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We went to this dealer because of the prices. Because it was our first car, we didn't know any better.... They refused to disclose to us that the vehicle that we purchased has an R title, or salvaged title. And they refused to show us the physical title, saying it had already been sent to the bank, which we came to find out was a lie. It had been in three accidents and the 'report' on the vin number that we were given, by frank, showed a clean title. When they bought our car from the salvage yard and had the work done by their own, it was a complete and total hack job and the electrical work wasn't done properly either.

We purchased it without any airbags at all, which frank told us was just a glitchy sensor... Thank Jesus I got, in writing, that they would cover THAT. The rims were corroded beyond repair, which frank also told us that it would not affect the drive of the car. Not only were they dishonest, but they illegally sold the car... They did not obtain ownership of the vehicle before they sold it. We couldn't get the vehicle registered in our state until three months after we had been driving it because they didn't have the title, nor knew where it was or who had it. Not only all of this, but instead of checking my credit once, they authorized, fraudulently on my behalf, at least 7 different hard credit checks....

We have had nothing but trouble contacting them after the sale, even to get the title! And the car has been in the shop of the 4 months that we've had it, at least two months. And we've put far far more into it than what it's worth, even brand new. Never ever again will I step foot on their lot or recommend anybody go there. I just feel sorry for anyone who reads this that has already been there and purchased a vehicle from them. I really hope they start reading into the law because we had more than enough evidence to get out of our loan, return the car (if they drove 6 hours to pick it up), and get all of our money back, plus reimbursement for time, money, and aggravation after the fact. If we had the time and money for court, I would've. We're just paying it off and distancing ourselves as far as possible from that joke of a dealership. Good riddance to anyone who gives them any of their time and money in the future.

Scott put a clutch in the 2007 ford fusion. Car started with car key before the clutch was fixed. New clutch was put in, car did not start with key. Was told need a starter and alternator. Also had new battery put in. Well the car only started when you push start. I'm sure you saw your mechanics push the car out of the driveway so we could drive it home. 3 starters and 2 alternators and 2 batteries within 3 days was not the problem. Your ASE mechanics said it was the security system. Only Ford can fix it. Well after 4 weeks playing with your mechanics picked up car and had it towed to ford. I have put $1500.00 into this car, $337.39 to ford to fix the horrible job that your mechanics did. When they put the clutch in they didn't put the right bolts in. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

I called after researching the website and found the Envoy was in my price range. I spoke with Dave and we set up a time for me to test drive the vehicle. I noticed a few things that I asked to be fixed. He obliged with no hesitations at all. The vehicle is not new so I don't expect it to be. The professionalism was absolutely perfect from the ADO staff. I will continue to buy from Dave and all members from ADO.

Auto Direct Online is an awesome place. Their staff is extremely friendly and make you feel like family. At my arrival, I was greeted by one of the staff members with a genuine smile and handshake. The whole experience was quick and painless. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great car at a great price. I will totally do business with them in the future.

The issues I had with a 2007 suburban I bought from autos direct online were very promptly resolved by the owner of Autos direct online. I could not be happier with the way he handled it, and it means a lot coming from the owner of a company. That says something about this company. Thank you!

Original Review

Looked like a nice vehicle. First complaint, it took him almost a month to send me the paperwork to get my title. Therefore my temporary tag has expired by two weeks before I could actually get it registered in Pennsylvania. Would not pass PA safety inspection. They won't fix the ball joints or the brakes. As soon as it warmed up, I find out the air conditioning don't work. As soon as it rains, I find out the sunroof, the back hatch and the back driver's door leaks. They will not stand behind their product. Once it is out the door, they are done with you. Horrible place to deal with. Don't trust them. I would never go back and buy a vehicle from them. It might be under book value but you will pay for it in the long run!

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Frank ** found the correct make, model and color of the car my wife wanted. Great price, fast service, nice car and no hassles. Drove the car home yesterday; it was an awesome birthday surprise. Couldn't be happier! Thanks to Frank and Autos Direct Online for making my car buying experience so easy!

I recently purchased a 09 cadillac cts and the experience was great. Frank helped me in every way possible without pressure and desperation like most car salesman. I recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a vehicle.

I went to Autos Direct Online to look at a Chevy cobalt coupe they had. Got there and got to go check out the car myself first thing. They weren't too pushy or overbearing like some dealers can be, which I really appreciated. Overall, it was a great experience and I'd definitely recommend them to a friend in search of a car for a good deal.

