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47 Taylor Kia Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2018

At Taylor Kia: 1) The customer is always last. 2) They never keep their promises. 3) They never call back when they say they will. 4) They will make you wait hours for simple tasks. 5) They are as shady as they come. Long story short, I'm stuck paying over $1,600 for a bent rear axle and bent shock mount on a 2016 Hyundai Elantra that I had nothing to do with. Their so called service team "claimed" it was in a "fresh" accident when there wasn't any body damage whatsoever. Both the repair shops I went to said there was no way they could tell when the axle was bent and with the placement of where it was bent it wasn't in an accident. One mechanic said more than likely when the car was repossessed the person towing the car hooked it wrong.

My wife and I dealt with many of Taylor Kia's staff and managers and kept getting the runaround for weeks. Every time we would talk to someone different, they said they would call back. They didn't. General Sales Manager Brandon ** (coward), the person who was suppose to be dealing with us, never call us back after leaving 5 messages by my wife and I on multiple days. He was suppose to get a hold of a Shane who was suppose to make the decision, but of course he didn't even want to hear a word I had to say.

My wife wanted to talk to Steve Taylor (who likes to hide and doesn't take personal calls) and talked to an Alex that went nowhere as well. Overall, I'm just very frustrated that Taylor Kia completely screwed me over. I know there are many other customers Taylor Kia screwed over that they heartlessly turned the other way on just like me, but just remember... bad karma will eventually get those who are greedy and uncompassionate.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

On Oct 16, 2017 myself and my Mother went into Taylor Kia Lima Ohio to see about getting me a used car. Salesman Ron ** met us at the door and brought us in. I was very upfront and honest about my situation telling him I was starting over and had no money for a down payment. Ron ** says to me, "Let me see what we can do." After a half hour he comes back and say I have three options, a trade in which I had told him I did not have, a consigner which I did not have, or $500 down payment which I initially had told him I didn't have.

He went as far as to suggest that I go to a Payday Loan establishment to get this in which I said no way!! My Mother and I left around 9:45 am and at 10:05 Ron ** calls me and leaves a voicemail and text message stating his Manager had got me an approval for $0 down!! I called him back and he "Swore" that it was true and I would drive today.

My Mother then brought me back and Ron went and got a 2006 Kia Serento van, I test drove it and it ran great. We come back and set down fill out references and he even helps me with numbers off the computer for insurance so that I could drive it off the lot. After 1 1/2 hours I finally get the insurance thru Gieco, my Mother uses her credit card to pay for it, Gieco is faxing the info to Ron ** email and then he sets down and hits us with well we found a reposession so the $0 down is out the window, Mind you I had told him all this in the beginning but he allowed us to set there while I stressed about the insurance, I finally get it and he shows a down payment of $949, puts an X thru that and writes $500 down on the paper he had been carrying around all this.. time!!

He knew the whole time what his intention was and allowed my Mother who had things to do waste 4 hours of her time and mine to still say I neede $500 down, he then gets up and walks away and now my Mother is waiting to have the $196 she paid for insurance on a car I didn't get because Ron ** lied to us. It was very Disrespectful and Embarrassing that he done that to us in front of strangers!! I was Straight with him from the beginning. I shook his hand and he treated us like DIRT!!! That is the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a so called Dealership in my own hometown!!! No one's life is perfect but a Liar and Decevier I am not!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

My husband bought this used car 1999 Cadillac Deville from Taylor Kia, Perrysburg, Ohio salesman James **. He presented the car as a one owner with no mechanical problems. He had to have the headlights fixed first. They wouldn’t work at night then the pan gasket on the motor was bad. Mind you my husband is 68 years old. Next the car would start sometimes. Took the battery to a battery shop. It was good so now there’s an electrical problem not to say their shuttle bus backed into it 3 weeks after purchase that totaled it through Sentry Insurance. He paid 3300.00 dollars for the car. The insurance company gave him 1700.00 for the car. 7 months later he has put around 1000.00 miles on the car. This is what they do to the disabled living on 1200.00 between my husband and I. Very nice people. Ha ha. What a bunch of crooks to take advantage of us. They are rotten to the core and don’t care who they screw over.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

