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We provide our customers with the combination of quality vehicles,an affordable payment plan, and expert servicing—that’s why our customers give us a great satisfaction rating!

Our customers range from hard-working men and women to young people just starting out—all of which need a car to get to and from work.

Many of our customers face credit challenges—which is something many Americans face— as nearly 45 percent don’t qualify for automobile financing at conventional financial institutions.

Using’s unique Leasing Program, we are as accommodating as possible to the many potential reasons someone might not be able to receive a car loan due to their poor credit.

We want our customers to get back on the road so they can maximize their opportunity for advancement. Our goal is simple: Exceed the customer’s expectations, because our success is in their hands.

Our leasing program makes us different—it’s way more than just a car. Here’s something we do, that is not expected in our market, We trust our customers.

We treat him or her with dignity and respect, we thoroughly explain the terms of the lease, we put forward the facts, and then, we let the customer decide. We think our customers deserve better than some ramshackle, fly-by-night used car lot down the street or just another Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

We offer a modern, professional, and sophisticated environment to get a car. We know what acquiring a used car can be like, particularly for people accustomed to being undeserved, we don’t want anxiety, we don’t want distrust, and we don’t want failure in our relationship with you.

We want a satisfied customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards getting a car and call now: 1-215-600-2463

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37 Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2018

In May of 2016, I saw the sign from $1.00 as a down payment to purchase a car. I walked through the door of the fake company and purchased a 2003 Subaru. It was a defective car from day one, and the management put me into another van, 2003 Mazda MPV. From day one the car has been a big, big problem. I have taken the car back on several occasions, but the Service Department will keep the car for days and returned it without servicing the car. This has been going on for months and years, until I have to complained to the Attorney General Office in order to intervene. But, to my surprise, the Attorney General Office reached a settlement with and a check was mailed to me in the amount of one hundred and fifteen dollars and forty-six cents.

My car has several maintenance problems including, transmission, catalytic converter, ball joint, breaks claspers, back windshield wipers (control arm), front lights glass covers and etc. The Customer's Service Department promised me faithfully to fixed these problems as the car was NEVER SERVICE BEFORE SELLING IT TO ME. Prior to these problems, I have asked them to terminate my lease agreement, but they deliberately refused to let me out of the lease. I am making my payment on time, and worried about this defective car.

Sometimes last month while we were on our way to church, the car broke down in the yard of WAWA. It was very embarrassing and we had to call Uber to drive us to church. I can't even drive this freaking car out of state for fear it will break down. How can Dean ** enjoyed customers crying daily, and receiving payments from the us? The Attorney General Office has failed me, and I am totally disappointed in the system. Did any of you that filed with the Attorney General Office received any settlement? Can the above amount fixed the problems on the car? ConsumerAffairs please intervene for me? Moreover, some of their customer's service staff are very rude, impolite, disrespectful, and unprofessional. They will talk to you anyway they feel like as if to say you are begging them for free service. Presently, I am repairing the car out of my own pocket. Mainly, it needs a transmission valve. No

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2018

The experience started out professional. I was advised by the sales woman at Drivehere/People's Commerce not to deal with them again after this contract was completed. Now that speaks volumes coming from one of their top sales people. They have been going into my account on unauthorized days taking more than the car note. Testing my account balance with small amounts and graduating to bigger amounts on off days other than the agreed upon schedules days for the debits. I implore any and everyone to look into this company before dealing with them, this is a total rip off using loopholes to appear legitimate. Please do not entangle yourself or your credit with this organization.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2018

Overall I haven’t had a bad experience. I got my van in December of 2017. It was pretty good. Had a good history according to the Carfax it came with. It was an as is car so a few minor things didn’t work which was ok and can be easily fixed. Everything was fine until this past Wednesday when my transmission went out and I had to get it towed to drive here. I had to miss 2 days of work and had to constantly call to get updates on what was going on with my van. I ended up going down there Friday because I kept being told that the manager of the service department wasn’t there and the person I spoke to kept telling me she didn’t know anything.

I go there and everyone but the one person went to lunch so I ask about the whereabouts of the manager in which she said, "I don’t know where she is or if she is still coming in because she was supposed to come in at 11." I asked if there was anyone else who could help me since she had no answers to give me. She said that the assistant manager was off and there’s no other person who can help besides the manager. I asked her if there was a way to get in contact with the manager and she said no. I asked for the person over the manager and she said there’s nobody over her and the manager is the one who runs the service department. She said the techs all come back at 1:30 pm and said I could wait in the waiting room.

I asked about a loaner car because I needed to get to work the next day and for any information about my van. She just kept saying she didn’t know anything and couldn’t help me and that only the manager could help. I honestly don’t know how she even has a job because that is very rude and unprofessional to continuously say, "I don’t know" and not even attempt to help. If she can’t help she needs to find a different job.

I ended up going to Dennis who sold me the van and explained everything and he said he would see what he could do. He comes back and told me to give them 20 min and someone should be able to help me and if nobody comes let him know. So they called for me and Ms I don’t know said, "I don’t know who you spoke to but they are giving you a loaner today. I just got to get it checked out so I will try and get it squeezed in between cars," and asked how much time I had to wait. I told her I had to get my kids from daycare so I needed it soon.

