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Long story short. They bring you in with low price on vehicle. Then they use all the dirty tactics at their disposal to dupe you. Overpriced extended warranty which they lied and said would affect interest rate. Higher interest rate if you refuse the extended warranty. They are rude and belligerent when they realize you are not ignorant to the underhanded ways dealer's will use to rip you off. Stay away from this dealership!

Satisfaction Rating

It was a nightmare experience for me, my friend, and my wife. They gave us a "Out the door" quote for 2016 Honda CRV touring, which I was not sure initially, so we walked out. But just 30 minutes later, we decided to go back to the same store for the same car. They started processing our deal. We were taken to the finance department. They gave us a receipt which was 1600 dollar more than out of the door price we finalized earlier. We went to manager, Chris **, to discuss about the new price. He started yelling and told us that he never promised out the door price and that we were lying. Finally we settled on new price and went to finance department again.

The finance guy had worst attitude than the manager **. He started conversation, saying my credit score (728) is not good enough and does not have any home loans and other big loans. He showed me a paper saying American Honda and Chase has both denied to finance my car. He finally told me that Capital One is going to finance my loan on his request as he had some friends there. He then told me my monthly premium would be 570 dollars for next 72 months. I asked him to explain in detail and his response was, "What do you mean explain?" When I looked at his computer, he has charged 3000 dollars for the Honda service and APR was 6.67%. Then finally we decided to walk out after the conversation seemed non-negotiable. It was the worst customer service I have ever received in the USA. If I could, I would give zero rating.

Satisfaction Rating

I had the worst experience with White Plains Honda. It started out by searching the internet for a particular vehicle. It turned out that White Plains Honda had the exact vehicle. Great! Since it was the day after Christmas, I was visiting family and friends 2 1/2 hours drive in the opposite direction so I then emailed the dealership to verify the vehicle was available, The person who contacted me back via phone was Desiree. She told me the vehicle was available. I told her I was hours away and would arrive around 1-1:30. Her response was "no problem". She would send me a confirmation email for my test drive. Great!

So we travel in the cold rain to get there, we arrive on time, enter the showroom and then introduced to a salesman Brian (nice guy). Brian then proceeds to tell us that a couple came in not 15 minute before us and were actually doing the paperwork to purchase the vehicle I had a reserved. They call a "VIP" appointment to see the vehicle!! Brian (nice guy) says that maybe the deal won't go through and to hang around 45 minutes "so go get a bite to eat and I will call you". Since we just traveled all that way, what was another 45 min. Not so great! Well I was a little perturbed so I emailed Desiree to let her know what happened and how I felt slighted. Of course I got no response from her and Brian never called. If this is how they treat potential customers I would suggest going elsewhere. Terrible business practice!! DO NOT GO TO WHITE PLAINS HONDA!!

Satisfaction Rating

Honda Civic 2013 leased almost 2.5 years. Went on vacation for 2 weeks. Came back vehicle will not start. Anthony ** from White Plains Honda said oil substance found fuel system possibly diesel fuel. Cost for the repair $800. No diesel fuel was ever pump and Honda will not investigate further.

Satisfaction Rating

Just like others have posted...a well-priced vehicle is posted. The sales staff knows that you're driving 80 miles - confirms your appointment and yet fails to inform you that the vehicle is no longer available...AND interestingly enough, they are part of the Paragon group who has a dealership in Woodside, NY. I had an appointment there today also but found "that" vehicle was also not available for days now, yet my main contact (**) failed to be informed that the car she was representing was no longer and she too was aware how far I have to travel!

Honda makes a great vehicle as I have had many yet it is a pity that these dealerships blemish their image. I hope corporate Honda monitors these reviews and fixes these issues. The sales team was quick to offer coffee and a handshake (it appeared it was going to be an all-day event). What they didn't offer was integrity or an apology. Needless to say it was a record time visit. For the dealership and myself...just another day!

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Satisfaction Rating

White Plains Honda promised a deal that they did not deliver on. Worse, they lied multiple times and took advantage of our kindness when we agreed to re-sign a lease contract due to their error. Horrible....would not recommend to my worst enemy!

