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I walked into the Quirk Nissan showroom on July 6, 2015 at about 1pm and was greeted by a wonderful gentleman named Rotimi **. He was very courteous and immediately said "I will very happy to help you with all your needs today." He offered me a seat at his desk and said "Would you like to have a bottle of cool water? It is kind of hot outside." I said "wonderful." My reason for this review is to let you and everyone know that I picked up a Nissan Sentra on the same day, registered in my name with no pressure whatsoever. The deal was straightforward. My payment was where I want it to be with a discount on a price of the car. He even recommended an Insurance agent that had my premium lower than what I had previously before coming in. Mr. ** should be commended with 5 stars and rating of 10 in my view.

Purchased vehicle used 2006 Pathfinder June 2013. 65K on Odometer $22000.00. At first oil change (Jiffy Lube) tech observed transmission fluid in radiator, told us to take it to dealer. 1st Visit: September 2013. Took car back to Quirk Nissan. They said it needed transmission & radiator, known defect extended warranty. They would need to have the car a week until parts arrived. 3 days later they called and said the transmission & radiator were replaced in May prior to the car going on the lot and that the transmission fluid in the radiator was residual. Obviously the cooling system, engine block etc were not fully flushed when the trans & radiator were replaced. This is negligence by design or accident... Quirk Nissan (supposedly) fully flushed and checked coolant system. I was assured everything was tip top shape

2nd visit December 2013 - About 3 months later when we 1st turned heat on there was none. Cold air only. Brought vehicle in for repair. Also clicking noise right front. I was told the reason for no heat was air pockets in cooling system. Since the entire cooling system was just recently serviced flushed and checked this made no sense. Again they flushed and checked everything and once again was assured everything was okay. The clicking was a bad universal joint in right from t wheel /axle

3rd visit December 2013 - Less than a week after the 2nd visit "cold air". The fan motor for the heat / ac/ defrost stopped working and there is a gurgling sound coming from the dashboard. Took car back to Quirk Nissan. It is still there. Systematic failure across the board by Quirk Nissan to properly service the vehicle. The customer service folks are friendly and comforting enough but bottom line is Quirk Nissan is unwilling or unable to make this right.

They put the vehicle on the lot with visible transmission fluid in radiator. After flushing , testing & checking the heat / defrost blows cold air. Whatever they did/didn't do the blower is not working. The entire cooling system/heat has been compromised by foreign substance (tranny fluid). Apparently the 100 point check up is not worth the paper it's written on. How could you put a car for sale with tranny fluid in the radiator? They knowingly sold me a defective car and have yet to make it right.

They Promised in writing to give me a car with particular options. They Charged me for those options. Sold me the car with none of those options. Two months late,r they are not willing to come all the way to fix it 100% and not willing to return the car. We are pursuing them in court. I suggest you do not do biz with them. Go to any other dealer... just not these guys.

I went to this dealership in Quincy City to trade in my car. They took the value of my car and made me start over in a new car without applying the right credit to the new purchased. As I see, I am not the only one with this kind of issue. Please someone stop Quirk Nissan because this place is taking advantage of people with good faith and trust. My wife and I lost our car with Quirk. It's not fair!

I called Quirk Nissan of Quincy about a car I saw on their web page. They told me that it was available. So, I thought about it for a couple of days and decided to drive down and take a look at it. I called again to make sure it was still available and to tell them I was driving down from Greater Lowell and would be there in just over an hour. When I got there, the keys or the car were nowhere to be found. Half an hour later, they said it was at a different lot and would be another half hour or so to get it here, but I could look at some other vehicles similar to the one I was interested in. It sounded like typical bait-and-switch to me. They had over an hour to locate that vehicle and get it ready for me. I will never do business or refer anyone to them.

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I had called Quirk Nissan in Feb 2010 to inquire about cancelling my extended warranty because I would be selling my 06 Maxima. The 1st person I dealt with was very rude and rushed me off the phone. Just "yes" me the whole time. I went into the dealership in March 2010 to pick up the cancellation form. The man I dealt with said they had to fill out the form and they had to be the ones to send it to Nissan, even though I was told differently from Nissan customer service. Once the paperwork was filled out, he told me I would receive my refund check in 4 weeks.