Made car shopping easy! Great staff! If you are car shopping for a used car, this is the place to go! Frank ** met us at the door, he showed us where the cars were in the covered compound and said let me know if you have any questions. He didn't bother us with pressing questions or press us to buy anything. We found a couple of cars we were interested in. He had us test driving in a matter of minutes. We bought the car! Happy with it! They make car shopping easy. Will never buy another car from anywhere else! Thanks Frank and the entire Autos Direct Online team!

Auto's Direct was advertising the car online. I spoke to Ryan and we negotiated a deal over the phone. I flew in and inspected the car. The few problems I found were corrected quickly. Good vehicle and good company to work with. Recommended.

I recently bought a grand prix from here and couldn't be happier. I got a great deal and everyone was nice and easy to deal with. The car runs great and I would definitely recommend looking here first the next time you're shopping for a car. You won't be disappointed.

This company has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Enough said.

I went to Auto Direct's main building. My experience was horrible. The mechanic who sold me the car lied to me about what was wrong with my car. Quote: "There's nothing wrong. Just change the oil and it should last for another 100,000 miles". Little did I know part of the frame was completely rusted, making it a death trap. When it was checked by other mechanics, they said they shouldn't even let me leave in it because it was so unsafe. Also, it took forever for me to get my title and in the meantime things kept going wrong with it. Tires, radiator went, etc. If I could prove he knew, I'd sue him. This isn't the first time he straight up lied to a customer. I found that out way after I bought the car. This place is a scam!!! Stay AWAY!!!

I would have liked if they would have returned my phone calls. The sales person did not text or email when I asked for the key replacement phone number. They also do not let you take the car and get it check out before purchasing.

There are several scammers operating on Ebay. They just happen to use auto sales as their tool of choice. This is but one of them. Europa Online aka Car Cheer in PA is another. Their nationality is largely Romanian, Ukranian and some Russian. I am not kidding. They know how to take great pictures. All their cars are of course claimed to be in top condition and checked by their mechanic, a non-smoking owner, garage kept and all other kinds of enticement to get you buy. They will always attempt to steer you off of eBay so will you be on your own.

Having been screwed, I implore you to RUN, RUN, RUN away! Never send them any money or agree to buy, UNLESS you can first physically see it, test drive it and get the pre-sale inspection by a reputable shop. You may be tempted to say "Oh, but if I wait I will lose out on the sale". This is EXACTLY what they want you to say. Don't fall for it. If you lose out on the sale, count your blessings. If you think the pics are so great and you can't live without this car, buy a plane ticket and go check it out. If you lose $1000 on a ticket and a pre-sale check, this will be far cheaper than the thousands you will spend trying to fix their piece of junk. Trust me, I got screwed.

Oh yeah, as others have said here. Any positive reviews for them are more outright lies.

I have bought and sold several cars online and this was the worst experience I have ever endured. I didn't do my homework outside of eBay, I should have... Don't look at eBay reviews and assume you are dealing with a reputable seller. The dealer communication was horrible, but I don't even want to get into that... I want to focus on the product.

I purchased a vehicle as-is, sight unseen. It was a roll of the dice and I was burned. The SUV I purchased arrived with a dead battery, reeked of smoke, is missing interior bits, and the interior was filthy. I can get past all of this. What I can't get past is a service engine soon light that came on a week later: The truck now needs over $2k worth of PARTS just to clear the codes. A new transmission valve body: $1.2k. A new catalytic converter: $800. An oil sending unit: $65. A vent control valve: $50. Now Autos Direct states that all vehicles are pre-sale inspected before listing on eBay, so there are no surprises (Taken directly from auction listing on eBay).

Unfortunately, I feel this is untrue. They would have clearly scanned the vehicle and found codes if it were properly inspected. So yes, the vehicle may be thousands under book value when you buy it, but be prepared to dump that difference into repairs and maintenance immediately. Currently I have a vehicle that is completely unreliable until I can fix the transmission. And even when I do, I probably won't keep it. Lesson learned. Thanks Autos Direct.

The owner Shawn was very responsive and helpful in resolving all issues.

Original Review

This business is nothing but bunch of scammers, they misrepresent the vehicle listed on the internet.
1. The mileage was five thousand miles more than what was stated on the purchase order and the listing by the time I took delivery, thereby rendering the car not to be eligible for any manufacturers warranty.
2. The salesman (Dave) was rude when confronted with the facts and hurriedly hang up the phone and refused to answer his phone subsequently.
3. The car has a non functional passenger rear door. The car was dirty, both exterior and interior.
4. The B1 service signal was on and brake pads wear signal was on. It's being driven everyday like a rental car by the salesmen.

