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A Volkswagen was looked at, check engine light was on, I said fix the codes, get the light off and ill buy the car. They complied and sold me a warranty in case I had any problems. Within a short time, there was a clunking. I brought the car to my regular service station. They looked at it and told me I had problems. Check engine light was still on but just not illuminating so I could see it. The car had codes showing engine problems: 2 bad tie rods, 2 worn tires, a transmission mount that had been previously repaired had failed again causing the transmission case needing to be repaired.

The catalytic convertor wasn't being replaced by a straight pipe, all totally illegal. After bringing the car back, they wouldn't tell me what day, week, month or year the cars repairs would be made. On the 3rd day of questioning I was told they were trying to locate a part but wouldn't tell me what part. In all my years I've never dealt with such absurdity and can't believe this place is actually in business.

Satisfaction Rating

On May 17, 2013 I purchased a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta from EZ Credit Auto Sales. Unfortunately, due to some problems, the car was not ready for pickup until Friday, May 19, 2013 at approximately 6:00PM. Within an hour of driving the car off the lot, I contacted the dealership as the car (once on the expressway) was not running right. It appeared to be running with high RPMs. Additionally, the brake light service light was on. As the night progressed, I discovered other items wrong with the car.

On Saturday I immediately returned to the dealership with the car where I spoke with Meredith. She contacted Tim Cager, the owner, and asked me to please look around the lot to see if there was anything I might be interested in, but that she would need to re-run my credit and she was not sure how it would work with the finance company as all the paperwork had already been submitted to them. She asked that they be given the opportunity to inspect and repair the vehicle. I was directed to Approved Auto Repairs, the respective repair shop for the dealership.

On Monday at approximately 8:15AM, I arrived at Approved behind Bob's Repair Shop on Route 112 and spoke with Gary, Tim's brother. I went over all the problems I was experiencing with the car with him. He promised to take a look at it. He asked if I can leave it with them on Tuesday. Approved worked on the car on Tuesday and Wednesday. Finally, on Wednesday night, I was told the car was fixed and ready for pickup. They would leave the keys in the car for after hour pickup. Upon my pickup of the vehicle, I immediately discovered that the car still remained the same as the brake light still remained on and the car was still running with high RPMs. It appeared that they had only made the minor repairs during the course of the two days in their possession.

Unfortunately, the car now also seemed to have gotten worse as now there was a slight bucking. Once taken out on the lie, I discovered that the speedometer did not reflect the accurate speed as it stopped working at about 45/50 mph. That Saturday I returned to the dealership where I spoke with Arthur "Artie" **, the original salesperson that I dealt with, and explained to him that I continue to have problems with the car. He stated that I would need to take the car back to the repair shop and that I should not worry as by the time they get done with the car, it would practically be like new. That Monday I once again returned to the Approved where Gary had his mechanic, Mitchell, go out with me for a test drive so he can see the problems I was experiencing.

On the test drive, Mitchell did agree that the brake light did remain on and that the speedometer did not appear to be working. He could not state that there was a transmission problem as they would have to take a better look at the car. When we returned to the repair shop, Gary stated to me that they were in the middle of moving the shop to the front building (Cousin's Paintball) and though I could leave the car with him, he could not tell me if and when they would get to it and how long they would need to have the car for. I advised him that I would need a loaner as I needed to work. We agreed that I would bring the car the next day, Tuesday, and he would arrange for a loaner.

On Tuesday he did not have a loaner. It was the same story - that they were in the middle of moving so he could not tell me when they would be able to get to work on the car. This continued for a few days. I did reach out to the dealership so they were aware of the situation, where I spoke to Meredith on one occasion who even apologized for the problems I was having. She also asked me to please go back to the repair shop and that Tim would meet me there to discuss the problems I continue to have. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the repair shop, Tim was not there and it was the same story it had been all week. Finally, I arranged to take the car to a different mechanic so that they can ascertain what's the problem with the car.