After the 5th week, I contacted Nissan customer service and inquired about this and was told they could not see the cancellation as being processed and to check with the dealership. I called Quirk and after being transferred to numerous people, I was finally told someone would have to call me back. I never received a call back. I contacted Nissan again regarding this and was told they never received the paperwork. This is 7 weeks later. I called Quirk and was transferred to 5 different people.

When I finally got someone on the phone, I was told they had to talk to their finance dept and have someone call me right back. 4 hours later, I called them again. The man I spoke to this time couldn't be bothered. He said he has over 50 customers’ cancellations. I should just come back and fill out the paperwork again. When I explained that I've already waited 7 weeks for my refund and could not wait another 6 weeks, he said that he couldn't find my paperwork so it must have gotten lost.

When I became upset about this, he said, “well I’m trying to help you but obviously you don't want anyone to help you.” I said that I have been waiting 2 weeks for a call back and never received a call. And that I didn't trust them to resend the paperwork. His response, “oh well, then have someone else do it for you. You didn't buy your car from us anyways.” I should have known better than to go there. Their reputation is so horrendous to begin with but their total lack of customer service is appalling. Do not business with Quirk!

I own a 2003 Nissan Maxima SE I bought new from Quirk Nissan Braintree. Since this period, they have built a new modern dealership in Quincy where I brought my car. My vehicle stalled out on morning rush hour and was towed to Quirk by a state police mandated tow. I was told by James at Quirk that the estimate would cost $100 and would be part of the cost when they repaired the problem. They also paid the $100 tow since the driver did not take my AmEx credit card. Two hours later, the Quirk service guy James reported that the repair was an alternator to the tune of $950. I mentioned that this is a ridiculous quote in that the part cannot cost more than $250. He specified that the bolt for adjusting the tension of the alternator belt would take four hours of labor.

I told him not to touch the car where upon he called back 10 minutes later to say he could do the job for $825. I called another reputable mechanic I had done business with a previous car and he said he would do the repair for $500. When I called James at Quirk, he said that they do not take credit cards over the phone, only in person. The woman from the other contracted tow company thought this was ridiculous. He said she would pay for my previous tow and Quirk estimate (which I would pay for with my AmEx card).

I went into Quirk on Aug. 16, 2009 and agreed to buy a car through the CARS program. I had all of my paperwork for the program to them on Aug 17. My trade in qualified for $4,500 through the program. On the 17th they told me I could give them $3,500 and take the car that day and they would reimburse me when the money came from the government or I could wait until the money came in to take the car, I chose to wait. On August 30 they called me and said my deal had been rejected. After calling them and going in the truth came out- they didn't get my paperwork to the gov't by the Aug 24th deadline (so the paperwork never got submitted, which means we are not going to get a car through the program). They blamed the government system for being down.

They said they tried to submit it on the 24th. I asked why they didn't put it in earlier- they said they were backlogged and each deal took time to get through. If that was the case they should not have made the deal- and stopped taking them if they couldn't abide. They have said they filed an appeal (they said that they emailed the CARS program a list of names and VIN numbers that they were not able to get through the system on August 24th)- CARS told me there is no appeal process. I am now left waiting to see how the supposed appeal process is going to play out. If I had known they were not going to submit my paperwork I would have went to another dealership. The sales managers name that I talked to is Ramy Mikhail.

I believe Quirk has deceived many customers by not submitting paperwork on time as agreed to. They told me that there were 70, or over 70 people whose paperwork did not make it through the system. If they had such a back log, why were they still accepting purhcases through the program knowing that there was no way they could get them into the system on the last day (they placed an ad in the Boston Globe on August 23 showing all of the cars that are still available for the CARS program).

I brought in my 2009 Nissan Pathfinder for a simple oil change waited for an hour my vehicle was parked in the same place I left it before service so I question the work done. Upon inspecting my vehicle after the service nothing was done to it. Old oil filter, Old oil still in it. I paid $210.00 for service they did not preform. Quirk is a crooked outfit. they just laugh in your face.