5. No one at the dealership will listen to your complaints after your money have been collected. Zero customer service. I will never recommend this business to anybody.

Shawn has made an adequate adjustment to the issues.

Original Review

Very poor service from start to finish. I purchased a vehicle from out of state. Was told the vehicle came with a 30-day powertrain warranty & that it would go through a safety inspection at the dealership. Neither has been true. I flew to Cleveland to pick up the truck, by 150 miles into the trip the transmission was completely out of fluid with engine light on. Limped it home, found numerous transmission leaks. Also spent over $1300 to get it to pass a state inspection. Both front wheel hubs were shot, lower control arm, leaking rear seals, etc. The right front wheel hub was so bad, it gave out 3 days after returning home. See pic.

Juan ** is a con man. If he is your salesperson, run in the other direction. He will blatantly tell half-truths and smile at you the entire time. He told me that my car had been serviced after I had given a $500.00 "commitment to buy" down payment. He called around a week later and said that the car was all fixed and ready to go. I asked for the service papers. He insisted that there were no records when they use their own service department. I asked several more times and he just casually dismissed me.

He assured me that the check engine light was fixed when they replaced the gas cap. He assured me that they had balanced the tires to address the shaky ride when we tested it on the freeway. He DID have the front window replaced and after hearing the other horror stories, I guess I am lucky. Three days after purchasing, my son keeps hearing a cracking noise when he turns the corner. Took it to my mechanic, the front right axle assembly needs to be replaced. The wonderful thing about all of this: Karma is a bitch.

I want everyone to beware of this business they call themselves.This isn't a business, its a bunch of idiots that know how to lie about cars they don't know anything about. First off they say these cars are hand picked and mostly one owner cars, I call b.s. I had a very bad experience with dealing with ** (liar). First off I was going to buy a Cadillac CTS 2005 for $6800.00 thru eBay, but I called in order to see it in person, however ** told me to come look and test drive it and we can go from there, but don't go thru eBay, "we can give you a better deal at the business than thru eBay".

Well I fell for the bait and drove 300 miles one way to see the car. I PUT $500.00 DOWN IN CASH LIKE A DUMMY BEFORE I SEEN THE CAR BECAUSE HE DROPPED THE PRICE TO $5800.00 if I would and so it wouldn't be sold while we waited because there were several people in front of us and he said he believed that there was a couple there test driving it at the time and I didn't want them to buy it after driving all those miles for it to be sold while I was there. But when it returned it didn't look nothing like the car they had for sale on eBay. Photoshopped for sure and even the description wasn't near what they had written.

This isn't a company, they are a bunch of people who are there to help push the auction cars they bought cheaply for a higher price to the public without driving testing or having knowledge of the cars they sell. ** begged me to put a deposit down which I did like an idiot. I asked for my deposit back and somehow they didn't know what I was talking about nor did I get the receipt back before he brought me outside in a hurry to see the car as it arrived back at the shop. As I waited for my money back my friend went outside to smoke. ** passed my buddy and stated he had to drive down the road to jump a car a lady test drove and had to bring a jumper box in order to get it to start again. He called her several really bad names and made it look as it was the lady's fault the car wasn't running. He said "I jumped it before she left and told her don't turn it off and the stupid ** didn't listen."

That made me feel like these people are trying to take advantage of a lady who might not know much about cars and are trying to send her out with a car that has problems thinking the lady would still think its a good deal. It made me sicker by the minute, so before he could return I went to ask another so-called salesman who had the ability to refund my deposit back to me. He pointed me to where ** just left... On my way back home I received 4 more call from the idiot, and two emails asking why I left without talking to him when he got back from helping the lady. Maybe because after calling her a bunch of name I can't repeat showed me he had no respect for the people who are trying to find a car that fits their budget and is in great shape and trustworthy and roadworthy...

I would never call a woman those types of names and expect anyone who heard him do it too but anything from a ignorant punk who has no respect for the people who work hard for their money. Or from anyone who could talk about a woman that way in front of me and expect me to think he wouldn't say the same thing about me when I leave... TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS... DON'T TRUST THIS PLACE > I wasn't going to leave there without my deposit because I was getting upset and couldn't stand there anymore without wanting to punch someone. So I did get another salesman to write me a receipt for my deposit and was told it would be returned in 5 to 7 days by mail, I hope.