At the time of the diagnostic inspection by Lee **, I discovered the following: The engine service light had been disabled manually, the catalytic converter was defective and that problems I was experiencing with the speedometer and tachometer were connected to a problem with the transmission. It appeared that the O2 sensor had been replaced previously in order, which is probably how it passed NYS inspection. But since the real problem was in the catalytic converter, then that was only a temporary and cheap fix. I was also told that the warranty that I had obtained at the time of my purchase did not cover the catalytic converter, and that they would not authorize any repairs on the transmission until the transmission was dismantled. Then it would be at their discretion if the repairs were covered. Just for the dismantling of the transmission, I was quoted an approximate fee of $700.00.

Due to the problems I discovered and since it had been only a little over 2 weeks, I contacted the dealership where I spoke to Artie once again. I told him of the diagnostic report and explained to him that I wanted his company to take back the car. At that time, he told me that I would need to speak to Tim with about returning the car. But unfortunately, he was on vacation and would not be returning to the dealership until Thursday, May 9th. That Thursday, after going to the dealership and being told by Artie that Tim was at the repair shop so I should go speak with him there, I met with Tim at the new office of Approved Auto Repair. I explained to him that I had an independent diagnostic inspection done and went over what I was told. He stated that he would need to take a look at the car because it just may be a loose wire causing all the problems.

I told him that I did not want him repairing the car, but wanted for him to take back the car. That evening, after leaving him the car to inspect, I contacted Tim so we can discuss the return. He told me that he was working on the car, had ordered parts and was taking the opportunity to repair the vehicle despite me telling him that he was not authorized to make any repairs. This nightmare continued for the next 7 days as his company and its respective repair shop, Approved, held the car hostage despite my continued position that he was doing unauthorized repairs to the car.

On Thursday, May 16, I finally received a phone call from James at Approved stating that the car was ready for pickup and that the keys and invoice would be left in the car for pickup after hours. As soon as I picked up the car, I discovered the same exact problems. It appeared that in the 7 days that they had it, the problems that I consistently told them about had not been addressed. As night progressed though, I realized that the problems had actually gotten worse. Initially, the car seemed to be hesitating when shifting from first to second gear (it's an automatic). The engine service light, which previously had been disabled, now went on within 3 hours of picking the car up. Finally, the car now has completely stopped changing gears. It remains in first gear despite the speed.

I took the car to Volkswagen on Saturday and was initially told that the car appears to have a problem with the transmission as well as with the emissions system. They asked for me to leave it with them and they would do a complete report for me on Monday. I have now been officially told by EZ Credit, aka Universal Auto Sales, that I should move on. In fact, Tim had said that if he took the car back, I would more than likely owe him money. Despite having been given the benefit of the doubt, this company continues not to stand by their cars or even their word. They put band aids on problems in the hope that by the time the real problems is discovered, they can then wash their hands off and not take responsibility.

Anyone else having problems or having had problems with this company, please feel free to contact me as I am following up with this legally with the Attorney General, DMV and the Suffolk County District Attorney. Please contact me at **.

Satisfaction Rating

Updated information regarding the June 12, 2012 complaint – My fiancé on my behalf filed the below complaint because he was not happy in the beginning. He works a lot so was unable to personally work with these guys. But I have to say, that if you give these guys chances to rectify the situation with your vehicle, you'll be very happy. My vehicle (2002 Mercury Mountaineer) has been fixed; just a couple minor things that still have to be done, but they will take care of it and have already taken very good care of me. Don't jump the gun and be alarmed by the complaints you have read; just talk to them and allow them to resolve the issues; and once it's resolved, update your complaint. Everyone makes mistakes and these guys definitely have me satisfied.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a van from Universal Auto Sales. I had the van for six months and while stopped at a stop sign, the van burst into flames. It was utterly and completely destroyed. Luckily, no lives were lost and no injuries incurred. We feel that the fire started from a faulty "O" ring in the fuel lines (recall item) that was never repaired. Universal should check the vehicles they sell. They should verify if they are safe for sale (by checking before selling) and that all dangerous recall items are fixed. I tried to contact Universal but have had no responses. Apparently, the company does not stand by what they sell. Once the money has changed hands, they are through with you. I would have expected our deposit to be returned at the very least - but nothing.