I had gone into the service dept. to get an oil change. I usually get synthetic oil which cost alot more,but I think it's worth it. The next time I went to fill up my gas tank I noticed that the pump would shut off without filling my tank. I took the to Quirk to told them the problem. They looked at the gas tank and told me I needed a part to be replaced and it would cost almost 500 dollars or more depending on what the problem was. I said OK and had the work done.

When I went to start the car it wouldn't start. I told the person I was dealing with and he said my battery was dead--I needed a new one--big surprise! I got the new battery and off I went to the gas station and guess what--my car still would not take any gas! I went to another gas station and he told me there was a piece of paper in the gas tank that was preventing the gas from goin in. Back to the dealership!

I told this person I dealt with before about the paper and he said he would look with the scope. Of cours he found the paper and claimed that someone outside must be trying to sabotage my car! Yeah right! The only one who had access to my gas tank was the Quirk techs--I use the term loosely! Obviously they put a piece of paper in my gas tank knowing I would bring the car back and they could get me for over 600 dollars! It was the last time I went there--and will never go there again(or recommend them) to any one.

I almost forgot my tire pressure was also incredibly low after I left the shop. On the way home I drove up a small hill and banged the bottom of my car. It threw my aighnment out of whach--but this time I took it to another place! and had the work done. Do not go to this dealership!

Over 600 dollars in repair work

I bought a 2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee from them, put 5,000 miles on it (for a total of 50K) and the car has started to fall apart. Little things (nobs, windshield wipers, now the entire radiator needs to be replaced) they are unwilling to do anything or stand behidn their product in anyway.

I purchased my used 2006 Jetta 2.0 Turbo on Saturday March 23. I explained to Jerry Dao that I was living in Connecticut for the next 2 weeks and had a CT driver's license and I wanted to drive the car off the lot since I had a trade in they were taking. He told me that I would need to register the car my self in Ct as he doesn't do that for out of state buyers.

I agreed even though I had been told before that the dealership would register the car for me. After I signed all of my finance paperwork I was only given the keys to the car with no further instruction. This was my first time buying a car on my own and did not know I had to ask certain questions regarding registration and insurance. I had insurance on the car that I had traded in and called the insurance company to provide them with my new car information. I had them (the insurance company in CT) send my insurance binder over to the dealership to prove that I had coverage on the car because Jerry Dao told me this had to be done. I asked him why and he could not give me a clear answer.

A week later I drove up to an RMV in MA and converted my CT license to a MA license and tried to register the new car in MA. I was told by the clerk that I needed the dealership to fill out an RMV1 form and also provide the title to the car in order to get it registered. I called Quirk and spoke with Jerry on the phone. He told me he had to contact his Office Manager and took my phone number to call me back. At this time I took out my paperwork that I had signed when I purchased the car at Quirk. I noticed that I had already paid a registration fee on top of an administrative fee for the dealership to register the car for me. (why then was I told that the dealership would not register the car out of state for me???)

No call came. A week later I called Quirk once again looking for that information. I was told by Derek the Sales Manager that I needed to come in and sign the RMV1 form in order to register the car. I drove all the way to Quincy to do this and was told to wait for George (the salesperson who sold the car to me) who was helping another customer.

I waited for almost 20 minutes for him to finish the deal and help me. I grew impatient and asked to speak with someone else and sign the RMV1 form. Derek then came out stating that I didn't need to sign anything and handed me a copy of the payment receipt that I had signed when I purchased the car. He advised that it was a temporary registration and good for one week. He said I could come into the dealership the following week to pick up the License Plates and Registration Sticker. I told him I couldn't make it during the week because I was starting a new job. He said that I could come in the following Saturday (which is tomorrow) and pick them up from him. I asked him if he was SURE that everything would be ready because I didn't want to waste yet another trip to Quincy to get this car registered. I told him that my new insurance company in MA needed the registration information in order for my policy to be legitimate. He said that he was SURE that everything would be in place for me tomorrow.

