quirk PreOwned, who was advertising "man" older Ford Escorts for less than $4000. I wasn't ready to spend a lot of money, so this seemed like a good deal to me. When I got to the dealership a little later around 10am, I was told that the Escorts were all sold out. Immediately I was suspect of this place. How could they have sold out "many" old Ford Escorts by 10am?

When I asked Teddy P. what else they had on the inexpensive end of things, he showed me a beat up old Camry which was WAY overpriced. Then I test drove a '98 Mazda Protege which I was told had one owner on lease and was returned early. Teddy also went on to promise mind condition, excellent gas mileage, etc.

During my test drive, the brakes were grinding. I asked if they would replace the brakes, and Teddy told me it was only rust on the brakes, and the rust would wear off in a few days of driving.

I bought the car, even though my instincts told me not to. Teddy promised a "FULL" bumper to bumper warranty. I specifically asked if that included oil changes and everything else, and he said yes. He also promised all RMV issues would be taken care of when I picked up the car (ie sticker, plates, registration).

I picked up the car, and when I got home I noticed 1-there was no inspection sticker on the vehicle and 2-the brakes were still grinding, and 3-the antena was broken. I had to take a day off of work to bring the car back. Teddy was mysteriously not at the dealership when I brought the car in, but I got an inspection sticker. Then I was told me that the brakes are considered maintenance my responsibility to fix. I've had the car 2 days and already need to put money into it? They also contended the antena wasn't broken...and I got really tired of arguing about it.

It's been over a year and I've had multiple problems with Quirk and with Teddy. The most recent was yesterday when I went to get an inspection sticker. Apparently, Quirk was issued two plates for my vehicle, but only put one on the vehicle and never gave me the second plate. Now I'm responsible to pay for a second license plate so I can get an inspection sticker.

Not to mention that the brakes still need to be replaced, the fuel injector needs replacing (after 50,000 mi) and the transmition is damaged.

Don't go to Quirk PreOwned. They are not consumer friendly or reliable post-sale.

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