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If I had my choice they wouldn't get any stars. All they care about is selling you a service that they can't produce. When you bring your car in for an oil change they want to sell you an overhaul of your car. Bad bad, bad. The manager Deb is so desperate for business she offers you her personal car as part of her sales pitch. The owner must be a real cheapskate. I have been taking my car there for about 2 years. It's perfect for oil changes and smogs, that's it!!!

I needed a catalytic converter because the manifold was cracked also had a broken exhaust manifold bolt. I was told they could replace the bolt. After about a half day I got a call and said the car was done. I asked if they were able to extract the bolt and Debs response was, "Trust me". Anytime someone trust me I get worried. Anyways they couldn't replace the bolt, they decided to install manifold anyways and was charge $900 for the work. Any reputable auto mechanic knows you have to replace the bolt before you can install the new exhaust manifold otherwise your manifold will warp. You need all the bolts, you'll have exhaust leaks and could damage more than just the manifold.

Advertising low price for Smog Check. Bait and switch policy. SHOULD NOT be in BUSINESS. Mechanic shops "SHOULD NOT be allowed to DO SMOG CHECKS in CALIFORNIA." Went for smog check, we are busy, come later. Went back at appointment time (105 F hot weather). It will take 1 1/2 hour (on phone promised 20 minutes in and out, done). Did not passed test, vacuum hose to be replaced. I ordered vacuum hose and went back to re do smog test. It is lunch time, we cannot do it. Come at 3.00 pm. Went at 3.00 pm. Person who is doing smog test is out to lunch. At 1.00 pm all were taking lunch. They do not deserve even one STAR. It is negative (-5) rating.

At 3.00 pm no one was there. A senior mechanic was making decisions and manager has no say. I argued with manager and they agreed to return my $20.00 that I had paid before. The senior mechanic damage interior panel in rage and left panel pieces in car. I found it out later. In my 35+ years in America 1st time a mechanic damage my car and not performing repairs. The mechanic must go under behavioral and anger evaluation. My reason for complaint is to correct issue at location which may help owner of franchise, franchise and protect customer. Company should be reimbursed me for damage of the interior panel.

My truck was cutting off and they said it was the fuel pump so they change it and the hose from the gas tank so they said it was good. I drive, halfway home it die, had it tow home. All they want is my money. They told me to bring it back but I won't ever go back to you. You are nothing but a rip-off. I pay them $190.00. I will tell my area where I live never go to Purrfect Auto. They will rip you off. I will call Better Business Bureau. Thank you for losey work.

I have gone to Purrfect Auto because my mom referred the place to me. I have noticed that they have since changed their name to AA Auto Care. I go in for minor work. An oil change here or there. Up until recently I have noticed the next day after I receive an oil change my light that indicates I need an oil change comes on. I also went in to get a smog check done and it failed. I looked up the code myself and asked if they could fix this so I could pass smog. $1300.00 later it's fixed and I passed smog. 1 week goes by and my engine light is back on. I call and all they say is "Bring it back down and we will check it out for you." I bring it down and the lady at the desk tells me it shouldn't be any more than 45 mins. There is only 1 other car ahead of me. 2 hrs later I ask what the hold up is and I am told now my coolant is low. So I ask, "Why would that affect my engine light being on?" Of course I get no answer.

So I ask about the oil change and they said, "It's been done." So I explain to them why is my light for an oil change on. They didn't have an explanation. I told them to just give me my keys. They didn't charge me for anything that day but did quote me $3500.00 worth of work that needs to be done to my vehicle. The girl at the desk also stated they topped off my coolant so it is no longer low and did another oil change. My 1st thought was why did you do another oil change when it should have already been done.

This all happened this past Saturday which was 4 days ago. My reason for writing this was because of what happened this morning. My engine light is back on, my oil change reads across the screen in my car, I have a low tire pressure indicator light on, an electric indicator lights comes on and my car ran hot. All of this less than a week to me taking my car to this shop to get work done. It's hard for me not to feel like I am being taken advantage of. Never using this place again and will be filing a claim with the BBB.