I wait sometime before I get a call from the service department and it was a different person who gave me an update on my van. I ended up going to the department and spoke to her in person. She also asked if I did the loaner paperwork. I said, "No I only paid for the deductible," and she asked who was helping me so I told her. Turns out she was supposed to give me the paperwork. She also called the manager and got answers I needed. I thanked her and was like, "Oh I thought y’all didn’t have any way of contacting the manager." She basically said that the manager and Ms idk didn’t have each one number.

The manager shows up and I tell her everything that happened and she wasn’t that pleased to hear I was treated the way I was and apologized. She clarified everything going on with the van and even went to clean the loaner. I appreciate her getting me out as quick as she could. She even texted me today to make sure everything was ok with the loaner car. Hopefully I can get my van back quickly and it’s fixed right and I have no more issues with the car. I am glad I went down there Friday and spoke to Dennis because I probably would have missed another day and I would have still been told idk over the phone. I spent 3 hours there but glad in the end I got results.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 2, 2018

You don't fix anything except for your motor or your transmission and that's a part of the warranty you're paying on. They lie and tell you that everything's included in the beginning including your insurance and then they also try to charge you for their own mistakes. They sold me a car that gets wet under the seats like coming up under the seats when you take it through a car wash. I ask them to fix it. They told me I will have to pay for that. They told me that all are of their cars are sold as is. The problem is they never sold me the car. You leased it to me and they're very slick with the words to get you to sign a contract. You're thinking you're actually financing a car when you're not. It's not straight up business. If they had a car dealership that kept it 100 and explained it to the T it would be Fairplay because you gave the person an option revealing all flaws pros and cons. Malicious business practices are the norm at this place.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

The issue is I just purchased the vehicle 2 weeks ago from them and this vehicle was sold to me at $850 and I've made 2 payments of $109.90 and I've only been able to drive the car 3 times without the tire going flat since I purchased it. Of course you would expect the report you're getting about the payments yet I'm not a annoyed person about the payments because I'm very aware of how these so called “For the consumer” buy here pay here places work but this company is solely aiming to rip the consumers off and the way they got me is by getting me to wait 6 days after I purchased the vehicle (mind you I purchased the vehicle 02/17/18) to be serviced when I called the very next day (02/18/18) telling them the issue because it didn't start until I left off the lot.

I came in Monday (02/20/18) to get it serviced. They did nothing to fix my issue and made me wait 3hrs to be “serviced” where after I was done I left and the very next day I was on the expressway with my fiancée and 9month old daughter when the car went flat again so I called them (02/21/18) and they made me wait until today (03/03/18) to come back in where they attempted to charge me $200 for a new rim on the vehicle that I've been trying to tell them was messed up since the 18th of February.

After about 30minutes of arguing and me threatening to call Better Business Bureau they decided to not charge me and send me home on a spare and tell me when they change it again I should “Look into getting fix-a-flat In case it happens again” and I asked them "Why can't you guys just put me into a new vehicle instead of getting me to leave with a safety risk car saying you'll have my new tire and rim by Tuesday (03/06/18)" and their answer was "For us to give you a new vehicle you need to pay us $2500 to end this contract on this vehicle and start a new one" and this is a insane rip off. They're charging me in total for the lease $10000 for a vehicle and I have paid 2 notes already for a car I haven't been able to drive.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

So from beginning this company was full of crap. They would so called fix something just for me to bring it back the next few days or weeks and would say it’s not the same problem just so I would have to pay. So my repair fees accumulated to about $2,000. They called me almost every day at one point to tell me that I NEED to pay $30 more every 2 weeks to start covering those repairs. I agreed and mind you this was about a year/a year and a half ago. Today I went to pay my bill and the lady said “ok 160 was taking off your card” oh sn: I started paying with prepaid cards every week so they could stay out of my account because they were going in whenever they wanted and was taking payments I didn’t owe, payment that wasn’t due yet, going into my family account to pay my bill because they saved their cards onto my account when they would come through and pay my bill for me, even after telling them to take it off.

So I said “what you mean 160. It’s suppose to be 190. Isn’t that what you guys were harassing me for?” She said well they been only taking out 160... so for over a year I been thinking they were taking 190 when they were only taking 160 so I spoke to a supervisor and he’s telling me there’s nothing he can do. Oh and by the way I, of course, no longer save these prepaid cards. I just pay my bill and throw them away. So I just lost over $1,000. I hate this company and all I can tell you guys is run and keep on running cause this company sure are scammers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

I have been a customer of Drive Here for 5+ yrs. I'm on my second car only because the previous was in such bad condition, it was unfix-able. I had to have a trade-in but only to have to re-start the lease for another 3 yrs. Unfortunately I had no choice. The first year with the 2004 Mustang there were no major issues. The issues that came about were fixed at no charge.

Here I am 2 yrs in. My lease is up October 2018. I brought the car in for inspection to the Norristown service station for Conshohocken Drive Here, again no issues when I brought it in. That was in the beginning of November. One week goes by, Nobody had called me to update me, nobody calls me back when I call/leave a message at Drive Here Conshohocken or the Norristown service station. All this time I'm relying on others to take me back and forth to work and so on. Finally I get a callback and I'm told "there is only one person that does inspections and they are on vacation". SERIOUSLY! Ok so, they have my Mustang for another couple days. I'm told, "It's ready. Come pick it up."