Satisfaction Rating

I went there on Saturday, 7/28/12, wasn’t sure if I wanted this Ford Windstar but of course the salesman Bobby and the owner Rob just get pushing me and said they could not get me into any other vehicle. I expressed my dislike for a minivan and said I didn’t like it. But I need a car and they made it seem like if I did not put down a down payment that second, the bank probably would accept me, although their signs say no credit check! So on Monday, I called and told them I do not want the minivan and would like my refund back and of course they are giving me a hard time. On Saturday, I asked about getting a refund if I changed my mind and was told yes if it was in a day or so. Well Monday is a day or so, isn’t it? The vehicles there look horrible, run badly and if they are crooks, plain and simple, they told me they could not get me anything else. But I went to B&I Auto Sales and they got me approved for multiple nice cars. I picked up my Toyota Corolla on Thursday!

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Consumer Increased Rating!

These guys made every wrong right and my fiance and I are very satisfied with the completion of all repairs. Two minor things they still have to take care of, but overall these guys did everything they could to rectify all of our issues. We are now very pleased.

Thanks to a great team; Timmy, James, Rob and Bobby.. Continue to do the right thing and many more blessings will come your way. Germayne, your formerly disgruntled customer, now very satisfied.

Germayne of Mastic Beach, NY on

Original Review

The bottom line is this place is a rip off, passing cars through inspection, so hard up that they have to scam the community (first time buyers/students and people who have fallen on hard times). My fiance and I bought a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer on Friday, June 7, 2012 and the vehicle has transmission and electrical problems, along with needing front end work. On Monday, June 11, 2012, at 10am, the vehicle had to be towed from my driveway as it would not start, not even with jumper cables. So I took the plates off the truck and I took pictures of the tow company taking the vehicle from my driveway as proof that I don't have the vehicle. I called the finance company, Credit Acceptance, who is also horrible and I told them not to call us for a payment.

We gave the truck back to the dealer and we don't want it. They stated that they don't get into contract issues and we would have to talk directly to the dealer. This is probably why they have so many defaulted loans - they allow places like this and their family-owned businesses (Medford Motors Route 112 Medford, NY) to scam the community. The owner of Approved/Universal Auto sales and the owner of Medford Motors are father and son, so the father has shown his son how to scam. Apparently, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. I will fight for my $1,000 back and I want the contract voided. I'm sure that the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office of Consumer Affairs will love this one.

Satisfaction Rating

Universal Auto Sales now known as Approved Auto Sales, Coram, NY - My fiance and I purchased a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer on June 7, 2012 and that evening, the car began not operating properly. It wouldn't go in drive or reverse at times, unless you let the vehicle sit and run for five minutes before trying to engage it into gear. After locking the doors with the remote control to set the alarm, the interior lights will stay for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before shutting off. The passenger side window won't go down unless the driver's door is open at the same time with the rear passenger door. What a joke! When backing up and cutting the wheel, there's a popping noise coming from the front end. How could we be so stupid to buy a car from these people, who like to scam students and people who have fallen on hard times?

Now, as of June 11, 2012, that's right 2 to 3 days later, the vehicle had to be towed out of my driveway. It wouldn't start, not even when the tow truck driver tried to jump it. The battery cables were so badly damaged maybe that's why there was no connection. This place's owner is also the son of Medford Motors route 112 in Medford, NY and his father is the same way, selling bad cars and passing them through inspection knowing the vehicle isn't safe. They beat my 21-year old problem out of a car. Now his credit is ruined. The bottom of his Isuzu Amigo undercarriage was rotted through to the axle. Knowing a buyer couldn't see it and he couldn't understand why he had to replace, he brakes after having the truck for only 4 weeks.