A month and a half ago I took my car into perfect auto because my AC was blowing out heat. They asked me when was the last time I had my fluids flushed. I told him I never recalled having them flushed and they said that should fix the problem. So I pay them to do that work and I had AC for 1 day. When was the last time I had my fluids flushed? I told him I never recalled having them flushed and they said that should fix the problem. So I paid them to do that work and I had AC for one day. The next day I noticed it was blowing out heat so I took it back to them to check it out. They told me that there was a leak and that the Freon was coming out and said that I needed to get a new AC compressor which they would do for me for around $960 bucks. I didn't have the money so I passed on it.

Meanwhile my mother spoke with them and asked them how much they would charge to put in a new engine on a 2003 Saturn Vue. The mechanic behind the counter said that it may not even be worth it because she may Wind up paying more than what the car is worth. Then he said why don't you bring it in and let me take a look at it. So she had them pick up the car because the tire was flat and they checked it out. A day or two later they said it needed a new head gasket and that would fix the issue and that it was in great condition. It’s so she had them pick up the car because the tire was flat and they checked it out. A day or two later they said it needed a new head gasket and that would fix the issue looked better than they thought.

Since my mother had just purchased her a new car she wanted to give her SUV to me or sell it. They told her it would be between 1800 and $2000 for the part and that she could get it financed through their finance company with a 90 day same as cash deal. She called me and told me what was said and asked if I wanted to go ahead and apply for the loan and we would have the SUV which we've been wanting since we have a baby on the way. My husband reluctantly agreed and filled out the paperwork. The acceptance came back and said that he was approved for $1500 and that we needed to pay the remaining $300 for them to get started. So we went into $300 in cash and they started the process.

A few days the acceptance came back and said that he was approved for $1500 and that we needed to pay the remaining $300 for them to get started. So we went into $300 in cash and they started on it. A few days later, maybe a week, we got a call letting us know that the truck was ready and that we needed to drive it around because the battery had been unplug for a few days while they had it. I drove around on the freeway and while driving get I noticed that the thermostat hand went over to the red especially when I accelerated. I took a picture of it and took it back to the shop and told them. The head mechanic has them fill up the coolant reservoir.

And they said if it overheats again, bring it right back. I took a picture of it and took it back to the shop and told them. The head mechanic had a guy fill up the coolant reservoir. And they said if it overheats again then bring it right back. I drive home and as soon as I park I see a ton of coolant all over the ground under my car. So I take it right back over there and they said it did that because the mechanic had put too much coolant in the reservoir. The next day I'm driving the truck and the check engine light comes on, along with the overheating signal going on and off. I take it back to the shop and they put it on the machine and they said they forgot to reset something and the check engine light goes off.

A day or two later I'm driving again and it overheats so I have my husband take it up to the shop and have them look at it again. They said that it was probably either the sensor or a needed a new coolant reservoir which would cost is $156 to get replaced through them. Since we didn't have the money we decided to just park the truck until we could get it fixed. I went online and saw the AutoZone have the part so we got the money two weeks later we order the part and had our personal mechanic replace the coolant reservoir for 30 bucks. While driving back from our mechanic my husband notices that the thermostat is still overheating so I told him to take it straight to the shop and let them know what's going on since we did what they said it need and let them know they won't be able to see the issue without driving it first because that's when it overheats.

He gets there and tells them everything and the head mechanic was a little upset because we had taken it to someone else to do the reservoir. They get in the car with my husband to test drive it down the freeway. While testing it they have to keep pulling over to the side of the road to let it cool down. They have my husband leave the car with them so they can check it out. Two days later I called up to the shop to find out what's going on and the head mechanic says somebody drove it and it got too hot and blew the head so they have to replace the head gasket again. He said Tuesday the part will be there. I call them the following Wednesday and the head mechanic tells me that one of the parts came in cracked and should be there tomorrow. He said even then they will need to monitor it so it may be a few days.