I purchased a brand new 2016 Rio at Taylor in Findlay, OH. The salesman pressured me, never gave me any way to bargain. The reason I purchased a new car is because they were charging me an outrage price to have my Forte worked on. It was easier on my part to do this. Now a year later it's time to buy new tags for this but, I DO NOT have the registration for the Rio. They didn't send it to me. Such irresponsibility on their part. I now need to do the run around with them and they aren't open today for its Labor Day weekend. Very frustrated.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

Bought car because low miles it had on it, figured it would be great car for her. She saved $1000.00 to put down and traded her old clunker in at Taylor Kia in lima. The motor crapped out 9 days later stranding her and 3 yr old son on the e-way in the cold. On their way to central Ave Taylor kia to have problems checked, they gave the run around and found a broken fuel line clip. That was not the problem, I told them when they called that probably did not cause the multiple misfires obd scan showed me it had. Four days of not hearing from them my son in law told me he called and it was now at Ford. I called them took a while to jog their memory but yep at Ford, got a "I'll get back with you".

My son in law got ahold of Ford and found out cyl #1 and 2 were shot and our low mileage 3 yr old vehicle 54,000 miles did not even have the original motor in it. It was replaced with a non factory motor aka junkyard motor with who knows how many miles on it. Remember the motor died must have been many miles on it. So she bought a car solely because low miles and it was priced accordingly not cheap and got a car with who knows how many miles on it. They act like they did not know the history of the vehicle. I find it hard to believe they took a car 3 yrs old with 54,000 miles on it and never checked the history of it. They just don't work that way, they screw you not the other way around. At least ford is making it right putting new motor in.

The point is Taylor kia was paid full price $10,000 for a vehicle they did an inspection on and sold advertising low miles, runs great and say they did not notice was running on 2 cylinders. Again obd scanner will tell you this real fast, hard to believe they did not know this at the least, and it had low tires fluids. Low again, they ran it through an inspection they said, and we did not buy as is. I asked to talk to Steve ** and was told he don't like to deal with problems. I say then maybe you should get your mug off the TV then. IF YOU ARE SMART YOU MIGHT WANT TO STAY AWAY FROM 'OLE STEVE ** AND HIS MOTLEY CREW.

Hope this can save somebody else from this nightmare. Watch the paperwork. Don't sign the arbitrary paper they slide in your do not have to not mandatory, it keeps them from being in front of a court or jury. You go in front of an arbitrary panel who kia chooses or agrees to. SHADY SHADY. I will make it my duty to inform every person I can, channel 13 call for action, loan holder, social media, many other avenues. Did I mention a week with no vehicle so far and still fighting for a loaner car. Thanks a lot Steve **, hope you lose your license to sell vehicles, found a place to file report for that too. My goal in life now is to expose how Taylor Kia does business and yes sir better business Bureau also.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

After purchasing a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan from Taylor Kia of Lima Ohio on 2/8/17, my transmission began slipping. On 2/13/17, I had the transmission diagnosed finding metal shavings in the transmission pan. The transmission needed to be overhauled. Taylor Kia of Lima ohio would do nothing to support the issue-problem. Based on my experience I suggest no purchases used vehicles from Taylor Kia of Lima Ohio!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

Had car towed there and knew what was wrong with it but couldn't fix it myself. They of course charged a lot but then it was like they wanted to keep finding things wrong with my car. Felt like I was getting ripped. Was around $1125 to fix and I was supposed to have it back for an inspection for the volunteer fire department I am on but never got a call from them. Next day they were happy to tell me they took some off the bill to get it under $1100, slap in the face. As soon as I started driving home there is a serious shake in the front end, I believe the brakes, that was not there. No return calls. Having it looked at somewhere else because I am afraid the front tires or brakes are going to fall off. DO NOT have your car serviced here!! Anywhere is better and safer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