I have my husband drive me over. Pick up my car (remember I haven't had my car for two weeks). I drive home with husband in too and I can't get the car to have enough power out of second gear (the car is a stick shift) and it's making LOUD noises all the way home with blue smoke pouring out the tail pipe. So I call. They come tow the car and take it back to the Norristown service station. Days go by and I get a hold of somebody. The Mgr. Mechanic tells me they couldn't get it started. Come to find out it's because the person working on it didn't know how to start a stick shift. How much ** are these people going to tell me??? (It's been a little over three weeks if you're trying to keep up!)

Finally I can pick it up and there are still loud noises. The service station mgr. said they just don't have qualified people to fix the problem. After about five days and messages left at Drive Here Conshohocken, I get a call back from the General Mgr. I have the car towed to Essington Philly station by his recommendation. Apparently their mechanics are more qualified? Ok, So now they have the car for a week. I can Pick it up. I leave work two hours early because we were told they close at 4:00 on Sat. (I get there and they really close at 5:00.) I bite the bullet and pay the $140.00 Which I really shouldn't have. I get into my car and Bam! The car doesn't start!!!! When I'm waiting for them to come outside, I smell a cat pee smell on the floor mats and look in the back seat and see paw prints and brown smudges on the back passenger seat. I'm now in tears and infuriated.

After talking to their Customer Service mgr...and the head mechanic they all PROMISE they will have my car detailed and fixed at no charge. Tell me something I don't know right? That was this past Sat. 12/30/2017. They should be contacting me today 1/2/2018... I should get my $140.00 returned as well but haven't gotten that far yet... I paid for repairs and the car still doesn't start and I don't know if the car even runs well at this point. I need somebody to contact me ASAP. Representative? Corporate? Owner? Somebody!!!

P.S. I've been making ALL my payments on time ever since the beginning But I haven't had my car in over five weeks! (About $600.00 in payments PLUS, insurance of course and still no car.) P.S.S. I was told If I try to break my lease, it would be on my credit report as a "voluntary repo". Are you people serious?! In need of HELP from somebody who actually knows their job well. --- EXTREMELY unsatisfied customer.

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Original review: July 21, 2017

I went there and the people was so nice before I got the car. I put 500 down on a car and I had to pay them 225 every two week which I think was too much but anyway I had the car for about 5 weeks and the car turned off on me and it had a strong smell of gas. So I called them and they told me that they can't do anything about it so more or less when I looked under the car it was a gas leak and I called them back and laid them out. I had to 10 different people before I got help so it took them almost 3 weeks smh. I hate this place. Pls don't go here.

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Original review: July 20, 2017

I am in love with both Julian ** and Scarlet **. They both explained everything to worry. I can understand what I'm doing and signing. They are the best manager in training here at DriveHere. They did such a great job. I'm thinking about applying to work here. What more can I say about them only is they are awesome.

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Original review: July 17, 2017

When I bought my car in February 2016 the car was OK but with minor issues... after successfully paying for my car on time for 14 months straight the engine blew. I called the service department to have them service the car. They tell me oh we don't have the time to work on the car neither can we guarantee a loaner... that was issue #1. Then the second issue when it comes to the payment. First off when you call them to make a payment on your account the rep asks is this a one time payment method, use yes or no. Of course I'm not letting you keep any card info on file. So to make a long story short drive here placed debit card info on file without any authorization to do so. Illegally took a payment out of this account without any authorization from me or the card owner. Then sent an email clearly saying one time payment only... but yet when you speak to them they say they keep the card info on file.

When the cardholder called them with me online they cussed them out. Lied and said that they got permission to take the payment. Was told by not one but 2 different reps that they would get their money back. Lied about that... Then to add to the mess info you make a payment using any method other than cash they will go through all those accounts trying to take any amount out and where they messed up at is that they send generic email receipts showing their attempts. Only reason I found out as much as I did is because my bank and the other person's bank alerted us... Stay clear away. Run... FYI when you're leasing a vehicle it's usually on brand new cars not cars with over 90k miles on them. That's what a true lease is because at the end of your lease with drive here they will try to smack you with a huge payment.

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14 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 1, 2017

I came to because mine was overheating. got me a good deal for my trade in and got me into a new car! I'm so excited with the results that Dennis was able to get me, plus stay within my budget.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

I went to DriveHere, seen a truck that I liked and started the process of obtaining it. I met the lobby consultant who informed me how they working and he asked me for all my basic info. My meeting with him concluded to me saying I was comfortable paying my weekly payment of $91 a week for an 2002 Ford F-250. He said based off his end "everything looked good to go, and based off what I put down I should be leaving with the vehicle of my choice". Afterwards, I was introduced to their finance consultant.

During the series of questions asked from her, she asked me about my previous vehicle. I told her I don't drive it and it's home until salvaged/sold. She also asked me what would I feel comfortable paying as a down deposit. I told her $1000, she said fine (excitingly!!). The payment consultant told me based off my working history, "everything looks fine and I shouldn't have any problems getting the vehicle". She then says she'll turn in whatever information she just obtained from me will now be turned over to her manager.