Satisfaction Rating

I went on Autotrader and found a Honda Civic for a very good price ($8,000 for a 2011). I called the sales person and they checked on its availability. It was and I told them I wanted it and they took my credit card for deposit. I worked with the sales person to pick me up from the airport and asked several questions about how to process the loan I had with Navy Federal with them. When I got off the phone with 2 different sales people from their company, I made my travel plans. I paid over $300 for airline travel and over $140 for a hotel on Priceline. Then someone from their ORG went back to Autotrader and changed the price from $8,000 - $14,995. VERY VERY CROOKED!!!!!

I immediately called them and they said they had made a mistake! I told them I had spent over $400 that I could not get reimbursed in travel. They had 0 concern about what they had done. They are a VERY CROOKED and NASTY organization. I made multiple calls to their management and even the head VP of Paragon Automotive group, who runs White Plains Honda, according to multiple sources on the internet. He did not respond at all to my complaints. The head manager did nothing to offer to pay me back for the mistake they made and would not return any forms of communication after the first phone call. It is clear they use these tactics to get people in the door and try to screw them out of their hard earned money.

Satisfaction Rating

On October 31, 2013, I bought a 2012 Honda CR-Z from White Plains Honda. The Internet price said $15995. I let them know that I wanted the car but first wanted to know the final price. I was told they can't tell me that because I was not sitting in front of them (1st sign of a scam). I then explained that I was coming an hour away. Finally I was told that tax and dealer fees would be applied. I told them I needed to know the final price because I was not about to drive an hour away to be satisfied with the price. The sales guy told me that dealer fees are a couple of hundred dollars. I drove up and hurried through the paperwork because I had to get back to work. To make a long story short, I was sold the car for $20,780. Over $5,000 they scammed me out of. Buyers beware. Do NOT BUY from them!!!


I currently am leasing a 2010 Honda Odyssey. I had a severe transmission issue on a major parkway yesterday when the car "slammed" into 2nd gear after revving at 6 rpms and again at 55 mph. At that speed I removed my foot from the gas pedal so the car would not jerk. This continually happened throughout the 20 minute ride. This morning I took the car in for a service appointment to have the situation checked out. The issue did not happen on my way to service. At that point I was made aware that there would be a fee of $115 or $150 (not sure what he said) if the problem was not reproduced. If the service station could not reproduce the situation I would be charged a fee for the service time on a leased vehicle. The vehicle was leased from Curry Honda in Yorktown.

I went to Curry Honda last night at the time of the problem. Service was closed. Sales could not help. I at that time drove 20 minutes with three small children in the car and the transmission revving and jerking to get to the place where I leased the vehicle to be told that I could leave the vehicle and rent a car. Ridiculous since I lease vehicle for the convenience of not having these types of issues. Upon leaving the sales floor with no resolution other than bring it back when service is open, I was told to drive carefully not something a mother of three wants to hear after the whole Toyota fiasco!

When I called Curry service today they informed me that I would have to leave the car for them to try to diagnose the problem and would not be given a loaner car. I pay for a leased and I will not have a car because of an issue with the transmission on an 8 month old vehicle with 10,000 miles on it. Curry Honda does not charge the fee for an undiagnosed problem. There are major issues here--- * a new car with a transmission issue * a service office that charges for non diagnosed problems vs. a service office that does not charge * not being provided a loaner car for an inconvenience on a brand new car. If I had to rent a car it would cost me money on top of my lease payment (regardless of the length of time the car is in the shop) being fearful of the transmission slamming into gear and the car "jerking" on a highway at a speed of 55 mph with three of my children in the car and losing control due to the sudden motion.


On 3/20/10, I went to White Plains Honda (WPH), to give a deposit for a car. From that day, even after I chose my color scheme, I was repeatedly offered other cars including a call that said "I found your car, but, it has accessories that will cost $10 more a month". Not only did they try to sell me a car that I did not want, they wanted me to pay more for it! It is a bait and switch tactic. Then I realized, I had better make alternate plans, and went to Yonkers Honda, who got the car in 2 days. When I went to WPH to get my deposit back, I was given the runaround. I found out that WPH never ran my credit, or submitted my application to the bank for an entire week! Yonkers Honda informed me that they were never submitted, because nothing was in the system for me, as of 3/27/10. When WPH was repeatedly asked about this, they had no answer, or provide different answers.