NEVER again! This experience has been a joke since day one. Messed up trade-in and still in limbo. (They cannot get info straight, trade-in still sitting in a parking lot waiting to be towed... former finance people at a loss at Taylor Kia's "incompetence".) Gave us the car FILTHY and also with the previous owners complete information still in vehicle... including the deceased spouses' personal information still in glove box (good for them we are honest people!) Hey Steve... how about managing your business instead of worrying about ** such as free grills and autographed bbq sauce? Autographed? Lol. I wanted to like this dealer, I truly did, but this is the most unprofessional, disorganized, filthy, lying place I have ever had to deal with when it comes to vehicles. Disgusting. Avoid at all costs!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2016

This does not even deserve one star. Bought a car May 21, a 2010 Sonata to be exact... Said the car was perfect and they didn't offer an extended warranty. On July 17, my car shut off with no warning or engine/oil lights, nothing, just shut off while going 60 mph in the middle of nowhere. Got it looked at and it needs a new engine. There is NO way that a 2010 vehicle has an engine blow out of the nowhere unless they knew about the issue and covered it up and not disclosing information to us. While trying to get this taken care of, I have had to call several times a day, only to be transferred and getting voicemail after voicemail.

No one that I have talked with has known what they were even talking about and the worst part is the guy who sold me the car rushes me off the phone every single time I wanna speak with the manager then I would never get a call back. Today they gave me a quote to fix my car... $4100, mind you... My car before tax and interest was only $6790ish. I should not have this issue right now and somehow I do but they are not willing to fix the problem THEY CREATED. DO NOT GO TO TAYLOR AUTO ON CENTRAL AVE. They will milk you for your money and not help out their customers when they were the ones who sold a young girl a POS car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2016

I saw a commercial a few days ago about how Taylor Kia would pay up to $6,000 over the KBB value of your trade in. I was interested because I bought a car 8 months ago that I didn't really want anymore but had a loan and the KBB price was less than the loan price. The KBB value of my car is $4,200 as a trade in and I have it financed for $6,800.

I typed in all my info about my car on their site and got a call from a sales person the next day telling me my car was a high demand car. I told him I need close to the amount I have it financed for and I told him the amount and he said they would work very hard to get it close to that amount and seemed happy about it. I was very serious about him not wasting my time. Because my SUV has a V8 engine and we live an hour away. He said that we had to bring it in for them to know what they could pay because an appraiser would have to look at my car. So I agreed because he made me feel like we would be able to get a good deal.

So in the crappy rain/snow mix weather my husband and I drove an hour to get there and we walked in and said we had an appointment with Jason and the salesperson took us back to his office area. I'm guessing Jason was busy. So he was working with us and I explained the situation to him and he immediately started acting like they weren't going to give me what I wanted. So he got all our info, our license and income. He asked us what payment we wanted and I wanted to stay around $200 a month because that's what I'm currently paying.

He ran our credit and said that since we have decent credit that they could possibly put us in a pre owned vehicle. But that we would be paying around $400 a month and I said no, and he was wanting to put us in a 2013 Ford Edge and I asked how much it was and he said he didn't know. Which is BS! I told him I wanted a car around $10,000 and that they had a Ford Escape for that much. He started saying they can't do that because they need to hide my negative equity. I asked how much negative equity and he wouldn't tell me. Which I should also add that when they "appraised" my car all the appraiser did was walk to the driver side, open the door, got the vin, and the mileage and that was all. THEY COULD OF DONE THAT OVER THE PHONE!!!

