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This is a Complaint against Chesrown Pontiac/ Chevrolet/Kia in Delaware (the main company) and Chesrown Kia on Karl Rd (both owned by the same family) in Columbus. I bought a Kia Sedona in Jan 07at the Karl Rd location. I was offered "tires for life" promotion that stated that if I brought my vehicle in for all it's maintenance and warranty work I would get new tires free when they were worn. I deligently complied without any complaints . In spring of this year I noticed that Tpms light came on the dashboard and took it in for service, they were unable to fix it even though I brought it in at least 6 times over the summer and fall and could not repair it until Oct 2009.

Over the summer things at the dealership I also noticed things started going down hill, you had to wait several days to get your call looked at, and then had to leave it. Then in July all the new cars were taken off the lot, the Chesrown Kia kept their service dept open though and I was told that if I wanted to keep my "tires for life" warranty i would have to keep coming to this dealership. I was told that the owners at Chesrown Pontiac in Delaware were trying to sell the business. In Oct I asked if the new owners would honor the "tire for life" Sammy, the secretary/service person said to call the Delaware Chesrown Pontiac store. I eventuall was forced to call the Delaware store but didn't do so until October.

I continued to go to the Chesrown Kia store because it was closer. Starting in Sept. I went in because the car was shaking and making noises. i was told the rotors needed adjusted and had to leave the car there. so i left it there. I got the car back and there was no improvements so I had to schedule a time to drop it off and leave it again. Keep in mind now at this dealership there is now only one mechanic and one secretary. So I leave it again for several days, and told I need new rotors and it will be several days to get them ordered so I was told to bring it back. Finally the dealership calls me and says that the rotors were in. I brought the car in and left it for several days, they call me and tell me everything was done. I get the car and drive off the lot and all the problems are persisting.

Finally I call the Chesrown Pontiac/Kia dealership in Delaware and ask if they can look at it. I speak with Jay the service manager and also ask him if their dealership is going to honor the "tires for life" guarantee and he said they would as long as all the work had been down at the Chesrown on Karl or the Chesrown Delaware store. He told me that they would look at the car for me at the Delaware store. I told him I would call back because I needed to try and schedule a day for my husband to follow me up. I called back a few days later and was told by jay that this Chesrown was no longer a Kia dealership and they wouldn't honor the "tires for life" warrantee and I should take my car to another dealer.

I took my car to Hatfield Kia and there were so many things wrong with it. apparently nothing had ever been fixed. I was driving around in the vehicle for months with broken "bushings" which hold the engine in the car, and the rotors had never been replaced or fixed even though it was left 2 times for several days. Also there were 3 recall items that had never been replaced and I was almost out of power steering and brake fluid even though the car had been in for service 6 times, 3 in just the last month. I am very upset because I continued to go to a service dept so I could get my "tires for life" agreement. I had over 50000 miles so I knew it would be soon. Chesrown allowed the dealership that they still owned to degrade where necessary repairs were not being done and that were an inconvenience and danger to their loyal customers.

Then the main car dealership in Delaware which is still functioning and in business dropped the Kia dealership name so it would not have to honor the "tires for life" program. Incidently the Hatfield Kia new service manager was one from the Chesrown Kia dealership. He now works for Hatfield Kia because he said starting in Jan, he started not getting paid and the company was lying to him. He said that at least once per week someone brings their Kia in and complains how they have been cheated out of the "tires for life" I know there are many people all over Columbus Ohio just like me and the family who owns the Chesrown Pontiac continues its business and feels that if it sells the Kia name it no longer has to abide by there original agreement. I spoke with Kia consumer affairs and while they commiserated with my problem I was told that the "tires for life" was a dealer offer not a Kia offer. And stated they had no recourse since Chesrown dealers were no longer a Kia dealer. I was told by one consumer affair person named "Sharon" that they were getting many complaints from this situation.

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