Jeremy, the general manager, refused to give me a refund check, and told me that they have to have the check in their possession "for ten days", which is ridiculous, or I would have to bring in my bank statement to show that the check cleared! Why should I have to prove that a check in their possession cleared. He could have placed a call to his account department, but he flatly refused. They told my husband that the check was in the office today, April 2, 2010, but refused to give it to me without me producing a bank statement, which was purely vindictive. At this point, Jeremy said that I can have the check on Monday, 4/5/10, which I believe was simply revengeful, and punitive for not getting a sale. However, they have told me so many lies, that I simply cannot believe a word they say, and why I am filing this report. I want my $500 back. They have no right to keep it, and they are purposely punishing me by retaining it!


In February 2008, I purchased a 4 cylinder, 2008 Honda Accord at Route 22 Honda in New Jersey for $24,586.63 cash, paid in full.

Then in March 2008, I decided to upgrade to a 6 cylinder, 2008 Honda Accord and I went to White Plains Honda in New York to negotiate and make the trade. I wanted to also purchase the new car in cash, paid in full. After negotiating with Alex Martinez, we agreed that I would trade in my 4 cylinder Honda Accord and give a check for $14,939.43. To satisfy the balance due. I was told that since I did not have the title to the 4 cylinder Honda Accord, that the only way I could drive away with the car today is that they would write up a finance contract and that upon reciving the title this contract would be destroyed and a bill of sale showing balance paid in full would be issued.

I went home with my new 6 cyclinder, 2008 Honda Accord. Approximately two weeks later, the title came and I called the dealership and spoke to Alex M. who in turn told me to bring in the title, which i did. He said everything was completed and I did not owe Honda anything else. About a month later, I received a call from Honda Financial Services telling me that I owed them $5472.70 and that I needed to make monthly payments of $457.96. I went back to White Plains Honda and asked them what was going on. They told me that I owed Honda Financial Services this money and I must pay it. Of course I was angry and upset. I spoke to a representative at Honda Financial Services by the name of Tracey and explained my situation to her. She said that she would get back to me.

On June 30, 2008 I received a bill from Honda Financial services stating that my account was past due and that I must make a payment of $1,383.85($457.96 x 3+ $10 late fee). I do not owe Honda any more money. This account should have been settled and I am making a complaint of deceit and fraud against White Plain Honda.

I have spent over $43,000 in CASH to acquire my 6 cylinder 2008 Honda Accord. I do not feel that I should have to pay out any more money to Honda Financial or anyone else. I definitely do owe the $5,472.70 that they are saying that I owe them.


I had called white plains honda asking about a 2000 Honda Civic LX. They said the car was available, when I drove to white plains that same day the car was not available for the advertised price of $5,995, it was now $7,900. They claimed it was a printing error but it was adervtised as $5,995 on many websites and newspapers. Once at the dealership they tried to push more expensive cars on me, and said they were wiling to finance me at a low rate. I wanted a honda civic but was also willing to settle for a toyota. They offered me other vehicles at a more expensive price.

The next week White Plains Honda advertised a 2000 Honda Civic LX 4DR with the stock number U9756 for $5,695. I called them because of what had occured the previous week and the person i spoke with claimed the car was available and on the lot. When I questioned the price because of what had happened the previous week the woman wasn't sure of the price and had to check it with her manager. She then told me that the car had been sold for $5,995.

I had called them both times on the first day of the ad and as soon as they opened for buisiness. To me this seems like a scam to get you to their car lot so they can push more expensive cars on you.

I had wasted time, money, gas and took a day off from work to go see a car that had the wrong price. If you called white plains honda asking to buy the cheapest car they have advertised in the newspaper you will get a run around story of some sort as I did. They will swear its there untill you get there and then claim that their computers dont get updated. If you continue to question them while on the phone they will tell you the car has been sold so they dont have to deal with you. I would like this situation to be investigated by some one.


I purchased a lemon/lime from White Plains Honda in 2003. This should have been my ideal car. Honda is known to produce reliable cars.

My grandmothers donkey was more faithful and reliable than this junk of a 2003 Honda Civic Ex model.

Within days after picking up my vehicle I noticed that the brakes had to be floored to get this vehicle to stop even at 30-40mph. I took it back to the dealership this time and several other times. They kept adjusting my brake pedal, rear brakes, and filling the fluid well. I took the vehicle back and was told they had to do something to the suspension.