Anyways the salesperson went and got Jason and Jason told us they would give us an amount that was LESS THAN KBB VALUE!! I went there because they were offering more than KBB value, but they offered me LESS! And told me they only offer that $6,000 if you buy a $40,000 car. This place is a joke, I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. Waste of time!! They didn't care either that they wasted my time, gas and energy. I saw a sign that said they want to be #1 in the region. LOL they will never be #1 with that service. They don't care about their customers.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

I went there in June 2015. A young sales guy approached me and asked how he could help. I told him I would like to look at/test drive the Sedona minivan. He said, "OK, come on inside so we can get some info 1st." He made a copy of my insurance card and driver's license (I understand that, no problem) and then said "Let's talk money. Where do you want to be on your payment?" I told him, "Hey, let's drive the van first and see if I even like it. Then we'll talk payments." He refused and said he wasn't going anywhere until he knew how much a month I was willing to pay for a vehicle.

I told him that I wanted my driver's license, insurance card and vehicle keys (They were supposed to be evaluating my trade in while I was test driving the new van). He refused to give any of the above to me until I'd spoken to his Sales Manager. I actually had to get my phone out of my purse and threaten to call the cops in order for him to give me my property back!! Can you believe that!! Then the guy had the nerve to follow me out onto the lot to my vehicle and kept saying, "Just stay here so my sales manager can talk to you." I told him to (BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP) off as I drove away.

Funny thing is, I ended up going to the next closest dealership in Michigan (about an hour away) and bought a 2015 Sedona and a 2015 Optima for my husband!! The sales guy there was extremely polite, professional and respectful. I was in and out within a few hours, they took my other van as a trade in and let me drive the new vehicles all over the place on the test rides. The sales guy even followed me back to Perrysburg so he could finish getting some paperwork completed that I had not gotten done before I left the dealership. He went over and above what he had to do to sell me the vehicles. Both my husband and I will be returning Kia customers but WILL NOT buy from Taylor Kia in Findlay, Toledo or Lima Ohio!!

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

CAR SHOPPERS BEWARE! After listening to all the commercials about the great deals and they have the banks on speed dial and they can get everyone approved my wife and I took a ride to Taylor ** of Toledo. We pre-applied online with a credit app and Jennelle ** sent us a e-mail saying they had lenders who wanted to work with us and we needed to set an appointment. We did all of this... had a appointment to meet with the finance manager who we never got to see and were greeted by a salesman Andrew **.

The salesman was GREAT, very friendly, personable and really wanted to help. He got all of our pay stubs and monthly income and filled out the paperwork for the finance manager and then proceeded to show us a few vehicles. We found the one we liked and after being there from 7:15 to 11:00 at night we were told that some of the banks could not be contacted because of the time... but were told earlier by the salesman that they were on a network with the banks and made it sound like the banks worked around the clock.

Finally at 11:00pm watching the cleaning service mopping the floors we were told they would not have an answer until the following day... We waited until 2:00pm and called the salesman to get his voicemail and never got a call back 2 days later. What false advertising and bad customer service... I can understand if we didn't get approved...we wanted to trade our car in and were upside down a bit, but they say in their commercials they will pay up to 7,000.00 to get you out of your car... but yet I was having to put 5,000 of the negative difference of what they said they could give me for my 2013 with only 36K. Have the balls to call a customer back and tell them you can’t live up to your commercial boasting... Shame on you folks... You have a great car line up, but your management, finance and sales people suck! NO SMILEYS HERE! :(

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

My Mother helped me purchase a car due to the fact I was laid off from my job. The salesperson was nice. The office manager was very rude, asked my mother if she wanted to by anyone else a car. I had done business with Kia before and not pleased but warranty on the vehicles are great. Anyway few months I received calls on my cell. Phone stating that my car note had went up to $500.00 per month from due to a mistake with the bank. And that I should come in to correct this information. I called Ally and they stated all was correct. And that my note was $300.00 per month, due on the 13th.

