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Made a deal with them on a 2016 altima. The car I originally was approved for was sold by another salesman. When I went in Dave ** told me there was no problem and I picked another car out, signed all the paperwork and made the deal final. The salesman Manny told me to pick the car up later that day. When I arrived to pick up the car Manny and Dave ** told me to call my insurance company to change my insurance which I did at the desk of Manny. After that I was told by both Manny and Dave ** to take my plates off and all my stuff out of my car and transfer it to the new car which I did.

Then they couldnt find the keys, and finally I went in to give them the $1000.00 which was agreed only to find out that now they wanted another $1900.00 so a total of $2900.00. After telling them that wasnt what we agreed on the finance manager threw my title to my car and told me if I didnt like it to leave. I left and was really upset so I called back and spoke to Joe ** and he said bring back $1300.00 and you can have the car. I said "I was told $1000.00 dolllars. What is going on." THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS.

Satisfaction Rating

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Do not go through Staten Island Nissan or Nissan Motor Acceptance for that fact. So unorganized! I had scheduled an appointment with Nissan against the advice of my husband because of how poorly we were treated the first lease. I was told they were under new owners and that they could work with my not so good credit since I had been a loyal customer with Nissan. Once I had arrived the original man I had an appointment with did not show up. Second when I went into the financial office I was spoken to so rudely and told that even with a cosigner Nissan would not lease what I was originally told.

I walked out because of how uncomfortable and rudely I was spoken to. The manager followed us out apologizing for the behavior of the other employee. Now Nissan Motor Acceptance on the other hand reported two late payments to my credit report totaling 1700 with late fees. When I proved my payments they told me it was a mistake and I only owed $50 but this original "mistake" has caused my credit score to drop. I will never deal with Nissan again!

Satisfaction Rating

On July 18, at 6:45 pm I entered the dealership on Hylan Blvd Nissan.... they had 15 minutes to close. As my Mercedes 2014 lease was coming to an end, I went in to look for a more practical car. A salesman Named Manny ** came to me and said "A pretty woman like you should be drive this 2015 370z". Of course I absolutely loved the car. 15 minutes till sticker price on vehicle...and given wrong keys. Service told me 2 weeks appt for keys. Went to manager, he got me the key on Monday. Still not looking at the paperwork.

To my disgust and such disappointment, this car was written up as a 2014, besides giving in my Mercedes lease which they swore to date not paid. When I realized on Sunday that it was a used leftover E-ZPass glue on window, scratches on console, no sticker price, and all the marks of a demo or used car, so I return to the Dealership, to be dismissed by the salesman who said "Get outta here, I'm done with you I got my commission." I find this absolutely rude, disgusting and robbery. Might I add I also put down $10,000 cash. So promised Gap insurance, and take off all the other warranties they slipped in. After the payoff for a 2014 370z would be $73,000.00, He ** the financial advisor said it would cost me 500.00 a month... Of course they wouldn't offer me GAP insurance as I would of known it was a robbery. How in the world can a large business dealer get away with this????

I have been in there at least 15 times... Now they won't answer the phone, or scatter and lock themselves in their offices. I don't know what you could do but this is the second time this happened to me. Isn't anyone honest any more? Isn't this world ugly enough? So now what??? I cannot no way no how pay $875.00 a month and if the car is stolen I still owe. Maybe you can give me some help. Thanking you in advance. You got my name and email address and address and phone number. A out and out see a woman and rip her off deal....yes I signed, gave a Mercedes 2014 with 5,000 miles and buy another 2014. Plain common sense, and me being honest kinda thought they would be thieves and liars, respectfully.

Satisfaction Rating

2013 altima lease. I put 1000 down was told 290 a month then when called in to finish the paperwork signing they told me 429 a month for a sv model no tech package. I should of walked out then and there but I loved the car and I guess had new car fever as it being my first new car. When I went to pick up the car there was cigarette ashes in the cup holder yes cigarette ashes, my salesman cleaned it up right away. I'm like ok, no biggie right? Car had glue marks from the white wrap that’s on it before they prep it, light scratches and swirl marks, it’s a black car so everything shows. Once again I thought no biggie right. First time I went in for service was ok, got an oil change down and fluid check done customer service was moderate. Wait was like an hour and a half to 2hrs just for that um ok.