I called the dealership today to make sure once again and good thing I did. I spoke with Jerry Dao, again, who now tells me that he is still waiting to get the car registered in CT and that my paperwork was only sent out a couple days ago. Despite the fact that I purchased the car weeks ago. I asked him how I could possibly be driving around in an unregistered car and what would happen if I was pulled over? He was not able to give me any sort of answer and told me this is why you should have registered it in MA when you bought it.

I reminded him that I lived in Ct when I bought the car and we went around in circles with him telling me this was my problem and not the dealership's. So eventually I got tired of playing the blame game and asked him when the car would be registered in CT. He told me he did not know. He said he could not get that information to me and that I would know when he called to tell me. No time line, no promise of it ever being registered.

I asked for a refund of the money I spent to have them register the car and he flat out told me no refunds. I dont know what to do from here. I have my MA license, MA insurance (which is waiting for the registration information) and no registration in either state. I am disgusted with the service at this dealership and will never recommend them to anyone. They also tried to use some pretty slimy sales tactics on me including accidentally running a serial number for pricing purposes on the wrong car. Maybe this is an accepted practice, but I find it despicable.

My car is still not registered and if I incur any sort of fine as a result, I will take this to a higher level. I have already paid for my MA insurance policy and if it has to be revoked without a refund I will attempt to claim this money from the dealership. I also wasted a lot of gas going to and from this dealership more times than I should have needed to.

a year ago i went to quirk nissan and purchased an altima. don't get me wrong i love my car. a week after purchasing it i had it back at the service department for a broken window clip.they told me at first that it would take a day or two to be fixed, it took a week and a half for the part to come in and the window be fixed.upset about this i would take my car to another nissan dealership nearby for any work that needed to be done.

well recently i needed to get an inspection sticker and oil change so out of convenience for me i brought it back to quirk nissan, big mistake. they told me it would take about an hour, i told them i would be back in around 2 to 2 1/2 hours. well i came back around 1 1/2 hours later to find my car parked in front of the building in the DO NOT PARK FIRE LANE.

not really thinking to much about it i went in to pay for the work. when i came back out to leave i was talking to someone nearby when we noticed my trunk looked funny, we then went to look at it and realized something wwas wrong. someone had hit my car when it was parked out front. there were scratches along my bumper, and my trunk was dented in two spots along with my trunk not staying shut( the lock was broken from being hit) we went to get the service manager to show him what happened and he tried to tell me it didn't happen there.

i know it did being of the paint all over the ground under my bumper. after about 15 mins they decided to fix my car for me. i really feel i was mistreated by this manager and have decided to never return to a quirk dealership for anything ever again. i have tried to give this company the benefit to make things right from a bad purchase before but once again they have really let me down. i will make sure i let everyone i know about my exceriences with this company so they wont be treated in such a bad way as myself. for shame mr quirk....

I brought my Nissan Altima to the dealership for a $40 oil change so that they could tell me why the check engine light had inexplicably come on. I was told it would be a $100, fee. They do not fill your fluids, as do most cheaper places, they do not vacuum, they do not do anything except overcharge and try to upsell.

I wet to Autozone and had them run the same diagnostic for free. I told the dealership about this and they did not seem to care. Pay them $100 or forget it. What a bunch of jerks.

My problem is with Quirk Nissan in 600 southern Artry
.. They had a special offer on October to lease the
Sentra in 139/month for 24 months ..I went there and
they claimed that they had that offer only for manual
transmition , and since they only have automatic
avaialable , we started to negotiate ..until we
finally agreed on 150/month with Mohib Bakheit and his
manenager Paul ...we made the verbal agreemant and
shook hands .. after that the financial manager (Jerry Daw ) came
to me with the legal documents to sign and said these
are the numbers you agreed on with mohib and paul ,

and asked me to sign .

