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Purchased a 2003 Pontiac Vibe on 12/09/2011 and on 12/22/2011 the clutch failed. Repairs for the clutch, an engine sensor and spark plugs and additional work required to replace the front end oil seal have exceeded $1600 to date. I would like to have the dealer admit that they sold me a defective vehicle and assume responsibilty for the cost of the repairs.

My 2009 Pontiac Vibe AWD with Onstar defect was, you could not adjust the volume on the radio. Sometimes it would catch, but then had to fight with it to turn it back down. My first visit to the dealer was for a recall. I asked to check the radio they forgot. After a while, the radio got worse so I called the dealer to see if they can order a radio procedure. They stated that they must first verify the complaint.

I forgot to mention that I must take time off work to bring in the vehicle. After about 3 weeks, I was able to go in and they said they will order a new radio. The next day I got a call from the dealer that the part is a back order 3 to 4 weeks. I was not happy but understood that a back order is part of life. After 4 weeks, I got another call from the dealer, the business that the radio was ordered from was closed down by General Motors. The dealer had to re-order. Another 3 weeks went by, I called GM and told them I wanted an aftermarket radio that cost $300 less than the factory one and I would sign off on warranty for the radio (this was properly installed and would retain the Onstar).

Of course GM procedure had certain channels to go by first, the dealer service manager which of course said no. This took over a week then it went to upper management at GM. Well by the time I received a called from the individual that was able to authorize this, the part had arrived, over 10 weeks from when it was first ordered, and because the part was in, there was nothing he could do and I had to accept the radio. I was promised that compensation would be given to me I specified that I was not interested in oil change or anything to do with the dealer because I had to take time off to go there.

Sure enough, all he could offer was a maintenance package performed by the dealer . I know some may say it's just a radio but try to take a trip out-of-town by yourself in a new car and not be able to listen to news, weather reports and music whatsoever. I was told the maintenance package is worth near $100. Why not a $100 gas card?! I believe that a new car that you pay almost $30,000 for, can have things go wrong. But to wait more than 2 weeks should not be allowed. I can"t believe this is how they repay their customers by bailing them out. I have been a GM customer all my life, but Kia and Mitsubishi will be my first choice next time.

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