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Oklahoma City, OK

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They were professional and pleasant. I would recommend Eskridge Honda to anyone in the market around Lawton OK to OKC! Steve and Larry helped us and they made it easy as ordering a milkshake! Thank you so much!!!

Bought a 2016 Honda Accord from Eskridge Honda on 26 May 16. Overall, this was the best experience I have had with any automobile dealership. There was no pressure to buy something I was not interested in. The representative that I dealt with directly (Steve **), along with the others that I had contact with, were extremely helpful and displayed trust and honesty throughout the process. I will definitely look to them first for future purchases.

The mini van I buy they say the services people check everything on the mini van. I pay 8,199 and the engine have a bad lifter. I use the mini van only for 2 hours and the noise still there. No one wants to help me with this issue. The services supervisor from Eskridge Honda say can't help. It's not the first time I buy a car from a Honda motors and it's the first time I have a problem and nobody want to help me. I was thinking the people have honesty. I can't believe those people sell a mini van with a bad motor.

Disrespected and not given the same customer appreciation and common courtesy by not giving the same dealership for life, oil changes for life, etc. that was offered to all other new car buyers just four weeks after I purchased a new 2014 Honda Accord. The general manager called my home after my complaint with Honda to rectify the situation and only refused to offer the same free offer that was given to other customers, only to leave me more disappointed that I even bought the car there in the first place thinking Eskridge was a dealership that gave the same respect to the customer after the sale as they DID before the sale, and he DID not and he didn't have a clue how to do it.

I didn't understand why he even called me in the first place if he wasn't going to extend the same courtesy of oil changes for life. This is just a gimmick to frustrate the customer and if you purchased your new car a few days or weeks before June 1st, it's too bad, so sad.

Buyer beware! I got ripped off on a trade-in, only to find out the car they sold me had one useless tire, and needed all sorts of mechanical repairs... A year later, I have spent several thousand dollars on repairs on the vehicle they sold me. The day after I traded my car for another, I called them and told them I was unhappy with the car and wanted my other car back, and he said the "deal is done..." which further indicates to me that he knew that he had taken advantage of me and that I had gotten ripped off. If you are a single woman, do not go to Eskridge. They will take advantage of you. They saw me coming a mile away. It's sad. However, they will not be receiving any further business from me.

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If I could give them zero stars, I would. They ripped me off when fixing my car. It wasn't even a day later that I had to bring it in and it wasn't even my fault. They were completely rude about it too! When I called them on the phone, the service guy just yelled at me and told me to call back when the manager was there! I didn't even raise my voice at the man!

One week ago, we purchased our car from Michael ** at Eskridge Honda. My husband and I have been considering getting a newer model of the car we already had which was a Honda Pilot. We had looked at them briefly when we bought our daughter's car in March 2012 (she also got a Honda; hers is a '11 Civic). We waited because we didn't really need a newer one as my 2004 Honda Pilot was in great condition with 124,000 miles on it! However, we decided to go ahead with it primarily based on Michael's customer service level and believe it or not, his transparency! He is the only car salesman I have ever met that I thought to myself, "this is an honest guy! He's not a sleazy liar."

Now, before people reading this get angry or offended, I am not saying all car salesmen are sleazy liars. I am just saying this is the first time I've met one that I didn't have a nagging gut feeling that I was being jerked around! He was honest and patient while we made our decision and I will buy my next car from him as well! My husband is up next for a new one! Michael is our guy! We will buy from him again! The paperwork was quick and easy and I really appreciated their team staying late with us (that's a shout out to Mara!). Michael spoke very highly of the company he works for and specifically was complimentary of Kim whom he says was very encouraging to him in his new job! It's awesome to shop somewhere that the employees are happy with their company and coworkers! Great job, Michael ** and the Eskridge Honda team!