That Saturday morning I get a call letting me know it's ready to be picked up. I pick it up around 1030 am. I drive it home and wipe it down and pack it to go to my mom's house. While driving down the street I notice the thermostat hand is already at half. As soon as I hop on the freeway and pick up speed, it overheats again so I slow down and the hand moves back toward the center and I take the streets. I called the shop and told the head mechanic that I was headed right back to him because it was overheating again. When I get to the shop, the head mechanic tells me they had it running for hours the other day and it never idled. He tells me they are going to monitor it and has one of the guys take me home.

That following Monday it was time for me to register my vehicle so I did and dropped the tags off to the guy at the front desk. He explained to me that it didn't look good and that it may be an issue with the bottom part of the motor. He said they were going to have their supervisor look at it because they know we put a lot of money in it and they want to make sure I have a good working vehicle. That Friday I called again to check on the vehicle and they said they had the supervisor look at it and discovered that there is something wrong with the motor. So they were going to see if they could put a seal or something on it to fix it without having to replace the whole thing and save us money. He said they would not have ever been able to know that it needed a new motor without first fixing to head gasket. He said he would have to go through a process to see if it actually works.

After not hearing anything for a few days I called the following Tuesday for an update. The front desk guy told me that there is something wrong with the motor which he had already told me before and that he didn't get a chance to talk to the owner last night but will talk to him tonight and see if they can credit or something because of all the labor that was put in to the job and the money. He said he should have some information for me tomorrow morning. I explained to him that I didn't understand why we came to them letting them know that it needed a new engine based on our previous diagnosis which the people kept for 3 days and charged only a $30 fee and here we are a month and a half later with the truck in and out their shop, $2000 shorter and still no vehicle with AC and finding out the same thing we were already told.

He said "so and so already told you guys it needed a new engine." I said yes and that it was when the truck still belonged to my mom. He said "yeah the main thing he wants to steps to the owner is that a lot of money has been put into the truck already and he would let me know what happens. He thanked me for my patience. He called me around noon the next day and told me that he spoke with the owner briefly and the owner said that they to credit us the labor but it would need a new engine in that they've been calling around trying to get quotes and deals on the part. He said the best deal they found was that it will be between 1500 and $2000 for the job.

He said the labor usually cost around $1500 by itself so we will be getting a good deal on it for $1500. I told him had we known initially, I never would have spent one dime on it. He said the vehicle is still good it just needs that one part. I told him I would talk to my husband about it. My husband called back and let him know that we didn't have anymore money to put into it and that now he was stuck with a loan he can't afford and still has to make sure we get AC in the other car before the baby gets here who is due in a few weeks. He let the guy know that they misdiagnosed it and we were really pissed about it and have no choice but to try to sell it now.

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Was told coolant was needed... okayed that... was told oil change was only 9.99... did that because it was due. About 20 minutes or so later was called into garage and told that there was a contaminated brake system problem, that someone had put transmission fluid in with brake fluid... a very dangerous and costly repair that must be made. Offered me credit after stating it might cost 1800. Car has just 53,000 miles and is driven by 76 year old woman about 35 miles a week... been taking it to Sears Auto on S. Grand Canyon for over two years. Went and complained to them. They said that because they had not seen the car for many months, if it was their mistake, I would have many problems by now, of which I had none. I asked their mechanic when he first looked at it about how long did he think the fluid was in there, and his reply was 'About two or three weeks maybe?"

I have to believe that Purrfect may have added that fluid in hopes of getting a 'big job' out of me. I was very distraught and after refusing their credit and stating I needed to think about it, I drove over to Sears after picking up all the paperwork they did for me in past two years since moving here. I feel scammed. I looked this young mechanic at Purrfect in the eyes at least three times to see if I should believe him, as he kept coming into the office to see if we could get the paper work started for repairs.

It wound up costing me $371 at Sears. I feel like had I not gone to Purrfect for the smog check, I would have had not problems. I live on a fixed income and it hurts to have unnecessary work done on a car that is not used a lot. My last thoughts on this is rather than go down and accuse them of betrayal, they will have to deal with their God in due time... enough said...

