Kia of Coatesville

Coatesville, PA

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I bought a used Ford truck from Kia dealer in Coatesville, Pa. I saw the truck on lot, talked to a salesperson, and took it for a road test. Everything seemed okay, talked about price and left. The salesman called back numerous times and kept dropping the price but was not what I wanted to pay. Finally, the salesman called with the price I wanted to pay. I went back to dealer to buy the truck; check engine light was on. They said they would take off whatever was the matter. I signed all the paperwork to buy this truck and they even sold me an extended warranty (which is another issue).

The salesman called saying it was fixed and it was the batteries. I took it home and within a day, the check engine came back on, took it back to dealer and they would not even talk to me about the issue, saying I got a low price on this truck. This is totally unprofessional. The truck is now broken down and needs major repairs. Totally unsatisfied; please contact me anytime.

Satisfaction Rating

Kia did not tell me that they did not pay off my old car until I signed all the paper for the new one. Then they sold it without paying it off. I asked them about it and they told me not to worry. And now I get 3 and 4 calls from Santander USA .So I would like to know when are they going to pay it off. I bought this car from Kia of Coatesville, PA 19320.


I get no response from emails and telephone calls to Mr. **. I have problems that I want to discuss and I have been blackballed by this dealer. Time and personal damage.


I purchased a 2003 Land Rover Freelander in September 2009 with assurances from the dealership that they could provide a warranty on the vehicle through an after market warranty company. I was charge $2200.00 for the warranty at the time of the sale. In October 2009 the vehicle started having issues and I returned to the dealership for service. At that time I was told that the original warranty company refused to provide coverage for it and had returned the money for the warranty but that they could get it covered through another warranty company that they used.

Approximately 3 weeks and a blown head gasket later, I received a letter from the second warranty company that they were refusing to warranty the vehicle and also directed Kia of Coatesville to return the funds for the warranty to the vehicle owner. I have emailed the dealership three times, requesting status update on the refund and received one response to the first email. All emails after have been ignored by the dealership. To date, January 29, 2010, I have not received the refund of the warranty funds and do not believe that they ever will refund the money. I contacted the SE, PA, and BBB, but to date I have not heard a status update from them either.

I had to trade out of this vehicle due to the fact hat no companies want to warranty this vehicle. Unfortunately, I had to purchase another vehicle from Kia of Coatesville. I lost money on the trade, essentially being upside down on the loan which was added into the purchase of the second vehicle. I was assured by the dealership that the warranty funds would be refunded to me so I could use it to help pay for the second vehicle. This situation has placed a financial hardship on me since I had been on disability from my job for treatment of a medical condition and I was counting on this refund to help pay my car payments until I was released to resume my fulltime job.

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Kia of Coatesville
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