On July 10, 2010 I purchased a 1999 Honda Odyssey. My husband was told there was nothing wrong with it, and that their service department had inspected it. He brought the vehicle in on July 26, 2010 because of transmission problems (as the transmission started jumping and dragging). He was told by Jeff, the service manager, that my transmission was okay; that the vehicle needed motor mounts, and a catalytic converter. The unnamed individual told my husband that "we did not check the vehicle to see if it had any problems. We changed the oil, and cleaned it up, and put it out for sale".

After a brief argument, he stated "I don't have to do anything for you, and I am not going to make you whole". He went to state that "the catalytic converter would cost $1,200, and the motor mounts would cost $691, that we would split the cost". After another brief argument, he stated "I have a friend that can maybe build you a catalytic converter and save you money. " He called his friend (or pretended too). He then stated "we can get the cost down to about $1100, and split the difference. My husband said okay.

After two days the vehicle was ready, however they did not put a new catalytic converter on the vehicle. They put one motor mount, which can be seen (the invoice state two motor mounts were installed), however, the invoice does not say anything about a catalytic converter! In fact, the invoice states: Total Invoice 0.00. My husband had to pay $553.00 before they would give him the vehicle. Yes, the transmission problems still exist, but we were told "your transmission is okay.". The bottom line, they sold us a vehicle that needed motor mounts, and a transmission, and then they screwed us out of more money! The face of the invoice it states: Eskridge Auto Group (and under that it states) "good service isn't hard to find".

They have caused grief, severe depression, stress, and anxiety. My husband and I are arguing with one another, as we have lost our money ($5,000.00) because of a bad investment. It will take thousands of dollars in attorney's fees to recover, which we don't have.

I have a honda accord 2004. When it had 35,000 miles on it i noticed transmission fluid on the driveway. I took it to the dealer and they put a new seal in it. Stopped the leak. Two months later it leaked again and the dealership put a new transmission in the car. This is my third honda and have had no problems like this before. I was really concerned when they had to put a new transmission in my accord with only 35 K on it. Thinking about changing to toyota!!!

We bought a used Honda Odessy 2000. We have had several problems with it. Back sliding doors opening and closing for no reason. Cataletic convertor going out. The TCS light staying on and not going off. The dash Lights stopped working. Just to name a few of our problems we have endured.

And now the transmission is not working right and we can only drive 5 to 10 mph. We took it to the Honda place and they say that all the clutches in the transmission are bad and need to be replaced. And that our miles on the Van are still within the warranty. But , that we have a problem as the Honda company does not want to help repair this under the warranty. Due to the fact that They say that the car was manufactured in Canada. Even though we bought the car here in Oklahoma. They are not willing to help us.

We had no ideal that the used car we purchased was from Canada. We have no documents stating this other than there word per say.

We where given a number for Customer Relations on March 5, 2007 to call.. !800-999-1009. We supplied them with the vin number and other info they wanted only to be told we would be given to a case manager. No help there. We have kept our van up as the maintance was required and now are having all these problems and seems to be no help out here.

I paid $1000.00 for a 100,000 mile warrenty. At the time I was told it was a bumper to bumper warrenty (which said to me it covered everything) They said the only thing that wasn't covered by the warrenty was the tires and struts. I had a problem with the paint chipping (I have a 1986 honda Acord and the paint did oxydize but it still is not chipping) they told me it was a road hazzard not covered by my warrenty.

Recently I had the seals on the front doors split. They told me it was not covered by my warrenty. I feel like the extended warrenty was misrepresented to me at the time of sale. So what is covered by my warrenty. I purchased it so I would have peace of mind as my husband and I are on a fixed income, and knew we would not have the money to do extensive repairs.

My Honda is a 2005 accord and I always trust in Honda quality, I generally like and trust Eskridge Honda they have been very nice to us however I do feel like I was sold a warrenty by misrepresentation. That is my only complaint with them, I just want to get my repairs done and I feel like they should do them since they told me everything was covered except tires and struts. Does everything not always mean everything?

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