Stay away. I faxed them a letter that I want my money back and the contract canceled because I don't want the vehicle, which they won't be man enough to call me to respond. Trust me, I won't let them just keep my $1,000 down payment and ruin our credit more than what it is without a fight. They surely met their match this time. I'm going to the Suffolk county district attorney and whomever else will listen and I will print a list of all the complaints. Contact me if you want to take down Mr. Timmy and his crew. I don't see how the owner can sleep at night knowing what he's doing to people. But God have mercy on his soul because he's going to need a lot of prayer.

I took the plates off the vehicle prior to them towing it and I will be canceling the insurance. Credit acceptance can go to hell too. They are allowing them to do this instead of protecting the customer. They wouldn't have so many defaulted loans if they would pull back the money from dealerships like these.

Satisfaction Rating

I received a call today from a Lisa ***, who works for Universal, regarding Bernard *** who purchased a car and haven't made any payments and they are looking for the car . I don't know how to contact him or know where the car is. I asked them several time not to call me regarding this matter. She was very rude and argue with me regarding this matter. She called me at 6:04 pm on 01/02/12 and called back a second time at 6:08 pm. The number she was calling me from is xxx-xxx-xxx. She also called Robert *** and Derrick ***.

I am 9 months pregnant. I explained that to her and she was not concerned. I asked her not to call me because this is stressing me out and the harassment from her. I told her I can go into labor any day now so please don't call anymore. She was screaming from the top of her lungs saying that I was responsible for Bernard *** so I hung up the phone.

Satisfaction Rating

In April 2010, I purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus SHO from RON at Universal Auto Sales in Medford, NY. When I test drove the car (after being forced to by the salesman), the check engine light was on, the floor boards on front passenger side were vibrating and the driver’s seat wouldn't move forward or backward. When I returned after the test drive, I expressed my concern about the issues and was assured that if I bought the car, they would fix them before I picked up the car. I took a half day from work that day and had someone drive me from Melville to Medford (about 40 minutes).

Three-fourths of the way there, I called to let them know I was on my way and was informed that I couldn't pick it up until Tuesday. Tuesday, I went to pick it up (again) and everything seemed to have been rectified. I was very excited to have what I considered a "nice" car (as opposed to my piece of garbage, money pit Grand Cherokee that I had before). After 30 days of having my car, it was hesitating and driving poorly. After 60 days, it was over heating when the AC was turned on. It was deteriorating quickly so I brought it to a mechanic and was advised that eight codes came up when it was hooked up to the computer.

I was told that in order to repair my vehicle it would basically need to be rebuilt. This would cost around $4,000. Turns out that the car was never actually fixed and Universal Auto Sales removed the check engine light bulb so I would think they fixed the original problem. I had purchased a warranty when I bought the car (for $1200) and come to find out it conveniently didn't cover any of the issues so I would have to pay out of pocket for repairs. I have since put a ton of work into the car (out of pocket) and it "died" a month ago.

I just put an additional $600 into the car within the last month to try to get it to run at least and just found out today that it needs to be junked. I financed this car for $4300 after a $1200 trade-in PLUS the $1200 warranty and the interest. Works out to around $6,000 financed and my car doesn’t run and is beyond repair. I still have 7 more payments left on my vehicle, which I obviously can't drive any longer. I have contacted Universal on multiple occasions and have been told that there's nothing they can do for me. I am. furious. (That's actually an understatement at this point). Do not ever purchase a vehicle from these piece of **, people!