I signed and took the car ..
two weeks later i received my first invoice with a
payments of 250/month so I went to the dealer to
correct the mistake , and he denied it. Apparently he mislead
me to sign a contract with the wrong number .. I want
legal actions taken against Jerry Daw , who did not

behave in a professonal manner ..

this wil result in paying 2400 USD over the 24 month lease term

I bought a 2003 Honda Civic am completely unsatisfied with my car and feel that I have been taken advantage of because I was a first time used car buyer. Recent events have led me to file this complaint. I have also sent a letter to Quirk Nissan and Mark Venuto, their service manager, about a month ago and have not gotten a reply.

It does not work when I call either because they give me a complete runaround. I bought my car in May 2006. Since then, I have had continuous problems with my vehicle. Beginning in the Summer 2006, I have taken it back numerous times while it was under warranty to get my a/c and brakes fixed. When I bought they car, my dealer, Keith Krepon, said the car had its brakes replaced. A couple weeks later, I started driving, the brakes kept squeaking. In addition, the a/c was also working. After two weeks, the a/c did not work anymore.

I brought my car back to Quirk Nissan while it was under warranty in which Keith told me to bring to the Quirk Preowned car dealership in Braintree (about a 10 minute drive). When I drove over there, they were closed because it was a Saturday.

The next weekend I tried to bring my car in again but could not because of weather conditions, which I called the dealership and they told me not to worry about it and I would be able to bring my car in the next Friday. When I brought it in the next weekend (around July 3, 2006), they told me they charged my a/c and it was working after that. My brakes were brand new but had to be cleaned; when I picked up the car, the brakes worked fine. It was about a week later when both the brakes began to squeak and the a/c no longer worked.

I brought my car back in the next weekend and I was told by one of their employees that there was a leak and they had to order a part for the a/c. When the part came in, it was about two weeks later, in which case my warranty was expired. I was told then that I could not get my car fixed because of my warranty. I tried contacting Keith to tell the Quirk Preowned that I brought my car in while it was still under warranty, and it took me about two weeks to reach him, which he said he called me but I did not receive any messages(though he had my cell, work number and email address despite many attempts to reach him). When he finally called Quirk Preowned, I was able to bring my car back. They checked for the leak and I was told there was none.

I told them about my previous incidents and how a part was even ordered for my car, so there had to be a leak. I was then told there was nothing they could do about it and it was not recorded that a part was ordered for my vehicle. It was about September 2006 when I last brought my car into them.

I called a couple times at Quirk Nissan, where I originally bought my car, asking to talk to a manager which numerous times, the person helping said a manager could not fix my problem. They told me to call my dealer, Keith, who I did not want to speak to because he never returned my calls in the past. I thought that I could not do anything at the time with my problem. I also did not realize at the time that there is a law which the dealership must fix your car within three times while under warranty. I must have brought my car in at least 4 or 5 times if not more.

It was very recently brought to my attention that my car has two different size tires on the back and the front of my car (P185 on the front, P195 on the back), which is very dangerous and I don't understand how it was able to pass inspection except for the fact that their own affliates approved the vehicle. I checked the drivers manual and all four of my tires are suppose to be the same size, P185. I also brought my car into the shop recently to fix a flat in my tire and I was told two of my tires (not the one that was flat) were in very bad condition and had to get them replaced.

These issues were problems from when I originally bought my car and as a first time car buyer and a young woman, I feel I was greatly taken advantaged of. I was given many excuses and never any answers, treated as if I made up problems with my a/c or brakes when it was Quirk that had not recorded my vehicles problems. I have had this car for less than a year and already there have been many problems with it and most recently, with my different size tires, it explains the bad handling of my vehicle. With this brought to my attention, I feel very unsafe driving my vehicle especially knowing Quirk Nissan, Quirk Preowned, and their other affiliates are continuously selling used cars to unknowing consumers.

So far I have spent $100 on one new tire. I have to get the other tire replaced to align with that one, which will cost me another $100. I have to get the back tires replaced as well which will cost another $200 (one is worn out and I also need to get new ones so that they are the same size as the front tires). I have not used my a/c the past few months but once it leaks out, I will have to get that fixed. My brakes are also making a screeching noise when I press on them but have not had them checked out yet.