Now... After finally being able to speak to the manager after many back and forth message passing between the lobby consultant and I, in which in 1 message was that Drive Here might want to have my other vehicle. I asked "what does 1 have to do with the other?" & "am I obligated to give up my crappy vehicle which lead me to their lobby in the 1st place?" After frustration levels started rising, I finally ask to speak to the manager. He tells me... "Drive Here doesn't like when people have 2 cars because normally the 2nd car is often repo'd." I ask "after being told that it's clear that I can pay for the vehicle I chose, what does my old vehicle (which brought me here) have to do with this?" He answers "it's up to "the owner" at this point, and I might want to look at thinking about putting down 2500 or more for the truck".

My mind is all over the place now. I asked "who is the Owner?", because he made it pretty clear from the beginning that he had the final word. I asked him "why is it that both consultants gave me the green light until the fact of me having another car (running or not) came into the picture?" He didn't have a answer. I continue to stump him with more questions. I ask him "why do I have to put more money down when they advertise $1 down, I have outstanding working history?" No answer. I ask "what is the base value for the vehicle?" LISTEN UP, he says "there isn't a base value for their inventory for those numbers change". So basically for 3 years I would've paid $91 a week for 36 months ($13,104), before I have the option to buy it off for an additional amount between $1700-2700. Basically they can charge you whatever they want as a down deposit be use it doesn't go towards the value of the vehicle... If I didn't know any better I think he skim some from the top.

I believe Drive Here takes advantage of those who are truly in need. I'm glad I went there (although the I was over qualified if you ask me) because I can now share my experience. They prey on those who have bad credit. After seeing that I had a good job and money in my pocket to make a down deposit, he try to see how much can he get out of me. Remember he said there is no principal value on those vehicles, so you're paying whatever number they come up with for 3 years and none of that money is going towards anything. When I told him the same thing I just wrote in these previous sentences he looked at me and shrugged a shoulder as if whatever I said wasn't going to get me anywhere. I wasn't budging nor was he so I left. Save yourself the time and spend that money else where. I almost paid 13k in 3 years for a 2002 truck that in 2020 would probably be on its last leg. I say that to say this, they prey on the ignorant.

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Original review: Feb. 9, 2017

Oh my God, I am regretting the minutes and seconds ever going into this dealership to purchase a defective car. They have the sign that states "Drive today we with one dollar". I purchased the first car, 2003 Subaru and it was a disaster. After numerous failures to repair the car, I was switched into a different car, 2003 Mazda of which has transmission problem. The car also have other problems, and they kept the car for over three weeks without repairing the car. The very day it was returned, it broke down again.

I don't what kind of a owner that keeps lying to the public. I am very frustrated and disappointed about the many lies from this company. Yes, they have aggressive tone of voice when you complained about their defective cars. I can't handle the misrepresentations from these people anymore. My car has transmission problems and others. This company needs to be closed permanently. They are robbing the public big time. I am calling on the PA Attorney General to strongly intervene so as to bring justice to the customers. The prices are way too high, and frustrating. Would you share my story?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

My husband has had his car for just over a year; he took it in for inspection which it did not pass. It needed extensive work for a car that he only had for a year. They did the work and tried to hit him with a $1200 service bill, which included 4 new tires. Why would a car he only had for 12 months need 4 new tires? What that says to me is that they were no good when you leased the car. We fought the bill and they dropped it down to $800. Once the car was returned to my husband, he had it for only one week and the check engine light came on, he took it back; there was something else wrong with it, which should have been fixed from the first appointment.

This time they tried to hit him with the bill again, which he fought, because the problem from the first visit was never fixed. My husband has been back and forth with this car for going on two months. Every time it's something new, they say it's fixed and it's not. Now it's the fuel injection, the car is spilling fuel and the fumes are intense. Monday after receiving the car back on Saturday, which they came and towed it on Friday - it still has the same issue, this morning it would not start and the fumes were so intense that you could smell them as soon as you walked outside.

I know there are other people that have similar experiences, we need to band together and file a lawsuit or class action suit. My husband is dependent on this car to get back and forth to work. He is currently paying over $400 a month for an undependable and unreliable piece of junk that is draining our pockets. He puts gas in the car and it spills out. He has to be to work at 6:00 in the morning which now I have to get up and take him there and drive back home, which is another expense because that is gas for my car and the wear and tear. We need help, we need to know how we can get this company to be accountable and produce what they have promised and not just take peoples money.

My husband has asked for them to swap out the car, but they refuse, they keep saying they are going to fix it. How many times does the same issue have to be fixed. I know that once they have you locked into a contact it's hard to get out, however he is not trying to get out of the contact, he is just trying to get what is reasonable, a car that he can depend on to get him back and forth to work, so that he can pay his payments. If he can't get to work then he can't pay his bills, which includes this car, which if he can't pay the payment then they are going to be really to repo the car. Anyone reading this review please do yourself a favor and walk away. Do not lease a car from this company you will regret it!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2017

I hesitantly got a car from DriveHere in Conshohocken. I was treated ok by the sales rep but the people in the bank part are rude and extremely disrespectful. The mechanics in Norristown are a joke so I get the car serviced through a reputable car dealer near where I work and I got lucky seeing as I got a good car that I really like. Don't go here to buy a vehicle unless you want to be treated very poorly. Run away and go somewhere else.

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Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

This is the worst leasing company I have ever encountered. Their cars are pieces of ** straight off the lot. Their customer service is very bad and you wait 8 hours just for simple repairs. Take it from me. Don't waste your time and money on this place. Stay far far away.