I couldn't believe they would play phone games with their customers. And to think that I would be some dumb to even call them back. My mother said I should call the BBB. Felt violated and I should have called the police trying to pull a scam on me. Back working now and I want to put my car in my name only but I don't trust Kia anymore, the one on Central Avenue.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

Worst customer service ever!!! The finance manager, Chris, threw his folder & pen on the desk and told me to leave when I declined a car due to the length of terms for the financing. Ziad, other finance manager, sighed loudly and was very rude as I read over the sales contract. Ziad did later apologize for his unprofessional behavior. The only saving grace was the salesman, Morey. I was appalled that upper management acted in such an unprofessional manner. This is not how you win over a customer. I would never recommend this dealership as I would never wish this horrible treatment on even my worst enemy!

19 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 17, 2015

They were being bullies not letting me go. Kept trying to sell me a car that I kept saying NO to price--was too high. I said multiple times that I was ready to go that I did not want to buy the car. That I wanted my keys. They kept trying to sell. I got up and got my keys and left the store manager. Tried following me out trying to cool me off that made me even more mad. It even said no bully sales team.

14 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

Taylor Kia in Lima, Ohio is the worst! I was sold a Ford Fiesta. I was told touch up paint and a sunroof would be added to my car, it sure was added to my loan! Over a month later, neither have happened. They originally said they would offer me a lender vehicle and now nothing and not to mention the sunroof install is being done 3 hours away??? When you call absolutely no one returns or answers calls. I am forced to get an attorney at this point! Please save yourself the headaches and DO NOT go to Taylor Kia. I wished I would have read the reviews first. Wow! 1 star. I'm shocked they still have business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

I received a letter telling me my 2011 Kia optima was wanted by waiting consumers. They estimated my worth of my car near 12,000. They said they would put me in a 2015 of my car for cheaper payments and would pay off my car. They lied and cheated me and added what I owed on my old car to the new car. My payment is higher and they still never paid my old car off. I am currently getting calls from Ally financial stating my old car is past due and I don't even have it. They take advantage of people who just want something nice to drive and take care of their families. I will never buy from them again. And I suggest that everyone read everything before you sign.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2015

I will NEVER buy another car from Taylor Kia Lima. Purchased Mazda on June 20. Was supposed to have it on Friday the 26th (they posted it online before servicing it. Their Mistake #1. Was told it would take a week to replace rotors and fix rear door). Was told the 25th had to send it to dealer in Fostoria for recall work (I've since checked and there are no recalls on this vehicle). Would be done the 30th. Made the mistake of telling them we would be on vacation. Called July 6 to pick up. STILL not ready. Talked to GM and was told the service guy in charge of taking it to Fostoria was fired. (Their mistake #2). As an excuse that was pretty lame. Not happy to get first payment notice before I even get the car. It took 17 days to take delivery on it. And the check engine light is on. Taking it to Fostoria Mazda dealer for warranty work. Hopefully this is not an omen.

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Original review: June 27, 2015

Our 2011 Sedona minivan has performed very well and now has 45K miles. The inside door latch (sliding door) stopped working and Taylor did fix it but failed to call me when the parts arrived. The pressure on any customer to purchase a new car when you arrive is unbelievable and begins with the service representative. The dealership leaves messages on my voice mail at least once a month and send letters which look personal with no return address or name; these are just "personalized" Kia ads. They send frequent e-mail ads and requests for evaluation of their service which is typical.

When a chipmunk chewed through a wire in my wire harness, the service department could have told me and offered to clamp or solder the solitary wire. Instead, they cut the remaining wire and informed me that a new wiring harness and labor would cost $1600. This was also an insurance claim. When the repairs had been made, their cashier refused to accept my corporate check and **, the owner, had to sign it.

On the last visit, they pulled my air filter and cabin air filter to show me how dirty they were and offered to replace them for $70. I refused and did it myself for $20. To their credit, the service department did vacuum and wash the van and lubed a squeaky door for free. They quickly knew that I would not tolerate any nonsense from them. It may be difficult to locate a decent dealer to purchase the next van. I only purchase new Kia's and Hyundai's because of their warranties. Hyundai even replaced a transmission for me at 35K miles. You cannot beat the warranties and I have experienced no significant quality issues.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2015

During my purchase process that took over 3 hours, I was told I could only buy a new car, not a used one with a credit score of 670. And the only car the bank would approve me for was the Kia Rio. The finance guy ** told me they were upgrading to the platinum package for the warranty, not that he was adding over $2000.00 to my loan for extended warranty I didn't want. Within 10k miles had transmission problems, took 4 visits and being told by a mechanic at Taylor Kia Findlay that I bought the cheapest car Kia makes so what did I expect! Mechanic stated that it's going to run rougher.