Ok, yesterday I brought my 06 Chevy 2500 HD in due to it drifting to the right a bit. ** called me back shortly after dropping it off and said that the upper and lower arms need to be replaced. I drove back down and ** showed me the wear on the new tires due to the arms wearing. He also recommended new shocks and wheel bearings along with an alignment and tire rotation. No problem, makes sense. I dropped the truck off at 230pm and received a call that it was completed at 515pm.

My bill was $3477. $2327 in parts and $940 in labor. I didn't have a problem with the total for the parts, but I had an issue with the labor. I asked ** why the labor was where it was at and he politely explained to me that the book hourly rate for the arms are 3 hrs per arm, so it was $600 for that. Ok, help me out here, $376 per hour, are you serious?! They replaced upper and lower A arms, changed out the shocks, replaced the front hub and wheel bearings, and an alignment job in a little over 2.5 hrs, but I get charged $940 in labor costs. A dealership charges $120 an hr. ** explained to me that he had two mechanics working on it which has nothing to do with the rate of labor.

I have three family members that USED to take their vehicles here, but not anymore. I know people all have their opinions on places they go to, be it a restaurant or a mechanic, but I am sorry, they are way off base on this one. Shame on them!!! I hope the owner reads this and makes a change. Oh, and they didn't give me my old parts back, what a surprise that was. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau on this one. Someone needs to check them in a big way!

Had my car towed to them as my car was not running. Was told that they would do an engine performance diagnosis. Came back and was told I need new head gasket, spark plugs, and the cylinder heads were sent to a machine shop. After 3 weeks, was told that I needed new lifters, then was told that the wrong parts were order after they put in. Now, was told they didn't match the cam. Was asked if I wanted to put in an insurance claim for all the work including some body work that needs to get done; said that the insurance would cover everything. I had to have my car towed out of there as it still was not running. They may have done real damage to the motor and I may need a new one. I'm not a happy camper.

Oil change for $9.99 - Run from these con scam men. The black fat dude manager said I needed all kinds of bs upsells. I'm contacting my attorney and possibly filing a class action suit. Purrfect is a total nightmare and the employees are worse than Nigerian money scams. Run don't walk away from here or you will regret ever driving up.

2007 dodge caliber - Purrfect Auto replaced the manifold runner. It did not work then replaced the electronic control module. It did not work. Then fixed the throttle body. It did not work. Opened my engine through the oil pan. Then test drove my car without oil in the engine and ruined my engine. They washed their hands of the problem. They won't answer my calls or letters I wrote to them. Car does not work. I need their insurance company's name to file a claim. By law they have to be insured.

My wife took her 1996 Camry for smog check and oil change with coupons at the Eastern and St. Rose location. The mechanic came to tell her it needed a new timing belt, cooling system service, transmission fluid flush, front and rear brake service and air cleaner replacement. She said she would wait and price shop the work they recommended. When we checked our service records at home, almost all of that service had previously been done recently. I would not recommend this shop for any kind of work at all.

I brought in a vehicle that they had worked on because of a noise I heard when driving my car. Since they did replace the front struts on my vehicle at a cost of $787, I thought maybe there might be another problem they did not catch. I brought the vehicle back and the individual drove the car around and informed me that I needed front wheel bearings replaced. The initial charge was $560 but was told he would do it for $490. I hesitated about doing it before getting a second opinion. Sure enough, I took it to another mechanic and he fixed the noise (coming from the back tire) for $10.

My wife went to this place to give them another chance for the $22.95 oil change with the tire rotation included. Well surprise surprise, they are a just another auto service just wanting to rip you off. My wife came in wanting the oil change and then was told the HHR needed a special oil filter. So they charged my wife an extra $10 for the filter. I had never heard this from any other place that I had my oil changed. If you need to have your car serviced, I would advise you to stay away from this place. These are the same auto service individuals that give places a bad name.