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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Dec. 31, 2016

I was recently contacted from a representative of DriveHere regarding my concerns. She was very pleasant and listened to my concerns and worked with me on how things can be resolved. After speaking with her I have now have no issues with DriveHere because of her.

Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I purchased a 2008 Saturn Aura from the Conshohocken location in July 2016. The sales rep was okay even though he couldn't answer a few of my questions about the car. When I purchased the car it was due for an oil change. And at that time I was given an IOU note and when it was convenient for me to call the service station and they would take care of it. That following Mon I called the service dept and they were rude and pushed me off for a week. The oil life on that car was at 2% and since it had high miles on it I didn't want to take my chances so I took it to Pep Boys and paid over $50 for the oil change.

Shortly after that incident I noticed my back lights weren't working. I called the service station once again and asked if they could check the fuses since the car did not come with a manual I couldn't replace it myself. Well anyway that was a problem as well. They couldn't just look and see and I would have to schedule an appt just for replacing a fuse.

Now today I called because my car was starting to overheat last night. I added coolant today so I could go to work and I brought it to another mechanic because I was not going to make it home without having it checked. Come to find out it's the water pump has a crack in it. The mechanic put more coolant in the car and I was able to come home. So I called the service station and they told me the soonest they could fit me in was the 19th of Sept. I was like really??? They are just rude and once they get their money they do not care. Something has to be done. This is just not acceptable!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

They sell lousy cars, and take advantage of people's circumstances. They're NOT in the business of making money. They'll repo your car (or threaten to do so) after ONE missed payment. Run away FAST.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2016

My daughter and I both got cars from here. Within the week check engine lights came on in both cars. My daughter has been back and forth since March. They kept her car, then did not want to give her a loaner. She spoke with someone to help her from here and they quoted that they would add notes to her account so she would not have to pay. Whomever that was was either fired or quit. So now they told her that she is responsible for all the payments even though she did not have her car nor did they fix the issue.

I was unable to afford the payments on the car and had to bring the car back. I told them that I need to get some things in order and then I would be able to get the car. They told me that I would still be responsible for payments even though the car is sitting in their lot. My advice run the other way. They are rude and have no customer service skills whatsoever. The money that they charge you for the car you can get a good used car for less with change left over. If I could give zero stars I would have.

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24 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 17, 2016

The staff that work for are rude disrespectful. They have no customer services skills. They sell bad use cars to customers. Their mechanics are a joke. You bring your car to be work or fix on your car still ain't fix. It's a horrible bad company. I'm looking to leave them by next year. I call to tell the receptionist that I couldn't make a payment today, "Can I make a payment arrangements?" She was rude and said to me, "What's the delay?"

18 people found this review helpful
profile pic of the author
Original review: April 27, 2016

The salespeople were nice. But while looking at cars one would not start or crank. The salesperson says to me "we can have that fixed". I reply "I'm not buying a car that won't start while looking at it". Well I finally picked a car and must say I got a good one - has no major problems. Only issue was front bumper was really loose so I go back to Drivehere and the service dept says "we'll fix it" so I waited 3 hours. I get the car back. The bumper felt tight so I get home and next day I jack the car up to look and the bumper was fixed with wire ties and rope.

All I could say was "wow what a joke this place is". Well 5 weeks in now I was on vacay from work and forgot to submit a writer time sheet because our time is done electronically . But when going on vacay it has to be written. So I did not get paid that week. I called and talked to my account manager and told her the issue and said "I will pay 2 weeks next week plus a late fee". She says to me "no you can not do that. They will take your car". I reply "for one week missed theyre gonna take my car". She says "yes". So I went crazy trying to borrow the money with no luck.

Now I am at wednesday of the next week. I get paid in 2 more days. Drivehere called me 6 times today alone. I told them "I can pay both payments in 2 days". All I can say is this place is so rude and nasty. With no customer service skills. I am in sales myself and to call a customer after 2 or 3 days of being late and saying "we're coming to repo" is crazy and wrong. If I was 3 week, a month I understand but it's been 5 days from friday to wednesday and they are threatening to repo. I'm about to give their car back and tell them "good luck". Then stand in the st right outside their building and protest so everyone knows what to expect from this place.

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Original review: April 26, 2016

I've gotten a car from, the one in Philadelphia by the airport. Their services department is very unprofessional. They have nasty attitudes and don't know how to talk to people. The cars they sell you within a week or two, you will start to experience problems with your car vehicle. I had my car for only three weeks and I had to take it back to get fix twice for some of the same problems that they didn't fix the first time. My car had broken down on me on the highway. I have brake problems, along with the gas pump, windows, radio, etc. They been work on my car for a week now and it's still not going to be ready maybe for another week. They still have not put me in a loaner car. Now I see why they have a lawsuit against them and thanks to them I could lost my job because I'm having a hard time getting to work but they still want their money for their car note though. SMH.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2015

This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with in life. Not only did they sell me a car that was worth way more than it is, but the people that works there has the most nastiest attitudes. I had an engine problem and they kept lying about when I would get my car back. Then when I kept calling them after they saying they would call me the receptionist had a major attitude as if she was waiting for her car. My car has been in their hands for about two weeks now with no updates or anything and when they do give me a so-called update it's only to tell me to wait another day or another week. Then after my car was in their possession for about a week and a half they finally offered me a loaner car something I been asking for since day 1. I would never work with them again nor will I send anyone to them again... I have been with them for a year and a half and have a year and a half left and lord knows I can't wait til I'm done.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2015

They sold me an unregistered vehicle & failed to register it after I paid them to do it. They failed to service it within a timely manner. They did not allow me access to my tools at all that I work with to make a living. They did not comply to my request while it were in dealers possession. I was told by Steven ** to stay near so that I can pick the car up. But days went by with my tools in the trunk of the car and they did not allow me to retrieve them. He also told me he had arranged for service of the engine replacement under warranty and had set up a loaner meanwhile it were be serviced. That didn't occur either even after I called for service and a loaner prior to the impound of no registration and after it was released.