Finally after multiple visits I took a male friend with me and then the mechanic said there's a problem with the transmission. At this point I thought my car would get fixed but that wasn't the case. They said it had to be approved, they got it approved. So took my brand new Kia Rio in to get the transmission replaced. They had my car 1 day and called to say it was done. When I picked my car I was expecting a transmission that would shift like it should but nope that didn't happen either. Instead I got in my car and it drove and shifted like it did before I dropped it off! Am I surprised?

Nope! I asked for a receipt for the transmission replacement and was told they would mail it to me. I never received it. Makes me think they are scamming! I know my car did not get the transmission, so where did it go? This dealership is a bunch of crooks! All of the Taylor Kias should be shut down, especially the Findlay location. Beware of this dealership, the salesman **, finance guy **, and all people in the service department. Don't waste your hard earned money on a Kia.

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38 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 26, 2015

Awful experience. I believe most of these other 5-star reviews are actually done by people who work for their dealership. I will do my best to sum this story up. First off, this dealership uses false advertisement as a tactic to get you in the door - if their ad it originally said $3,500 on any trade towards a new car, when you take the time to go the dealership, it changes. Second is I had my car for about two weeks. I received phone calls throughout these two weeks because of paperwork they failed to have me bring in the first place (interesting because they still gave me the keys, right). Third, I would like to start by saying I was not told about do a phone interview with the bank until at the last minute when they're calling/texting me when I made it clear I was at work. I was tired of the harassing phone calls that day so I told them I wanted to speak with a manager.

When I began to tell him this has been nothing but a complete hassle with them for the last two weeks, and I asked after the phone interview was done with the bank if this would be complete because I was beginning to regret buying from them, rather then listening to what I had to say, he told me "We'd prefer if you would bring the car back anyways." Sounds like someone who REALLY wants to sell a car doesn't it? At this point, I asked to speak to the owner because I did not deserve the mistreatment for spending thousands of dollars. When the owner got on the phone and I tried explaining to him what a hassle this has been, he told me, "If you don't have that car back within an hour, I'm calling the police and reporting it stolen."

I did as they wished and took the car back, asked for my $1,000 I put down (which I still have yet to receive back on my bank card). After all this BS, I went to a different dealership and had asked if I could go with the same bank I was originally going to through. When this new dealership called the bank, the bank told them Taylor Kia informed them we had lied about our income... Sounds like slander to me especially when my cosigner and I both have proof of our income. I've had 0 problems with the new dealership. I would never recommend anybody to buy a car from Taylor Kia. BUYER BEWARE. Filed a complaint to the BBB and of course Taylor Kia is trying to lie their way out of it.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: March 19, 2015

Went in to refinance, had to wait over three hours while they search for a bank, ended up with a much higher loan with an out of this world interest!!! It was high!!! (well over 50% APR)!!! Well I gave my trust to **. He totally screwed me over. Watch out for him, actually don't go in at all, it is better to just get a used car somewhere else with reasonable interest. Seriously, this place is so terrible!!! I usually don't write reviews, but I am so furious and just wanted to warn others about this place.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2015

Took an 06 kia rio in & they replaced the starter. The very next day the car will not start. I return to taylor kia where the technicians tell me it was a bad starter. After about 3 months the problem returns. So I return to taylor kia where they tell me the starter is bad. The new starter they placed on my car has been discontinued and is not a "kia" part. This repair was done for free, however, I was out my time and 3 tows.