I also discovered that none of my gauges on the dashboard works. As I am writing the tachometer? is reading 40mph even in parking position. I dont know how much fuel is in this vehicle as the gas gauge is stuck in the 3/4 position. Each day I have to add fuel.

I have paid $175.00 for a speeding ticket in March of 2006 as my gauges dont work. I paid $90.00 in 2005 as a result of the gauges. I was also slapped with 4points on my license because I stopped behind a police car to get help when the gauges malfunctioned. Even with flooring of the gas pedal I only get 60mph out of this lemon. When the car is in drive 3 it is registering on the dashboard that it is in drive. The reverse and drive indicators light up at the same time while car is in reverse. At times the transmission just dont shift out.

When I took the vehicle for service with the gauges I was told since 2003/2004 that the gauges are under investigation with Honda and there is no advice to their service department as to what to do with the defective gauges. After several attempts I was told by Michelle Schwabe at American Hondas Corporate office that the problems I am having is between White Plains Honda and myself.

I was charged 220.00 for a brake job that was not done. Within 4-5 months the brakes failed completely. I discoverd that the failed brakes are the original that came with my vehicle. Hondas Corporate Office was contacted by the technician from another Honda store who made this discovery and Michelle Schwabe at 1800 999 1009 said once more it is between White Plains Honda and myself.

I have paid for an extended service contract with that particular dealership and they refused to service my car. The police was called to basically keep me quiet after I demanded service on the leaking braking system. Mind you my brakes failed inspection less than a year after picking up my new 2003 Civic. I have left several messages for the owner of White Plains Honda to call me and he has not returned one phone call to me. I was told by his employees never to come back there or call. Meanwhile I am stuck with lemon drink.

I am a hard working female and it is sad what these dealers do to us. Why should I continue paying for something I cant enjoy. I did not steal the money I worked very hard for it. I have gone to The Better Business Bureau and still no help. I have written several letters and complaints to NHTSA and still nothing. I even went to my states Attorney Generals Office and still no help. I want my money back so that I can purchase a safe vehicle. I forgot to mention that the vehicle has electrical problems and I strongly believe that this is what causes the the gauges to malfunction but Honda is not forthcoming. I have taken two semesters of physics and I do believe my analysis is correct.

My good driving record is tarnished. The dealership tried to give me a criminal record because I was not yelling or shouting. I had no idea that the police was called. They did this in the presence of my two kids. I could have gone to jail. This caused emotional stress. My credit is ruined because the monies I could have used to pay another bill I had to pay for tickets and higher insurance premiums.My vehicle was repossessed once by American Honda as they are the creditor and they refused to help. All their actions are concerted so basically its a no win situation for me. Please help.


In 1999 , I purchased a brand new 1999 Honda Civic HX. A few weeks after owning the car,I was having problems with my fuel gage and my A/C.I took my car to White Plains Honda Service Center 3/4 times to which they told me that the fuel gage and A/C is supposed to operate that way..that there was nothing that they could do.Last year-summer of 2001,I was having problems with acceleration.

I took my car to Pace Honda in New Rochelle-to which Jeff Nole said that I needed a transmission.Honda ordered the brand new transmission-waited approx. 6 weeks for my car. I am now, again waiting for another brand new transmission(Jeff Nole).When I took my car out of Pace Honda's lot last year, I had 32,000 miles. I now have approx 43,000 miles and Mr. Jeff Nole said that this shouldn't have happened - but that the Civic HX has always had problems. Last year (the 1st problem with the transmission)I called Honda Corporate Office and explained the problem and that I wanted to turn in my car and wanted another car. They said that there was nothing that could be done=- that they'd rent me a car while my car was being serviced.

I explained to them all the problems that I've had. I even called them the 1st year I had the car with the fuel gage & A/C problem and they told me that there was nothing that I could do being that I was over the Lemon Law Mileage. I have another year and a half to pay off this car to which I don't think is fare.Why should I have to pay on a Lemon.

Jeff Nole advised me last year to go and extend my warranty to which I did.Cost me approx. $900. I am a single parent who drives with her child in the car not knowing if my car will break down. I had to miss days from work to have the service center just tell me that there was nothing wrong with my car. I struggled to save money for a car to which I only have problems with since day one.

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