125% Mark-Up Represented as a Discount

On 6/14/2005 I purchased a Nissan Titan Crew-Cab SE from Quirk Nissan in Quincy, MA. Because the salesman wanted to spend the day in New Hampshire on Thursday he wanted to leave early on Wednesday; as a result of this I agreed to pick-up my vehicle on Friday. The truck has a lot of ground clearance so it needs side steps to make it easier to get in and out of. I agreed to discuss this with my salesman on Wednesday as it was quite late on Tuesday when we closed the deal on the truck.

When I called on Wednesday the salesman indicated the price of the side steps would be $550. He then called me back and told me that was only for one side and that when his GM told him that the new cost would be $1,100 he requested a discount and the cost would now be $900 installed. Strangely he wanted a credit card immediately and not when I would pick up the vehicle. I became suspicious so I contacted the parts department of the dealership and found out the side steps come in a set for $400, the parts guy also told me it would take about 2 hours of labor to install them.

So I put it to you, only do business with Quirk Nissan Sales if you are fine with being taken to the cleaners with a 125% Mark-Up represented as a Discount. When I went in on Friday to pick up the truck the salesman indicated this scheme was all the GMs idea and so I waited for the GM to get off the phone for quite a while. When I questioned him about it he indicated it was not wrong for him to mark-up something that much and that was just business. I told him that was fine if that was the type of world he wanted to live in. While he may be OK to mark any product up however much you want, if you represented the transaction as a discount the term for that is lying. I just completed my MBA at Northeastern University and quite fittingly the subject matter for my last class which was on 6/14/2005 was business ethics.

So far my time and a $900 charge on my credit card are the only costs, though my credit card company indicated when I called that they would deny the charge and I would not have to worry about it.

I had (recently) purchased a new Nissan Maxima SL. After 2 weeks, I noticed the steering wheel was shaking when the brakes were applied. I called the dealership to schedule an appointment. On the way to the dealership, I noticed (for the 1st time) that my sunroof was not closing properly.

When I arrived on Saturday to have the breaks fixed (on my brand new car) I had them take a look at ny sunroof. Rusty the SVC Manager said no problem, we'll take care of it. After 2 hours in the shop my car was ready and nothing was said to me about anything going wrong. Well when I arrived home (45mins) later, I noticed my (brand new) car had a dent in the roof. Rusty never said anything to me!!! I immediately called him up and he said for me to bring it down on Monday. I said no, why should I be inconvenieced? So, I brought it back as soon as possible that day.

Rusty said he would take care of it and that I will have my car back by Monday or Tuesday by the latest. After ONE WEEK in the shop, it was finally DONE. When my mother and I arrived at the dealership, we were confronted by the finance manager who said he would drive the car around so I could see it. How could I judge how it looked when it was dark out???!!! I told him to leave it where it is so I can see it. As soon as I said that, Mr Kregg, the sales manager burst out yelling, that car is perfect, i looked it over and there is nothing wrong with it After arguing w/ me and my mother for at least 30 minutes, I went to see what the car looked like. We noticed more scratches and dents on the crome molding on the roof. These moldings were originally shiny metallic mirror like moldings and they were now discolored and scrathed up. I told them I did not want the car back and left it there.

The next day, Rusty decided to contact me (AT WORK AGAIN) and threaten me that he will drive my car to me if I don't pick it up. He also threatened me and told me that I was driving in an unregistered loaner car. After contacting an attorney, I was recommended to pick the car up and have my insurance company deal w/ the damage. The car may look better, but it is still a new car w/ damage done to it by the DEALERSHIP!! Also, the aggravation and stress that I had to put up w/ still bothers me.

I have now lost trust in the dealership, nissan and my new car. Since this has happened, I have had severe headaches because of all the stress I had to put up with. Something needs to be done about this situation!!!

1. Bought a showroom model assuming never been driven before.

1. When financing the 1.4% as advertised in Boston Globe was told not valid then when challenged 2nd time they gave in and said OK.