Recently got a flat & bent rim over a pothole 3/13/15 now when I was signing the paperwork I signed a contract for auto knight club which is basically insurance for your rim & tire where you’re covered for any repair or replacement fees. Brought the car in for second time, was told I had two recalls pending to fix so I'm like, ok then. Was told that they had to take pictures of the damage to send to the insurance company where they have to approve to cover any damages. Now the insurance company only fixed the rim covering me 125.00 when I felt it should've been replaced how badly it was bent. They denied me coverage on a replacement tire because they said it’s a run flat tire. The contract clearly states in plain english that you’re eligible for coverage on a run flat tire if it’s a manufactured tire within the year term of the contract and a certain tread depth.

I argued with the insurance why I wasn't covered on a tire they me because I drove on the tire while it was flat. They don't cover run flat tires. Hmmm… anything wrong here? Nissan service wanted 208.00 plus installation fee which probably would of came close to 300 for 1 tire which is absurd. They had my car for 2 days, I wasn't told how many days they would have it at the shop. I wasn't asked or offered a loaner car, luckily my girlfriend had a car for me to use. Third day they call me and say the car is ready, putting the tire on the rim which I didn't even give them a definite yes to do so because I felt they were charging too much, so I had them put the spare back on. Go to pick up the car get the keys, sign the paperwork, go on my way.

Wasn't told where my car was parked I guessed where it was and found it take a walk around my car found new scratches on driver side door that weren't there when I brought it in & you could see hand wiping motion marks in the area because car is dirty from not being washed. It’s like they were checking the scratches after they had been careless doing whatever they were doing while working on the car so at this point I don't care anymore after what I've been thru, besides, it’s a lease. Horrible experience, never again. I definitely won't be spending my money with these crooks in the future.

Satisfaction Rating

I have 2013 Nissan rogue. I have 19 months left on the lease. I get a phone call about 1 month ago from an assistant manager named Christine that I can turn in my rogue for a Black Friday deal. I said, "I have 19 months left are you sure?" She said, "I have your file. I am telling you I can get you in a new car." I said, "I will talk to my wife." A few days later she calls me back and said she spoke to the manager and I can get in a new rogue for 167 a month with no money down. I said, "are you sure?" She said, "I spoke to the main manager, come on in."

I came into dealership on Hlyn Blvd and met her. She gave me one of her associates. He took my license and came back about 5 minutes later. He was like "what are you doing here? We cannot do anything for you." I started yelling and the Manager Ishmael came out and took me in his office. He said, "you bought a car for cash and leased 3x in last couple of years, you are a good customer." I was very upset and he said he will call the bank 1st Monday and get me out of the lease cause he felt bad that I was dragged in and I was a good customer. I asked for a business card, no card umm. He said he would call me Monday never did, then Tuesday he never called. Then I called him Tuesday night he never back. Then I sent an nasty e-mail. Wed am, I get a call from another Manager named Amada who tells me, "there was a mistake and you never should have come in." Bottomline, these people lie to you to get you in and then never bother with you. I called Nissan corp. and got some satisfaction. I will never deal with these people again.

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Satisfaction Rating

I was in on 10/12/14 (Sunday) to check out a Rogue they had on the lot. I spoke with Manny and a manager named Joe. As busy as it was supposed to be (Columbus Day weekend) they said I couldn't take the car for a test drive because the man that shuffles the cars around wasn't in. I sat there and spoke with the 2 employees for quite some time and ended up making a deal on the car pending the test drive. In order to close the deal I also left a deposit. I went back on 10/13/14, test drove the car, all went well but the original salesman that I worked with wasn't in so I returned on 10/14/14 to leave my check with them. They accepted my check, submitted any paperwork to my bank that was required by them, filled out the check and then the waiting game started.

By Sunday 10/19 the check had still not been cleared although i was told multiple times over the phone it was deposited. I decided to call my bank and see if it was deposited and I was told it was not. I get a call from James the used car manager later that day to tell me they can't sell me the car at the negotiated price because of repairs that were done on the car BEFORE i looked at it. These repairs were not disclosed to me at the time i left my deposit (the repairs included "repainting the bumper" and a detail) which worked out to roughly an additional $1,400.

I went in on 10/20 to claim my check which they have already endorsed with the amount that we negotiated written on the front. The best is i have the whole conversation recorded between myself and 2 of their managers, Frank and James, which will absolutely be publicized. I would like to spread the word aside from putting up bad reviews and hopefully get some news coverage on the way they try to scam customers.