Next issues, engine light on, taylor kia replaces 2 of my 4 coils. They say it's a misfire code. One month later back again for the engine light. This time they say it's the spark plugs which made the coils bad. So now I have to replace the other 2 coils and the spark plugs. Which brings us to today, engine light back on, again misfire code, only after charging $101 for a diagnostic--they tell me they have no idea what the problem is... I will never go there again.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2015

I went to Taylor Kia and they put me in a 07 pt cruiser. I have been paying on it for 2 years now and I'm still at 9200 dollars. I have made 20 payments and I should be almost paid off but the loan company they got the loan from is charging me 23.43%. They overcharged me on this car. The horn sticks and the cruise control don't work. This car is not worth 9000 dollars.

21 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 30, 2014

I bought a car from Taylor Kia in Findlay back in 2010. Shortly after my purchase, I began receiving frequent telephone solicitation calls from Taylor - originating from Toledo and Findlay from multiple numbers. After several months I requested that my number be removed from phone solicitations. Assurances were given that no further calls would be received. Several weeks after this request was made, calls were still being received. This harassment has been ongoing up through and including September 29, 2014 at 5:36p when Asia called about a trade up/trade in promotion. Numerous attempts to reach Senior Management have been denied.

I was able to attempt to get resolution by discussing with Jay ** in Toledo and Jason ** in Findlay. Assurances again have been made but my confidence in action is quite low. Over the years I have been subjected to recordings of Steve Taylor singing Happy Birthday to me, multiple exclusive sale events and general contacts. I have informed them over and over (and over and over again) that I no longer want phone calls. Fair warning folks - if you buy from this company, you will NEVER get off of their call list. To date, I have filed with the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau. Social media avenues are next.

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Original review: Aug. 11, 2014

My husband and spent several days at Taylor Kia in Findlay to buy a car. We were told we were approved to buy ANY vehicle on the lot. Zero down and we were not going to trade-in anything. We picked a 2015 Optima and signed the loan papers and took the car home on Saturday evening. I had a couple of things I needed to fax them for their records, which I did.

On Monday I received a call that "the bank" would not give us the loan for the car if we did not trade-in my 2004 Expedition. I was really angry, as this was not part of the deal when we had already signed the sales agreement 2 days before. They should have NEVER let us take that car home, thinking we would love it and give in to their demands.

I feel I was mislead as the dealership decided to change the rules in the middle of the game. I refused to trade-in my car and I told them to come get theirs. I will NEVER EVER go back to this dealership again. You cannot sell a car, sign loan papers and then decide to change things on the buyer. Looks like I will be returning to the FORD dealership. Steve Taylor should take a good look at what they are doing, one bad apple CAN and WILL spoil the whole bunch in a business like this. Sure the staff was great, but the tactics they use are very deceptive. My advice to car buyers is to keep on driving by this dealership.

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Original review: June 27, 2014

My lease on my Lincoln was up and I was trying to reduce my payment of $380. I looked at an 2014 Optima with a MRSP slightly under $31000. They let me take the car home and I was impressed but they had never given me a lease price. Horrors, they wanted $2000 down plus $399 a month. I could get a Cadillac or a Lexus for that price. I was very upset that they had wasted my time and had not even come close to a reasonable offer. Plus they had Kia people in from CA that were to help give me a great deal. What a sorry dealership. Steve Taylor should be ashamed. I bought a Buick.

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Original review: May 15, 2014

Never owned a Kia and wish I never bought one. If you see a Kia dealership, keep driving. Well first I bought a 2011 Kia Rio for my wife at Taylor dealership in Perrysburg, Ohio. She likes small cars and since she's a tight wad when it comes to putting gas in a car I thought it would fit. Well I bought it. Two days later I took it through the wash because it got dirty, brought it home and something did not look right. There were small dints all over the car, from front to back. Come to find out it was from last year's hail storm. I did not notice it at the dealership, so I went back. They said they told me about it, that is why I got a good deal. Excuse me, no one in their right mind would buy a car full of dents.