2. The scratches on the rear left bumper were to be repaired - instead the scratched the bumper further.

3. The front left wheel has a a gauge in the metal

4. Severe shaking of the wheel which vibrates through the car when brakes are applied at 55 mph and 30mph.

5. Already noticed 94 miles on the car when we were off the lot.

When confronted the Sales Management team they responded with you took it off the lot and registered the vehicle -it is yours

Fortunately we have the warrenty and the lemon law will hopefully protect us to some degree but in the end Quirk sold us a USED VEHICLE yet charged us NEW VEHICLE PRICING. I believe there has been some misrepresentation here.

I file this complaint to let all consumers know - should they choose to do business with Quirk come well equiped to challenge everything and be FULLY educated on what you are buying, blue book value, and the dealership invoice price. They try to take you for everything you have.

I was appauled to see another gentleman registered a complaint on the damage to his car after he had signed the papers. If only I had researched this dealership before I would have never done business with them.

My girlfriend took 1 day off from work because we gave the car we had up. She spent another day filing all these complaints to make sure she got everything documented. All the stress that the 1st time purchased caused me I am not willing to go through again!!

My service engine soon light went on. So I called the service department and try to schedule an appointment. I know I bought an extended warranty but not sure if it expired yet and don't know if my extended warranty covers the service work. I asked the serviceman to look into this but he was not able to find out for me and asked that I go home and find the information and call them again.

I went to a convenient mechanic and did a dianostic check on my engine and find out what the problem is. I went home and find my extended warranty and that I am still covered. So I called back to the dealer again to set any appointment. Another serviceman picked up the phone and was not able to tell me that my warranty covers the dianostic check and charge me $80 for this inspection and I still don't know if the other parts and labors are cover under my warranty.

I am just furious this is the attitude I got from Nissan. What is the point of buying a warranty if it is not covered. The mechanic I went to found out that the problem with the service engine soon light went on is because of the bad O2 sensor. He told me that he dealt with other nissan maximas that have the same problem. I told the serviceman at Quirk Nissan that I know what is wrong with the car already and asked if the part and labor are covered under my warranty. He said no, it doesn't matter, they will still have to do a dianostic check and the charge is $80. I just thought that is ridiculous.

On or about September 2, 2000, I went into Quirk Nissan to look at cars. The salesman (Marcus) helped me to choose a car that I wanted. He showed me a few cars and asked me if I was a first time buyer. I told him that I was (I'm only 20 years old), and explained that I have no experience in buying a car. Knowing this, he did not feel obligated to tell me much about the financing or the warranty. I signed a contract for a 1997 Dodge Intrepid and put $1000 down. I went home that day and decided I did not want the car and that I would like my down payment refunded, so I could go to another dealer. Marcus said it was not refundable and that I could only choose another vehicle from their lot. He said that my contract was sent to the head office the same day I signed it and that it was already approved. I was there for a couple hours arguing about my refund and trying to talk to the general manager, but he just ignored me and bluntly told me that I already owned the Intrepid and that I could not get a refund. I went home frustrated and angry. I throught there was nothing left to do so I went back and got a 1997 NIssan Altima instead.

A couple months later, my shift console light went out, I just found out I have two transmission hoses that are leaking and I am hearing a noise that sounds like a dull thudding when I drive the car. My friend said it could be the wheel bearings. I thought I had a bumper-to-bunmper warranty (Marcus assured me that it was indeed bumper-to-bumper), so I called up the claims office and was told that the warranty only covers the engine and nothing else. I could not believe that I was so ripped off at that point. I told the rep in the claims office that I was supposed to get full coverage and she said it was the coverage that I had chosen. I told her on my contract there were no options on which coverage I wanted. My brakes are not so great either, but of course the warranty won't cover those. And prior to my purchase when I asked Marcus if the car was in any accidents, he assured me that it was not. But I got the Carfax history (after having bought the car) and it showed an accident that damaged the rear bumper. I was and still am not happy about my purchase and have no idea who to ask for advice. I feel like I was ripped off and I think they took advantage of me since I'm young and inexperienced with buying a car.

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