Satisfaction Rating

My 2005 Murano, broke down on Highway. I towed it to Nissan. They took it in and later called me to tell me my car needed a battery and alternator. I said fine do the work, 978 dollars, it was much but they are the experts so I said do the job. When I got car back, all anti freeze had spilled, car was over heating so they took it back in and said they corrected the problem. The mechanic had not placed an o-ring in the proper place, so they corrected that and upon my pick up of car I noticed all fastener were not placed back. They corrected that, and now I got a car that runs horrible. The alarm comes on and off when it wants. The auto start runs when it wants, engine vibrates, car comes on and off while driving. They keep giving me excuses. They are no help, spoke to manager and got, that the car runs perfect. They lie and my cars ** up. Do not use these guys. Go to jersey, better service and educated about vehicle.

Satisfaction Rating

I had two problems after I took my SUV home. My SUV has navigation in it. The salesperson who has the chips was not there. I did not receive it until a week later. Also, I purchased out of state, my plates came in late. No one called me to tell me they were there - also that I owed more money. I had a lot of difficulty getting my plates.

Satisfaction Rating

I came in because I was told that a 2006 Honda Accord with less than 14,000 miles was available for $10,000. This occurred on August 2, 2012. After arriving at the dealership, the used car manager came screaming that it was a mistake and the car is $11,500 and not a penny less. I said I was told $10,000 and now it is $1,500 more. "Well it's too bad, that's the price!" I was still interested in the car since I needed transportation. I said, "Maybe I should finance a small amount." An appointment was set for Saturday, August 4, because the salesman is off on Friday, with the finance manager. I gave the salesperson $1,000 in cash as a deposit. I came with a friend to co-sign the loan for me. I said I wanted to finance the loan for $2,000.

The finance manager said that I had to finance at least $6,000 and buy a $4,000 car warranty. He also stated that my friend has excellent credit, but she cannot be a cosigner because she doesn't live in my household. At that point, I knew the manager was lying to me. I declined the financing. At this point, the used car salesperson came to us in the showroom and said, "Since you don't want the financing, I have to charge you $500 more and not a penny less." Now we are being asked $2,500 more for the car. He showed me a car that is a 2005, with over 45,000 for $10,500. I do not want this car and I asked for my cash deposit back. I was told I would receive a check in 10 days.

Satisfaction Rating

I left a deposit of $1000 on 8/18/11. I was told I should have it back by Friday 8/19 or Monday 8/21. It is now 8/29. I still have not received my money back into my checking account.


I bought a Pathfinder that was just placed in the Nissan Hylan Boulevard lot, from Randy and Sharone **. But they made a fool of me. They took my money and ran! They look like they are on your side, sweet talked, and promised you that everything (detailing, cleaning, fixing cracks, engine noise, etc.) will be addressed within 24 hours. But once they got your hard-earned money, the door is closed at your face for whatever problems you've encountered within 48 hours.

They will tell lies to their supervisors, turn the table around, and accuse you of making up stories. Literally Randy, he'll pretend to take care of your issues. He called me two days after and absolutely nothing was done. So, now when I got an estimate from a repair shop and sent a copy to them, they accused me of making up the damages.


The lease on my 2006 Murano was up on 12/31 and I wanted to buy a vehicle. I called Kings Nissan where I leased a car and they gave me the buy out number along with additional fee of $150 for paperwork and $50 for new title. Kings said I could go to any dealership if it's more convenient for me. I called Staten Island Nissan on 12/30, and they said they could do it and would call me back in the morning on 12/31.

They called at 9:45 on 12/31 and told me the number along with the additional fee. Everything was the same except for the title fee. Their charge was $890! When I asked why it wasn't the same as Kings Nissan, the reply was that it was at the discretion of the dealer if they wanted to charge a fee for getting the title which is $50. I told him goodbye!


I bought a used car for my daughter. I also bought an extended security plus warranty for $2,148 for it. The next week, I decided to cancel the policy and have a signed copy of the cancellation request. We were told it would take 6-8 weeks to get our money back (which we still did not get) but when we dug a little further, we were told we're only getting back less than $800. SI Nissan, that arrogant manager, said the policy was pro-rated and this is all we are entitled to. What? A one week old policy and they keep well over $1,300. I am a single provider in my household. My wife takes care of our son who is on a vent machine (life support), so it's difficult for me to get there or be on the phone. My wife did go to the dealer a few times, only to be ignored or treated rudely. What can I do? If there is any way you can help me, I would appreciate it. I cannot afford a lawyer per se but I can't see these thieves holding my money. I have contacted local newspapers and am waiting on responses. Thank you. I look forward to your advice.