I was also told by Mr. ** the inconveniences of the impound I will not cost me a single penny. Only to find out they paid for storage and registration information after it was reported NOT VALID in order to validate it. And wanted me after they fixed the mistake at their expenses to pay them anyway or I could not have my personal property as well as the vehicle unless I agreed to pay them for their mistake. The only thing they complied to was my weekly on time payments until I found out it weren't registered in which I also have been forced to file a complaint for legal help etc.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Dec. 23, 2016

The customer service/problem resolution at is incredible. Although I did have an issue, the managers worked diligently to resolve my issue and ensure that I was satisfied. I will be leasing with again because of the great service and attention to my needs.

Original review: Sept. 2, 2015

I have purchased a vehicle from in March 2013. It was a Ford 2000 Windstar minivan. During my process of purchasing this vehicle, the sales associate was very rude and when I have requested to speak with her manager, she refused to let me speak the manager. After driving the vehicle for some time, I have noticed there were issues regarding the gauges along with electrical issues, the horn did not function properly, among other things. I've then contacted Customer Solutions. At that time the former manager has solved the horn issue. However I was informed that only engine and transmissions were only covered.

I have also experienced periods when I was without a vehicle some several days, wherein the contract stated that loaner vehicles were available. The company did not honor that part of the contract. Every time I go to have my vehicle serviced, I go early as scheduled, but ALWAYS end up staying until about at least 5:00 or 6:00 pm EVERY TIME!!! This has been an ongoing process since dealing with this dealership.

In August 2015, I went to the Facility on Essington Avenue near the Philadelphia International Airport twice for service with oil change, check engine light and power steering. On August 26, my van stopped suddenly on the highway going back to the facility. My engine has blown with oil all over the engine. I have been towed to the facility and received a loaner vehicle. Three days after, the loaner kept cutting off on me. When I went back to facility on September 1, 2015, the vehicle cut off on me again. Finally after getting to the facility about 9:30 a.m., I spoke with Elvin, one of the managers and explained to him the situation regarding the loaner. After several hours, another manager spoke to me stating that I would not be getting the loaner back because it has an issue with the transmission. I then asked him why I was issued a vehicle with known transmission issues.

Upon the conversation with this manager I was then told that my van needs another engine, which will cost $1500.00 and requested a $500.00 down payment. I explained to him that I do not have $500.00 because I pay $300.00 monthly payment, and myself being a disabled individual on a fixed income to which the dealership is fully aware of. He also said that there is NO option of me obtaining a loaner vehicle, in which my contract states that there would be a loaner vehicle available upon request. The staff in the service department are extremely rude. The women they have working in the department possess very poor people skills.

I have asked one particular worker several times, and she was laughing at me and then makes remarks with other co-workers. There were also several customers in the waiting areas with similar issues with their vehicles, which comes on a repeat basis. I like to file a lawsuit against this dealership because they do not know the true meaning of business and treating their customers as second class citizens, when we as consumers makes monthly payments in order for them to have a paycheck in a timely manner.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2015

My first initial contract had the incorrect payment schedule. After a day or two of getting the run around they finally corrected THEIR mistake. But however with that correction of THEIR MISTAKE came with the Manager Andrew changing other things. I guess he thought I wasn't gonna read over the contract again. He extended my lease end date a whole year, the amount of the car went up $790.32, and he also made it where as though I couldn't purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease. I asked why such drastic changes after correcting THEIR MISTAKE once again. His response was "that's just the way it is..." Oh mind you with the correction the amount of my payment remained the same so again doesn't explain all of the other changes to the contract.

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Original review: July 31, 2015

There is no such things as A-1 credit in this economy. But there is definitely no reason to be ripped-off, and treated like second class citizens because less than perfect or bad credit. I'm not going into full detail of the horrible experience, but I would like to highlight the things to look for if you do not want to take my advice and not go at all.

1. Don't Go. (But if you must) A. Research the car, they are offering, (use Carfax please). In this matter (time is not of the essence) do not be rushed to make a decision. They need your business to stay in business.

B. Review their contract. A lot paper, lots of backwards terminology that borderlines as legal. And I mean on the razor edge legal, there are many figures and total, make them spell it out if necessary. They have you sitting for hours, so when it's time to sign the contract you just want to leave so you're willing to sign your life away, and that's exactly what happens.

C. They are not a buy here, pay here company for good reason, only ACH (electronic payments) from your checking account. Always check your account, inform your bank to notify you if this tries to authorize unscheduled payments. (Trust, it was plenty shopping sprees at my expense.) D. These cars are leases, review your total payments, and look about 4 lines under that. There is a final lease payment ranging from $800-3500, depending on the piece of junk they are trying to unload.