Had work done on girlfriend's 1998 Toyota on 6/18/2014. Idling was off by 8000 R.P.M.S. Trans wasn't right. They drained out about a quart from trans. Cleaned idling valve. There was another customer there (a Woman)... I told her to ask to see any parts that were taken off the car. The Advice was taken. As I waited for my car, Her car just got done from the rack. She asked to see what was done... I do think this helped out the Younger Woman. It turned out good for me thus far. We'll see how it goes now? Driving it back to the house, it ran very well.

On 6/7/2014, I put my car in the shop to have a Engine Performance Diagnosis, Tune up, and a replacement AC Discharge Line at Purrfect Auto Service in Rialto, CA (463 W. Foothill Ave). According to the BAR (2014) owners should receive a written estimate for repair work, detailed invoice of work done and parts supplied, and be returned parts if the customer asks. I received a call on Saturday, 6/7/2014, and the associate stated that the flywheel was messed up on the car. I agreed to have that added to my bill. I was under the impression that I would receive a call to come down to their shop to sign off on the labor I agreed to pay. Your website also states, the auto repair shop must provide a written estimate before doing any work (BAR, 2014). However, I did not receive any paperwork until 6/10/2014.

When I contacted the offices on 6/9/2014, the associate told me to come and pick my car up because it was done being worked on. Upon arrival, the associate I spoke with on the phone told me what work was being done and handed me an invoice that was backdated from 6/7/2014 on 6/10/2014, and that's when I found out that the services would total $1,225.55 and the associate also added an oil change which I did not need or agree to (I actually didn't agree to anything on 6/7/2014 except Engine Performance Diagnosis, Tune up, and a replacement AC Discharge Line). The associate became irate and refused to release my car on 6/10/2014 because I asked a series of questions like he quoted me labor at $75 and on the invoice it stated $85. I returned on 6/11/2014 to pick up my car and I did put $214.00 down on their $1200.00 payment plan. Today, 6/14/2014, on my way to get gas, my transmission went out. I called the mechanic and they had the car towed back to their shop.

They had the car for an hour and I received a call stating that my transmission went out and they don't do transmission work. The associate later stated he test drove my car for a mile with the problems and the car was stuck in 1st gear. I am out $1,225.55 for services that had nothing to do with what was wrong with my car. I know that his repairs cause my transmission to go out because he said he had to remove the transmission to repair the flywheel. The associate, **, kept saying they don't do transmission work but if that was the cause then why was it out for them to take out my transmission to do any other repairs? There are several violations that this establishment is violating and I feel ripped off by these unprofessional mechanics. I feel that I was led astray because if the shop did a Engine Performance Diagnosis then it should have been picked up on the 6/7/2014 when he called and said my flywheel was missing 15 teeth (which it was not missing any teeth - it was just damaged, scratches).

On 6/14/2014 I left my car at Purrfect Auto Service in Rialto CA because the associate ** said they do not do transmission work (since the flywheel is a part of the transmission why would they service it?). Their website states that their transmission services included: TRANSMISSION & CLUTCH SERVICE, Transmission Fluid Service, Automatic Transmission Internal Repairs, Automatic Transmission Re-Sealing, Electronically Controlled Systems, Overhaul/Transmission Service, Automatic Transaxle Service, Standard Transmission Rebuilding Service, Clutch & Pressure Plate Service, Hydraulic Master Cylinder & Slave Cylinder Repairs, Flywheel Machining (Purrfectautorialto.net).

I called their offices and told them that I would have the car towed on 6/15/2014 and ** informed me that it was OK for me to do so but my car maybe vandalized (windows broken out). I told him, "Well, it's your property." However, on 6/15/2014, a Sunday, Aamco was closed and could not tow my car. When I returned on 6/16/2014 to meet the tow guy, my car had its window smashed out and the manager ** told me that their shop is not liable for my damages. The funny thing is that I drove by my car Saturday and Sunday night and nothing was wrong with my car. The manager broke my windows out and they have a surveillance system and other cars that remained on their lot over the weekend and their cars received no damage.