I was purchasing a Nissan Altima from Staten Island Nissan. I called on the day (8/4/09) of which I was going to purchase the car, about the interest rate I qualified for. I have an excellent credit rating. They told me that the financial manager was not available. I called numerous times and they told me he will be available at the purchase meeting. I got to the dealership at 5:00pm for my purchasing meeting. My husband and I were in the financial manager's room (**) and ** gave me a rate of 6.48% for the $15,601 that I was to finance. He quoted me a monthly rate of $343 for 60 months. I told him that $343 was too expensive for me.

Later, when I returned home, I checked the internet regarding this rate and found that at 6.48% on $15,601 really would have cost me $305 per month which was a huge difference, a much more affordable amount which I would have been happy with. However, continuing with the meeting with **, he continued to negotiate a deal saying that’s the only way. Only way, that I could get an affordable rate was to purchase the Security Plus program for the car. This way, he said, I would be able to get a rate of 1.9%. He quoted me monthly rates of $340, then $337 trying to negotiate a deal.

Finally, we negotiated a deal of $325 which seemed much better than $343. The $325 deal was signed. When I returned home and checked the 6.48% for $15,601 and found out that the true amount per month was $305, my husband and I were extremely angry. We trusted that the true amount at 6.48% would have been presented to us. We could not believe that we were lied to, deceived by a reputable dealership. This practice should not be allowed to take place. I wonder how many other people have been deceived into purchasing their product just so they can get you to sign up for the Security Plus program.

They out and out lied and falsified information regarding rates and monthly payments so they could get us to purchasing their plan. They lied straight out about a rate and quoted a number they knew would be too high for me to pay; 6.58% for $15,601 was not $343 per month for 60 months but $305 per month, a big difference to pay. I am now paying $20 per month more than I could have been paying, for 60 months, 5 years. This is a significant amount in this time of economic crisis. My husband and I are very upset and stressed that we were deceived.


My dad bought me a band new nissan xterra in 2001. I couldnt even drive it yet. I started driving in 2003. First off I noticed a weird noise everytime I hit the brakes and sometimes the car would pull forward. I went to the nissan and explained it to them. One guy told me that on bottom rim of my tire was a little bent and that was the reason. I actually bought this story at the time, when I told people what happened and got their reactions thats when I realized it made no sense. This problem continued for another month and as I was driving down a rainy hill one day my brakes would not work. I finally stopped as I hit the car in front of me.

After this I avoided hills and driving in the rain. Finally Nissan had a recall on the ABS (automatic Brake System) and I never had a problem afterward. Both my car seats do not move backward and forward, they broke right away. My back windowns would not go up and down. At one point my car started stalling and I had to get it towed to Nissan, thats when the fuel pump was recalled. My AC broke, and for 3 years now my car vibrates as I drive. It says check engine, my mechanic hasnt been able to figure out the problem. I dont take my car to nissan anymore, the last time I went they said I needed some sort of sensor that I paid $150 dollars for and they wanted a $1000 to install it.

They said I couldnt pass inspection without it and I did!! and I wasted $150 dollars. My CD Player is broken now, the radio stations change by themeselves. Nissan on staten island is a horrible company, they ripped my dad off by thousands to start with and he had to sue just to get some of the money back and now I am left with this car that is so defective, I am amazed its still running


Sunday Jan. 27-2008 I close a deal with the salesmen Sharone Purer (from Staten Island Nissan) to buy a use car: a Nissan Altima 2005, 4 Cylinders for a total of $14,718.12 (including taxes), I left $2500.00 down payment, we agree to come back and pick up the car the next Wednesday Jan.30-2008, I returned with a check for a total of $6500.00 from my Bank, and the rest of the money we agree that I will financed, but when I meet the person that finish the closing, he inform me that I will be charge an APR of 9%, we discuss that and I refused to accept those charges I said that I will be contacting my bank the next day to get a better APR, then one of the salesmen manager came in to the room were we was and he was trying to convince me to accept they proposal for the APR, he was trying higher amount to finance and lower APR, I refused also, then he treating me saying that if I do not accept his proposal I will lose my money an the car, I said is not right and I left the place.

I left the place with pain in my stomach due to all the fighting and discussion, the next day, Thursday Jan. 31-2008, I contact my bank Chase and they approved an Auto loan for $6,000.00 with an APR of 6.5%. The bank agrees to give me the check the next day (Friday 1-Febrerury 2008 at 5: pm) due to the urgency to pick up the car.