Then for the last 6 months I have had the car there 3 or 4 times for the same issue - it won't start. They keep telling me they can't find a problem because when the car gets there from being towed it starts. Well finally on the 5th trip it did not start. The dealership (Central ave Kia) it was the starter. Go figure.

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Original review: April 3, 2014

I am having trouble in getting my car fixed. My wife had called several times and they won't return the call to set an appointment to fix it.

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Original review: Feb. 16, 2014

Well, this all started the day I came up to buy the car I had inquired about for 2 days prior to the arrival with some lady at a different facility. I specifically drove to Findlay for the 2006 Ford Five Hundred. When I arrived, I was told the car was promised to somebody else and I couldn't have it and they tried to get me to buy something else. I informed them, I came there for that car, that it was being bought for my daughter for a graduation present. It was the make, color, size, design and price I was looking for.

My salesman, Jeff, seemed to be more interested in playing with his phone than really focusing on us, the customers. I took the car for a test drive and when we returned, informed him it was exactly like I expected except for the brakes needed repaired and would like to proceed with financing. Jeff disappeared for a few minutes and came back and informed me about my options on financing. Then this other guy came out and said "I got you approved for the Saturn we have out there. Would you be interested in it instead?" I asked "why would I want a Saturn when I had inquired about this car for the past 2 days?" Then they tried to talk me into a Fusion. I simply stated, "I came up here specifically for the Five Hundred." Then I was informed it was "promised" to someone else.

I then began to be upset with the whole issue. Then this other guy said "well, it was promised but the other guy will just have to find something else. You are here now." So then we continued the financing process. In the meantime, I had a $25 gift card certificate that was e-mailed to me that I had brought with me. I showed it to Jeff. Jeff wrote the code on the back of his hand and walked off, leaving the paper lay there. When he returned, I asked him if the car was going to be detailed before we left because the inside was dirty. He said it's being done now. It was never done. They washed the outside and parked it. I asked Jeff how long he had had the car in his possession. He said he got it a couple weeks ago, which I researched this car before I came up and it stated you had had this car for 84 days before I showed.

After the financing was done, I was issued a 30 day tag. They wanted to tape it in the back window and I informed Jeff I didn't want it taped to the back window. I wanted it put on like a normal plate. He proceeded to argue with me about taping it to the back window. I strongly stated to him, "I DID NOT want it there." Then he got frustrated and went and got a cordless screwdriver and put the plate where I wanted it. I called a week later and spoke with that lady at the other facility again and informed her that Jeff is not a very good salesman and would not recommend her sending anyone else to him. She said she would have him call me, never happened.

I waited 2 more weeks and checked the status of the gift card, which had not been redeemed so I called her again. She informed me she would check into it personally and have Jeff call me, never happened. I waited a month and checked the status again and it still had not been redeemed. Called the lady again. She said we will get it taken care of, never happened. I checked the status again 2 days ago and it still has not been redeemed. I got on live chat and spoke with Shane ** asking for Steve **'s e-mail address and he said he would have Steve e-mail me directly, never happened. I got back onto live chat yesterday and told Andrew I was looking for Steve's e-mail address so I could e-mail him. He asked me what the issue was and told me he would forward my messages and get the issues resolved, but he mysteriously disappeared during the conversation, so that never happened either.

I then posted to your Facebook stating my frustration. After that is when I got the message to send a detailed message, so here it is. I have been lied to since day one and on several occasions by several different people of the company. I have purchased several cars from the same car lot over the past 15 years. This is the first time I have ever went to a different car lot to purchase a car, and I regret every step of it. This is probably the worse experience a car buyer can experience. Your employees don't do what they say, lie to cover their butts just to tell the customer what they want to hear, don't act like they care about the customers' wants and disregard communication. Very unsatisfied customer.

I can say I will never be back to your lot and I will let everyone I know that would want a car from your lot that I would NOT recommended coming to you, no matter how many commercials you play on the radio. Being a truck driver it's very easy to voice my opinion to Ohioans.

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