>>>>the positive remarks are more than likely from someone who works there, or friend they pay to make positive remarks about them, not from real buyers like myself. If you do then you too will become that dummy who fell for their internet sales, because that's the only way anyone there could sell a car, and I guarantee that no one that sells their cars has ever drove all of the ones they sell around for a week or probably even home to see if they are as great as they say they are because I doubt anyone there has a license to drive. Go there and see for yourself. You will not be surprised when you just sit and listen to how they speak so highly of the people who are trying to buy their junk and demand a deposit from anyone who shows interest in their vehicles... Buyer beware, run, run, run.

At this point I'm just lucky my family and I are still alive. I just took a car I just bought from Autos Direct four days ago to Pinnacle Auto Repair in Lyndhurst. The mechanic took a look under the hood and said the engine had caught on FIRE!!! The issue that likely caused it HAS NOT been corrected, so it could have started on fire at any point as we were driving it. It has a front exhaust manifold problem, fuel line leaking, antifreeze leaking and a broken crossover pipe. THIS DEALERSHIP WATCHED ME PUT MY KIDS IN A DEATH TRAP AND DIDN'T EVEN THINK TWICE! SHAME ON THEM! I don't know how they sleep at night. They should be shut down! My sales rep, BILL **, says he has kids, and yet he let me drive away with my children in this immensely hazardous vehicle. What has this world come to?

We were looking for an H3 Hummer and found what appeared to be an extremely nice car. At least it appeared this way in photos which we know now were likely Photoshopped photos. Car had a clean Carfax report. But as others have said, this means nothing when dealing with this business. We worked with Frank, agreed upon a price, and he then sent twenty odd pages of forms to complete which we thought was odd. Living 500 miles away out of state we were told the car is in excellent condition, runs great, perfect in all aspects, just a peach of a car. NOT!!!!!

The car was filthy and not detailed as promised. But oh well, it's just dirt right? NOT! Within two hours of leaving the dealership to drive 500 miles back home the car quit on the interstate, just lost power and stopped. We discovered that after letting it sit for 10 minutes it would start again and if you were lucky, you could drive another 12 miles before it quit again. We limped to an exit with a dealership and were told the part needed was likely in the computer and it would be several hundreds of dollars to repair and they would have to order it! Tried driving again and repeatedly it would just quit which could have been life threatening.

Called the dealership, they had absolutely no concern. Juan, the manager offered to compensate us once we isolated the problem. We know now that this was just a way to pacify us. Several phone calls later and no response, nothing, just tough luck you bought it it's yours. Long story short, we had the car towed home, spent a couple thousand dollars in towing and repairs and have yet to hear one word from the dealership. These people are ruthless thieves. Run, it will serve you better to pay more and purchase a vehicle that likely is road worthy and you will not be dealing with scammers.

I bought a BMW X5 a month ago. Love the car, hate the dealership. My advice, make sure you have another car to drive as they may (or may not) even get you the registration in time before the temporary plates run out.

Problem 1: Tomorrow, my temporary plates run out and I may have to risk driving the car and getting a ticket because they didn't seem to find getting the registration to me in time to title the car important. I called the dealership many times over the past 2 weeks to ask when the registration would be ready, but never got to speak to a person and never received a return call. Finally, the day before the plate runs out and less than 2 hours before the dealership closes, I got to speak to a rep. The rep found a woman in the registration department. At the rep's request, the woman looked up the status of my title. I could hear her say the title is ready, which the rep changed to mean "it just became ready." The woman's disappointment was evident that she was going to have to get my title today.

I was given 30 minute window between the time my title is supposed to be available and the dealership's closing time, which is after the Ohio registration facility closes today. Otherwise, they will send it to my address with no responsibility of getting to me before the State Registration office closes tomorrow, even. If I hadn't called and finally got through to somebody today, the car I bought would be a paper weight in my garage. As it is, I have to leave work early and cancel weekend plans with my son to race to get the registration tonight and be at the State Registration office tomorrow morning. The Teflon-coated rep saw no responsibility to get the registration in time to be able to continuously drive the car legally. Remember, I had to call them, and it would appear they no intention of picking up my title today.