On Thursday the salesmen supervisor and the salesman Sharone were calling me constantly to come back to the dealer and pickup the car, they said is because they need to shown that the car I select were sold on January, I said I can not do it, because I do not have the check (the load from Chase), they suggest that I can come and sign a blank contract and then when I come back to the dealer with the check that contract will be destroy it on front of me, I refused to that idea and I said to then that I will be on Friday night to close the deal, later the salesmen Sharone said that it will be better on Saturday because he will not be on the dealer.

Saturday Feb. 2-2008 on the morning I was on the dealer around 9:15 am, everybody were on a meeting I was waiting for about half hour until the salesman Sharone approached and I said that I need to do the closing the soon as possible because I need to go to work, latter after 25 minutes other of the salesman supervisor call me at side and he said that because I did not pickup the car at the end of the month I must pay $800.00 more, I said is not possible and I ask for my money back,

He ask me for my copy of the contract (yellow sheet) and my credit card to credit my money back, when he come back he give me a copy of the yellow sheet, I ask for the copy of the transaction of the credit of my card He said that all the credit are done on Friday so will be done until Friday, Feb 8-2008, I ask for my yellow sheet back and I said that I will come back on Thursday to get my money back, but I know that they will not return the whole amount because the supervisor that treating me on Wednesday said that they will not give me the whole amount that I left as deposit ($2500.00).


I leased a car from this dealership back in July of 2006. When the deal was made I was promised a refund of nearly $700.00. It is now December, and still no check. I have made repeated attempts to recover this money, but to no such luck. Also, I am expecting an additional refund of $200.00 for the replacement of a tire. This was deemed a "factory defect", and that I am owed this money. This happened Back in August, and still no check.

The management of this dealership should be ashamed of themselves for conducting business in this manner. I have had numerous conversations with the finance manager, as well as a sit down meeting with the dealership manager, but still no results. I would like to warn other customers of my experience with this dealership in hopes of sparing another consumer of this debacle.


I recently purchased a used vehicle from Staten Island Nisssan and I have had nothing but trouble with the vehicle. The vehicle is now 5 months old and it has been serviced several times and still has some issues. When I purchased the vehicle on November 10 2005 and I still 5 months later do not have any financial paper work for the vehicle. On the day of purchased I was promised that the vehicle was equipped with heated seats and a sunroof. When I entered the vehicle it had none of the two, when I questioned the dealer he stated " O, we will reimburse you with a free oil change".

After that when I took the vwehicle home I noticed that the vehicle had a broken tail light and the vehicle had a crack in the windsheild which is still present. After that I took the car to the dealership to be looked at and I was told that the vehicle had 6 recalls on it. I asked the service representative if the dealership was aware of this and they stated that they were aware of the situation and it should had been tooken care of before the vehicle was sold and of course it wasn't. To top it off the vehicle also has a disgusting smell when the heat is placed on and it also had to be serviced for that and still at times it has the scent.

Also the vehicle has recently been service for the recalls but now the vehicle tends to tremble and the vehicle has a chirping noise that wasn't present before service. I have contacted the dealership and the cooperate office and nothing has been resolved. I also notice that they have an unsatifactory report with the Better Business Bureau and they have a bunch of claims with your company as well. Please Help!!!


I bought a pre-certified used 2001 Maxima , on Sept.9,2004. We also bought an extended warranty on the car for added protection. It was brought in October 2005 to replace the condenser for air conditioning. I recently heard hissing noises come from under the hood as well as smelling a burning oder. I brought it into Nissan's Service Department.They stated that the lower radiator support frame had to be replaced and the cost would be $1,500 and that it was not covered by the waarranty


My current Nissan Lease is coming up and I went to Nissan to lease a new truck. Paul needed to make a deal THAT DAY (behind on his quota, as he put it). We worked out a deal and then, because the truck didn't come in the color I wanted, he decided, in order to close the deal THAT DAY to give me the higher end model for the same price. They kept pushing the phone at me to call the people to inspect my truck, so I could get it done quickly. It was done the next day and I went to the bank to get a check since I was to get my vehicle the next day. No vehicle showed up then or now.