Satisfaction Rating

I got a car from Universal Auto Inc for a Pontiac GT 2002. When I got the car, it was driving fine. About 3 months later, the motor light goes on. So I brought the car back to Universal Auto Inc. They looked at the car and told me it was the transmission. They told me they fixed it and I took the car back. In two weeks, the light comes on again and when I try to stop, the car would not stop. I brought it to the other auto repair place; they told me they messed up the brakes and the transmission is leaking oil. So I called the dealership up and they said they cannot help me. If anybody read this comment please contact me. With your help, we could put a end to this dealership. Thank you.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 2004 Kia Sedona, but after a week, I noticed a ticking noise in motor. I brought the car to my mechanic and he said it was a lifter. I called Universal and brought the car in. They said that they put in a motor, but when I drove quarter of a mile, the car died. They came and got the car.

I still haven't heard from them, and then I find out that Tim used my extended warranty to fix my car, without my authorization. This shop is passing cars with inspections, illegally. This shop should be shut down.

Satisfaction Rating

I just graduated from high school and have been saving my money since I was younger to buy my first car without my parents' help. I found a cheap, low mileage 97' Chevy Malibu at this dealer. I was so excited and I bought it for $1,600. Two days after having the car, my father realized the engine light was on, the a/c was not working and there were some other problems with the vehicle. Therefore, my father called Universal Auto Sales explaining to them that there were some problems with the vehicle. They said to bring it back because they would fix it.

Well, they did not fix it nor did I ever saw my car again. After days of Universal Auto Sales having my vehicle in their possession, I called to see when it would be ready. They kept giving excuses and finally, they gave a day that it would be done. That morning, I received a phone call from them telling me my car had been stolen. They would not give me my money back nor were they willing to work with me at all. My car was on their property when it was "stolen" so they were responsible for it. They were very rude about it when my father called to talk to them about what happened and very sketchy. They were pretending it never happened.

Now, I spent my money on a car that I will never see again. They made my car disappear. They are very irresponsible and shady. I would never recommend Universal Auto Sales to anyone.


I purchased a Chrysler Sebring convertible from Universal Auto Sales a month ago. It had few initial problems that were fixed by the time it was time for us to pick it up. Probably only because my father has been a mechanic for over 30 years; looked at it before we bought it, and said the problems needed to be fixed.

It had been less than a month since I purchased the car (mind you, with a $1,200-$24,000/2 year warranty), and everything was going great.

It's a beautiful car. It was running very nice, and despite having two tail lights out before I even had it for one day-- I loved it.

Six days ago, I was out with one of my friends. After I returned to my car, it wouldn't start. The lights and everything were on, so it clearly wasn't a dead battery, but I called my dad to come try to jump it regardless.

It obviously didn't do anything. So, he was trying to check it out, but 11 o'clock at night on the side of the road isn't exactly the ideal time to try to determine what's wrong with a car. So, we had to leave it there. He checked it out on his way to work in the morning, but couldn't get to the starter (which he believed to be the problem).

We called the Universal Auto Sales to have a tow-truck come and pick it up that Thursday. After days of them having it, and them giving us the runaround every time we called and not calling us back to keep us updated, they finally told us the car would be done on Monday.

All day Monday, my father, my mother, and myself all called to check on the status of the vehicle to make sure it would be done that day. Every time we called, they said it would definitely be finished. Then, around 5 o'clock that night we called, and they said it won't be done until Tuesday.

It is now Tuesday; after calling all day and not getting a straight answer until 4 o'clock, it now won't be done until tomorrow, and who knows if it will actually be finished by then at this point.

If I would've known that there would be this much nonsense just to get something simple like this fixed (they claim the fuel pump went, and the wiring connected to the fuel pump also went, which my father says is complete garbage), I would have sucked it up and paid the 100$ deductible to have it brought to a place where a REAL MECHANIC or my father could work on it because at a competent place of business, none of this would have occurred.

Extremely unprofessional, and I'm honestly thankful the one month guarantee with them is up. So, when the next thing breaks on this car I can skip all of their incompetence and go to a place of business where the customer service isn't absolutely awful.