The car has been towed to Aamco located in Fontana, CA for a diagnosis and I am currently in the process of contacting my insurance company about the damages to my vehicle. I have always been patient but I was extremely disappointed in my experience from 6/7-6/14/2014. I would like to request that the company be investigated for their credit policies (198% after 3 months). I also believe that I am entitled to a refund/compensation in the amount of $1,225.55.

I contacted the district manager and owner of Purrfect Auto. They were not aware of the problem I had, but once I made them aware, they were understanding and compassionate, and the did everything (and more) to make it right. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. Originally I was quick to say don't use them, but after the prompt response and excellent customer service I received from them, I would certainly use them again. These guys are locals with ties to our community and are not out to rip anyone off. Problem resolved!

Original Review

I took my car to them for a repair of the mass air flow sensor. They fixed it and I paid over $750.00. A couple of days later, the check engine light came on. I took the car back and they fixed it again. This same thing happened over 5 different times. A few months later, when I could afford to take the car somewhere else, I did. The other shop pulled the mass air flow sensor off, and not only was it for the wrong year of car, it was a part from a junkyard (handwriting in blue across the part)! DO NOT take your car to this place. Mark, the Manager and his buddy Nathan are crooks! When I threatened legal action, Mark denied using a junkyard part, but said to come down and he will make it right. DO NOT USE PURRFECT AUTO!!!

I had a brand new engine put in my 1984 Nissan pickup May 2013 and paid 6000.00 to Purrfect auto, and now it is almost April 2014 and they can't get it running right at all. They have had my truck for about 10 of 12 months - new engine, new carb., new radiator, new hoses, new everything. Today I picked up my truck again and still runs like **. They know nothing about carbs at all.. Vacuum lines all messed up, 3 year warranty on labor, 100.000 miles on engine. Today the SHOP MANAGER said "I am not looking at anymore, take it to another shop." I said "I am not paying anybody a penny to fix what you warranty" so I will do that come Monday. HE SUCKS.

I was suckered in by the $9.99 oil change coupon that came in the newspaper. Upon arrival I was told that there was a $3 disposal fee and because I had a Volvo there was a $10 surcharge for a canister oil filter. Not the same $9.99 bargain, but I was there. 15 minutes into the process, the mechanic came out to tell me that he wanted $169.99 to replace all of the fluids in my car. This was ludicrous so I politely declined. He then told me that I had an oil leak and he wanted $49.99 to inject a die into the system, I then could come back in a couple of days and they could pinpoint the leak, it would then cost me about $220 to repair. I have been under my car and there is no spotting on my driveway so I know I do not have an oil leak. Again I politely refused. The mechanic was not pleased to hear this.

An hour later I returned home. My neighbor called this morning to tell me that there is oil all over my driveway and it is running down into the street. This was deliberate and vindictive. These people are criminals. Avoid this establishment like the plague! I have contacted the Review Journal as they are the newspaper that the coupon came in, to register a formal complaint. I am now making an appointment to see how it will cost to repair the sabotage that was done to my vehicle.

I've been going to Purrfect Auto for years and never really trusted the manager or mechanics until the location at 7501 Washington, Las Vegas, NV changed management. **, the manager, is considerate, gets involved with the customers and explains how and why the repairs are needed. He has restored my faith in auto mechanics. Congrats, **. Keep up the good work.

I'm writing this review because I have heard many bad things about Purrfect Auto. I haven't had any experiences with any other locations, but the Losee address in North Las Vegas. I've been taking my car there now for about two years. I've had just about everything that could go wrong with a car happen to me. For example, my AC went out, my engine blew up on me on my way to Primm, I had problems with my ABS system and went to Just Brakes, which by the way did not work out for me. Any way all the things that went wrong plus all the other things like oil changes, smog checks, and just things about my car that did not sound right has been taken care of by Purrfect.

No complaints, no problems and great service. Everyone at this location was great. I tell all my friends here in North Vegas, "You have a problem with your car, take to Purrfect and see Tammi. She'll let you know what's wrong and how to fix it." My experiences have been great. Keep up the great work guys and gals. You've been great to me! Thanks again!!