Not only didn't they have the truck; they couldn't get it and didn't have the courtesy to tell me that. They strung me along for two weeks, not returning my calls, telling me it would be in the next day. I turned them over to Nissan Consumer Affairs and when the Regional Director called and wanted to conference call with Paul and myself, his response was "I don't have time for this". They were to pay the last three payments on my current lease (I had to pay one already). In essence, I got nothing they committed to. I went there today to get my deposit back and was told it may take some time for the credit to appear on my credit card - funny, the charge went through fine. This dealership is unethical, dishonest, and rude. What Paul did is tantamount to fraud and based on what Consumer Affairs told me this isn't the first complaint.

I went to another dealer today and got a terrific deal and was treated with respect and courtesy. There is nothing to resolve here since I ended the situation by going elsewhere, but I would like this complainton record so others do not go through what I just did.


Upon leaving a $500 deposit on 5/30/04, I was told that Staten Island Nissan would try to locate a 2005 Nissan Altima with an exterior color in Satin White, and an Interior Color in Charcoal equipped with the Convenience Package. The Altima that SI Nissan only had in stock was Satin White with a Frost interior with a Conv. Pckge. It was said that on 6/1/05, SI Nissan would know whether my particular car request was available within a reasonable distance & if it was, the car would be transported from one Nissan dealer to the SI Nissan dealership.

On 6/1/05, I was informed by Mr. Dave Dann that my car request was unavailable. I was told that he himself searched everywhere within his reach to find this specific car. I asked if he searched NJ & Mr. Dann's response was "NJ was the first place I checked." I also asked if he checked to see if my color specifications were checked for cars that had the Convenience Plus Package & the Convenience Premium Package, to which Mr. Dann replied "Believe me, I tried everything to get you this car." Further, Mr. Dann added "Trust me, I don't make commission on this car, I just have to deliver the car & get it sold. I know that you want this specific car & if I could get it for you, I would, bc then I would hit my numbers in terms of sales, but I can't find this car. I checked everywhere. You can even go online and check yourself."

I then told Mr.Dann I would contact him on 6/2/05 about finalizing the deal, went home & checked online to see if my car specifications were to be found. I did find the car with a Convenience Plus Package in Keyport, NJ, and informed the SI Nissan dealership, speaking to Mr.Dann and his manager, Paul. Since then, I have had poor responses, if any, and have been treated rudely & have been lied to & deceived, with no concern from the managers at SI Nissan.


On 6/12/03, we gave the dealership a $25,000 check for a vehicle we ordered 6/10/03. The vehicle was not what we ordered. The dealership admitted their mistake, but were hoping we would accept the car anyway. We refused after the salesman informed us the car would not be found. The manager informed us he would locate it--we believed the salesman and requested our check be returned.

The manager informed us the owner already left with the check and would not come back to return it.
We had to pay for a "stop order" on the check.
We had to demand a credit on our credit card for the return of the $1,000 down payment.

The dealer knew on 6/10 that this car would not be available and used a "bait and switch" scam.


I purchased a Nissan Quest 2001 new off the showroom on February, 2001. Since then, I have had to take it in for servicing approximately 6 times. I have had the steering column bearings replaced, TV replaced, VCR replaced, locks on sliding door windows retightened and now I have been trying to get the turning signal light arm replaced. On most left turns the signal will not shut off once the turn is made. It also does it occasionally on the right turns.

In mid August my husband called and made an appointment with Staten Island Nissan. When my husband picked up the vehicle the following day, he was told that no problem was found. My husband took a ride with the service advisor by the name of Anthony. He then clearly saw that the problem did exist upon every left turn. He told my husband that he would order the part and that I would have the bring the car back in a couple of weeks to have the car re-inspected and repaired. Well, today, Sept. 10, 2002, my husband went to pick up the vehicle and was again told by Gene Rispoli, another service advisor, that no problem was found.

My husband told him it was impossible because Anthony himself had seen the problem. When he asked to see Anthony he was told that he was on vacation and that there was nothing he could do. I am terribly frustrated and feel this vehicle has become a burden of repairs. Although Nissan will continue to repair and replace parts for three years, I feel that I have a defective car. Every month something else goes wrong. It is a hassle every time I have to go back and forth to leave my vehicle overnight for next day repairs. This is because I have two small children that I have to bring to two different schools via car service every time the car is in for repairs. There are other problems with my Nissan that I cannot prove to the Nissan Service Dept. because the problem will not happen all the time.

Such as a loud banging noise when the car ignition is first turned on. Unfortunately, the result turns up as "no problem found" when serviced. I have grown weary of service departments, service advisors and of my Nissan Quest. Please help. I feel the construction of my Nissan is defective and no one will listen.

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