One of the top people there. Not mentioning names, said he drives a Porsche, so despite that death-trap they sold you. Once you sign that contract, it's no longer his problem. That's a quote straight from horse mouth. Please walk on the side of caution, when dealing with this company. Too shady, not worth the stress, the hassle, or financial ruin...

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Original review: July 4, 2015

On April 29, 2014 I went into DriveHere with high hopes of purchasing a reliable car for myself and two children. I met with a salesman by the name of Devon. After a short discussion about the cars that DriveHere had to offer me, the salesman pointed to a 2004 Saturn Ion which he highly recommended. So with good faith, I decided to test drive the 2004 Saturn Ion. While test driving the Saturn Ion, I noticed that the coolant light was on which I then pointed out to the salesman who reassured me that the problem could easily be fixed.

After pulling back into the lot and inspecting the car, I noticed that there were a few other minor issues; the hood handle was broken so we could not properly open the hood to the car and the car was in need of an oil change. I was notified that the car had an open recall on its ignition switch and that it would be taken care of free of charge by GM. After being promised that DriveHere's service center would fix any and all of my other complaints. I decided to go with the 2004 Saturn Ion. I was told that I was signing a 2-year lease agreement with the option to buy at the end of the contract.

After signing for the vehicle, I then made my first appointment with the service center to get the issues fixed with the car as I was promised. After sitting in DriveHere for several hours with my two children, I was told that the coolant light was on due to a temp sensor that needed to be replaced. I was then told that they would order the parts for the sensor and the hood handle and that I would be notified when the parts were in. After a week of no phone call, I decided to call and check on the status of my car parts just to be told that they would call me when they received the parts.

After several phone call and visits to the shop to get the car repaired, my request were still ignored. In the month of February 2015, the heat in the car stopped working. I notified DriveHere that the coolant light was still on and that now my car was also beginning to overheat. I was then able to bring the car in for repairs but before I could even drive off the lot, I noticed the coolant light was still on and I notified DriveHere once again. The car was taken to DriveHere 3 times during the month of February with no resolution to my coolant light issue.

During the beginning of April 2015, while driving home from work, the car began to smoke/overheat and I noticed a leak in the driveway coming from under the car. I notified DriveHere and was told to bring the car in. After stopping to fuel, my tank and replace the coolant fluid, the car would not restart again and I was forced to leave the car at Wawa until DriveHere could get their tow truck driver out to get it. The car stayed parked at Wawa for 3 days and after several phone calls with DriveHere, I was then told that the tow truck would not service me because I was out of their jurisdiction. I was then notified by the service center to go get the recall fixed before bringing it back to them.

After paying for my own tow to GM to get the recall repairs done, the car still would not start and was towed to DriveHere for further service. After DriveHere finally repaired the issue, I picked up the car and once again the coolant light was still on. I was instructed to drive it a couple miles by DriveHere's service techs and that the light would eventually go off on its own. At the end of April 2015, I took the car back to DriveHere for a state inspection. At that time not only was the coolant light still on, the check engine light had come on as well, but DriveHere let my car pass state inspection regardless of those two very important warning lights being on.

In the middle of May 2015 after a long day at work, I returned to my car to drive home but the car would not start. I tried getting a jump and after several failed attempts, I called DriveHere to ask for a tow and for the car to be serviced. The car sat in the parking lot of my place of work for 2 days before eventually being towed. The next day I was notified that my car was fixed and ready to be picked up. At that time I was stranded in New Jersey with no way to get to the car. I made DriveHere aware that it would take me several hours to take public transportation to get to the car and that I wanted the keys to be left with the customer service center since their repair shop closed at 7:00.

After a cab ride, a bus ride, a train ride my fiance and I finally reached Philadelphia around 7:30 but we still had about a 3-4 mile walk to get to their location. I called DriveHere twice during my walk to let them know where exactly I was and that I was coming to retrieve my car. When I arrived at DriveHere at 8:05 the lights were off, the doors were locked and there was a security guard patrolling. I noticed my car was parked out front and I approached the security guard to try to retrieve my keys. I was then told by the security guard that my car was a repo from New York. I assured the security guard that I had never missed a payment nor did I ever live in New York and that the car was simply there for repairs.

After an exchange of words, he refused to call his manager/store owner and threatened to shoot my fiance and I if we stepped foot in the car. My fiance called the police who arrived quickly and after a long altercation, the security guard finally called the store owner who then allowed us to retrieve the car. The following day I was so distraught by the night's event that my fiance and I took it upon ourselves to go down to DriveHere and speak with the customer service manager Shantel who in return gave us no comfort or resolution to our ongoing problems with DriveHere.

In June 2015 not only was the check engine light still on, the battery light came on. The car broke down once again. I was able to get a jump to start the car but the power steering went out and the service vehicle light came on. I was told that the car needed an alternator. I was able to get the car over to an auto shop where they then fully charged the battery enough for me to drive it over to DriveHere. When I did park the car at DriveHere, it would not start again. I made DriveHere aware that it needed an alternator and I was told the car would be ready in a few hours. I waited several hours before returning to DriveHere to see if my car was ready for pick up. When I arrived there I was told that they were still waiting on a part for the car.