I purchased a 1999 Chevy Blazer from Universal Auto Sales in September 2010. When I test drove the truck, it was in mint condition. It had a few thousand miles on it, but had blown back speakers, the AC was not blowing out cold air, and my headlights were out. The guy who sold me the truck, Joe ** said he would fix it all for me before I actually got the truck in my hands. I had to put a $100 deposit on the truck to make sure it was still there that entire week. When I went back in to put all my money down, the truck seemed perfect so I bought it. Joe told me it was for sale for $6000 but he would sell it to me for $4000 because I was so cute. All I got was a receipt, meanwhile I signed other papers that they kept. Right away I took it to my mechanic at STS and they looked it over and gave me a list of everything wrong.

They found an extra ECT sensor, my AC compressor was leaking and had green fluid around it and was not blowing out cold air, left front axle boot torn, found left front lower ball joint so loose it was unsafe for me to drive off the lot without tightening, and had hard starting. I brought my truck back to Universal right away and asked them to fix it since I had my 30 day warranty. Joe sweet talked me claiming he'd fix it and to pick it up in a week. That's now the second time my AC was being fixed there. A week later I went down there with my mom and picked up my truck. I never got any paperwork saying they even worked on my truck at all, or that they even had it to begin with. A few weeks went by and my speakers were blown again along with my AC.

This was now the third time I had to go there. This time I took my dad with me and I mad a stink saying I wanted my money back that they were clearly screwing me and I was within my 30 days to get it back. Joe sweet talked me again and promised that if it wasn't fixed this time he'd give me back my money. Joe told me it was fixed and that the mechanic was so mad he had to fix it again, he broke my mirror. The AC was never fixed and my speakers blew again but I never went back within my 30 days to fix it. October 2010, I was driving and my axle broke. I had to pay $400 at STS to get it fixed. My dashboard also fell apart along with my seat handles and other little things. The same month my truck started making a horrible noise when I would change gears. I was told it was the transmission slipping but that costs grands to fix and I was over my warranty. December I noticed a Tranny fluid leak when my truck wouldn't change gears on the highway and refused to go over 30 mph. The leak was so bad I was buying bottles every few weeks just to keep my truck running. January 2011 I was driving home from work in a blizzard and got into an accident because my truck wouldn't go into 4 wheel drive at all.

February, my truck started making a ticking noise and I brought it to STS and they said it was one of my belts loosing up, and my tranny was on its way out. A few weeks later it started having trouble picking up speed and was bucking a lot, my tranny fluid was full. I had to keep driving it back and forth to work and it wound up making a loud knocking noise and the car turned itself off. When me and my dad tried to turn it on it sounded like it was going to explode. After popping the hood you could clearly see the engine shaking. STS started my truck in the parking lot and said it wasn't even worth fixing because I had an engine knock, broken connecting rod, and my tranny was slipping still. It had to be towed away it was so unsafe to drive. I went to Universal and complained saying I wanted my money back and Joe sweet talked me and handed me over to the manager Tim or Tom. He's short and works at the front desk.

He was very snotty to me and told me they didn't sell me a truck like that and if I wanted it fixed he'd tow it from my house for free and fix it for me. They towed my truck and I didn't sign anything stating I knew they had my truck at all. I called them the day after they towed it and the mechanic told me to call back the next day they had not looked at it, when I asked why they didn't look at it he hung up on me. I called back the next day as asked and the mechanic told me they couldn't figure out what was wrong and couldn't get it started. I explained it had an engine knock and they knew that. The mechanic said he'd call me back and hung up on me again.

Three more days past and I called back. The mechanic told me it had an oil leak but he couldn't tell me why it did, all he said was they did not sell me the truck with an oil leak. He then told me it was my fault for the oil leak for not maintaining it, when it really was. I explained it had a fresh bottle of oil in the engine I put in it last week and since it hadn't been driven the oil should still be there, the mechanic laughed at me and hung up again. I had enough and went down there twice now and insisted I wanted my money back cause I was tired of being fooled. A new guy dealt with me and never told me his name, he's the sales manager though.