I took my car in for "something" minor. I have to be vague as there are very shady people working there. I was told by the woman at the front desk (Norma or Irma - something like that) not to use my credit card online & that it would get stolen. She said her card had been stolen & her brother's card was stolen, etc. My credit card has never been stolen online. Anyway, I didn't use it online. I only used it there that day. About 10 days later, I was informed by my credit card company that a charge had been made out of state for over $100! My card was duplicated & used out of state. I'm sure it was done by someone there at Purrfect Auto. Also, I'm pretty sure the manager is in on it. The manager also made "advances" towards me, which I did not appreciate. I'm there to have my car checked, not to get a "date". Disgusting! Stay far, far away from this place.

I took my 1991 Toyota Celica for a smog test. The car failed. They told me it needed a timing belt, which had already been replaced 400 miles prior; and the car had oil leaks. The injectors were cleaned to pass smog. After the service, I picked up the car and drove approximately 20 miles; and the oil light came on. I called the shop and told them the mechanic told me to put the oil in that I had in the trunk and bring the car back to the shop. When the car got back after dying and having to be pushed, the mechanic got it started. There was a knocking sound. He immediately said this car was full of oil when it left and they did nothing wrong. The manager told me to leave the car for a recheck. After 3 days, they did nothing and told me I could pay them to fix the car.

My car was making a crazy noise and I didn't have a clue what it was. I found out that the brakes have the wrong pads, etc. Well, to make my story with a happy ending, it has a very happy ending. I was given a price and with no hidden cost! I highly recommend the location at W. Craig Rd. and Tenaya Way. Very honest, friendly and they fixed my car. I do highly recommend Purrfect Auto at this location. Ask for Irma or Tom and you are headed in the right direction. Thank you Purrfect Auto at Craig and Tenaya.

Two years ago, I was told that my Catalytic Converter was going out, so I had Purrfect Auto replace the Converter. Two years later, I had a smog check and found out that the converter was a Ford Converter and I own a Chevy. The smog station rejected the vehicle based on a visual inspection criterion, and I've been fighting the state of CA for the past 3 months trying to get my sticker. I've tried to contact the corporate office to no avail. They have a snotty answering service that won't connect you to anyone and when you leave a message on their general mailbox, no one returns your call.

The owner of the establishment located in Westminster has changed hands and the new owner will not touch my car due to the politics involved.

Actually you have no rating for this establishment. I went to get an oil change and the owner was trying to push me to do work needed and telling me stories about safety and others, and she went on and on. I have 3 vehicles and have been coming to this shop for almost 4 years. Once, they ruined my son's Toyota Supra by dropping a bolt into the spark plug hole and they never said anything.

This manager approached me to do a side job. But I found out later that he didn't even have a drivers license. They fixed my car but it broke down, so I'm basically doing the same thing within a week. When I went back, Joseph ** tried to say that it was something else. These people are crooks, and I think people should know it.

On August 23, I went to Purrfect Auto to get my oil changed and my smog checked. That's all I wanted done. However, the store tried to sell me services I didn't need. Right away after the mechanic started to change my oil, he approached me and asked me to look at my oil. He said it needed an engine flush since it was so dirty. It wasn't dirty. So, he tried to dig the dipstick in to make it appear dirty. Nevertheless, I told him I didn't want it. He then said that I really needed it. I said no thanks and went to the lobby to sit down.

About 30 minutes later, the store manager approached me. He told me there are several things that need to be worked on for my car. He qualified that by saying I know the mechanic already talked to you. I told him right away that I wasn't interested in having any extra things done. He then insisted that it was his job to tell me. I said, "Look. I know you are trying to push unnecessary services on customers. And I saw you do that to two other customers since I've been here. I just wanted my oil changed and smog checked." He then said that I need to let him do his job and tell me about these things that I needed for my car. I then said I don't want to know and that I don't want them to do any further work on this car. He told me to just sit down. I said that I wouldn't and that I would stand here and wait for my car. He told me no and to sit down. I said that I wouldn't. I told the customer next to me that this was unbelievable. He said that I could not talk to his customers and that he would call metro police. He said that I just needed to shut up. I told him that I could talk to customers if I wanted to and that metro police wouldn't do anything.