Problems 2 and 3 combined: The car had problems that made it so I couldn't test drive it. I'm 6'7" and the power seats were stuck in a way that made even getting in difficult. You must sign an agreement that says they'll fix what's agreed upon, with no further responsibility it seems. But since I couldn't actually test drive it to make a comprehensive list, I asked that this fact be noted in the sales agreement. I further requested that my deposit would be refunded if the car had unforeseeable problems. I was assured repeatedly that my requests would be honored and heard the reputable speech and the huge volume of sales speech as backup. However, they couldn't put my requests in writing because of their need for one flavor of document.

I was given a schedule du jour as to when the car would be ready. When I picked it up, I noticed several problems that weren't there when I contracted the purchase. A turn signal and a brake lights didn't work. I went in to speak to the reps, and saw how the amiable tone had changed completely. Turn signals and brake lights weren't in the agreement, but they were working when I contracted the purchase of the car. I was also assured of a safety inspection to make the car road ready that one should rightfully assume includes brake lights and turn signals. I was given 2 messages, the first being to call on Monday to schedule a "review" for maintenance (not actual maintenance, just a review) and second several allusions to whether these fixes were in the contract. Apparently, I might have had to fix what broke while in their possession for a week as I waited for them to prep the car.


The dealer "seemed" to fix the scratches on the side as we agreed upon. But, when I took it through a car wash on the way home, the "fix" fell off. As well, a piece of trim was also flapping after the car wash. It was clear that double-sided tape shoved into a hole with a broken plastic rivet was holding the trim on in the first place. My experience told me they weren't going to fix these anyway, so I didn't report them.

I've taken the car to other repair shops to get the important stuff done. I'm just lucky there wasn't anything too serious or too expensive to be fixed, because I really don't feel I could trust them. My advice is: (1) Make sure you have a second car to drive when your temporary plates expire. They don't seem to be in a rush to keep you on the road. If they get you a registration on the 30th day, even after the registration office is closed, they consider to have done their job. I doubt they would have gotten mine to me without my intervention, but I can't prove it. (2) Take photos of the inside and outside of the car to prove what was working or not, and to document damage. (3) Expect to be on your own after sale. If the car is expensive for you, don't assume it will be working after you pick it up. (4) Expect you will have difficulty getting assistance at their dealership. It seems they expect you to have made up your mind from the online images.

(5) Expect to find extremely rude people if you look at any cars without a sales rep, including cussing in front of your kids. (I was told the "cussing guy" was fired, but there were many others there who were rude that remain). (6) Read the complaints about these guys. I can relate to almost every negative comment written about these guys in the reviews and blogs. (7) When I read about the photo-shopped images, I requested a detailed set of pictures and description of dents, scratches, etc. from them. I received them and then double-checked the online images carefully. I could not see any of the marks I now own. When I asked the rep about whether they photo-shopped, his answer was "those guys in incoming do a great job making the vehicles look good." (8) Which brings me to my last point. These guys are like Teflon after the sale ... as nothing seems to stick. They seem to exemplify everything you've ever heard about used car dealers.

I love the car, and look forward to driving it again legally after tomorrow, but alas the dealership. FYI, I called the local police department to see if there was anything I could do to continue using my property in the wake of dealer mistake, and they seemed rather eager to write a ticket instead. How in the world does someone make a system where the dealer can be late, and you get the ticket?

Vehicle was not as described. Needed repairs that they said they'd take care of, and they did not. Everything they said was a lie. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I've made plenty of purchases in my time and never written a review before. I feel compelled to do so now. I just got back to Minnesota today with a truck that I purchased at Autos Direct Online in Cleveland. Before I even made the decision to fly out there, I inquired about the tread on the tires because they appeared low in the pictures and it was a safety concern because I would be driving the vehicle 12 hours back home. They assured me that I would be safe. I put a deposit down and made arrangements with my work and the dealership to fly out there a couple weeks later.

When I got to the dealership they brought the truck out for me to inspect it. The exterior was filthy and the interior needed to be vacuumed. There was dirt and grime all over the interior. The pictures were COMPLETELY misrepresentative of the vehicle. It was like I was looking an entirely different vehicle. These guys even photoshopped their pictures to hide door dings, scratches, and a very sizable gash on the back tailgate. I even invited the Sales Manager, **, to come out and look at the pictures they are advertising and the truck in reality. He didn't do it. There were probably 15 cigarette burns on the truck that they neglected to show in the pictures as well.

