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I have a 9 years old Toyota and I was always worried about its repairs cost because the car company charges too much for a warranty and also most companies don't cover much but thanks to my uncle who recommended me this company and I purchased an extremely affordable plan that covers all of my repairs! They are always here when I need them and all these 3 years, I needed their services a lot! Also, I have never had any problems with them! I always get what I was promised!! These people are the best to deal with!

If they weren't them I wouldn't feel safe for 3 years. If you are worried or stressed about what might happen to your car when you driving it just give them a call and they will be here for you with the best price! Their plan is really affordable! I've already recommended this company to family and friends and I also recommend them to anyone because I'm pretty sure that their plan will work for you too! Most outstanding, professional, courteous service in every possible respect! I wouldn't trust anyone else! The best experience I have ever had. They definitely deserve the 5-star rating! Thank you so much! I couldn't have asked for more!

Glad for the warranty you guys offer since 3 years ago which was redeemed today for new engine. I really say a big THANK YOU to all the crew. You are all WONDERFUL.

When I got my "new" car (it's used, but new to me), I had no idea the trouble that I would end up having just a few months later. Thankfully I had already gotten a plan at Pay My Repairs, so I was covered through the disaster, and everything was taken care of. The plan covered exactly what it was supposed to, and the problems got fixed right away. I will never buy another used car without getting a protection plan from Pay My Repairs at the same time!

The reviews for this company are clearly astroturfed. That is: the company has obviously put up a bunch of fake reviews to make itself look good. Note the close date for all the reviews. My experience is one of avoiding this company because they astroturf.

I think these guys are pretty new and I haven't had a claim for my car yet. They seemed nice but they stumbled on a couple of my questions. But they were honest and said they didn't have much experience. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now.

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Service was great. My air conditioner broke in the car, which ended up being the evaporator core. The auto body shop that I went to wanted to charge me over 1100 for the repair, even though my car isn't worth $1100 total. Pay my repairs was extremely helpful and I no longer had to worry about the huge bill!

I've had my plan now for almost 2 months and have had to use it twice. My car isn't the most reliable machine as it's almost 15 years old, so this plan gets used pretty often, but pays for itself over and over. I would highly suggest this type of coverage for older cars, or just to have. Plan works great either way!

A friend told me about them and I was like I will try them but at first I did not trust BUT now I trust this company with all my heart. They are the best because they never let me down when I need them. My BMW car is almost 4 years and the warranty helped me and I don't have to pay anything out of my pocket. Thank you because you are the best.

Very satisfied with our warranty with Pay My Repairs. They took the time to help us find something that fit with our very, very tight budget. We feel much safer and more relaxed knowing we have a plan that will protect us in the event of an emergency. Thanks!

These guys saved me a ton of money and worry with their customized plans. Not having to pay for outrageous car bills are a huge positive in keeping me stress free. My car is old, so the longer it can stick around the better. Great plans, customer service is on point!

Most of these warranty companies promise you the moon and stars but when you actually need them they fall up short, and you realize you were paying for nothing. Not the case with these guys. After our bad accident we called them and they helped us take care of stuff right away. VERY GOOD COMPANY!!!

Pay My Repairs came up with several recommendations -- one of which we chose and were very happy with the results working with them. Afterwards, I agreed service contract with the company and they did not disappoint. Would not have felt comfortable just calling anyone out of the phone book. With the help of Pay My Repairs, we got a great job done successfully.

The technician adjusted the engine but the components were so worn that it continued to have the same issues. I made the decision to replace the engine. The service given was expertly completed in just over an hour. The technician was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to me. The company was great with which to do business. The warranty of repair really gives me an assurance that they will always be there.

Saw a commercial on TV for Pay My Repairs. Got online and requested what I needed help with. Within an hour, I already had responses. I ended up hiring a company to repair my car and a handyman to complete several small fixing within the engine. So glad I saw that commercial!!

I wonder how blessed this people of trust will be in future. They offer what they promise and they stood with their words. My demand was meet as they fix all errors on my car yet give me warranty of trust to come along with it whenever my car is faulty. I think they are the best men!

The technician was very helpful in fixing the repair on my car. He worked diligently to determine root cause and corrective action. Together we worked to finalize the solution and the service was very good indeed. Thank you for your continued support.

I never believe such organization still exist until I give Pay My Repairs a trial. Having wonderful experience on warranty on their service since 4 years ago which was return to me as transmission now. I am only going back there for service but as well recommend them to others.

Amazing Service. This is the company you want for a full service clean-out. Thanks Guys.

Debated for a while on getting a warranty. Went back and forth and read everything I possibly could on warranties and if they are worth it. Pay My Repairs seemed like a good company with fair prices. Called them and they gave me a really good deal, too good to pass up on.

My 1996 Dodge Caravan is definitely on its last leg, but I'm trying to get another few years out of it. I purchased a plan through Pay My Repairs and it was affordable, as well as catered to me. Now I don't have to worry about the AC going for other expensive repairs for my car.

When I got my 16 year old his first car, I couldn't afford something brand new. I also knew that if he messed it up, I couldn't replace it. So, I got a protection plan from Pay My Repairs and I feel much more comfortable when he takes the car, that if something happens, it won't be gone for good. He's a good driver but you just can't trust everyone else to be good too. It's definitely worth having the plan for peace of mind.

I have an older car and am always worried that it will break down. I don't have a lot of money and can't afford a new car. I found out about Pay My Repairs via a friend who used the service and I couldn't be happier. I am able to go about my day no longer stressed out about car repairs. The plans are affordable and cover all aspects of my vehicle.

We were worried about our car once our factory warranty ran out. These guys gave us a really good deal for extending our warranty and making sure we had adequate coverage for what we were looking for. The price is very good and now we feel safer and better.

I was very skeptical about getting these kind of plans or needing them. These guys went out of their way to help get me a plan that was affordable and reasonable, but at the same time would give me solid protection. Hopefully I won't need it, but these guys were a pleasure to deal with. Feel so much better and safer now when driving.

I have never had an older car without a protection plan before, so I wanted to get some sort of plan so that if I got into an accident, I wouldn't just be without a car and have no way to fix it. I contacted Pay My Repairs, and they found me exactly the plan that I needed, and the one that fit my budget. I feel so much safer now that I know I'm covered!

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Pay My Repairs monitors the administrators of extended vehicle warranty plans to provide customers with low rates and a range of choices. It aims to make the process of selecting such warranties less overwhelming.

  • Customer choice: Pay My Repairs enables customers to select the repair facility where their car receives maintenance, as opposed to other warranties that require pre-approval or the use of certain facilities.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: The company accepts full refunds within 30 days of purchase with its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Customer service: Pay My Repairs provides live customer support six days a week through a toll-free number.
  • Direct bill pay: The company pays for the repairs, and customers provide a toll-free number when they need to pay the car servicer.
  • Payment plans: The company pays for the repairs, and customers provide a toll-free number when they need to pay the car servicer.
  • Well-rounded coverage: The company provides roadside assistance around the clock every day of the week, including towing and a rental car if necessary during repairs.
  • Best for Car owners, used car owners and those with with economic hardships.

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