While talking to the service reps, I noticed that their mechanics were installing a new glass window on the left passenger side of my vehicle. When I asked why I was getting a new glass window, I was told two different stories before the service manager, Juan finally said that they accidentally broke it. After the glass was installed, I was told that the car was ready and that I owed DriveHere $40 for a used battery with no warranty. After arguing with the service manager Juan and refusing to pay for a battery that I did not ask for nor agreed to install, I attempted to reach out to the customer service manager Shantel.

After the two managers laughed about breaking my car window, the service manager Juan then came up with the idea to then charge me for a $60 diagnostic fee instead of the battery fee. I refused to pay once again because I knew that DriveHere had not resolved the issue at hand. He then told my fiance to not bring the car back to DriveHere for anymore service issues. After returning to my car and starting the car, I noticed the battery light and check engine light were still on which indicated that once again DriveHere did nothing to resolve my issue. I went back in to make the managers aware of the issue but I was once again ignored and forced to drive back home.

The following day the car broke down. DriveHere towed it back to their shop and after several attempted phone calls to get the issue resolved, I was told that they would call me when the car was ready. It is now July 3, 2015 - after 2 weeks of not receiving a phone call from Drive Here, I went to check on the car. I was told by the customer service reps that there was no open file on the car and that it had not been serviced. After several failed attempts to work with DriveHere, I have concluded that I can no longer afford to continue with my lease.

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Original review: June 7, 2015

Car stopped running after 3 days. Got the vehicle on Wednesday 6/3/15, had to get it towed back on Saturday 6/6/15! Still waiting for a call about it, but after reading other reviews I'm a little concerned! I will write another review once I get the info about the outcome! I REALLY hope I go through it with these guys because I WILL have the NEWS involved RIGHT Away!!!

UPDATED ON 06/18/2015: I DID have the vehicle towed. The service technician said it was the fuel pump that needed to be replaced. They towed the car on Saturday, kept it 4 days. I picked it up Thursday, drove it to work on Friday, drove it back home from work, drove it back to the job for an evening event, went to leave the event to drop my sister off at home… CAR WOULDN'T START, AGAIN!! I left the vehicle in my jobs parking lot, caught the bus home. Got to work the next day, called for ANOTHER tow. They came to tow the car, and they also had someone from the company come pick me up from work to take me to the office to pick up a loaner vehicle.

Ok, so that's GREAT (I THOUGHT). WELLLLLL, the loaner does start without a problem, BUT… it has NO air, NO horn, the passenger side window doesn't go down, AND the wipers DOESN'T WORK!!! Sooo, for two days (that it rained) I COULDN'T DRIVE IT. Meanwhile, they still have my vehicle, and I'm STUCK with this one. But, I must say the customer service at this office is AWESOME!!! But the cars are JUNK!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2015

Bought the car from on a note (lease), 2004 Chrysler Sebring coupe red. October 2014 odo 97,000 miles. Didn't mind the deal on the car, they never gave a blue book comparison. Car is $13,000.00 plus interest. I was so happy to be finally approved I thought it would build my credit. Now I do not know if they are taking extra money directly from my bank account. Come to find out that the car real value isn't even over $4,000.00. Every time I needed heat it worked for 3 mins on the highest level, but as soon as you take off on the gas for more acceleration the car makes this loud noise from the heat until you shut it off.

Within these months having the car several issues, ongoing alarm - which caused multiple jumps, the alarm activated on its own. I took the care to in Philadelphia near the airport or Essington. They said they couldn't do anything about it and they would call when they could, after making me wait 2 hours for them to tell me. They cut the horn and my HEADLIGHTS FUSE out. SO THE ALARM IS STILL ACTIVE, now it only clicks. The Carfax says the car had 0 accidents, but the car looks redone with metal parts on certain areas. When driving the car screams very loudly as if the engine is bad.

I took it to get brakes done. They took 3 hours of my time away from work to tell me to come back later that night because they were booked up. Asked them for the promised loaner, that we agreed on having whenever we have a issue with the vehicle, to be only told how they don't have any. Me and 5 other customers were pissed. They are very rude. They frauded to the capitol insurance company telling them I am born 4/14/1990 which would make me 25 this year (eligible for lower insurance rate) in order for them to make the sale which was 1$ down and plus the insurance. I ended up paying $220.00 or around that much for it. Didn't make insurance payment because I was told they would draw it from my account automatically, which made me wonder why most of my check was missing.

I told the insurance company that I thought it was automatically withdrawn so I missed payments. They looked it up and couldn't find me. I was born April 14, 1992 gave them my social and all, they said we have you for APRIL 14,1990 which would make me 25 this year. I told them I am 22 going on 23 at the time along with my social. Waited five minutes now my rate went up, and what I owed went up. CAR SUFFERED BROKEN RADIATOR. SLIPPERY TIRES THAT CAME WITH THE CAR CAUSED MY NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE TWICE. The inside dash of the car looks reconstructed with screws and bolts as if everything was took apart. Now I have to pay high insurance and for a car which was supposed to build my credit. I do not want to continue to bore, please help. They need to be sued, these are lemon cars. If I knew I was being scammed I would not have ever went.

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Company Name:, Drive Here, DriveHere
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6729 Essington Ave
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United States

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