Until this day, it is so hard for me to believe that I was treated by this and from a manager who was so mean and rude. When I looked them up on the internet, I saw that there were many complaints. That place was terrible!

I rate this business a zero.

On July 3,2010, I took my car in for a smog and oil change. It came out with an estimate of close to $2,000. But Freddy, being such a nice guy, would do it all for $1,400 plus the shocks he had to special order from Detroit at $400 per shock. He even showed me up under the car. Since I have never had to put much money into my car since I bought it, so I figured it was time.

Anyway I had a brake job done. Within 6 weeks, I took the car back and told Freddy something was wrong with the brakes. At that time he said, "well now you need a master cylinder". I knew something was very wrong so I had the job done as soon as possible.

I had an oil change from this shop and a couple of days later, my car's "check engine" light came on. So I took my car back to the shop to get that fixed. They told me that the oxygen sensor is bad and they changed it for $250. The "check engine" light came on again the next day. I went back to the shop and they changed the oxygen sensor 3-4 times, but it still had the same problem. Then, they told me that the oxygen sensor was never the problem and my car needed a new computer. They charged me $900 more. The problem wasn't fixed with the computer either. They just took out the bulb for the "check engine" light.

When I moved to CA, I took my car to a shop and they told me that the bulb was missing. They put in a new bulb and light went on again. They fixed the car for $500 and I had no problems with the car after that. I was cheated out of $1,150 for things I didn't want or need and the car wasn't fixed in the end. This occurred in March 2010.

I took my car in to Purrfect Auto in May of 2010. They worked on it for over a month. I wrote to Consumer Affairs; then, I received my car back on June 2010. I kept it and drove it. They claim to have done a lot of work on it. In the mean time, it started to leak again. I took it back. They put a solution in and changed a belt I bought. Then it turned hot here and my compressor went out. I took it there in Sept 2010. It was replaced May 2010; and, it went out again on June 28, 2011. I called and Jason told me to bring it in; I did. He said that the compressor is out; and this is my 3rd time bringing it back. He wanted to charge me for a diagnostic reading. I told him that I was not paying because I had been there 3 times for the same thing; and it was still under warranty.

They should have checked to see what was causing the compressor to continue going out, and it's supposed to be a new one they've put in. He said it had failed twice during the warranty period for an unknown reason. I told him that ever since I had brought my car from them, something has been wrong with it. He (Jason) told me not to bring it there anymore; so, I told him I was writing to Consumer Affairs. That's why they are being fined now -- because of their working on people's cars. He was very smart -- Jason was. So I would like this to be looked into. John, the first fellow who was there, told me that I would have a lifetime warranty; but before he gave it to me, he had left. So I just want my air conditioning fixed. I'm a senior citizen, and I need my car to get around; so please see about this for me. Thank you. Ms. Joan **

On April 29, 2011 at 09:14, I visited the above mentioned shop and requested a motor oil change and a smog check and certificate. I was informed and demonstraded a small oil leak around the valve cover gasket. Oil change was done. Then service advisor told me, "your vehicle did not pass smog check because of visible smoke at tail pipe. If we change the gaskets, that may solve the problem." I asked for repair price quotation, answer was $ 579.00. I payed my bill $43.00 and departed. When requesting, the service I used 2 coupons for $9.99 for each service requeste,d also an air filter was replaced.

Following, I visited my mechanic, no smoke was visualized a visit to smog hut at 2218 E.Chayenne NLV. at 10:25 am my car was inspected, passed smog test. Returning to Purrfect auto to dispute their findings, I was verbally assaulted by the smog tech. and requested to leave their premises. Unfortunately this type of business are abundant here in Las Vegas.

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