Lastly, to my surprise the spare tire was missing. Despite the cosmetic issues, the vehicle ran great. I made the decision that I would look past the aesthetics and tend to the cosmetic issues when I returned home. In the end, I purchased the vehicle because they were able to meet me at the price that I really knew it was worth now. DO NOT go by dealership valuation on Kelly Blue Book. The truck I was looking at fell between fair and good on the checklist. It certainly is not anywhere close to dealership standards.

On my trip home, I made it 2 hours away from the dealership before my tire blew out. Stranded in the middle of Michigan and no spare tire. I contacted them and spoke with Ryan (who I had been working with from the start), and he was quick to determine that I must have run over a nail or something of the sort despite the fact I sent pictures to him showing that the tire was blown out at about 7 different points along the sidewalls. Nothing was lodged in my tire. Further, he noted I got such a good deal on my truck (due to their misrepresentation and my disappointment), that those savings would be more than enough to cover it. He also noted that I "nitpicked" over the vehicle for 2 hours and should have said something about the tires at that time. It wasn't good enough that I had their assurance. He reiterated the fact that it's purchased as-is and there's nothing they could do for me at that point.

Lesson learned. Never once was there a concern for my safety or an attempt to help compensate for the costs. As mentioned before, there was no spare tire so I had to wait to not only get a tow but try and find a shop that sold my tires before businesses closed. It was 6:30 at night and fortunately I was able to make the necessary arrangements for a tow and tires to be swapped by 8 or else I would have been stuck in Michigan for a night and had to deal with everything in the morning. It was a horrible experience and I don't know how a business that operates like this can continue to stay in business.

I purchased a 2008 Dodge Avenger from Autos Direct Online. Got good service and good price.

If you don’t have time to go into details I would frame them in one word - AUTO DIRECT IS NO OTHER THAN A FRAUD. STAY AWAY. They sell cars at least 10-15% cheaper than anywhere else you find but think twice how they do this. I was one of the victim of these cheat company. Here are some of the details about them. They Photoshop the pictures so car you see in pictures on their website don’t represent the correct condition. It would be much dirty, with dents and scratches. Their Carfax/AutoCheck report says clean title but it doesn't mean it was never in accident. Normally they buy accidental cars from auction and repair them in their body shop so there won’t be any accident history you would find.

They will pretend nice and professional before you pay them and once you pay, you will be just unknown for them. They wouldn't respond your mails or calls. No matter what commitment/promise they give you about car, either verbally or in writing, they will not honor it. They are very smart in documentation so you won’t be able to sue them or get any claim legally. If you are interested to know more or want to know specific to my case I would be happy to share details. They sold me clean title car which I found was in major accident and need $2000 of repair. They gave me in writing to pay for tail gate fix but after I bought car they never attended my call or responded my mails.

I am spending my time to write this honest review so that I can save people from this cheat company. After all it’s hard earned money!!! You may write me on ** if you want to know more but if you still wish to be trapped by their low price and classic marketing presentation, choice is yours but I can bet you will be writing similar review after a month.

Be careful!! I did a review on this company at the end of March, at that time they were helping with my issues. I posted on 6 sites to include Google, Consumer Reports, DealerRater, Citysearch and I bought a Cadillac CTS and after driving 22 miles the engine light came on and the lower intake gasket was leaking oil. The light was for the thermostat to which they fixed, although at first they replaced the sensor because it was cheaper than I had to bring it back the next week because the light came back on - it took a total of 12 days being in their shop to complete.

The salesperson insisted there was no leak, my driveway says otherwise. So to avoid another lengthy stay at their garage I fixed it after I saved enough money. Turns out the boots were saturated and a couple plugs were soaked in oil (affecting performance). I called the dealership and asked for half the repair $290. The manager Juan couldn't do it. Never even asked his boss. I feel it’s a small price to pay for customer service. THEY ARE ABOUT SELLING, not customer service. There's a reason they bring the car to you upon appointment, you'll never detect a leak! If you want something from them other than a car, it would be very rare to get a call back. Happened to me with 4 people from that office. Many other reviews have also shown misrepresentation during their sale as well. I have put $1180 into this car in 3 months, brakes, gasket and a battery. Be careful.

Was in the market for an 02 Silverado in good shape for a fair price. Found one here with all services performed and at a good price! Was clean inside and out too! James ** was proud to present the vehicle and provided knowledgeable, friendly service. Maybe the only used car dealer I will go to in the future. Also would not mind doing business James again.

I had purchased my vehicle from Autos Direct Online was very impressed with the level of service that I received. I have recommended them to customers of mine when they are ready to make a purchase.

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