He was very nasty yelling in my face telling me that I was wrong and it was my fault my truck was broken and I couldn't have my money back. I then told him to keep the truck I just wanted my money. He told me he would call the owner of the shop and ask him how much he would give me to just leave the truck and go home. The owner never called me. I looked them up on this website and found all these complaints. I went down there with my dad and all my paperwork, and the print out of this site and told the sales manager I wanted my money back. He refused. Both me and my dad fought with the sales manager about his attitude and how they're known for ripping people off and that I wouldn't get the court involved if he gave me back my money.

He seemed shocked knowing we knew they were ripoffs and said the manager would call me Monday. I said to forget it I'd just drive my truck home and risk it. The sales manager told me that I couldn't see my truck because it was locked up and he didn't have the keys, only the manager did and he wouldn't be back till Monday. I looked through the gate and my truck was nowhere in sight. I had no documentation saying I knew they even had it, because I never had to sign anything. I'm still waiting on a phone call from the owner, and my truck back. These people are known for ripping off customers and selling junked cars without you knowing. Every car/ truck there has something wrong with it and no matter what you do once you buy anything from Universal Auto Sales you will be screwed from the minute you drive away.


I purchased a 1997 Nissan Altima from Universal Auto Sales on August 2009. In January, it broke down. I took it to the repair shop that handles my warranty. It was bearing in the wheel. I got it back and 2 days later, the alternator needed to be replaced. I had it repaired at the same repair shop and one day later, there was a hole in the radiator that was clearly put in at the shop. When I received the title, it states that the car is a salvage vehicle. I was not told that at the time of purchase. Now the warranty is up and the car is broken again. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I now owe $5000 on a car I can not drive. So now I am carless and $5000 in debt.


I bought a used 2000 Dodge neon for $4,895 on 09/24/2009. On 01/26/2010 I paid off the car, which was $5,968.19. From the day I bought the car, I had many problems with it. The front tire on the passenger’s side had a bubble and I had to get a new tire. Afterwards, I realized that the trunk was consistently wet, every time it rained.

When I bring the car to the dealership to tell them about the trunk, one of the salesmen became very nasty with me and told me that that was just part of a regular "defect" that the Dodge neon had. I then bring the car to my own personal mechanic and he told me that the bottom of the trunk had holes in it therefore that was the reason why it always got wet.

Every time I called the dealership, the same salesmen always gave me an attitude. He even argued with my son. I told him that he didn't have to get nasty with me and that I wouldn't have a problem with calling consumer affair and he hung up on me, I called back and he hung up on me again. Awhile after, the car broke down while I was on way to work, when I bring it to my mechanic he told me it was the transmission, I had to pay for a rental car. Two days later, the car broke down again.

After I had it fixed again, it broke down two weeks later. It was the water bump and the time belt. I had to pay for the time belt because the warranty did not cover it but I also had to pay taxes for every time I had my car fixed. I went to the dealership to tell them everything that had happened with the car and I even complained about the male salesmen that should not be working there with his type of attitude. The female salesperson named Kayla told me she would speak to her boss and give us a call back, it been 4 days so far and I haven't heard from her yet. Right after I spoke to her, I left to look at other dealerships because I need a car that will actually work and every dealership I went to told me that Universal Auto Sales was a rip off dealership and that they ripped me off on my car.


I went into Universal Auto Inc on 3/31/09 and I had put $700 deposit down on a 1999 Ford Contour. I did not sign anything because I was told to come back with proof of insurance. My co-signer needed another pay stub. The next day, my mother had called just to double check if I can get my $700 back and he said no, I’m not getting it back. So my mother, sister and father went there with the police and I have a report. And they're saying I have to wait for 30-45 days, and they did not tell me anything about how long I would have to wait.

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